Mr. Nobody Editorial: How to target specific Jewish Freemasons with
Our Lady's Original Rosary 150

Is there a way for us Catholics to spiritually counter Freemasonry? There is now.

Editorial by Mr. Nobody, May 5, 2013
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“Each Rosary 150 said correctly saves 7500 souls from the Jews in Hell. Each Rosary prayer to God Our Lady saves 50 souls. Multiply this by the same number as the Psalms of David, which is why the Original Rosary contains 150 beads, and one can afflict heavy damage upon the Masonic agents working on behalf of the Jews to bring about the reign of the son of the morning star (the impostor Jesus of the Apocalypse 22:17), and delay Freemasonry's New World Order by reinstating the daily sacrifice which ceases during a period known as the abomination of desolation, spoken of in both in Daniel 9 and the Third Secret of Fatima.” - Mr. Nobody

As a veteran of this war on Luciferian Jewish-Freemasonry, I wanted to share with you an effective Rosary strategy that produces results for me. After several years of studying the effects of the power of the Original Rosary, it seems like the right time to lay out this time-tested strategy for my readers with something most cynical people demand these days: proof.

In the Middle Ages, Catholic Church leaders claimed the Rosary helped them to win wars, defeat their enemies, and save their cities or villages with a special devotion to the Mother of God and with Her Divine weapon of choice, the Rosary. So how does this work? Why did this work? Does this still work for Catholics?

The answer is yes, it still does work, but only if the prayers are said CORRECTLY.

For instructions, review the Fatima Movement Chapter: How to fix your Novus Ordo pentagram Rosary.

So this is how it works: the Rosary saves souls from Hell, souls that were tricked into believing in the “Lord” of the Jewish Bible, a god that does not actually exist. This obviously describes the vast majority of souls who when standing at the Door to Heaven, got the answer of their judgment wrong because they were deceived by Masonic priests, popes, pastors, gurus, monks, shaman, “lightworkers”, and government leaders who were under obligation to deliver souls to Hell via their contract with the devil they served.

To understand how this works, each time you say the Rosary 150 in its correct form, (and from here until the end of the article it is assumed you understand the difference between the Novus Ordo heretical rosary and the correct Original Form from the 13th Century) you accomplish several things.

1. You replace the daily function of a Catholic Priest who is supposed to say the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass correctly, something that tragically does not exist anymore. This absence of the Daily Sacrifice, a sacrifice of an hour or so out of your day to thank God Jesus Christ, who was, is and ever shall be, for the world and His sacrifice on the cross. The absence of the Daily Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is explained in Daniel Chap. 9, the event which causes the end of the world, and is also referenced in Our Lady's Third Secret of Fatima.

2. You save 7,500 souls from Hell. Each bead saves 50 souls from Hell, and we get the total number of 7,500 by multiplying 50 souls X 150 beads for a grand total of 7,500.

3. You disrupt the confidence of the Illuminati who were not expecting a rebellion against their machine at this point in time (2009-2013). “When we are successful, and we will be...” - George H.W. Bush's New World Order speech from 9/11/1991

4. You disrupt the growth in size of Hell, essentially changing the game of soul-stealing, something Freemasonry has worked for thousands of years to complete.

5. You become a “nobody”, someone who kept what Christ commanded St. Peter to bind, which is the Divine Names of the Catholic Trinity. As a practicing Catholic, you function as a red light to the progression of events leading to the end-times war, economic collapse, and destruction of the planet by Jewish-Freemasonry.

Fatimamovement Rosary Flier FrontFatima Rosary Flier Back

But with this level of knowledge comes an obligation to take it very seriously, and to say the Rosary every day to protect yourself. Our Lady ordered Catholics to pray the Rosary every day to overcome this end-times deception, and it did actually stop the Apocalyptic chain of events in 2009. And this is the core function of power that gave me the reputation in Illuminati circles as “the nobody”, or in other words, figuring out how to beat the Illuminati in these times with Catholic power, something “nobody” was supposed to be able to figure out because the Truth was buried by the Illuminati centuries ago.

Michelangelo's La Pieta, Latin for 'the obligation'

“La Pieta” sculpture by Michelangelo, circa 1498-1999.

At some point I began to try a certain strategy which I want to share with my readers. After saying the Rosary 150 every day, I began to wonder if it was possible to target certain Freemasons with the Rosary, and if possible, how to accomplish this. What I was led to was the following technique:

1. Say the 150 Rosary each and everyday to fulfill your daily obligation. At this time, the Rosary effectively replaces going to Church everyday, an obligation that today is absolutely impossible to fulfill because of the Liturgical reversals coming from the top of the Vatican, right down to your locally owned “Church”, and into your local “Mass.” In other words, the Rosary 150 replaces the obligation for Catholics to attend “Mass”, because the Mass has been damaged so badly, it accomplishes nothing.

2. Once your obligation of the daily Rosary has been accomplished, (this 150 Rosary only takes about 35 to 60 minutes to complete), say the Rosary 150 again. But this time, ask Our Lady to save the souls under the spiritual dominion of a specific Freemason. For example, when you make the sign of the cross to start your second Rosary of that day, ask Our Lady to save the souls under the dominion of a specific person, and the demonic spirits who work with this person whom you would like to see lose power and influence.

When you say the Rosary 150 in the 13th Century form, you are saving 7,500 random souls out of Hell. Some of these have been there quite a while, perhaps for thousands of years, undergoing punishments for their denial of Christ as God in their judgment. Some have been in Hell but a short while.

The Structure of Freemasonry elevates those who delivered the most souls to the Devil with the Old-Testament Lord heresy.

Above: the Masonic structure of Hell (Jacob's Ladder). The more souls an initiate deceives into worshipping the “Lord”, which is Satan, the higher up they go on Jacob's Ladder in Hell (their reward for delivering souls to the Devil). The Original Rosary brings these Freemasons back down, and depending on how high up they were, sends them to the very bottom of Jacob's Ladder, into the pit of fire.

When you ask Our Lady with this second Rosary 150 of the day to save souls under a specific initiate, Our Lady will save 7,500 from that Masonic initiate in advance, so that when this person eventually dies, this initiate will never attain his or her godlike status in Hell for the simple fact that this person's slaves have been stolen out from under them. There really is nothing more satisfying for a practicing Catholic to accomplish this, especially against world leaders, entertainers, and Jewish law enforcement personnel who work in unison to create a New World Order under the rule of law, specifically by tricking you into worshipping their “Lord.”

Many people ask me how we can fight these powerful Freemasons. Just keep in mind that God does not view you any differently because you are not wealthy, a powerful Masonic bankster, or a Masonic Bishop of from the Vatican, and the Rosary is designed for us regular people to fight back in relative anonymity.

So when you read the Masonic forums and their chatter about “the nobody”, and cannot figure out what was really going on, perhaps now you will understand. I'll give you some examples of my targeted prayers and their results which were acheived exclusively with Our Lady's Original Rosary:

Kim Jong Un: went from provoking World War III to going into hiding, to now advocating the building of a themepark.

Tim Tebow: went from NFL Bible/Evangelical Lord promoting pop-star to being cast out of the NFL, now being offered a $75/game offer from the Omaha Beef.

Benjamin Netanyahu: went from powerful Prime Minister of Israel to losing his majority, now seeking China's sympathy to promote his mission to start World War III.

Mitt Romney: went from powerful ally of Netanyahu and WWIII provocateur to mysteriously stumbling in the U.S. Presidential debates, then run out of town.

Benedict XVI: mysteriously went from being the powerful Masonic leader of the counter-Church to stepping down, the first in 6 centuries.

Peter the Roman (the last pope Cardinal Bertone): never came to power, fulfilling the eclipse of the Apocalypse.

SuperBowl XLVII: went from an Illuminati performance which was supposed to conclude with double-homicide felon Ray Lewis thanking “the Lord” (which is Satan) for his victory, to a ho-hum event, shut down for 35 minutes while we finished the 150 Rosary (Thanks to another reader for helping out with this one).

Glenn Beck: demoted from influential Freemason television talk show host back to radio

Madonna: went from the woman who would “rule the world” to someone who cries on stage, and is now dressing up as a Nazi in a desperate attempt to regain the souls she lost.

Lady Gaga: went from Illuminati pop-star to a has been, mysteriously gaining weight and losing her sex appeal.

Justin Bieber: went from one of the richest Illuminati pop-stars to a washed up has been, depressed by his loss of influence.

Jewish Illinois lawmaker who had introduced legislation to control the internet- the bill was mysteriously retracted days later.

Rahm Emmanuel: went from the powerful and arrogant Jewish Mayor of Chicago, calling for the killing of Republican opponents at diners to losing his strong position in the polls.

Quis Powell (South African Lodge Worshipful Master): went from running his own Masonic Lodge in South Africa to becoming homeless, eventually dying broke. His Masonic friends would not help him in his our of need because they would lose their little dominions in Hell as well. This man was my mother's Masonic father-in-law. (More info here)

I've won other battles locally with the Freemasons and other servants of the devil whom I've battled in court, which I will be free to explain in due time. Many have mysteriously broken arms, wrists, both arms, shoulders, been pushed down the stairs “by something unexplained”, and even died trying to shut down the Fatima Movement and its leader in court with their lies and Masonic connections. If I were to show you pictures of the sores on their faces, the age-progression, you would be shocked.

You see, most people cynically demand some sort of proof that God exists, or that Our Lady is God, or that there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church. I urge you to try this Original Rosary for yourself, so you can see for yourself. Perhaps pick an annoying Masonic celebrity that you think might be unlikely to be prayed for by other Catholics and see what happens. After devoutly saying the 150 Rosary everyday, say another full one and make your request to the Mother of God for Her assistance, wait two or three days, and see what happens. If you see the Freemason you prayed for in the news with a sudden case of misfortune, you will then have your “proof.”

I must stress that you be careful with this power. Keep this knowledge to yourself or else you will encounter what I have had to deal with- charges of mafia envolvement, cult-leader status, “being different”, a threat to the government, and of course “crazy.” Just remember, Christ is more powerful than Lucifer, even in this world, for the simple fact that Christ is God. If you choose to fight back, do so quietly and very carefully. Otherwise at the end of your mission, you may find yourself homeless, living in a truck, and being mysteriously labelled the most influential person in the world for “philosophical reasons” by Russia Today for affecting the lives and fortunes of vast numbers of people (stopping Armageddon).

The initiation into Freemasonry reveals that Freemasons are Jews.

There is a reason the “powers that be” are all initated as Catholic heretics, and there is a way for us to fight back, and that way is the uncorrupted Catholic Rosary. So good luck in your pursuits, and try to have some fun being a real Catholic. The world wasn't always like this, and doesn't have to continue this way. It will be a difficult task to overcome generations of ingrained theological errors, but anything is possible. The potential for a restored Catholic world order does exist if we all ask for it. The Masonic New World Order does not need to happen anytime soon. The power is yours, but only if you want it.

- Mr. Nobody.