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In response to someone who begged Freemason Anti-Pope Pius X to "go soft" on the Modernists, He retorted: "Kindness is for fools! They want them to be treated with oil, soap, and caresses but they ought to be beaten with fists! In a duel you don't count or measure the blows, you strike as you can! War is not made with charity, it is a struggle a duel. If Our Lord were not terrible he would not have given an example in this too.”

”When temple-building gave place to church-building the tradition survived for along time. The builders persisted in raising their structures due east and west and working into them a mass of ancient symbolism that their new employers failed to recognize as anything more than ornament. Not that the operative masons had any such esoteric designs as are attributed to them by imaginative writers, for they were seldom initiates of the Greater Mysteries, but they were possessed of stock patterns and lacked original ideas, and thus many of the symbols of ancient faiths have been preserved for us in our Christian buildings long after all shadow of knowledge had been lost to the men who wrought them.” - Esoteric Orders and Their Work, page 33

Just as heretical Masonry imposes its designs into the structures of Vatican II “Churches” to permanently build in their heresies, the opposite is true for a proper Catholic Cathedral. The Devil knows the four bearing points of the Catholic Faith which are that 1. Jesus Christ is God, 2. Our Lady is the Mother of God and is part of the real Trinity, 3. The Holy Ghost/Spiritum Sanctum is required for the Sacraments, and 4. Our Messiah already arrived, the Judeo-Masons are still waiting for theirs (Anti-Christ). Just as a skilled demolition expert only needs to know the four bearing points of a structure to bring it down with explosives, the Devil and his Legions have altered the Catholic Faith to their advantage by building many modern churches of hell and calling them 'Catholic'. So in order to counter this, it is important to understand traditional Cathedral building techniques and the reasons for these design elements.

The first archtectural element is the floor plan which should be laid out in the Cross pattern like this.

Catholic Cathedral Layout

The second architectural element is of course the Altar, which needs a proper Crucifix prominently front and center, needs to contain a relic of a real Saint, be made of Solid Stone, and should not be interrupted by a Masonic table as in the Vatican II rite. Technically, the Altar extends all the way to the communion rail (which Vatican II also removed from most Cathedrals).

Notre Dame Basillica Altar

The third important element is the story of the 12 Stations of the Cross. Many now have 14 Stations of the Cross, but even so, the original 12 are ideal. The images contain the Truth (a picture says a thousand words). This is specifically why Cathedral designers used to build into the structure the 12 stained glass windows of the traditional story of the events leading up to the Crucifixtion of God. Currently, there are only 13 Catholic Churches that still have the 12 stations of the cross in the United States. St. Mary of the Angels (although Her proper title is Notre Dame, Our Lady, or Mother of God) in Chicago is one of those 13, although now it has been run by the Talmudic Opus Dei Cult since 1991.

St Mary of the Angels Chicago stained glass windows - exterior

Exterior Stations of the Cross Stained Glass Windows. These are difficult for Protestants to paint over and if they tried to remove them, it would be noticeable by the parishioners. St. Mary of the Angels, Chicago.

St Mary of the Angels Chicago Stations of the Cross interior

Interior View, St. Mary of the Angels, Chicago.

The fourth important consideration is size. The structure should be built to inspire people to the Catholic Faith. Cathedrals like Notre Dame in Paris do this very effectively. In fact, it is interesting to note that the most famous Cathedral in the world is named after Our Lady, and not the Lord, the Father, the God of the Jews, Protestants and Muslims. Of course the accepted truth was much different 800 years ago before the universal heresy that dominates today.

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris, France

Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris, France

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris, France exterior

Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris, France

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Temple design. Temple design is actually taken from the Jewish Old Testament, from the 613 commandments of “The Lord.” This is actually why Masonic Lodges, Federal Reserve banks, government buildings, and now, many Vatican II Sect “Churches” look so similar. They are the constructs of the Masons. Simon and Garfunkel sang, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.” This is because those who have the power to build heresy into structures can effectively alter the truth with their craft because not many people will be knowledgeable enough to dispute what is written in stone.

Below are examples of Masonic institutions. The triangle front porches, the columns, the Judeo-Masonic tables for Bible/Koran/Torah placement as objects of worship (as opposed to a La Pieta statue or a Crucifix), even the lack of windows on the North Side of their temples are recommended requirements.

Masonic Lodge Altar

Masonic interior architecture makes the Masonic Altar the focal point of the room.

Here are examples of modern Vatican II churches from Hell:

Benedict's Cathedral in Fátima, the Beast's offense to Our Lady. Cost: 90 million Euros.

Benedict's Cathedral in Fátima, the Beast's offense to Our Lady. Cost: 90 million Euros.

Novus Ordo Church Interior 1An altar virtually identical to the Masonic lodge pictured above. Judeo-Freemasonry now runs the Church, promoting the Masonic Trinity in their Satanic Masses (post-1962).

An altar virtually identical to the Masonic lodge pictured above. Judeo-Freemasonry now runs the Church, promoting the Masonic Trinity in their Satanic Masses (post-1962).

The Pink Panther Altar

It's really getting ridiculous.

St Mary Parish Buffalo Grove Missing Altar

Judeo-Masonic altar destruction at St. Mary Parish in Buffalo Grove, IL.

St Mary Parish Buffalo Grove Illuminati Stained Glass Windows

Judeo-Masonic revisions to the stained glass windows at St. Mary Parish in Buffalo Grove, IL.

IHS in Center of Hexagram, Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence, Italy, 2008.

IHS in Center of Hexagram, Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence, Italy, 2008. Source: www.vaticanassassins.org

Freemason Tony Blair in a Masonic Handshake with Freemason Benedict XVIFreemason Cardinal O'Connor

St John Cantius Chicago and the Masonic Knights of Malta

St. John Cantius in Chicago proudly displays its Judaism

Above: the Jewish takeover of St. John Cantius in Chicago.

St Mary of the Angels Chicago Opus Dei Jewish Jesus Marker

Above: Jewish markers installed in the 1990's after Opus Dei, a Jewish Talmudic Cult took over operations in 1990.

St Mary of the Angels heretical Sanctus heresy

Heretical revisions to the names of the Trinity in the decor at SMA, Chicago. It used to say Sanctum. The significance? Read here.

Holy Name Cathedral Chicago - roof on fire

As above, so below. Revisions at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago.

Holy Name Cathedral heretical renovation 1

We see the tabernacle represented as an egg on a web. We also see a saint or Our Lord represented as being stuck (especially the hands) on this same web. Top right: pieces of the web are shown as being stuck to the dress and the back of Our Lady. Our Lady is represented as trapped or as a prisoner in a satanic web.

The Haydock Douay Rheims proves the heretical Jesus deception

Of Course, the Lord Heresy is the main indicator. If your priest is not aware of these crimes against God (forgetting His Name), you may want to run for the hills. Also, if there is no criticism of the Vatican II Sect, your priest is either a Freemasonic agent or a go along heretic, who doesn't have the knowledge to lead his flock away from the Masonic hierarchy of the Church today. Here is some information from Altering the Keys.

Satanic Protestant Lord Music Album Covers

”Lord, I'm Not Ashamed.”..”Shout to the Lord (2).”..not only is this heretical music going to take you to Hell by promoting “the Lord” as God, it's also just really bad music. When 'Protestant Rock' promotes the same Judeo-Masonic Lord religion as Black Sabbath, it should become apparent why there is no salvation outside the original Catholic Faith. Once you excommunicate yourself, it's nothing but Hell for you (and a lot of really bad music). Christ only has one Church and only one way to administer the Seven Sacraments. Once you are tempted to leave for one of the 33,000 Protestant denominations, you're on your own.

Just as sinister is a typical White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant (W.A.S.P.) Masonic preacher who starts his own following to absorb those who have “fallen away” from Christ's destroyed Church. These wolves are even more dangerous because they deceive old ladies with the “testimony of the Bible” a.k.a. “The Lord is God (and the Lord commands you to love your neighbor).”

Satanic Lord stadium gatherings

The Masonic influence is so easy to quantify: all-encompassing. Remember, it wasn't an Apocalypse because everybody was right. Pictured above: Lord (talking fire god) worshipping Protestants gather in stadiums and in front of Masonic Phallic Government Monuments to proclaim their love for the Masonic Jesus of the Bible. It now seems everyone has fallen for the Masonic Jesus end-times cult. Broad is the way to destruction...

More info: Occultic and Masonic Influence in Early Mormonism...article here.

More info: Occultic and Masonic Influence in the Nation of Islam...article here.

AA-1025 CoverThe Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita Cover

As bad as it is to have a Masonic Priest or Bishop, imagine how many souls an imposter Judeo-Freemasonic Cardinal or Pope can take down to Hell with him. Masonic Popes have had the power to promote their fellow Masonic brothers to all of the highest offices in the Church hierarch. Once they hold these offices, you can bet they will never allow a non-Freemason to advance.

Freemason Pius XII and future Masoinc Antipope John XXIIIAntipope John XXIII with Talmudic Opus Dei Founder Jose Escriva

Above left: Antipope Pius XII promotes Freemason Roncalli to Cardinal and Patriarch of Venice, 1953 (who would later win the Papacy after Pius XII's death in 1958). Above right: John XXIII (1958-1963) with fellow occultist Jose Escriva (left), who founded the Opus Dei Cult in 1926.

Freemason Antipope John XXIII practices Turkish Freemasonry in a suitMasonic Antipope John XXIII and his Masonic buddies

Freemason anti-pope John XXIII practiced the Turkish Rite of Freemasonry on Thursday nights in a suit. Pictured with his Masonic brothers (right). Would you let these men babysit your kids for a couple of nights? Then you shouldn't trust their method of baptism either...

Smoking Antipope John XXIII and his Communist friends

The “Vicar of Christ” (1958-1963) has a cigarette with men who probably aren't in Heaven with the Mother of God right now.

The Traditional Catholic Mass had Priests facing God. The Novus Rite had them turn away from God and towards the crowd in its 'brotherhood of man' type gathering

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (pre-1962) vs. The 1962/9 Novus Ordo (New Order) Mass

Masonic Antipope John XXIII demonstrates the Masonic Handshake

John XXIII giving a Masonic handshake. If you think it's alright for these men to perform the Sacrament of Baptism on your children, you might want to think again.

Freemason Antipope John XXIII demonstrates the Masonic handshake - the mark on the right handFreemason Antipope Paul VI shares a Masonic handshake with his successor, Antipope John XXIII

Above left: Antipope John XXIII giving another Masonic handshake. Above right: Anti-pope John XXIII with Cardinal Roncalli who would become anti-pope Paul VI after John XXIII's death in 1963.

Freemason Antipope Paul VI shares a Masonic handshake with the leader of the Russian Orthodox ChurchThe Lutheran architects of the Novus Ordo Mass

Above left: Yet another anti-pope Paul VI Masonic handshake. Above right: Paul VI with the Lutheran (Lord-worshipping heretics) who helped design the Novus Ordo Mass at the Vatican II Council.

Future Masoinc Antipope Benedict XVI attends the Novus Ordo Council in a suit

At Vatican Council II, Fr. Joseph Ratzinger (above right) receiving orientation from his mentor, progressivist theologian Karl Rahner. Future anti-pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger) shows up in a suit.