”What's in a name?” - William Shakespeare

The Door scene from The Matrix Reloaded

“Finally, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of (Our Lady), our most holy Mother, consists in considering her as the seat of mercy, of goodness, and of pardon, and as the certain door by which we are to enter Heaven.” - Sister Lúcia to Fr. Fuentes, 1957

“We must now consider the power of the ministers of this sacrament, which power depends on the keys.” - Freemason Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Q. 17, Article I: "Of the Power of the Keys"

“These have power to shut heaven, that it raine not in the daies of their prophecie: and they have power over the waters to turne them into bloud, and to strike the earth with al plague as often as they wil.” - 1582 Douai-Rheims Apocalypse 11:6

Manipulating your belief system into the worship of fire is why the Illuminati do what they do. They badly want your soul, and this is why they must create an avalanche of “historical evidence” that leads you to conclude that a burning bush fire is the God of Heaven. On the contrary and in reality, fire is the god of Hell, so think twice and choose wisely when the time comes.

"Don't think twice" - Masonic Initiate Michael Jackson, Billie Jean

By taking seriously the wise words given to us by Our Lady of Fatima, deconstructing the Jewish scribes' Bible, referencing the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, studying the Masonic Pope's Manual on Freemasonry - Morals & Dogma, and cross-referencing Catholic Dogmas which exist to guide the faithful from this beast, we pinpoint certain keys in the battle between Our God Jesus Christ, and the adversary, Lucifer. The rules of the game between Catholicism and Judeo-Freemasonry lead us to one conclusion. Heresy is all that matters. Everything else is secondary- fish holidays, walking in a straight line, etc. Heresy is the battle and heretics are the horsemen. Once this is understood, how Freemasonry took control of the Vatican should make sense.

So what are all of these pagan societies up to? Why all the secrecy? Why this unified front against Catholicism? What is it about Catholicism that bothers them so much? Why is the occult so preoccupied with infiltrating the Catholic Church? How were they able to succeed? What is their end game? What do the dead tell them about these doors in their rituals? In short, what is it that the Illuminati know about the process of death and judgment that Catholics don't?

Above left: Lucifer is invoked at the Vatican in 2014. Above right: Lucifer is invoked at the Vatican in 2015.

The answer is in the mysterious doors that await you upon your death. Jesus Christ gave the keys to the doors to Heaven, long ago to St. Peter. But over 20 centuries of Church corruption, Lucifer and his legions of false priests infiltrated the Church and took these keys away.

The mysterious question at your Judgment is in simple terms, “Is Jesus Christ your God?” The simple answer is: if Christ is your God, you'll be spared from Hell.

Giving the wrong answer: “The son of the Lord” (Satan).. is what the Illuminati want you to do. Denying the Divinity of Christ is called heresy and those Freemasons who initiate themselves as heretics, which is not coincidental, have an obligation to the Devil to promote the Lord of the Bible as the God of Heaven over Christ who is God the Son, the Holy Ghost who is God the Father, and of course Our Lady who is God the Mother. This is because the First Commandment of the Bible's burning bush fire Lord is not to have any other gods above him.

The Dogma of the Catholic Church infallibly teaches that heresy is the gates of hell. Freemasonry initiates all of its candidates dressed as heretics. This is no coincidence.

The initiation into Jewish Freemasonry

“The holy Church built upon a rock, that is Christ, and upon Peter…because by the gates of Hell, that is, by the disputations of heretics which lead the vain to destruction, it would never be overcome.” - Pope St. Leo IX, Sept. 2, 1053

Occultists know that all non-Catholic heretics go to hell, actually condemning themselves with their false knowledge. That's why the occult promotes heresy, which benefits their Master, Lucifer. Highest level Freemasons are aware of this question of Judgment, but most Catholics are not. By altering the Liturgy, Mass, Sacraments, and icons of the Catholic Faith, Freemasonry has achieved its objective of delivering souls to the Devil.

Masonry has unsuspecting Vatican Priests believing they are marching under the keys of Peter when in reality, after 1969, they are worshipping a hallowed father, baptizing in Baphomet, and following a Jesus that is the son of David. Those Catholics who failed to notice will lose. Those who fight stand to do better. Those who don't know but follow Our Lady of Fatima's directions to say the Rosary everyday will fare a bit better. But the harsh reality is that today, the only true religion, no longer exists as an official organization after the Vatican II Council (1959-1969). Up until its return in 2009, Catholicism had completely vanished, just as God the Mother warned us when she said the Church will be in eclipse... and this is the mystery of the Apocalypse.

“The Initiates ought to understand this, and, lest the profane should overhear, Masonry never says too much.” - Albert Pike, Pope of Freemasonry, Morals & Dogma page 732.

“We control the seminaries, the academic departments of theology, the catechetical and liturgical institutions, the publishing houses, the magazines that matter and the chanceries. Most of the bishops are now on our side and those that aren't have been neutralized. Anybody who wants a future in the hierarchy or the Catholic academy has no choice but to co-operate.” - Fr. Hans Küng (”worthy” recipient of the Freemasons' lifetime achievement award)

What the Devil really wants is the grand prize, the Catholic Church, the only organization equipped to put up a fight. But the Devil doesn't want to destroy the Church physically, he wants his men to infiltrate it and change the Mass and the Sacraments in such a way that it actually becomes a machine for Hell. He wanted it done in such a way that most of the world would go along with it under the cover of ecumenism. The world would then worship the Devil's son, the Ecclesiastical Jesus and actually worship this highest level initiate instead of God the Son, Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church would actually start baptizing infants with the mark of the beast, the spirit of the one who is coming, the anti-Christ. This is the severity of changing the Mass and the Rites, the fruits of Vatican II's Revolution. The Novus Ordo Council was the final act in Jewish Freemasonry's revolution against God.

It is important to realize that this has already happened (except for a few of us who have the evidence of how the texts were changed). So how did Judeo-Freemasonry pull this off?

Contrast these pop-culture, common Freemasons with a 'Brother' who actually infiltrates the priesthood. Over his 40 years as a priest, he manages to baptize 10,000 souls invalidly, anathematizing them. Obviously, he sacrifices wealth, power and or fame in this lifetime, but this Freemason decides for himself that having a higher seat in Hell is worth more than a good time in this world. And, he's not just another junkie pagan mystic, he's working for what Lucifer really needs to complete the New World Order: he needs the Catholic Church to go along with the Devil's designs. After all, this priest realizes life is short and eternity is forever and undercutting the Rock is his best chance for eternal glory. Once in Hell, this priest will have 10,000 'prisoners' under his jurisdiction (if the Devil keeps his promises). Since this Masonic priest has done better for his Master by condemning more souls by posing as a real Catholic priest, he expects a greater reward, a higher positioning in the pyramid of Hell.

Consider another Masonic sellout who attacks the Faith in a different manner- by editing the books. A good example of this is Bishop Challoner who was able to infiltrate the priesthood in the 1700's, advance to the rank of bishop, then become the President of the Douai-Rheims College. Using his rank in the Church, Challoner is then able to switch the names of God around some 2,000 times in his 1752 Challoner Revision Bible. His efforts would contribute to the Apocalypse by laying the foundation of the heresies that the theologians at Vatican II relied on some 200 years later! The Catholic Encyclopedia gives us the background on this Protestant infiltrator:

Challoners watering down of the Jewish Bible

Contrast Challoner's Masonic operation of rewriting the truth with the sacrifice of the translators of the 1582 Douai Rheims New Testament, who tried to keep the truth alive. They were actually tortured and martyred by the English government for accurately translating from Latin the truth of Acts XIX, despite the King James crowd and Luther's attempts to remove it. These Douai Catholic scholars took heavy hits for creating the First Edition English Catholic Bible. Here is a chronicle of their fight. You must ask yourself, why would the Masonic government torture and martyr hundreds of Catholic priests for publishing a book? Why was this version treasonous in England for some 200 years after? What is in these texts that Masonry needs eliminated? If you understand the coordinated attack on Catholicism by Freemasonry, that these priests were fighting heresy (the gates of hell), you will understand why the names of the Trinity have always been such a “hot topic.”

This Masonic “Great Work” of infiltrating the Catholic Church, the destruction of Christ's Seven Sacraments (opening the Seven Seals), replacing the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the daVinci Jesus' Lord's Supper Show, destroying all Catholic Altars and replacing them with Masonic tables, (the Lion of the tribe of Judah), we begin to understand how the Jews pulled off this Apocalyptic eclipsing of their enemy, the Catholic Religion. Satanic Jewish Freemasons have been operating since the Church began, and it has taken thousands and thousands of false priests to change the original Catholic religion into Satanism. It took almost 2,000 years to destroy and usurp the Catholic Church, but their task is completed now. Humanity will be judged harshly for allowing this to happen, and humanity will suffer the consequences.

So how did this happen? Well, do you have any priests in your family looking out for you? Since you probably don't, you shouldn't complain when someday you're excluded from Heaven because some stranger you trusted with your family's souls did not baptize your kids with the proper intention, rendering the precious Sacrament invalid. If you don't reform, you will only have yourself to blame for not taking these matters seriously.


Pope St. Peter's Insignia

Pope St. Peter's Insignia contains 3 Keys

In Matthew 16, the Bible, penned by occultist scribes, intentionally gives the wrong answer that leads so many to Hell. These passages are erroneously promoted as the founding scriptures of the Catholic Church, but there's just one glaring problem: these Bible passages were penned years AFTER the Catholic Church was founded.

16:15. “Jesus” saith to them: But whom do you say that I am?

16:16. Simon Peter answered and said: Thou art “Christ, the Son of the living God.”

16:17. And Jesus answering said to him: Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jona: because flesh and blood hath not revealed it to thee, but my “Father” who is in heaven.

16:18. And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

16:19. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.

The key shaped Vatican Courtyard

The Vatican courtyard is shaped like a key.

The gates of Hell are the consequence of following heretics.

“The holy Church built upon a rock, that is Christ, and upon Peter…because by the gates of Hell, that is, by the disputations of heretics which lead the vain to destruction, it would never be overcome.” - Pope St. Leo IX, Sept. 2, 1053

Our Lady at Fatima indicated that the Rosary is a powerful weapon against heresy and a certain “door” by which to enter Heaven.

“Finally, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of (Our Lady), our most holy Mother, consists in considering her as the seat of mercy, of goodness, and of pardon, and as the certain door by which we are to enter Heaven.” - Sister Lúcia to Fr. Fuentes, 1957

The Satanic Bible of Jewish Freemasons frequently mentions names, doors, gates and keys as it tries to herd its readers into selecting the God of the Gates of Hell:

“Enter by the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who enter that way.” - Matthew 7:13

“How narrow the gate and close the way that leads to life! And few there are who find it.” - Matthew 7:14

“And you will be hated by all for my name's sake- Matthew 10:22

“And I say to thee, thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” - Matthew 16:18

“And I will give thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven...” - Matthew 16:19

“Even so, when you see all these things, know that it is near, even at the door.” - Matthew 24:33

“...and the door was shut.” - Matthew 25:10

“...know that it is near, even at the door.” - Mark 13:29

“Woe to you lawyers! because you have taken away the key of knowledge- Luke 11:52

“Strive to enter by the narrow gate; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able.” - Luke 13:24

“But when the master of the house has entered and shut the door, you will begin to stand outside and knock at the door, saying, 'Lord, open for us!' And he shall say to you in answer, 'I do not know where you are from.'” - Luke 13:25

“...he who enters not by the door into the sheepfold...” - John 10:1

“But he who enters by the door is shepherd of the sheep.” - John 10:2

“To this man the gatekeeper opens....” - John 10:3

I am the door of the sheep.” - John 10:7

I am the door. - John 10:9

“and so Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people by his blood, suffered outside the gate.” - Paul to the Hebrews 13:12

“Behold, the judge is standing at the door.” - James 5:9

“I have the keys of death and of hell.” - Apocalypse. 1:18

“...he who has the key of David...” - Apocalypse 3:7

“I have caused a door to be opened before thee which no man can shut, for thou hast scanty strength, and thou has kept my word and hast not disowned my name.” - Apocalypse 3:8

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man listens to my voice and opens the door to me, I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me.” - Apocalypse 3:20

“...a door standing open in heaven...” - Apocalypse 4:1

“...and there was given to him the key of the bottomless pit.” - Apocalypse 9:1

“And I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand.” - Apocalypse 20:1

“And it had a wall great and high, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written on them, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel. On the east are three gates, and on the north three gates, and on the south three gates, and on the west three gates. And the wall of the city had twelve foundation stones, and on them twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. And he who spoke with me had a measure, a golden reed, to measure the city and the gates thereof and the wall.” - Apocalypse 21:12-15

“And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; that is, each gate was of a single pearl.” - Apocalypse 21:21

“And its gates shall not be shut by day;” - Apocalypse 21:25

“...and that by the gates they may enter into the city.” - Apocalypse 22:14

So when studying judgment, we find keys, doors, gates, and names. As Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?”, we find overwhelming evidence indicating that names are critical factors in determining whether one goes to Heaven or Hell. The job of the Roman Catholic Church is to hold these Keys to Heaven's Doors. But sadly, they haven't, which is why Our Lady appears to certain people, to give the remedy to this problem: Her Rosary.

At some point, everyone finds themselves “Knocking of Heaven’s Door,” and they're going to need the keys. If you rely on the men who are in charge of Christ's Church, men who have purposely “lost the keys” because of their secret oath to Baphomet (the god of Freemasonry), you’re going to get the answer wrong and find that the doors are all closed. Then, the “Lost Keys of Freemasonry” will start to make sense and the Illuminati, who conspired for centuries with the spirits of the damned to deceive you into choosing the Gates of Hell via the subversion of your Catholic Religion will become a problem for you. But at this point, it will be too late. So consider this scenario:

You have died and now stand before Jesus Christ and he asks you, “Whom do you say that I am?” If you gave the Masonic answer (son of the Lord) and not the Catholic answer (God), you have just made strike one. If you are lucky, and granted another chance by Our Lady because you said the Rosary once in a while, Christ might then to ask you, “Who am I the Son of?”

If you were to say, “You are the Son of Our Lady, the Mother of God” as a Catholic should instinctively answer, you would imply that Jesus Christ is God, and that is the correct key. But if you were to give the Masonic biblical answer, “You are the Son of the Lord, the Father,” (Matt. 16:16) or the Muslim answer, “You are just a prophet of the Lord,” you would find yourself in heresy and embarrassed for getting such a simple answer wrong. That would be strike two.

If you were baptized in the name of the Holy Ghost, as the Council of Trent orders for all time, your sins “will be forgiven” as St. Augustine teaches, but in time, perhaps. However, since Judeo-Masonry changed the name of the Third Person of the Trinity in the Latin version of the baptism rite in 1777 (1944 in English), you will find that you are not baptized Catholic, and that is strike three.

So this becomes quite the problem now. You don’t know the Catholic Faith- that Jesus Christ is God, you realize that the Lord is a hallowed or empty name and definitely not God, and then you are shocked to find out that you weren’t baptized correctly as an infant because no one in your family was able to preserve the Name of the Father of the Catholic Trinity- The Holy Ghost, or that your Priest did purposely withheld the required intention to baptize you Catholic. And now you find yourself in Purgatory or Hell until Judgment Day, with only yourself to blame.

The teachings about heresy from the Church now make sense to you, but you are stuck because you chose the easy way, the wide gates, and your belief in the Lord, the hallowed name of the god of the three non-Catholic religions (Islam, Protestantism and Judaism), has sent you to destruction. Perhaps you are reminded of this passage in the Jews' scriptures:

Matthew 7:13: “Enter in through the narrow gate, for wide the gate and broad the way that leads to destruction, and many are they who enter in through it.”

As you count your days in Purgatory or Hell, all you can do is watch as your unbaptized descendants, who are also deceived by Masonic priests, unknowingly follow their Masonic “Priests” into Hell. The term “sins of the father” starts to make sense, but you can do nothing because your time to take Our Lady's warnings to reform yourself spiritually has expired.

“My mission is to indicate to everyone the imminent danger we are in of losing our souls for all eternity if we remain obstinate in sin... it is necessary for each one of us to begin to reform himself spiritually. Each person must not save only his own soul, but all the souls that God has placed on our path... " - Sister Lúcia to Fr. Fuentes, interview in 1957

So all you can do is sit and wait, desperately hoping your descendants awaken to the fact that they are being led into the sin of Jewish Messianic expectation. Since the final chapter of Jewish-Masonry's “scriptures” paints this 'coming' as a wonderful thing, you find yourself “weeping and gnashing your teeth” because you must look on and you realize that your eternal fate now rests in a decision that must be made by your unbaptized, meek children. But you can do nothing to change your situation now because the keys have been lost on Earth as they have been lost in Heaven and there's no going back now. Trivial things like binding your family name or the name of your country now seem ridiculous. Damned and embarrassed, this provocative passage will then come to haunt you:

Ecclesiasticus 23:31: “And he shall be in disgrace with all men, because he understood not the fear of the Lord.”

Your self-inflicted punishment of falling into heresy is fully realized as you find yourself on the Highway headed towards the Gates of Hell. It is at this point you finally understand the harsh consequences of not binding the keys when you were on Earth as you are sentenced to an eternity in Hell, to serve the laughing gods of Freemasonry who now eternally stand over you. At this point you begin to understand what the world was about and why the Illuminati do what they do. And at that point, if you have any sense left, you may say to yourself, “My God, what have I done?

“But believe me, Father, God will chastise the world and this will be in a terrible manner. The punishment from Heaven is imminent.” - Sister Lúcia of Fatima, 1957

The Keys to Heaven


Exactly 33 years to the day prior to the great Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, that is, on October 13, 1884, Freemason Antipope Leo XIII had a remarkable vision. When the aged Pontiff had finished celebrating Mass in his private Vatican Chapel, attended by a few Cardinals and members of the Vatican staff, he suddenly stopped at the foot of the altar. He stood there for about 10 minutes, as if in a trance, his face ashen white. Then, going immediately from the Chapel to his office, he composed the prayer to St. Michael, with instructions it be said after all Low Masses everywhere. When asked what had happened, he explained that, as he was about to leave the foot of the altar, he suddenly heard voices - two voices, one kind and gentle, the other guttural and harsh. They seemed to come from near the tabernacle. As he listened, he heard the following conversation:

The guttural voice, the voice of Satan in his pride, boasted to Our Lord:
“I can destroy your Church.”

The gentle voice of Our Lord: “You can? Then go ahead and do so.”

Satan: “To do so, I need more time and more power.”

Our Lord: “How much time? How much power?”

Satan: “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those
who will give themselves over to my service.”

Our Lord: “You have the time, you will have the power.
Do with them what you will.”

This apparently happened in 1884. This event provoked Freemason Antipope Leo XIII to add a new section of the heretical Catholic Mass called the Leonine Prayers after the Low Mass. Click on this link for the Masonic 1962 Mass which contains this addition, contrary to the Papal Oath to not add or take away anything handed down by Tradition... It is noteworthy that the 'Lord' indicated that he needed 75 to100 years to complete the destruction of the Church. 75 years after 1884 was the year 1959, and on January 25th of that very year, Freemason John XXIII summoned the start of the Second Vatican Council.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (pre-1962) vs. The 1969 Novus Ordo (New Order) Mass

The mostly subverted Mass (pre-1962) vs. the completely Masonic 1969 Novus Ordo (New Order) Mass, created at the Second Vatican Council.