The Rosary's Destruction of Mecca on September 11, 2015

How the Original Rosary stopped 13 centuries of the advance of Islam, striking fear into the eyes of Muslims worldwide

On September 10, 2015, directions to stop Islam were posted on this website (link). Fatima Catholics immediately took up Our Lady's Original Rosary and only one day later, Mecca was destroyed on September 11, 2015. So how did the Rosary do this?

Above left: a Muslim initiate into the Old Testament Lord cult of Islam destroys a statue of God the Mother. Above right: Islam's world headquarters is destroyed and embarrassed one day after Fatima Catholics start saying the 150 Rosary against Islam's 99 pagan Lords which make up the deity known as "Allah", rocking that cult's foundation by sending the 99 Lords of Islam into the pit of Hell.

Muslims destroy statues of God the Mother

Above: Muslims destroy statues of Our Lady because the Koran and Jewish Old Testament tells them to.

Fear in the eyes of Muslims as the roof crashes in, killing and injuring hundreds

The look of fear: The growth of Islam seemed unstoppable before September 11, 2015. Soon, Old Testament Lord-worshiping Islam will be as relevant as Old Testament Lord-worshiping Protestantism. Over 100 Muslims were killed in their safe haven in Mecca, hundreds more were injured. Taunting God the Mother has its consequences.

To better understand how God the Mother's 150 Rosary operates, first it is important to understand what Islam is: just another religious cult created by Jews for specific purposes, to play the part of the one billion strong adversary in the Illuminati's end times war between two main Biblical Lord-worshiping heretical armies commonly known as Gog and Magog, otherwise known as the Islamic and Protestant people.

From the Fatima Movement Files exposing the Jewish Talmud, we can clearly read the explanation of how Masonic Jews created Islam for their own purposes (Vol. 19, highlight #137 & 138).

Babylonian Talmud Vol19-137: The Hebrew “religion” of fire creates Islam in 622, tricks billions of souls away from Catholicism, straight into Hell.

Page 33 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud

Page 33 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud reveals how the Jewish Hebrew religion gave birth to Islam, when Freemason Mahomet of Mecca spawned a variation of the Jewish fire worship religion for the Arabs in 622.

Hebrews 11:29: “For our god is a consuming fire”

Babylonian Talmud Vol19-138: Just as the early Protestants, Pro-war Arabs continue to promote the heretical agenda of Moses and Abraham. Where Satanic Islam dominated, Satanic Jewish communities flourished.

Pages 34-35 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud

Pages 34-35 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud continue on about the Jewish origins of Islam and how Islam was beneficial to Jewish communities. Just as the anti-Catholic Protestant sects set up their own heretical Lord-based spiritual infrastructure 400 years prior, the anti-Catholic Islamic sects continued this model under the direction of Freemason Mohamet. The creation of these two non-Catholic super-religions would in time, grow in numbers to such an extent that they could be set up against each other in the Apocalyptic Gog vs. Magog Armageddon War which excites the loins of so many Protestants and Muslims today. Both factions of this Satanic Jewish Talmudic deception have no idea that they are being set up to both damn themselves and kill each other off for the benefit of the Jews in a World War III scenario. And this is exactly why 33* Freemason Albert Pike was able to predict the final three world wars of the world in 1871, or so he thought (until the Fatima Movement put a stop to this with the Original Rosary in 2009):

“1871: An American General named, Albert Pike, who had been enticed into the, “Illuminati,” by Giuseppe Mazzini, completes his military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world, culminating into moving this great conspiracy into its final stage. These details are as follows:

The First World War is to be fought for the purpose of destroying the Tsar in Russia, as promised by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815. The Tsar is to be replaced with communism which is to be used to attack religions, predominantly Christianity. The differences between the British and German empires are to be used to foment this war.

The Second World War is to be used to foment the controversy between fascism and political Zionism with the oppression of Jews in Germany a lynchpin in bringing hatred against the German people. This is designed to destroy fascism (which the Rothschild family created) and increase the power of political Zionism. This war is also designed to increase the power of communism to the level that it equaled that of united Christendom.

The Third World War is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purposes of playing the Islamic world and the political Zionists off against one another. Whilst this is going on, the remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion.” - Synagogue of Satan, pages 54-55

It is worth noting that the red, cone-shaped hat that Masonic Shriners like to wear is called a “Fez.” Originating from 7th century Arabia and under the leadership of Mohammed, thousands of Catholics were slaughtered in the City of Fez, Morocco. After the slaughter the Mohammedans took their hats and dipped them into the blood of the Catholics who themselves were around this time being subverted into Lord worship by Masonic agents like St. Augustine. The Satanic, Lord-worshipping Islamists wore the Fezzes throughout the land to glorify their victory over the Church. This is why Masonic American presidents and idols who appear to be middle-American Christians were photographed with Islamic head dressings. They are all Luciferian Freemasons and when they are called on it, they are trained to revert back to the “god” of the Bible, a book that was written by Moses and their Satanic Jewish Lodge forefathers.

Luciferian Jewish Freemason Shriners

Luciferian Shriners “having a little fun”and showing off their Islamic head-dressings- from left to right: J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972), First Director of the FBI; John Wayne (1907-1979), born Marion Mitchell Morrison, epitomized American “masculinity”; Mel Blanc (1908-1989) Animator, voice actor for Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Tom & Jerry, etc.; Gerald Ford (1913-2006), 38th President of the United States; Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (1930-) American Astronaut, Shriner Freemason & “moon lander.”


This is why Jewish rabbis speak of Arab Muslims as sub-human: they have fallen for the Jewish Lord deception and will fall into Hell for denying the Divinity of the Catholic Trinity. Their 'holy' Koran admits that Allah is the burning bush, the same Satanic entity which Moses spoke to, the same foundational lie of the Masonic Protestant religions and the Vatican II crowd.

Victims of Jewish crimes against humanityVictims of Jewish crimes against humanity

“One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” -Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994

The god of Islam is also the Lord of Moses, which is Satan

Although the Koran is not the focus of this Fatima Movement File, it is worth showing that the Islamic religion is also based in the heretical fire lord of Moses. As you can see on page 235 of this Koran, the same Jewish tricksters are at play: David, Solomon and of course Moses and his burning bush Lord. In Islam, “the Lord” of the Old-Testament is called Allah.

Palestinian Freemasonry

Jewish Freemasonry is popular in Palestine as well. Just as the Masonic Protestant Pastors and the Priests of Vatican II aim to take souls into their dominion in Hell, so do leaders in Palestine. The Masonic cult of Lucifer is world-wide, no exceptions.


By now you should understand that the Lord is Satan, it does not exist as a monotheistic deity known to the Islamic world as Allah, nor as it is known to Protestants and Vatican II types as "the Our Father". What Muslims call "Allah" is actually a group of formerly living Masonic men who had the foresight to create a false religion which cleverly deflects all worship to themselves. Just as Protestants naively worship Jews named Elias, Jesus and other lords from the Old Testament as their god, so too do the Muslims.

Muslims also fall into the same Jewish Masonic deception, naively worshipping 99 dead Masonic men who are collectively known as "Allah" or "All" of the "ah's". Below are the names of the 99 members of this Islamic council in Hell, who gain their power in the Devil's pyramid scheme by deceiving mass amounts of goyim into the worship of a false god, delivering souls to their boss in exchange for 'salvation' from the fire at the bottom of Hell.

Structure in Hell

Above: Formerly living Freemasons find themselves in a position of power in Hell, escaping the torments of the fire at the bottom of this pyramid scheme and saving themselves from eternal pain. This is why when they were alive, they were such public advocates for the Lord of the Bible, posing as false priests, clerics, pastors, etc. So what is the determining factor of whether a soul in Hell is the one being tormented or is actually the one doing the tormenting? A pact made with Satan while they were living is the difference maker. The Masonic initiation is the key to a Freemason's salvation from the torments at the bottom of Hell. The goyim who strayed from the unity of a valid Catholic Church and God the Mother's protection will find themselves paying the price for following Masonic wolves in sheep's clothing.

The 99 pagan lords collectively known as "Allah"

source: The Islamic Center of Manhattan

1     اللهAllahThe "god"
2الرحمنAr-RahmanThe All Beneficent, The Most Merciful in Essence
3الرحيمAr-RahimThe Most Merciful, The Most Merciful in Actions
4الملكAl-MalikThe King, The Sovereign, The True and Ultimate King
5القدوسAl-QuddusThe Most Holy, The Most Pure, The Most Perfect
6السلامAs-SalaamThe Peace and Blessing, The Source of Peace and Safety, The Most Perfect
7المؤمنAl-Mu’minThe Guarantor, The Self Affirming, The Granter of Security, The Affirmer of Truth
8المهيمنAl-MuhayminThe Guardian, The Preserver, The Overseeing Protector
9العزيزAl-AzizThe Almighty, The Self Sufficient, The Most Honorable
10الجبارAl-JabbarThe Powerful, The Irresistible
11المتكبرAl-MutakabbirThe Tremendous
12الخالقAl-KhaliqThe Creator
13البارئAl-Bari’The Rightful
14المصورAl-MusawwirThe Fashioner of Forms
15الغفارAl-GhaffarThe Ever Forgiving
16القهارAl-QahharThe All Compelling Subduer
17الوهابAl-WahhabThe Bestower
18الرزاقAr-RazzaqThe Ever Providing
19الفتاحAl-FattahThe Opener, The Victory Giver
20العليمAl-`AlimThe All Knowing, The Omniscient
21القابضAl-QabidThe Restrainer, The Straightener
22الباسطAl-BasitThe Expander, The Munificent
23الخافضAl-KhafidThe Abaser
24الرافعAr-Rafi‘eThe Exalter
25المعزAl-Mu‘ezzThe Giver of Honour
26المذلAl-MudhellThe Giver of Dishonour
27السميعAs-Sami‘eThe All Hearing
28البصيرAl-BasirThe All Seeing
29الحكمAl-HakamThe Judge, The Arbitrator
30العدلAl-`AdlThe Utterly Just
31اللطيفAl-LatifThe Subtly Kind
32الخبيرAl-KhabirThe All Aware
33الحليمAl-HalimThe Forbearing, The Indulgent
34العظيمAl-AzeemThe Magnificent, The Infinite
35الغفورAl-GhafurThe All Forgiving
36الشكورAsh-ShakurThe Grateful
37العليAl-AliyyThe Sublimely Exalted
38الكبيرAl-KabirThe Great
39الحفيظAl-HafizThe Preserver
40المقيتAl-MuqitThe Nourisher
41الحسيبAl-HasibThe Reckoner
42الجليلAl-JalilThe Majestic
43الكريمAl-KarimThe Bountiful, The Generous
44الرقيبAr-RaqibThe Watchful
45المجيبAl-MujibThe Responsive, The Answerer
46الواسعAl-Wasse‘eThe Vast, The All Encompassing
47الحكيمAl-HakeemThe Wise
48الودودAl-WadudThe Loving, The Kind One
49المجيدAl-MajidThe All Glorious
50الباعثAl-Ba’ithThe Raiser of The Dead
51الشهيدAsh-ShaheedThe Witness
52الحقAl-HaqqThe Truth, The Real
53الوكيلAl-WakilThe Trustee, The Dependable
54القوىAl-QawaieThe Strong
55المتينAl-MatinThe Firm, The Steadfast
56الولىAl-WalaieThe Protecting Friend, Patron and Helper
57الحميدAl-HamidThe All Praiseworthy
58المحصىAl-MuhsiThe Accounter, The Numberer of All
59المبدئAl-Mubdi’The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of All
60المعيدAl-Mu‘idThe Reinstater Who Brings Back All
61المحيىAl-MuhyiThe Giver of Life
62المميتAl-MumitThe Bringer of Death, The Destroyer
63الحيAl-HayyThe Ever Living
64القيومAl-QayyumThe Self Subsisting Sustainer of All
65الواجدAl-WajidThe Perceiver, The Finder, The Unfailing
66الماجدAl-MajidThe Illustrious, The Magnificent
67الواحد الاحدAl-Wahid ul AhadThe One, The Unique, Manifestation of Unity, The One, the All Inclusive, The Indivisible
68الصمدAs-SamadThe Self Sufficient, The Impregnable, The Eternally Besought of All, The Everlasting
69القادرAl-QadirThe All Able
70المقتدرAl-MuqtadirThe All Determiner, The Dominant
71المقدمAl-MuqaddimThe Expediter, He Who Brings Forward
72المؤخرAl-Mu’akhirThe Delayer, He Who Puts Far Away
73الأولAl-AwwalThe First
74الأخرAl-AkhirThe Last
75الظاهرAz-ZahirThe Manifest, The All Victorious
76الباطنAl-BatinThe Hidden, The All Encompassing
77الواليAl-WaliThe Patron
78المتعاليAl-Muta’aliThe Self Exalted
79البرAl-BarrThe Most Kind and Righteous
80التوابAt-TawwabThe Ever Returning, Ever Relenting
81المنتقمAl-MuntaqimThe Avenger
82العفوAl-‘AfuwwThe Pardoner, The Effacer of Sins
83الرؤوفAr-Ra’ufThe Compassionate, The All Pitying
84مالك الملكMalik-al-MulkThe Owner of All Sovereignty
85ذو الجلال و الإكرامDhu-al-Jalali wa-al-IkramThe Lord of Majesty and Generosity
86المقسطAl-MuqsitThe Equitable, The Requiter
87الجامعAl-Jami‘eThe Gatherer, The Unifier
88الغنىAl-GhanaieThe All Rich, The Independent
89المغنىAl-MughniThe Enricher, The Emancipator
90المانعAl-Mani’eThe Withholder, The Shielder, the Defender
91الضارAd-DarrThe Distressor, The Harmer
92النافعAn-Nafi‘eThe Propitious, The Benefactor
93النورAn-NurThe Light
94الهاديAl-HadiThe Guide
95البديعAl-BadiThe Incomparable, The Originator
96الباقيAl-BaqiThe Ever Enduring and Immutable
97الوارثAl-WarithThe Heir, The Inheritor of All
98الرشيدAr-RashidThe Guide, Infallible Teacher and Knower
99الصبورAs-SaburThe Patient, The Timeless

So how did saying the Rosary against these top-level Islamists on September 10, 2015 destroy Mecca? It's simple. The Rosary saves souls. How many? Conservative teachings indicate 50 souls per prayer. When the prayer is repeated 150 times, simple math tells us that roughly one hour of following God the Mother's orders and saying the entire 150 Rosary saves 7,500 souls from Hell. But this was the teaching of the later Catholic Church, based on the Novus Ordo form which only contains one key to Heaven. When the Masonic heresies are edited out of the Ave Prayer, the numbers multiply to 100, or even 150 souls per prayer, which adds up to over 20,000 souls an hour. So this device given to the Children of Fatima and other Saints is actually quite the weapon against these Masonic demons, if one knows how to use it.

Priest arrested in Portugal in 1910

Above: The Three Children of Fatima decide to slack off and shorten the Rosary Prayer, causing it to become powerless. This provokes a visit from Our Lady to correct their ways.

So what happens when you ask God Our Lady to save the souls in the dominion of a specific person in Hell? It's simple, the souls that they oversee are saved, pulled out of the fire, and since that specific dead Freemason no longer has any slaves, he or she falls into the fire and takes on the role of a goyim slave. What happens when you say a triple 150 Rosary against each of the 99 lords that form a sort of council that living heretics call "Allah"? The foundation of that sect is destroyed, discredited, and loses its long term power and influence. It's leaders scramble to regroup to try to explain why this false god struck their world headquarters and try to keep their sheeple in line.

The process of destroying Islam has only begun, and the rest is up to Catholics worldwide who now control their own destiny. Are you going to stop sitting on the sidelines, lamenting the fact that aggressive Muslims are taking over the world? Or are you going to follow directions and finish the job yourself?

Above left: Masonic Muslims engage in coitus with a goat. Above right: the Islamic rules of engagement.


Fatima Movement Instructions for the end of Islam

(Make the sign of the cross with your 150 Rosary, saying:)

"En Nomine Deum Jesum Christum, et Deam Matronam Nostrae, et Deum Patrem Spiritum Sanctum."

(Say the Fatima Prayer:)

Oh my Deum Jesum Christum please pardon my sins and save me from the fires of hell. Please save all souls from purgatory, especially those in most need.

(Ask God for what you want:)

"Deam Matronam Nostrae, et Deum Jesum Christum, et Deum Spiritum Sanctum, with the following Rosary prayers, please save the souls under the dominion of (insert demonic name #1, #2, #3, etc. from the list above, for example #10 "Al-Jabbar") and please send "Al-Jabbar" to the bottom of the pit of Hell with no hope to escape. Thank you..."

(Then repeat the following Ave Prayer 450 times, uninterrupted, using your Rosary beads to keep track of what number you're on)

"Ave Deam Matronam Nostrae, gratia plena.
Deum Patrem Spiritum Sanctum tecum.
Sanctam Tuam en mulieribus.
Deam Matronam Nostrae, Matram Deum Jesum Christum,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus nunc, et en hora mortis nostrae." (repeat 450 times)

(Finish it up by making the sign of the cross, saying:)

"En Nomine Deum Jesum Christum, et Deam Matronam Nostrae, et Deum Patrem Spiritum Sanctum."

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