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Antipope Francis displays the Illuminati handsign

The latest Masonic leader of the counter-church flashes the Illuminati signal that he connected with the hidden hand. Don't be fooled again.

Freemasos Josef Stalin, Gerald Ford, Karl Marx, George Washington, Napoleon

Jewish Freemason Antipope John Paul II was the first Catholic pontiff to visit the Wailing Wall in JerusalemJewish Freemason Benedict XVI sits in a Jewish Temple

Left: John Paul II, March 26, 2000. First Vicar of Christ in Catholic Church history to visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Israel. Jews flock there to this remnant of the Temple of King Herod to pray or wail for their coming Christ. This is an outrage. The destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D., leaving only this ‘Western Wall’ of it’s foundation has always been understood by Catholics to signify God’s judgment on the Jews. This destruction by God meant their religion had come to an end and they were supposed to enter the Catholic Church. Abvoe right: Benedict XVI, August 19, 2005. Second Vicar of Christ to publicly take an active part in Jewish Lord worship. Benedict made gestures, such as bowing his head and clapping his hands, to show his approval and participation in the Jewish service. He joined the Jews in the Kaddish prayer, and Yiddish music blared in the background.