Mr. Nobody Editorial: Why should you consider purchasing
horse riding lessons for your Novus Ordo Wife?

How to buy yourself some time to study the Illuminati and their New World Order.

Editorial by Mr. Nobody, October 4, 2013
email: mrnobody@fatimamovement.com

If you are feeling a lot of stress from your Novus Ordo wife about how much time you are spending researching the Fátima Movement Files and reading about the massive Masonic Lord deception on the internet, one effective way to diffuse her anger and to divert her jealously about having another woman in your life is to give her a gift...the gift of horse riding lessons.

New Order women need to release their aggression somehow, why not riding horses?

The typical Vatican II wife suffers from both the curse of the Masonic baptism (in the name of the Devil, the unholy spirit), and spends her time unknowingly being manipulated by the Jewish-Masonic media which has placed into her mind that she is a princess and deserves everything she wants. Since you bowed down to her when you proposed to her for marriage, she is now under the impression that she is your god. In her boss manager type mind, your life's purpose is to obey her orders, not to be saying the Rosary to Our Lady.

Everyone thinks they know it all, and no one thinks they know more than a Vatican II wife. Despite a complete lack of knowledge about Judaism, Moses, his Bible, the Talmud, the Illuminati, their Alta Vendita, the Masonic designs for World War III, etc., there is no better advocate for promoting the logic of Freemasonry than a cursed Vatican II or Protestant woman. The reasoning of Novus Ordo women concerning worldly affairs, which are cleverly implanted in their heads by a media that is well trained in subversion, cannot be contradicted without punishment.

You must be compliant in executing her orders. Independent thought, logic and reasoning that contradicts the illogic put forth by morning talk shows, morning radio programs, the Oprah Network, etc. are simply not to be tolerated. As George W. Bush stated in front of the United Nations, “we should never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories.” So if you do not comply with the thought patterns regarding 9/11, Vatican II, the Council of Trent, the New World Order, etc., the New Order woman is well aware that at her disposal, there is an army of angry women in the courts who are more than willing to give her what she is entitled to: everything. And this will be accomplished with George H.W. Bush's method of enforcing the New World Order, the rule of law upon you.

Cursed New World Order women love power, especially over goyim men.

For a variety of reasons - the 60's feminazi movement, Title IX, the endless “right to work” (for Freemason men) propaganda, and subversive Masonic agents such as Oprah Winfrey who has millions of women ready to obey her orders at the snap of her fingers, and a with a burning desire to do what she thinks is good for this Masonic-run society, Novus Ordo women unknowingly are Freemasonry's useful idiots. And make no mistake about it, if you are caught studying the cult of Freemasonry who has engineered this Ayn Rand society of workers, you will pay the price, one way or another.

Above left: Eastern Star (female Freemason) Oprah Winfrey builds her own spiritual empire in Hell (the best humor is based on reality); above right: Aaron Russo gets the explanation from Nelson Rockefeller as to what the Women's “Liberation” Movement was really about, to create more 'workers' and to break families.

So if you're getting a lot of grief from reading the Fátima Movement Files and are still married, the Fátima Movement strongly suggests giving your marked Novus Ordo wife the gift of horse riding lessons. Novus Ordo women love power and have a plenty of energy, which usually manifests itself in the form of scheduling your day and delegating tasks (like laundry, house-cleaning, etc.) to others ensure that everyone is kept in a state of perpetual business throughout the day, which is guaranteed to leave not even a single minute of opportunity to think or study the Masonic brotherhood that governs this world. These women are possessed by the gifts given to them for their service by Masonic corporations and working for them and that mindset rules their lives. Lessons learned by men who have worked for these Jewish-Freemasons over thousands of years are simply irrelevant.

By now, most men have been skillfully trained to submit to these cursed women out of both a desire to survive mentally and finanacially. The song “It's cheaper to keep her” rings true to many Traditional Catholic men who understand the realities of this world and simply continue to tolerate this nonsense, hoping that it may go away some day. It won't. Other men find themselves defeated as they try to please their New Order wives who desire the gifts of life, and submission to cursed women is not the answer either.

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In the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”, a New Order woman is lured into wanting a sailboat (”I want that”, she says in this scene). Her poor husband must give it to her or face the pains of humiliation. Some comedians like call it “the face.” Whatever it's called, the disappointment of a New Order woman usually doesn't end well for the man.

From building the pyramids to working for the pyramid on the dollar bill, not much has changed.

Men have been forced to work for Jewish-Freemasons for thousands of years and are sickened by it. When their New Order wives actually want to work for these men, it only adds to their anger and confusion.

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In the movie “Office Space”, three angry male workers steal their office photocopier and administer a beat-down in the woods to alleviate the built up stress of having to deal with New Order women and their Masonic bosses.

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Movies like “Fight Club” work on goyim men's anger toward the economic slave system of Masonic run banks and corporations which unknown to most, are secretly funded by the Masonic Federal Reserve in such a way that it actually appers to most as a free-market system. In a blind rebellion of “the system”, the characters in the film take out their anger at the Masonic system by actaully administer beatings to each other. Urged on by the Alpha-male type lead character played by Brad Pitt (who appears to be spiritually possessed) an army of frustrated male office worker types start an underground fight club to relieve their frustrations.

Some men, including most non-Catholic men who have married Novus Ordo or Protestant women simply return to a child-like state and submit to their wives entirely, denigrating themselves and manhood in general. Some men rebel against cursed womens' “honey-do” lists and lash back by saying, “get lost, I'm teaching my sons how to build cabinets!” Other men, fearing loss of employment, legal hassles and sexual harrassment lawsuits enforeced by the Masonic court system must sit there and take it. A few lucky men who work in more male dominated fields such as construction tend to have more freedom to reject this happy, compliant female worker ethic enforced by the Jewish Corporation State of America.

So if you are a a man is suspected of being non-compliant to the objectives of Freemasonry by your Novus Ordo wife, know that you already might have prompted a fwave of frantic text-messaging by your spouse to other New Order women in her text-messaging circle, some who already may have made a covenant with the Lord for past discretions and as a result of this, are obligated to conspire to punish your rebellious thoughts. So if you are being hassled for studying what New Order women call “conspiracy theories”, the Fátima Movement recommends that you buy yourself some peace and quiet for further reading and study by purchasing horse-riding lessons for your cursed wife. This will accomplish several things.

1. Rodeo activities gives the cursed and power hungry New Order woman the opportunity to order large animals around for a couple of hours. These activities are designed to relieve the cursed woman's desire for control over you and every situation, including your studies of the Illuminati subversion of the Catholic Religion.

It's better to let cursed Novus Ordo women take their aggression out on animals rather than on you.

2. Her presence at the horse stable means she is out of the house and away from you which allows some free time to relax and concentrate on studies regarding the Illuminati subversion of Catholicism.

Men studying about the Illuminati.

3. The hours spent controlling a large animal will exhaust her desire for complete control over you regarding marital responsibilities, laundry, house-cleaning and child rearing. This will leave you with more time for thoughts and prayers and of course studying. She will be less likely to demand head of household authority which traditionally belongs to the man of the house.

Novus Ordo women exhausting themselves.

4. The few hours spent at the stable ordering animals around will most likely exhaust her. When the aggressive Novus Ordo woman returns from riding horses, she will be extremely tired and will probably go straight to bed because she wants to get up early the next day to go back to work for the Jewish Freemasons. This will leave you more time for reading, etc., as the house will be quiet, allowing you to concentrate on reading religious texts, etc.

More quiet time for intelligent study can be achieved at night when the Novus Ordo women are exhausted from their busy day.

You may object to the cost of these activities and may resent having to pay for your wife's lessons. So let me remind you that it was your fault for marrying a non-Catholic, and the consequences of divorce court are far, far more expensive than the small “tax” you need to pay for horse-riding lessons. So do the math and weigh your options. And don't forget that in Hell, where the Illuminati reign, there will be no recourse. So choose wisely and good luck to you as always...

-Mr. Nobody

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