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Subject: Debate - OUR LADY IS GOD

Hello. I welcome you to a debate.

I looked at your website. You claim that Our Lady is God. However I found some errors with this claim. Our Lady could not be God. If Our Lady is God, are you saying that God had sex with Our Lady? Because if we took a look at Plato's descriptions of God, Plato tells us that God is a spirit. Therefore God could not possibly had sexual relations with Our Lady.

You also claim that there were two Christs, the Jewish messiah, and Christ God. However, the Jews never accepted Jesus Christ as the messiah. This is where the deep divide between Judaism and Christianity lies. Another claim of yours is that the Catholic Church is now in Fatima. However, there is no concrete evidence proving that.

Q---- V-

Mr. Nobody:

Sure, I'd be happy to. For the record, it doesn't really matter what I claim, I'm really just a nobody. What does matter is the Trinitarian Theophany and the words of St. Lúcia, a brave nun who was murdered and replaced by the mysterious force of Jewish Freemasonry in 1958. She gives us the clues to solve the mystery of how the Church was eclipsed and the answer to this mystery of the Catholic Faith is that The Mother of God's Divinity is equal in the Trinity to God The Father, The Holy Ghost, and the "Lord" of the bible is not the God of the Catholic Church. This is precisely why there is no salvation outside of the true Catholic Church. The real Catholic Church doesn't consider a burning bush to be God as does the 30,000 Protestant sects, Islam, and lower level Judaism for their goyim, the seven churches of the Apocalypse, and just about every other sect that was started by some Masonic initiate such as Mohammed, Luther, Ignatius Loyola, or Pat Robertson.

It's no longer a secret that Jewish Freemasonry is involved with secret initiations into the ancient craft of Satanism and involved in Devil worship. As a "thank you" to the Devil for their riches and power, Freemasons are obligated to promote this biblical lord as the God of Heaven whenever possible until the propaganda sticks permanently. There's no doubt that the craft of Freemasonry has achieved tremendous success in implementing this damning lie, even you believe them.

“To the Mason, God is our Father in Heaven …He is our Father; and we are all brethren.” - Worldwide leader of Jewish Freemasonry Albert Pike, page 227 of Morals & Dogma

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that they are lying to you. In fact, they take an oath to lie to you. They want to be gods, and in eternal Hell they are.

“The initiated are certain to attain the company of the Gods.” - Worldwide leader of Jewish Freemasonry Albert Pike, page 373 of Morals & Dogma

The elite Jewish-Masonic intelligencia obviously know that this "Our Father" Lord is an ass, since they themselves crafted this false god for the goyim to worship. The Jewish Talmud plainly states this, but since most people don't read it and blindly trust their initiated leaders to explain the mysteries of religion to them, they fall prey to pagan leaders posing as shepherds who were struck by the false teachings of the Biblical Masonic Jesus...

“I will strike down the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered.” - The Masonic Jesus, Matthew 26:31

“And I will give you pastors according to My own heart; and they shall feed you with knowledge and doctrine” (Jer. 3:15)

"And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made..." - "Sounds of Silence" - Simon & Garfunkel

Babylonian Talmud Vol13-091: Abba (the “Our Father” false god) is an ass.

Page 205 of Volume XIII of the Babylonian Talmud

Page 205 of Volume XIII of the Babylonian Talmud explains that the Abba concept, the “Father” (Abba means Father) god of Moses/Sinai is an ass. This is the secret wisdom of those who are “learned”, and this is why the Jewish scriptures reveal:

“..and thou shalt see my back parts: but my face shall not be seen.” - Exodus 33:23

Fatima Movement Billboard 01

The goal of Moses and Judaism is to trick the world into both worshipping this false god “the Lord”, so that in Hell, the damned are forced to kiss Jewish asses for an eternity. It's a sick joke designed by some very clever and sick individuals.

The Jewish ass joke

Babylonian Talmud Vol13-092: Mt. Sinai (where the Jewish Freemason Moses collaborated with Satan) is surrounded by serpents. Abba (the “Father”) is an ass (cont'd.).

Page 206 of Volume XIII of the Babylonian Talmud

Page 206 of Volume XIII of the Babylonian Talmud continues on with the revelation that Abba (the “Father” Moses was supposedly speaking to in a fire) is an ass. Mt. Sinai, the location where Moses supposedly received the Ten Commandments is surrounded by serpents. It is assumed that spirits speaking through smoke admit that “we are liars” and say that “Moses and his Torah are true.” This is just another deception by damned spirits of the underworld (appearing in smoke) who need to promote the Moses/Lord lie so that more souls will join them in Hell.

I'm sorry if you cannot accept this reality, but these revelations are from Judaism's own authorities.

Perhaps I could pose this challenge to you:

Maybe you could prove to us that a jealous, war mongering, deception ordering, talking burning bush that "spoke" to a Jewish Freemason named Moses long ago should actually be taken seriously. Remember that in the Apocalypse, the truth is thrown out the window and the lie deceives all nations, so keep this in mind in when presenting your thesis to us.

The Secret Society of MosesGeorge Bush - catapult the propaganda

3 Kings 22:22: “And he said: I will go forth, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the Lord said: Thou shalt deceive him, and shalt prevail: go forth, and do so.”

2 Paralipomenom 18:21: “And the Lord said: Thou shalt deceive, and shalt prevail: go out, and do so.”

If Freemason Moses hadn't written the first five books of the Bible and you were presented with a choice between the Mother of God and a talking fire, who do you think would be more likely to be the God of Heaven? Who do you think would be more likely to be the god of Hell? I think even a child could answer this one.

For further comparison, consider that Our Lady's warnings had the power to stop World War I, World War II, World War III, and Her ability to move the sun around the sky for 15 minutes to send a warning to deceived Catholics in Portugal in 1917 should prove Her power. She is the Mother of Deum Jesum Christum and has been venerated by devout Catholics for centuries for a very good reason. Her Name has caused the Devils to flee in the Rite of Exorcism, and perhaps it's time to consider the reasons why.

Try to compare the power of the Mother of God to a fire that apparently speaks only to initiates into Jewish Freemasonry "in secret." What is the need for this secrecy when praying to this god of Freemasonry, the "lord father"?

"But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly." - Matthew 6:6, KJV

Don't forget that Moses spent his first 40 years being raised and taught the mysteries by Egyptian royalty, you know, the ones who built the pyramids. And I almost forgot to mention the 'stunning' miracle of a candle apparently staying lit for eight days if you actually believe this nonsense. But if that's not enough for you, the authority on the Jewish "Religion", the Talmud, plainly reveals the collaboration between "the burning bush lord" and Moses for the world to see. It's right there, you can find this in any copy.

Moses and the Satanic 10 Commandments

If you were to put this to a vote to a non-brainwashed population outside of the matrix, it's likely that most would vote for Our Lady as the God of Heaven. It's also reasonable to assume that the concept of a talking fire would be deemed absurd or downright ridiculous if the facts were presented to the people. It's hard to believe that so many Catholics still fall for this, but their entire lives are governed by these men. They go to work for them each day, they pay taxes to them, they even kill other human beings in wars designed by Freemasons. I've even spoke to some Vatican II sect followers who actually believe that the Catholic Church is some sort a sub-religion which was branched off of ancient Judaism. But then again, this universal deception is exactly what was prophesized to happen according to the Jewish Prophets who were forecasting their future victory over their enemy, the Catholic Church.

Alta Vendita

“In a hundred years time… bishops and priests will think they are marching behind the banner of the keys of Peter, when in fact they will be following our flag… The reforms will have to be brought about in the name of obedience.” - Masonic Blueprint: Alta Vendita, 1818 (Click on the book to read this scanned document).

Concerning Plato, he was just another initiate into Freemasonry. From their authoritative text Morals & Dogma, the philosopher Plato is mentioned quite often:

But such were not the ideas of the intellectual and enlightened few among the Hebrews. It is certain that they possessed a knowledge of the true nature and attributes of God; as the same class of men did among the other nations—Zoroaster, Menu, Confucius, Socrates, and Plato. But their doctrines on this subject were esoteric; they did not communicate them to the people at large, but only to a favored few; and as they were communicated in Egypt and India, in Persia and Phoenicia, in Greece and Samothrace in the greater mysteries, to the Initiates. - Morals & Dogma, pages 207-8

“The Gnostics derived their leading doctrines and ideas from Plato and Philo, the Zend-avesta and the Kabalah, and the Sacred books of India and Egypt; and thus introduced into the bosom of Christianity the cosmological and theosophical speculations, which had formed the larger portion of the ancient religions of the Orient, joined to those of the Egyptian, Greek, and Jewish doctrines, which the Neo-Platonists had equally adopted in the Occident.” - Morals & Dogma, page 248

“The Magi of Babylon were expounders of figurative writings, interpreters of nature, and of dreams, -- astronomers and divines; and from their influences arose among the Jews, after their rescue from captivity, a number of sects, and a new exposition, the mystical interpretation, with all its wild fancies and infinite caprices. The Aions of the Gnostics, the Ideas of Plato, the Angels of the Jews, and the Demons of the Greeks, all correspond to the Ferouers of Zoraster.” - Morals & Dogma, page 256

“Our Lodges are said to be due East and West, because the Master represents the rising Sun, and of course must be in the East. The pyramids, too, were built precisely by the four cardinal points. And our expression, that our Lodges extend upward to the Heavens, comes from the Persian and Druidic custom of having to their Temples no roofs but the sky.
Plato developed and spiritualized the philosophy of Pythagoras. Even Eusebius the Christian admits, that he reached to the vestibule of Truth, and stood upon its threshold.”
- Morals & Dogma, pages 366-367

“Socrates said, in the Phaedo of Plato: “It well appears that those who established the Mysteries, or secret assemblies of the initiated, were no contemptible personages, but men of great genius, who in the early ages strove to teach us, under enigmas, that he who shall go to the invisible regions without being purified, will be precipitated into the abyss; while he who arrives there, purged of the stains of this world, and accomplished in virtue, will be admitted to the dwelling-place of the Deity…The initiated are certain to attain the company of the Gods.” - Morals & Dogma, page 373

“And thus, in the bread we eat, and in the wine we drink to-night, may enter into and form part of us the identical particles of matter that once formed parts of the material bodies called Moses, Confucius, Plato, Socrates, or Jesus of Nazareth. In the truest sense, we eat and drink the bodies of the dead; and cannot say that there is a single atom of our blood or body, the ownership of which some other soul might not dispute with us.” - Morals & Dogma, page 539

Plato's function was to rationalize and make appealing the non-Catholic state form of government known as a republic, under Masonic control of course, to make it seem like it was a "representation" of the will of the people under the guise of "freedom." Very similar to the illuminatist George Washington and his fellow Luciferian initiates, the idea was to make it seem somehow advantageous to have a government controlled by a large number of Freemasons who live under the sword of the Devil at their breast, instead of a single monarchal king or queen who lived under the sword of the Devil at their breast. But this debate between Church and State control of the world is almost mute now as the Church has been absorbed by the Masonry and joined to the State as a function of what must happen to fulfill the Apocalypse.

The Babylonian union between the Masonic Churches and the Masonic State, under “the Lord”, their god

If I were you, I wouldn't give the Jewish Freemason Plato any more credibility than George Bush, Benedict XVI, or any other Freemason. You will regret it. If Plato said "God is a spirit", then he would be consistent with many other Freemasons who promote the same agenda, including this Opus Dei Freemason who states "God is a spirit", that is, right after telling the deceived and shocked audience "you people worship what you do not understand" in the following recording I made at the first American installation mass of the Satanic Talmudic Sect called Opus Dei in 1992. Plato isn't unique, he's just another Masonic hack, and his theology is consistent with the talking points of Freemasonry. As far as any sexual matters concerning the Trinity, I wouldn't concern yourself with these things.

“You people worship what you do not understand, while we worship what we understand. After all, salvation is of the Jews. Yet the hour is coming, and is already here, when authentic worshipers will worship the Father, his spirit and truth. Indeed it is just such worshipers that the Father seeks. God is a spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. This is the gospel of the Lord.”

- Judeo-Masonic sermon given at St. Mary of the Angels, Chicago, 1991 when the Opus Dei Cult re-dedicated the Cathedral to their own cause.

These words were recorded and are at the 11:26 mark in our Fatima Movement Documentary Part 1. Part 2 Here.

"You also claim that there were two Christs, the Jewish messiah, and Christ God. However, the Jews never accepted Jesus Christ as the messiah. This is where the deep divide between Judaism and Christianity lies."

The title "Christ" actually means messiah and yes, the Jews are "still awaiting" their messiah which is the Lord Jesus of Apocalypse 22:17, as explained in this Fatima Movement Chapter: The Jewish Messiah. In the Jewish scriptures, the Masonic Jesus wants to be your messiah, which is why he warns:

"For many will come in my name, saying, 'I am the Christ,' and will lead many astray." - Matthew 24:5 quoting the impostor Masonic Jesus

The cheif rabbi of Jerusalem recently made waves when he reaffirmed this to Israel several years ago, and Christians (who are not Catholic) are forced to agree since they blindly accept the Bible, not Catholic Dogma, as truth. The wisdom of Catholicism warns us not to believe heretical texts, but sometimes it's difficult to go against the swarms of deceived goyim nodding in agreement.

This messianic expectation of a messiah riding in on an ass is an inside joke among initiated Jewish rabbis who need you to bow down to the antichrist, as it is written in the authoritative Jewish Talmud:

Babylonian Talmud Vol16-115: Jews joke about the “messiah” who comes on an ass.

Pages 306-307 of Volume XVI of the Babylonian Talmud

Pages 306-307 of Volume XVI of the Babylonian Talmud reveals the Jews joking about this coming “messiah”, the “son of man.” This is an inside joke to the Jews who know there will be no one coming to save the anathematized, Lord (Satan) worshipping crowds at the “end of the world.” It is interesting that the Babylonian Talmud admits that when “wisdom decrease continually from a generation, you may hope for the Messiah.” In other words, when the world becomes something like an “Idiocracy”, and forgets the simple fact that the Messiah (Christ) already came, it can expect what it deserves. The real joke for the Jews who designed this false “Lord” god for the goyim to worship is that in Hell, the goyim will be turned over to the Jews that they chose (via the Bible translation deception), and will be forced to kiss the ass of the Jews as their punishment for an eternity. All this for simply forgetting that Christ is God who was, is, and ever shall be.

Jewish Hollywood plays on the ignorance of the crowds with films that play on their religious ignorance of expecting a savior to come on an ass. In fact in this film, the people actually sit in front of a movie of an ass for two hours with no storyline whatsoever, something the lead character promises to remedy as he tries to save them.

Idiocracy Ass Movie

Jewish Ass worship

Fatima Movement Billboard Idea 01

The only deep divide between Judaism and Christianity is in their level of understanding. Judaism created and manipulates Christianity along with Islam, both who are not in any way Catholic. "Chrislam" as some are now calling it is nothing other than a blind faith in the ass or fire god of the Satanic Hebrew writers of the Old Testament. Both of these puppet sects worship the Lord (Satan) and hold this ass lord's false divinity above the Catholic Trinity, essentially denying the Divinity of Our Lady, Deum Notre Dame, and the Holy Ghost (who was, is and ever shall be, implying no others). In Hell, since they believed the writings of the Jews who crucified God, they will be forced to kiss the Jews' ass for an eternity, since they couldn't hold onto certain truths. It's like the game of baseball- three strikes and you're out.

"Another claim of yours is that the Catholic Church is now in Fatima. However, there is no concrete evidence proving that."

Yes, it is difficult to build the Fatima Church because the god of this world, the lord and his Masonic brethren who control all governments will not allow it. The last time this was attempted in Portugal, it was destroyed in 1921.

Rare photograph of a small Church built near the site of the Fatima Apparitions in Portugal, destroyed with dynamite by Freemasons in 1921.

Rare photograph of a small Church built near the site of the Fatima Apparitions in Portugal, destroyed with dynamite by Freemasons in 1921.

Even growing a simple Catholic website has been extremely difficult. We have been called every name under the sun and isolated from many search engines, forums, Internet Service Providers, all in an effort to kill us before we grow.

For simply speaking out against these Jewish Masonic perverts, I was labelled a threat to the government by a divorce judge who is the former head of the Illinois Bar Association, had my three children taken from me, barred by the guardian ad litem from raising my kids Catholic, and was financially drained to the point of homelessness.

Freemasons cannot outright kill Catholics, their preferred method is one called gang-stalking. In other words, they will use their influence in the courts so that you become so aggravated that you lash out in anger, then they use this as proof of your "mental instability".

For example, in my custody case, the Freemason that married my mother actually exposed his penis to one of my children, but claims this was in good fun and "there's nothing wrong with it." I pleaded to the court to do something about this, but they protect their own. In fact, to pre-empt any questioning of his mental health, this Masonic pervert and my mother went to their psychologist friend and received an official diagnosis in writing as "the ideal couple", which is useful for them to persue custody in the future of my children.

My perverted ex-father in law actually has a DCFS report filed on him for something he did to one of his own kids yet in court, nothing was done to prevent this pervert from spending time with my kids. At one of our supervised visits, my son complained that he was slammed in the head with a door for non-compliance by another person I cannot mention, so I grew frustrated and threatened to kill these people if they did not stop abusing my children. This led to my arrest for two threatening phone calls I made to try to get this abuse to stop.

I was arrested by five policemen at one of our scheduled supervised visits, thrown in a jail cell, investigated by an 18 member Grand Jury in Illinois, faced a three year prison term for threatening these Masonic child abusers, drained financially by that Mosaic legal process, and now I have been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation by the Probation Court of Cook and Lake County Illinois and to "follow their recommendations" or face going to prison.

Here is the police report:

Man charged with felony harassment is arrested on warrant:

Darren Urbaszewski, 36, of West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, was charged with Class 4 Felony Telephone Harassment after police received a phone call Feb. 16 saying that he was in the parking lot of a mall in the 9500 block of Milwaukee Avenue. Police located him and took him into custody. His court date is March 6 in the Skokie branch of the Cook County courts.

James "Leslie" Powell portrayed in the 2009 'Mr. Nobody' movie

Above left: James "Leslie" Powell portrayed in the 2009 "Mr. Nobody" movie, son of South African Masonic Lodge owner Quiss Powell, the man who exposed his penis to one of my children. Above right: photo of the pervert in real life.

All this while the child abusers who are initiated walk free. I remember talking to the Niles police officer who drove me to jail, and he was telling me about the "father" upstairs, explaining his belief that enforcing these laws is somehow the work of god.

It isn't the work of the God of Heaven, but I didn't get the chance to explain why the Bible says he's going to Hell. It's too bad, he was nice to me when he didn't have to be, but in the end, he will have to pay for enforcing the laws of the Jews who crucified God. One inevitible day, the people he led into captivity will be let loose on him and his family to do as they please, and this will be for an eternity unless someone says the Rosary for him.

"He that shall lead into captivity, shall go into captivity: he that shall kill by the sword, must be killed by the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints." - Apocalypse/Revelation 13:10

We can debate all you'd like, but understand that my time is limited. If you watch end the Mr. Nobody movie where the lead character is confined to the care of a psychologist with tatoos on his face, well, perhaps you'll better understand who you are writing to, and what I've had to go through to make this information available for you so that you can comfortably access the secrets of your Jewish Masonic government on your smartphone.

Mr Nobody mental health order

In America, there is an illusion of religious freedom but if you are Catholic, you'll find yourself unfairly treated, arrested and harrassed by the powers that be for being Catholic. Your children will be abused in an effort to provoke you to anger, and they will be taken by the court into the goyim population so that they can never be Catholic, taking out any future opposition to the New World Order.

In the former Communist Bloc, the secret police would simply take you away for questioning your Jewish governmental dear leaders. I know because my grandfather in Poland was ordered out of his apartment in Warsaw and sent to a concentration camp named Treblinka in 1944.

In WWII, 20,000 intellects from Poland which was 99% Catholic at the time, stood up to Judaism in WWII and were arrested, taken to the woods, shot in the head, and buried in a mass grave in a town called Katyn. The American President FDR avoided criticism of this to aid his buddy "Uncle Joe" and downplay criticism of the Masonic American alliance with the Masonic Soviet Empire in World War II. But some Poles still remember what happened and why...

The Big Three Freemasons

The Big Three Jewish Masonic buddies: Winston Churchill (left), American President Franklin Roosevelt (middle), Communist Party leader Josef Stalin (right).

The Katyn Massacre in Poland of 20,000 intellectuals by Jewish Freemason Josef Stalin

So derive whatever truth you want from this and send your response of course, but remember that I am the person who broke the Third Secret of Fatima in 2010 and this Catholic Faith in Our Lady being God is not one that is easy to hold onto while being harrassed by those who believe in the god of this world, the lord. The point I am trying to make is that when you are trying to discern truth from fiction in your quest to get to the bottom of what JFK called a "ruthless conspiracy", I recommend that you seek information from those who are actually experiencing persecution for their beliefs and disregard those who are not being persecuted. You'll end up closer to the truth this way.

Good luck,

Mr. Nobody.

Subject: Truth


While there is a lot of good info on Freemasonry, NWO, etc, on your website, I do not understand why you worship pagan female gods as well. The Bible makes it clear, to not add to scripture, but to use it for reproof, searching it as the Bereans did. Mary worship is based on religion from Babylon, why add a 4th to the Trinity? The Catholic Church should have listened to Martin Luther! They sold indulgences, you sell rosaries and a false god (Satan). REPENT! My wife was raised Roman Catholic, but read the Bible as a teenager and found Salvation through Christ alone. I was raised as a Bible believer, but under some false teachings and had some head knowledge, not the heart knowledge. About a year ago, God broke me and I fully surrendered to His will, ending years of depression and fear of death, replacing it with the peace and joy that TRULY passes all understanding!!! I agree with a lot of what you say about the Masons and NWO, and I want to spend more time studying your information. I also know about the Jesuits, the counter-reformation and the plan to bring all religions together under the Anti-Christ. But I will not worsip a created being (Mary) as a co-redeemer or pray to anyone but God (in Jesus name) as did all godly men in the Bible. I will only call my earthly father and God the Father, "Father" as the Holy Bible commands. Anything else is blasphemy. The Pope blasphemes all 3 parts of the Trinity by taking labels as Father, Redeemer, and Comforter. I do not need rosary or any other idol for miracles. I trust in God alone, and my only mediator is Christ and the Holy Ghost. This provides all the miracles I need in accordance to God's perfect will.

Jeremiah 7:18 (ESV): ”The children gather wood, the fathers kindle fire, and the women knead dough, to make cakes for the queen of heaven. And they pour out drink offerings to other gods, to provoke me to anger.”

Jeremiah 44:17–25 (ESV): “But we will do everything that we have vowed, make offerings to the queen of heaven and pour out drink offerings to her, as we did, both we and our fathers, our kings and our officials, in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. For then we had plenty of ...”

More »

Read more: http://www.gotquestions.org/Queen-of-Heaven.html#ixzz2jP0h1MFe

The church sex scandals are from the Church once again going against scripture:

1 Timothy 4:3 ...who forbid marriage and require abstinence from foods that God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.

All the things we argue about as different denominations of Christianity are clearly already settled in scripture, if folk would just READ. But we are blinded like Saul before the scales fell form his eyes and he became Paul.

As even the evangelical churches are getting caught up with charismatic visions and blaspheming the Holy Ghost by attributing the works of Satan to Him, we all need to be careful and search the scriptures as tradition, false church teaching, and false leaders and popes are out there to deceive and take the headship of the true Church away from Christ. That is why we were given the scripures:

2 Timothy 3:16 (ESV) 'All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,”

While we are arguing doctrine, Islam is growing at an unprecedented rate. I believe it will merge with the RC Church and the true body of believers (church, bride of Christ) will be purified through persecution. I do not think we will be raptured befoe the Tribulation period, but will be protected as Noah's family was in the ark. I believe we will be raptured prior to destruction, unlike the popular pre-trib view beinf taught by evangeilicals these days. EVERYONE needs to go back to the scriptures and not twist them. They speak clearly. God speaks to us through them. Not Satanic aparitions or false visions, dreams etc.

Have a blessed day,

a humble slave of Christ,


Member of a Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Church

Mr. Nobody:

Well, Dale, why does your Biblical Lord get angry when people make cakes for Our Lady the Queen of Heaven? It's commonly known that She does cause the devil to flee...as does Deum Jesum Christum....and God the Father, the Holy Ghost...That's kind of unbecoming of the God of Heaven, don't you think?

Jeremiah 7:18 (ESV): “The children gather wood, the fathers kindle fire, and the women knead dough, to make cakes for the queen of heaven. And they pour out drink offerings to other gods, to provoke me to anger.”

And what is the reason for your concern with Islam? The 'religion' of Islam actually comes from the same Jewish Old Testament you worship and “Allah”, which is the name of your Lord in Islam, is the same fire god. Do you actually understand why reading this book written for your blind consumption seems to provoke the same reaction against Our Lady as you are proudly proclaiming? Apparently not yet.

Lord of the Bible believing sheik destroys statue of Our Lady, calls her by the heretical Jewish name “Mary”

The Lord is the god of Islam

I'll give you some advice. Your Jewish writings or “scriptures” order you to limit your speech to “yea and nea.” I'm telling you this for certain reasons which you may appreciate later.

Matthew 5:37: “But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.”

I suggest you follow this advice until you have read these Jewish writings in their entirety, read the Talmud (or the highlights here), read the Koran, read the original Douai Rheims which includes all the 76 books here, read Morals & Dogma here, study the corruption in the Church Councils here, read the First, Second and Third Secrets of Fatima, and only after you have done all these things, write back and I'll explain the motivations of those who wrote this Bible that you blindly worship like a low-level Masonic initiate who doesn't know his leaders worship Lucifer, that is, unless you are somehow able to figure it out on your own.

”Not one man in ten thousand knows anything about the proofs of his faith.” - Morals & Dogma, page 165

After you have accomplished these things, you will have understanding of what the “learned” understand and you will no longer be in a position of weakness, constantly looking for a leader to follow like the Jewish Freemason Martin Luther, like a baby duck waddling after the mommy duck. You will elevate your knowledge to an elite level and will understand what Luther and other Masonic leaders know. Then, you will be able to form your own opinions based on facts. So keep reading and stay quiet, or you will one day suffer terrible eternal disgrace for your naïveté in following a fire god created by men who secretly worship the Devil.

”And he shall be in disgrace with all men, because he understood not the fear of the Lord.” - Ecclesiasticus 23:31

”For our god is a consuming fire.” - Hebrews 12:29

”And the Lord said: Thou shalt deceive, and shalt prevail: go out, and do so.” - Paralipomenom 18:21

The Masonic Bible

Keep reading the sources on this site. In time you'll understand that what appears to be the Catholic Church to your Wisconsin gathering is no longer the Catholic Church. The Vatican is fully in the hands of the Illuminati, which is why they pray to the Lord of the Bible, just like you do. And this is the reason for the sex scandals, etc. The Vatican is run by Freemasons who have sex with goats, and the ritual sacrifice of children is no stretch for these men who are wicked slaves of the Devil. The Lord is Satan and at the “end of the world” he deceives all nations, and that means even you. And by the way, you won't be 'raptured' for worshipping Satan's fire, you're going to have to pay for what you have done.

”For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect.” - Matthew 24:24

Luciferian initiate and Jewish Freemason John Hagee quotes from Jeremiah and calls for World War III.

“Either you are for the Blessed Virgin or you are for the Devil. There is no other possibility.” - Sister Lúcia Santos

Subject: Rosary heresies

Hey  I was listening to this very heretical sermon on the rosary but near the end the priest says how John Paul II wanted to get rid of the Fatima prayer all together and replace it, how he hated that prayer because he didn’t like that souls can be rescued from Hell and that he and other priests were trying to get rid of it. It was kind of interesting. Anyways hope you’re doing ok, hope you were not stuck in those storms.


Mr. Nobody:

I had to drive through some of those storms, but they weren't too bad up north. The tornadoes were further down south in Illinois mostly. Yes, priests like this are basically feeding the version of the Rosary that does nothing, which works entirely to the advantage of those Freemasons trying to neutralize the Church. If someone wants to lead souls, it's important that they do their homework. Sadly, most don't and just pass on the lies they have learned from their subverted seminary training and from their subverted seminary textbooks.

“We control the seminaries, the academic departments of theology, the catechetical and liturgical institutions, the publishing houses, the magazines that matter and the chanceries. Most of the bishops are now on our side and those that aren't have been neutralized. Anybody who wants a future in the hierarchy or the Catholic academy has no choice but to co-operate.” - Fr. Hans Küng, 1960's (”worthy” recipient sof the Freemasons' lifetime achievement award)

“The heretics have disseminated pestilential books everywhere, by which the teachings of the impious spread, much as a cancer. To counteract this most deadly pest, spare no labor.” - Pius VIII (Traditi Humilitati # 9, May 24, 1829)

“'Bad companions, bad books, and bad habits,' my guide exclaimed, 'are mainly responsible for so many eternally lost.'” - St. John Bosco's Prophetic Vision of Hell in 1868 A.D.

Subject: Thanks - DOTMVT.ORG

Mr. Nobody:

I am using your site extensively. If we ever meet I will tell you and everybody my (ordeal) story.



Mr. Nobody:

Hi j---, please take whatever you want. Broadcast these books/images far and wide. If you need any help, let me know. Your site is looking good.

Subject: God's death (Christ)

Mr. Nobody,

If He's the creator of all things, why in the world would He come and be one of his creation so He can relate and die; it doesn't make sense.  If He was, is and ever shall be; how can He die?  thanks...


Mr. Nobody:

Christ died for many important reasons. At the time of Christ's Passion, and not unlike today, Jewish-Masonic men ran the world masquerading as “chosen ones.” Keeping a lock on this deception was necessary for them to keep their people in line and living in fear of their power. In order to free humanity from those Jews, their banks and their laws, a strong miracle was necessary.

In many ways, the times of Christ's Passion mirrored today's troubles, when the goyim were led to believe that the Jews were appointed by God to rule the earth. This is obviously nonsense.

Masonic Jews

Today's Jewish Freemasons gather at the foundation wall of Herod's Temple which was destroyed by God in the year 70 and pray for this Satanic temple to be rebuilt.

Americans in their government schools are usually indoctrinated with subversive Masonic propaganda like the painting below, which alludes that the government of the United States is divinely appointed, and this helps keep the ruling elite in power.

The Masonic Jesus of Masonic government

The American government was “divinely” appointed, but the “divinity” that appointed these Jewish Masonic founding fathers of the United States was actually Lucifer, the god of Hell, as their authoritative manual of their Masonic faith Morals & Dogma clearly admits:

Morals and Dogma page 321

To break the spell of the Jewish ruling elite at that time, Christ needed to perform a miracle that would prove the Jewish master race to be liars so that their air of ruling supremacy could be challenged and eventually fall apart.

So to accomplish these things, God came to Earth in the form of a perfect, sinless human man to free humanity from these Jewish people. Christ's method of exposing the Jewish elite was to be tried and convicted and sentenced to a bloody murder for the crime of being sinless. Why was this important? Because it exposed the Jews as a fraud and exposed their system of Mosaic Laws as bullshit. For this purpose of exposing the Jews to be liars, Christ's Sacrifice on the cross in the form of a sinless man was designed to cast serious doubt in the minds of the goyim who would later convert to Catholicism.

Since most people thought that the God of Heaven wasn't supposed to murder innocent sinless men, the people started asking serious questions about who the god of the Jews actually was and what “mandate” they really governed from. Christ's Sacrifice and Resurrection was pivotal in overturning this Jewish power base and as a result, the Jewish elite were exposed as the liars that they are, just as their own writings admit:

John 8:44-8:49, 1582 Douai-Rheims English Translation

Above: John 8:44-8:49, 1582 Douai-Rheims English Translation.

Secondly, His Passion to do this was to launch His Church. God needed to perform a miracle so shocking that there would be absolutely no way for the Jewish Freemasons to deny that it happened. It is for this reason why the Crucifixion was allowed to go on for so long and why it needed to be so torturous and bloody. You may have noticed that regardless of what you believe in, that there is still no doubt that Christ was tortured so badly that His human body actually died.

The Crucifixion

So why was such a brutal, bloody death on a cross necessary? To set the stage for the Miracle of His Resurrection so that there would be no way that the Jewish High Priests that sentenced Him to death could later argue that He somehow staged His own death, denying the Miracle of the Resurrection that the Catholic Religion is based on. In other words, if there was any doubt that Christ actually died, then the credibility of His Resurrection would be seized on by the Jewish scribes and essentially, His Miracle of coming back from physical death would not have been recognized as a miracle. Because of the brutality He suffered under the Jews, there was no doubt as to what happened, and this gave the new Catholic Church tremendous momentum and eventually caused a massive worldwide revolt against the ruling Jewish “master race.”

Christ represents freedom while Masonic governments and kingdoms represent slavery. It's really as simple as that. Before Masonic kingdoms and “democracies” existed, the Catholic Church ran the world. The Church managed birth records, marriage records, Catholic schools educated the young, the Church buried the dead, took care of the sick, and generally governed and provided for the needs of society. Today's Masonic governments as we know it were simply not needed, and definitely unwanted.

Jewish High-Priest Caiaphus

Jewish High-Priest Caiaphus: “He is not the Messiah.”

Depiction of the Destruction of Jerusalem, 70 A.D.

Depiction of the Destruction of Jerusalem, 70 A.D.

Destruction of the Second Temple

All that is left of Herod's Luciferian Temple of Jerusalem is the western foundation wall and stones unturned. God's fury at the Jews destroyed Lucifer's hold on power over the world and this was a dramatic wake-up call, to say the least. Roman soldiers did not throw these heavy boulders around- this was the work of God, allowing the early Church to establish itself with authority that no sane person could deny. Jews have ceaselessly labored ever since this event to subvert Christ and His Church.

“We were informed lately that the most reverend Father Ventura, formerly Superior of the Theatines, Bishops' Examiner, etc., after reading our “Doctrine”, declared that the Kabalah was in his opinion an invention of the devil and that the Star of Solomon was another diabolical device to persuade the world that Satan was the same as God. Observe what is taught seriously by those who are masters in Israel!” - The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic (1896), PART II: page 87

Try to imagine how hard it would be for Catholics to defend their faith if it was based on a little candle staying lit for a few days, which is the basis of the Jewish religion. In order to challenge and overturn a world system based on the rule of the Devil, a tremendous, memorable Miracle was required.

If you compare these weak “miracles” of the Jewish “Lord” against Christ's Miracle of coming back to life after a brutal beating and death on a cross, the power of these supposed miracles of the god of Freemasons Abraham and Moses seem very weak. This is true even today with the renewal of the Catholic Faith meant for our times with God Our Lady's Miracle in Portugal in 1917, when She moved the sun around the sky for 15 minutes in front of 70,000 people.

Fatima news coverage - O Seculo

The implied authority that wealth and pompousness give these Jews are important tools to keep the meek goyim assuming a higher, untouchable power made them a prince, just like this absurd Jewish Masonic Prince of England below at the 0:47 mark. The goyim still put their faith in the lord of Abraham, the god of the Bible which was conveniently written by the Jews, and believe in things that even their own writings warns them not to.

“Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” - Psalm of Jewish King David 146:3, KJV

One more reason for God's Sacrifice is to give Catholics a clue about how to live their lives. From a practical standpoint, Jews and their cursed Vatican II goyim are usually self-centered, selfish people who are easily provoked to jealousy, just as their god is. If you study the “me” generation known as the baby-boomer generation (1946-1964), and the detrimental values they inflict on younger generations, the effects are self-evident.

“The Lord is a jealous God, and a revenger: the Lord is a revenger, and hath wrath: the Lord taketh vengeance on his adversaries, and he is angry with his enemies.” - Nahum 1:2

Families, which are the foundation of a healthy society (contrary to the communist nature of today's government as your family propaganda) functioned better when older generations sacrificed for their future generations. In fact, this is how humanity had endured until the 20th century. But the “me” generation overturned the sacrificial imitation of Christ characteristics of Catholic people in their revolution in the 1960's.

Never before had any generation been able to both inherit the sacrifices made by their parents, and then turn around and steal from the next generation. You can see how the absence of the knowledge of Christ as God has affected today's generation. The wicked character of that self-absorbed, antichrist generation has left today's youth in quite the connundrum, saddled with debt, owning nothing, and having no future to look forward to unless they want to work as paid soldiers or police for Jewish governments, which offer them the ability to reap a healthy six-figure salary. To make this point brief, when humanity observed Christ as God and understood the reason for his sacrifice, they were less likely to be selfish assholes, less likely to empower Masonic governments, and less likely to serve the interests of men who are initiated in the craft of Jewish Freemasonry. There's something to be said for bowing down to God in a Catholic Church every Sunday that reminded people that they aren't gods, but that's not the norm anymore.

“A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign: and a sign shall not be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet.” - Matthew 16:4

Baby Boomers

I hope this answers your question.

Subject: Thank you for your considerate response

If Jesus in the New Testmant is the Masonic Jew who has nothing to do our salvation,

1. Where did you obtain more authentic and detailed information on our real Jesus Christ? (My understanding is that you do not believe or trust any Jesus both in the Gospels and in the Epistles as our Savior).

I almost read the original books or articles that you provided on your site. I know the evil. However, I am just eager to find more trustworthy doctrine or sources about our Christ. Of course through the right Mass and our prayer we can meet Him. I want to know more about Him as my only Savior.

2. In the New Testmant do you deny his existence, his sermons, his divinity, his deep understanding on our individual soul condition as our Messiah (I believe Christ already came 2000 years ago and is still with us) and only to find the well articulated Masonic Jesus?

The reason that I write to you: Thanks to you I can access to the precious valuable information that I never heard before. I want to clarify the ambiguous stuff.

As a Catholic, I started to go the traditional Latin Mass. I had attended Novos Ordo for almost twenty years and I do not want to be deceived anymore.

- J---- ---

Mr. Nobody:

Yes, the Jesus of the Gospels and of the Epistles is not trustworthy, it is the Masonic Jesus prophecizing about another man in the future, the Lord Jesus who was supposed to come at the end of the world. Since the Jewish Jesus is only a man, he cannot resurrect himself or “come back” at the end of the world, so another man was being prepped for that role. This is why the Apocalypse speaks of two tormenting prophets. They work together and coordinate the deception to trick the world into bowing down to the son of David and of the bright morning star (Lucifer) at the end of the world when the daily Catholic Sacrifice ceases, and the Messiah (our Christ/God) is cut off for His people (us Catholics). From the Christ vs. the Jewish Jesus Chapter:

Christ's Mass is anything but “Merry.” The lost Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a reinactment of God's Crucifixion and Resurrection to save mankind from the Jews. First, the world turned its collective back to God in the New Mass (1969) and now prepares again to celebrate the birth of Lucifer's Jewish Jesus, a psy-op that aids in the Illuminati's goal of turning God into a baby. Humanity rewards itself by giving gifts to one another as a reward for this abomination. A Jew, David Geffen, produced the single on the left with your favorite initatiates from the 80's.

These two tormenting Jewish Jesus prophets are actually listed in the Index of the 1883 “Catholic” Haydock Bible. This is exactly why Christmas is a Pagan holiday and is so celebrated by Masonic corporations and governments with holiday time off. Jews like to reward the meek goyim for their service by giving them presents for their insult to God. Masonic corporations love this holiday for obvious reasons. One strategy is to reward their enemies with gifts and parties for helping them turn God into a Jew.

MTV Baphomet Christmas commercial

MTV torments its viewers with “Merry Christ-MASS” commericals to torment their viewers who have no idea about the DaVinci Code. In the above commercial, MTV shows us Baphomet, a burning Christmas Tree (symbolizing the pyramid of Hell with Lucifer's Star at the pinnacle), the sacrifice of a virgin girl in a white dress by two Satanic twins, and a laundry list of other Satanic symbols. The Apocalypse actually predicts and documents Christ's Catholic Mass (which is a solemn event) turning into a “Merie” Christ “Mass” in Apocalypse 11:10. The Christmas holiday celebrates the birth of the Jewish Jesus who is visited by Zoroastrian Kings, and Zoroastrians are Freemasons. Now you know why you are so tormented when you shop for Christmas presents:

Apocalypse 11:10 (1582 Douai-Rheims Catholic Bible): “And the inhabitants of the earth shal be glad upon them, and make merie: and shal send gifts one to another, because these two Prophets tormented them that dwelt upon the earth.”

* CNS News: Jewish Iranian Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wishes the world “Merry Christmas”

Perhaps this might help to better explain this tagteam Jewish Jesus deception, a timeline that visualizes how these two tormenting and prophecizing Jesuses worked together to steal souls away from God.

Fatima Movement Timeline

The Truth is in the Mass, but the Catholic Mass has been rewritten over the centuries, so the Truth it contained is gone from existence. The only place that the Divine Liturgy of the Original Mass may possibly still exist is in the Vatican's Archives, but no one really knows because of the limited access and the tight security in Rome. For now, the Rosary 150 has been replacing the Daily Sacrifice of the Correct Catholic Mass (not the Lord's supper gathering), and that's all we have to work with at this point. Your hunting expedition should begin here.

Catholics must deny the Jewish Jesus, another son of the devil like any other Jewish Freemason in order to secure their salvation. The Apocalypse was coming on like a freight train several years ago because nobody was able to figure out what the Illuminati had broken, but now we know. Essentially, when humanity decides to follow the Lord's plan, they damn themselves and when the world is full of damned people, there's really no point in the world continuing, which is why it was supposed to be the end. Now that Catholics are waking up, there still is an opportunity for a few to be saved, and this is holding off the Secular or Godless New World Order for now. But when all Catholics fall again to the theology of Jewish Freemasonry, all bets are off.

The Jewish Jesus is so well articulated in the Jewish Scriptures (the Bible) because he studied Judaism, the Talmud, and was tested by Satan for 40 days in the desert before he went on his mission of subversion. You know the rest.

As far as attending the “Traditional” Mass, it is not Catholic. Many of these traditions were installed 900 years ago, such as Gregorian Chant. They are not the original traditions from our God, Deum Jesum Christum. To back this up, the Knights of Malta (a Masonic infiltrating group) just celebrated their 900th anniversary, and the Vatican celebrated along with them. At the end of the world, the deception is 100%, no exceptions. Perhaps 100 years ago there might have been a real Catholic Church to attend, but today, forget it.

In the Third Secret of Fatima, Our Lady orders a new cathedral to be built for this very reason. And God knows what She is talking about. It's all corrupt and it's time to start again. I know that most Catholics don't want to hear this because it would actually require them to work and sacrifice their precious dollars to complete Our Lady's request, but this is the next step and it is required. The Jews own and run every “Church” today, even the “traditional” ones. Thanks for the question and good luck.

St. John Cantius Star of David

Subject: The Lord's Chosen People

Does anyone know what Jew event is being celebrated here? It appears even the strictly religious sect of righteous Jews need to let their hair down and get blind drunk once in a while.  Not a pretty sight.

-A------ B-------

Drunk Jews 19Drunk Jews 07

drunk Jews 01drunk Jews 02drunk Jews 03drunk Jews 09
drunk Jews 10drunk Jews 11drunk Jews 12drunk Jews 13
drunk Jews 14drunk Jews 15drunk Jews 16drunk Jews 17
drunk Jews 18drunk Jews 20drunk Jews 21drunk Jews 22
drunk Jews 23drunk Jews 24drunk Jews 25drunk Jews 26
drunk Jews 27drunk Jews 28drunk Jews 29drunk Jews 30
drunk Jews 31drunk Jews 32drunk Jews 33drunk Jews 34
drunk Jews 35drunk Jews 36drunk Jews 37drunk Jews 38
drunk Jews 39drunk Jews 40drunk Jews 41drunk Jews 42

Mr. Nobody:

Well, these are the Lord's Chosen People after all, and now we all know who this Lord of the Old Testament actually is now...who knows what in the world they are celebrating now...

The Lord is the god of the occult

the source:


Eliphas Levi

“This agent, which barely manifests under the uncertain methods of Mesmer's followers, is precisely that which the adepts of the Middle Ages denominated the First Matter of the Great Work. The Gnostics represented it as the fiery body of the Holy Spirit; it was the object of adoration in the Secret Rites of the Sabbath and the Temple, under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the Androgyne of Mendes. All this will be proved. Here then are the secrets of occult philosophy, and such is Magic in history.” - page 8

“Absurd are the so-called philosophers who cry: “I will never believe in a thing which I do not know!” Shallow reasoners! If you knew, would you need to believe?” - page 7



“So is the Apocalypse the book of the Gnosis or Secret Doctrine of the first Christians, and the key of this doctrine is indicated by an occult versicle of the Lord's Prayer, which the Vulgate leaves untranslated, while in the Greek Rite, which preserves the traditions of St. John, the priests only are permitted to pronounce it. This versicle, completely kabalistic, is found in the Greek text of the Gospel according to St. Matthew, and in several Hebrew copies...It has been retained by Protestants in their New Testament, but they have failed to discern its lofty and wonderful meaning, which would have unveiled to them all the Mysteries of the Apocalypse.” pages 16-17

“When anyone invokes the devil with intentional ceremonies, the devil comes and is seen. To escape dying from horror at that sight, to escape catalepsy or idiocy, one must be already mad.” page 73

It's no wonder the Jews are trying to shut down the internet...their dirty little secret is out. May God Our Lady protect the photographer who leaked these photos, because he or she is in big trouble... I guess right about now, American Vatican II following Baby Boomers are scratching their heads, trying to unravel the thoughts that complicate their minds concerning what they've learned in their discounted American government-funded educations, as well as everyhing they've been taught about this sick, perverted 'master race' of Jews that govern our world.

Freemasons Obama and Emanuel