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”The Third World War is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purposes of playing the Islamic world and the political Zionists off against one another. Whilst this is going on, the remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion.” - Albert Pike, Synagogue of Satan, page 54-55

A statue of God survives the possible man-made hurricane on the Eastern Coast near New York City in October, 2012

Miracle from the New York area hurricane on October 31, 2012....”..and that's just the first round.” - Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak

Masonic inspired Mormon temple garments

2012 U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and wife in their Masonic inspired Mormon temple garments

Feb. 5, 2012: Illuminati Pop-Star “Madonna” celebrates a Masonic Mass to Baphomet at the SuperBowl Halftime Show to an unsuspecting crowd of 111 million goyim. Of course, these American goyim (Jewish cattle) probably did not attend the Traditional Catholic Mass that Sunday morning, so this is the only religious service they attended that day.

Madonna's Performance at the Superbowl XLVI Halftime Show mirrors the Masonic Mass to Baphomet

Madonna strikes the Baphomet pose at the Superbowl XLVI Halftime Show

Madonna is heavily into Caballah, an ancient form of Judaism

Many pagan leaders used the Jewish Star of David

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The Oslo Killer is an apparent Luciferian Freemason

The Jewish Mossad Connection to this Massacre. Why is the Jewish Media Now Bringing Freemasonry and it's 29th Degree Knights Templar Out of the Closet at this time? Jerusalem Post: Breivik an extreme right-wing Pro-Israel Zionist.

Why did the Masonic Police Force need 90 minutes to get there?How did the Masonic Police know the killer's name? Why did the killer stop shooting at this point when he still had loads of ammunition? 90 minutes given to lure more victims to their death...Anders Behring Breivik, the Oslo, Norway Killer, Wanted To Reform “Knights Templar Europe,” a Masonic Order which subverted the Catholic Faith in the Dark Ages.

We have a .pdf of this Luciferian Occultist's Facebook page here. Acquired from this site here.

Freemason Ron Paul

Notable Screenshot: Bill Maher eyes the Freemason Handshake of Master Mason Ron Paul. Even the opposition is controlled by the Brotherhood of Lucifer.


Website of the day: Yes, Lucifer wants your children.


5/04/2011: This is obviously turning out to be a major fraud...check out DrudgeReport.com for all the excitement.

”The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.” - George Orwell, Illuminatist author of 1984, a novel in which it is a crime to be a heretic against Big Brother, the god of the “Party.”

5/02/2011: Bin Laden's file photo is shot in the head, released for the two minutes hate rally. His body is quickly “buried at sea.” It's difficult to believe Americans are this stupid: there's nothing really else to say.

Photoshopped image of Osama bin Laden turned into a false proof of his demise

Photoshopped image of Osama bin Laden turned into a false proof of his demise

Photoshopped image of Osama bin Laden turned into a false proof of his demise, shown on Pakistani television

Photoshopped image of Osama bin Laden turned into a false proof of his demise, shown on Pakistani television

Zbigniew Brezinski inspects a firearm with Osama bin Laden around 1979 when he was U.S. Secretary of State

Sarah Palin shows off her Star of David necklace in her 2008 campaign for Vice President of the U.S.

”One who dies a Jew will be DAMNED.” - St. Vincent Ferrer

”The Jews are ENEMIES OF GOD and foes of our holy religion.” - St. Padre Pio

”Let no man think that he may for any reason whatsoever join the Masonic Sect, if he values his Catholic name and his eternal salvation as he ought to value them.” - Pope Leo XIII, 1884

”In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” - Erasmus

Drudge Report headlines the Lord worshiping Muslims' anticipation of their 'messiah'

Fox News Host Glenn Beck shows off his Masonic association on televisionGlenn Beck proudly wears Judeo-Masonic patch on his sweater on his FoxNews Broadcast, as he hypes the end-times war against Lord worshippnig Muslims. In the background are the Judeo-Masonic Illuminati “Fathers.” The reality Freemasonry has crafted on your television screen is not something you want to follow blindly. Remember, the devil comes at you as an angel of light. There is a reason why the specificity of Catholic Dogma confounds the Lord worshipping heretics.Defender of the Illuminati U.S. Constitution and Freemason Glenn Beck

The Tsunami of Japan

Josef Stalin was not an atheist, he was a Luciferian Freemasonic Jew. Poland was strongly Catholic and often suffered at his hands.

Flashback: Judeo-Masonic Illuminatist Josef Stalin orders Katyn Massacre in Poland...”Moscow, Russia (PMN)—The State Duma, Russia’s lower chamber of parliament, adopted a statement in February, 2011, admitting that the executions of 22,000 Polish intellectuals and officers near Katyn in the 1940s took place on the direct orders of Josef Stalin and other Soviet leaders..”..Judeo-Masonic FDR: “Let's call him Uncle Joe!.”..Roosevelt was convinced that he could handle “Uncle Joe” -- a name given to Stalin by American wartime propaganda...ignores Katyn...Judeo-Masonic Illuminatist Stalin is Century's Bloodiest Figure...Judeo-Masonic Churchill, Roosevelt ignore Katyn Massacre...

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