Bishop Jim Santacroce

Welcome to the newest section of our website, "Ask the Bishop" with Catholic Bishop Jim Santacroce.

My name is James Santacroce, I was ordained an Eastern Rite Catholic Priest many years ago and in my constant seeking I was led here years ago. I am married and have 10 children and 3 grandchildren. I have been here a while, first as Holy Cross (my name sake) and then as Discerner and now as Discerner Bishop. Recently, due to the age of one of the few remaining Bishops and the concern of continuing God's work, I was consecrated Bishop.

After discussions with Mr. Nobody, we thought now is the time to become public after my break from saying the 1962 Latin Rite Mass while I discerned God Our Lady's plan for me. For the last year now, I have said the Mass of God Our Lady from this website daily. This has been a sincere JOY and many subtle and constant improvements in my religious life have occurred.

My concern is the SACRAMENTS. I am excited to announce this with Mr. Nobody's okay and look forward to many encounters of God's Grace with your prayers.

We will powerfully focus our Rosary prayers to a group intention each week with the added bonus of catapulting it to heaven via this Mass.

Any concerns that people may have regarding validity of my ordination should be taken up with God Our Lady as these times are Extra-ordinary.

If anyone would like to contact me for prayers for souls at Mass, I think we will start by sending them to Mr. Nobody and eventually we will get more organized and there will be an email for that and other purposes.

Lastly, please say a Rosary for me and my family's protection, as I have no doubt that the attacks will come, but I fear not and am happy to do God's Holy Will.

Peace to you all!

" I will do my best but keep in mind that I am far from perfect and always seek God first in all things."

Download the PDF and participate: THE CATHOLIC MASS in Latin with English Rubrics

The Bishop says the Latin Mass everyday. A link to the day's ceremony is provided in the comment section below. A sample video can be seen in the above window on the left if the comment section isn't working. Be sure to download the text of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by clicking on the PDF link so you can follow along. Printing the 17 page document is recommended so you can have it in hand while watching the Daily Mass video.

A video demonstrating how to say the 150 Latin Rosary is in the window above on the right.

This page is for questions and comments you have for His Excellency, Bishop Santacroce. Please use the comment section below to ask any questions you may have. Please keep them within the context of our Catholic Faith and charitable. You can also email correspondence to the Bishop at leilani@jimsanta.com