(The Sacramental Effect) DOES NOT WORK if the Intention to confer the Sacrament with Catholic Intent is absent:

The Rule: Masonic Priest = Invalid Baptism, Ordination, Confirmation, etc. PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Whenever a bishop or priest is a Luciferian Freemason, his sacramental intention must be presumed doubtful and all his ordinations and baptisms are therefore presumed doubtful. This is why Catholic parents used to perform the Conditional Rite of Baptism if they were in doubt. This formula was even taught in Catholic pre-canna classes (Catholic Marriage Instruction Classes). Today, most Catholic parents are not even aware of this, and consequently, their children are receiving the mark of the beast. After Vatican II, there were so many Masonic Priests and Bishops that Vatican Theologian Hans Kung boasted:

”We control the seminaries, the academic departments of theology, the catechetical and liturgical institutions, the publishing houses, the magazines that matter and the chanceries. Most of the bishops are now on our side and those that aren't have been neutralized. Anybody who wants a future in the hierarchy or the Catholic academy has no choice but to co-operate.” ― Fr. Hans Küng (”worthy” recipient of the Freemasons' lifetime achievement award)

”The minister's intention may be perverted in two ways. First in regard to the sacrament: for instance, when a man does not intend to confer a sacrament, but to make a mockery of it. Such a perverse intention takes away the truth of the sacrament, especially if it be manifested outwardly. Secondly, the minister's intention may be perverted as to something that follows the sacrament: for instance, a priest may intend to baptize a woman so as to be able to abuse her; or to consecrate the Body of Christ, so as to use it for sorcery.” - Church Doctor St. Thomas Aquinas, Q. 64 Art. 10 Pt. III

"The goal of the enemy was to take out the light, the Pope, which they did - then to take away the means for people to receive supernatural grace, the sacraments. I have studied about this much." - Fr. Peter Khoat Van Tran 01/18/2006 Feast of the Chair of St. Peter in Rome

“One fact is inescapable: the lodges contained a large number of ecclesiastics… At Caudebec fifteen out of eighty members of the lodge were priests; at Sens, twenty-five out of fifty. Canons and parish priests sat in the Venerable Assembly, while the Cistercians of Clairvaux had a Lodge within the very walls of their monastery! Saurine, a future bishop of Strasbourg under Napoleon, was a governing member of the Grand Orient. We cannot be far from the truth in suggesting that towards the year 1789 a quarter of French freemasons were churchmen… [In 1789 there were] seven atheists and three deists out of one hundred and thirtyfive French bishops.” -(H. Daniel-Rops, The Church in the Eighteenth Century [London: Dent 1960] 63, 73. See also J. McManners, Church and Society in Eighteenth-Century France [Oxford: University Press 1998] 1:354, 356, 420, 509.)

Freemason Antipope Leo XIII

“These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions.  In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.”

- Prophecy of Masonic anti-Pope Leo XIII about the apostasy, 1888  


Freemason Antipope Pius XII and New York “Cardinal” Spellman

This rare photograph of Pius XII giving a Masonic handshake to the Judeo-Masonic Cardinal Spellman of New York validates the suspicions of many Traditionalists: Pius XII was a Freemason. Spellman's name appears in many modernist texts that saturate the Catholic literary world with the names of the heretical trinity.

Pius XII was also responsible for the advancement of Cardinals Roncalli and Montini, who advanced to the Papacy, taking the names John XXIII (1958-63) and Paul VI (1963-78). They finished off the Catholic Church in their Novus Ordo Council (1959-1969). It is important to remember that the Pope had the power to excommunicate these men, but failed to do so. This evidence supports Freemasons held the Chair of Peter before 1958.

On May 28, 1948, Pope Pius XII appointed Freemason Annibale Bugnini as Secretary to the Commission for Liturgical Reform. This body was responsible for the reform of the rites for the Easter Vigil (1951) and then for the whole of Holy Week (1955). It went on to reform the Code of Rubrics (1960) which affected both the Mass and the Divine Office before producing new editions of the Roman Breviary and Roman Missal in 1962 (the Novus Ordo Mass in Latin).

“Once these conditions [intention of Orders] are present, the sacraments may be conferred by either the good or the wicked, the faithful or the heretical, within the Church or outside it: but within the Church, they are conferred both in fact and in effect, while outside it, although conferred in fact, they are not effective.” -St. Bonaventure from, The Beviloquium, Part VI, Chapter 5, Article 1