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Subject: Internet Explorer issues

Hi Mr Nobody! Thanks, I see my correspondence in the latest read e-mails. Wonder of wonders, today, the site loaded perfectly on Internet Explorer, the first time in a couple months, didn't need Firefox!

-J-- -------

Mr. Nobody:

Good, I've been trying to fix a lot of technical issues with the programming on this site, especially that one you were having. Older versions of Internet Explorer have issues with slideshows 1 2, but I was able to get it going. The Google search bar may show up twice in the sidebar but at least the site works now in IE 8 and 9, a browser that unfortunately a lot of people still use. I was also able to get the fatimamovement.com SEO Score up 25 points, implement Google Analytics and figured out how to get this site to show up on the first pages in Google and Bing searches, instead of being buried in the search results where few people look. This will help more people find this website. Also for those who have been asking, I put up a sitemap of all the files on the site as of 3/22/2014. If you're having trouble finding something, this will help you. Just follow this link:

Fatimamovement.com sitemap of all available files, webpages, pdfs, ebooks, scans, etc.

I'll get back to answering emails in a few days. I have a backup of emails and responses are on the way...for those still trying to figure out if the Masonic Lord conspiracy is real, watch the two videos below. These "artists" sold millions of records to an uneducated public which is programmed to buy anything the Jewish Media promotes. If this is possible, imagine what the worldwide network of Freemasonry is capable of, especially when given 20 centuries to subvert the Catholic Church.


Hi Mr nobody! 

Seems as if there is 'interference' today. The Fatimamovement.com site will not load even on Firefox. The other mirror sites will, but one cannot back out of them, one most 'close all tabs' which brings one back to having to reload Firefox. Just letting you know - anyone else having problems?

Hi Mr Nobody: I'm back at the library this morning before the latest snowstorm hits this area (been a nasty winter). The fatimamovment.com site loaded fine via firefox. Keep up the good work. Things look ugly in the Ukraine,for now.

Hi again!  Whoops, there are still some glitches. I clicked on the Bishop Sheen fake miracle article, but it wouldn't back out of that, had to 'close tabs' and re-enter Firefox again. The site will back out of items from the left sidebar though,without problems.

-J-- -------

Mr. Nobody:

You know, a lot of the time I can't even get onto this site myself which is kind of frustrating when you're trying to make a website and to check if everything works. These internet games cost us a lot of traffic, time and energy, but I am working on ways to circumvent this. Below is a link to a website that I use when this happens which should help you out. It's very effective at overriding Masonic stumbling blocks, especially if you're having problems accessing this site at work, at a library or anywhere else. This is a good one to bookmark. Just go to their website, type in the www.fatimamovement.com url and hit the big UNBLOCK button (no need to hit the download button):

Direct link to our site through their website: http://www.ourladyisgod.com.prx2.unblocksit.es

Their main page if you want to access other blocked websites: http://unblocksit.es

Unblock Fatimamovement

The excuse for network administrators blocking this site is usually "hate speech". There's not a word of hate on the fatimamovement.com website, and this is by design. We only deal in facts. And the facts are that Judaism is Satanic. Opus Dei is the work of Satanic pagan gods who aim to deceive all of mankind into worshipping "the Lord", a false name for a non-existent God that they invented, and the Bible, which they wrote, is their main weapon of subversion.

the burning god of Moses

Here's one from "Free" Republic's website...notice how they lump us in with Aryan groups for being anti-semetic. You can click on the text below to go to their website rules. It's time people realized that Semetic deities like Molech from Bohemian Grove (the 40 foot concrete owl statue that they burn effigies of children or real children in front of) should be considered hateful, but that's just my opinion.

"Guidelines concerning Hatred on the Religion Forum (freerepublic.com):

Certain sources have been determined to monger hatred of persons and are forbidden. Sources that link to those sources are also forbidden. These include Jack Chick, Jesus-is-Lord.com, Jesus-is-Savior.com, BibleBelievers.com, Vdare, KKK, Aryan Nations, National Alliance, Christian Identity, the false Jesuit Oath, the false Oath of the Knights of Columbus, fatimamovement.com, anti-Semitic sources, The Masonic Plan For The Destruction Of The Catholic Church." - source: http://www.freerepublic.com/~religionmoderator

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care Ceremony and recent participants

Please let me know if you continue to have these problems. Thanks.

Subject: Our Lady of FÁtima Books

Our Lady is standing in a bush!!!! And... It is not on fire! I love the Rosary that she has...she is showing us even now..that the fatimamovement is on the correct track.!

Based on what you posted about two books with the same title "our lady of fatima" with two different authors..1947 and 1946..I wanted to see if there were others...I found one that I just ordered..it is called "Our Lady of Fatima" by Rev. Paul Sullivan...copyright 1943...
When I get it (from Ireland) I will let you know..if it is also a goodie! :)  I liked the older copyright of 1943..first edition..8 bucks plus shipping ...:)


Mr. Nobody:

That's a good find. Freemasonry is highly organized and skilled at subverting evidence, especially regarding Fatima. They do this so that anyone digging into the subversion of the Church "naturally" comes to "sensible conclusions", the conclusions that Jewish Freemasonry wants you to come to. Masonic KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov actually mentions this process in his interviews from the 1980's. The point is, if all the books that a person studies from are written and edited by Freemasons, it's going to be very difficult to find any truth in them. So to combat this, we have to keep digging. If you are willing, send the book to me and I'll scan it in and post it to this site for others. Thanks.


Not getting it..they cancelled the order saying it is unavailable..

There is another Our Lady of Fatima book title by Rev. Paul Sullivan copyright 1943... somewhere...

Mr. Nobody:

That's too bad. Well keep looking I guess.


I ordered a 1940 copy "Our Lady of Fatima" by Rev. Finbar Ryan illustrated...from England..there is another in Australia copyright 1943 "Our Lady of Fatima" by Finbar from biblibo books.. The 1943 book from Ireland that was cancelled was also co-authored by Finbar..with Sullivan. Hopefully this book order will go through..waiting...

I will let u know when I get it..the order from England..."Our Lady of Fatima" by Rev. Finbar Ryan 1940 hardcover illustrated should be here around April 20th...hopefully it can add to the conversation? :)

Subject: FÁtima Prayer (update)

Original exchange:

"Dear Mr. Nobody,

I am writing to you regarding the prayer Our Lady asked be said. Attached is a copy from the epilogue page 225 of the 1947 book entitled "Our Lady OF Fatima" by William Thomas Walsh. He supposedly interviewed Sister Maria das Dores (Lúcia) on the afternoon of Monday, July 15, 1946.  Attached is a copy of that page. Please comment on this with what the Fatima records show."

"...All I can say is be careful what you read, especially when it comes to books, documentaries and statements about Fatima. You got me curious so I ordered two original copies, one claiming to be from 1946 and another from 1947, so I should have those scanned in a month or so. Thanks for the heads up on that one."


So I just got these two "Our Lady of Fatima" books that I ordered on Ebay to get to the bottom of your question. One is from 1946 and the other from 1947...and guess what...they are actually two completely different books by two completely different authors, but both carry the same title "Our Lady of Fatima" and similar publication dates. The blue book in the photo is a 1947 version of Walsh's "Our Lady of Fatima" that you sent in, but the yellow one is by "Rev. Fr. Joseph Cacella" and is dated one year prior to Walsh's, from 1946. Below are some snapshots (click on the photos to see the high-res versions):

Two Our Lady of Fatima Books by different authors

Below are three more snapshots of the books...and in them you may notice something peculiar - on the front cover sleeve, Our Lady of Fatima is holding a Rosary without Antipope Pius V's Satanic Lord/Allah beads which as you know, make up the non-functional modern pentagram Rosary. There appears to be about 80 visible beads in the image and a scapular tied to the right side.

Our Lady of Fatima Book 4Our Lady of Fatima Book 5Our Lady of Fatima Book 6

So there you go. Just as I suspected, Walsh's book is just another piece of hard evidence of the Masonic editing of the Message of Fatima in their feeble attempt to alter the historical record of the greatest miracle since the Resurrection. I'll have both of these books scanned in and posted on this site in a week or two. I just want to mention that after briefly thumbing through the pages, these are definitely two completely different texts by two completely different authors, so the next time you read a quote from the "Our Lady of Fatima" book, it has been proven necessary to specify which "Our Lady of Fatima" book - the one from Rev. Fr. Joseph Cacella from 1946 (the yellow one), or the one from William Thomas Walsh (the blue one) which was imprimatured by Freemason Cardinal Spellman of New York and printed by his Masonic pals. This is not to say that the yellow one is free of heresy, but this is definitely worth checking into.

Original Email Exchange: FÁtima Prayer (from Feb. 2014)

Dear Mr. Nobody,

I am writing to you regarding the prayer Our Lady asked be said.  Attached is a copy from the epilogue page 225 of the 1947 book entitled "Our Lady OF Fatima" by William Thomas Walsh. He supposedly interviewed Sister Maria das Dores (Lúcia) on the afternoon of Monday, July 15, 1946.  Attached is a copy of that page.  Please comment on this with what the Fatima records show.

Our Lady of Fatima Book scan 225


Mr. Nobody:

This is most likely from a Masonic publisher. Just as most media companies are Masonic, so too are book publishers. They control information and the subversion of the history of Fatima is one of their their main targets. I've noticed that many Fatima books purposely quote the impostor Sister Lucy instead of St. Lúcia, and they do this for obvious reasons - to keep Fatima "on the right lines".

The fake Sister Lucy

Above left: the impostor Sister Lucy endorses Jewish Antipope Paul VI. Above right: the impostor Sister Lucy endorses Jewish Antipope John Paul II, oddly kissing his hand after communion.

The Vatican's Murder & Replacement of Sister Lucia in 1958

Fatima Movement Files: The Vatican's Murder & Replacement of Sister Lúcia in 1958

All I can say is be careful what you read, especially when it comes to books, documentaries and statements about Fatima. You got me curious so I ordered two original copies, one claiming to be from 1946 and another from 1947, so I should have those scanned in a month or so. Thanks for the heads up on that one.

"The future of our civilization, our liberties, our very existence may depend upon the acceptance of her commands." - William Thomas Walsh, Author of "Our Lady of Fatima"

Our Lady of Fatima Book 1Our Lady of Fatima Book 2

Above are some screencaptures from a sale listing of the 1990 copy from Amazon.com. You'll notice that Freemason Cardinal Spellman is the Imprimatur, meaning that he endorsed this book. The pyramid on the right from the back cover is how this all works.

Freemason Cardinal Spellman