Breaking the Masonic Matrix

1. Do not attend the Novus Ordo Mass under any circumstances, even for weddings and funerals. This is a grave sin because you are attending a Satanic Lord Mass to the Father of the Jews. The 1962 and 1969 Novus Ordo Rite of Mass is heretical man worship in place of God.

Antipope worship

"No, beloved Brothers and Sons. This is really a Saint of our times and for our times, if our times are characterized by the humanitarian, social and organizational aspects marked by the cult of man for man's sake." - Antipope Paul VI, January 27. 1974

The Novus Ordo was the Apocalypse, the revealing of Satan in the Catholic Church. Also understand that the Jewish Jesus is not in any way synonymous with Christ, who is God. You can still find a few rebel Churches that only do the pre-1962 Rite, but they are next to impossible to find.

Remember, you are under no obligation to attend a heretical Novus Ordo Mass. Stay home, pray the Rosary instead. Don't help Jewish Freemasonry use your soul for another brick in their wall (of Apoc. 21:12).

Above left: “Lucifer” invoked during Easter in the Vatican, 2013. There is no denying the Illuminati takeover of the Vatican now. You must leave now (and take your children with you). Above right: Malachi Martin admits Lucifer was enthroned in the Vatican in the early 1960's, which is the entire reason for Our Lady's transfer of power away from Rome to Portugal in the Third Secret of Fatima. Related Fatima Movement Files: Our Lady ordered transfer of Church Authority to Portugal in 1944.

The meaning of the Fatima prayer: a clue to the DaVinci Code and Freemasonry's impostor Jesus

The Masonic-Jesuit tactic, tricking Catholics into worshipping the Jewish Jesus, son of Sirach, instead of Jesus Christ (who is God). Source: 1883 “Catholic” Haydock Bible

2. Pray the Rosary in the original form and wear the Brown Scapular.

1208: Our Lady gives St. Dominic the prescription for defeating Hell. At this point in time, many were incorrectly praying 150 Pater Nosters (Our Fathers) on their Rosary beads. To correct this heretical error, Our Lady specified 150 prayers to Her, offered the Scapular and said, “One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, I will save the world.” This is what we know as the Sabbatine Privilege. More info on the Rosary Subversion here.

3. Receive the Valid Sacrament of Baptism. It is highly unlikely that you were validly baptized after the Vatican II Council (1959-1969), when 32,000 Priests left the Catholic Church in the greatest exodus since the Reformation. The baptisms that have been performed since then, using the Novus Ordo (New Order) Rite, are actually the mysterious “Mark of the Beast.” They are initiations into Freemasonry, and you and your children are probably marked in the name of the one who is coming, the anti-Christ. This is the purpose of John's Baptism, to clear Christ and all Catholics out of the way for the anti-Christ. This is why he is listed as the patron “saint” of Freemasonry. Now you know.

Luckily, this is easy to overcome, and you'll be glad that you did it. The Catholic Conditional Rite of Baptism overrides the Mark of the Beast (John's Baptism). It is explained in this section. It's very easy to do and is the only Sacrament you can administer without a valid priest. Since it is impossible to find a valid priest after the 1968 Ordination Rite Change of Vatican II, it is strongly recommended you have someone perform the Rite for you. This Sacrament imposes a character on your soul which you can actually feel take effect. Once you experience this, you will fully understand why Freemasons had to destroy the Rite with one that anathematizes. It also explains why society is how it is today. The Holy Ghost is just about absent from the world, replaced with the Holy Spirit (Baphomet). Yes, the Novus Ordo Vatican II Sect is baptizing millions in the name of Baphomet, and has been for a while, and the situation is just dire.

”Only Christ can save this institution.” - Malachi Martin, Jesuit Freemason speaking about the revolution in the Church

4. Understand that the Bible is not Catholic Dogma. Remember that Sola Scriptura was the anti-Catholic doctrine of Calvin and Luther. Also realize that Freemasonry uses the Bible to advance the Luciferian New World Order. Their Masonic Bible is scanned for you right here. “The Lord, a burning bush” is the god of the Bible, but know that Jesus Christ is the God of Heaven. The Catholic Church resisted this Masonic Jesuit heretical infiltration up to the 1960's, but then the truth was written over in an ecumenical orgy that has everyone deceived. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass became a Jewish Jesus Supper, the Sacraments or Seals were opened unleashing the Seven Vials or Plagues upon the Earth as the Apocalypse describes, and it was really the Bible, written in mysterious parables and codes that was the vehicle for all the destruction.

5. Understand the issues on this site and warn others of the consequences of ignorance. Things are about to get rough. Make copies of this document (below) and distribute them among leaders at Novus Ordo parishes. Lucifer has deceived the world. Spread the Message of Our Lady's Third Secret of Fatima. Remind others that the Second Secret was WWII, the punishment from Heaven for the sins of men. The Third Secret is the final warning for mankind, and it's going to be much worse if things don't change.

The Three Keys to Heaven are the Correct Names of The Trinity

Most human beings are baptized in, pray to the lord of, and work for the benefit of Jewish-Freemasonry without even realizing it. Then when these things are accomplished, they are inundated with Masonic propaganda as they relax on their sofas in front of Masonic “programming” at the end of a hard day's work for their masters, reinforcing the illusion of what is deemed “normal.”

Of course for the educated Catholic, this is quite the annoyance. Having countless hours of life stolen for the benefit of the Masonic machine in the form of labor, taxes, property taxes, legal hassles in their courts, and pressure to conform to this way of life comes at a steep price. There is no time to build Cathedrals, have large families, and frankly, to relax the way human beings were once allowed to.

The main control mechanism of the Jewish matrix comes in the form of the currency they print. Freemason U.S. Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush (41) famously called this financial structure “Voo-Doo Economics” in his Presidential Primary debate against the eventual 40th President of the U.S., Ronald Reagan. This was captured in the U2 Song “Desire.”