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Subject: re: your website

Thankyou ..I saw all the news on Sr Lúcia..wow..and I believe all the pictures you tubes and documents about an impostor ..still in shock..but now no surprise with all the evil this world..

Still can't seem to find anything on Pius xii being a freemason..looking forward to read more.


Mr. Nobody:

Pius XII files will be on the site eventually, but there's more important things to do first. Pius XII (1939-1958) was just another placeholder in time for Freemasonry who was waiting for the properly baptized Catholic generation of pre-WWII to die off and applying the Holy Spirit Mark of the Beast Baptismal curse to millions of their baby-boomer offspring. Taking over the Catholic Church takes many, many years- centuries actually, especially when the goal is to cause the Church to be eclipsed entirely. This was the case in 2008. The turning away of Catholic Priests from Christ in the Latin Mass and the universal turning towards the Lord (Satan) on the Masonic Altars of Vatican II “Churches” requires centuries of patience and diligence by Freemasons.

The Traditional Catholic Mass vs the Novus Ordo Mass

Fortunately for us the Illuminati got cocky and revealed too much. As the Devil says through Adele (below right) “We could have had it all...I'm going to make one of your heads burn...”

Subject: Nominum Interpretatio from another Bible (1484)

Hi buddy! how is it going?

On this link you will find a 63 nominum interpretatio list. It's much easier to read, although there's a lot of abbrevations. It comes from a 1484 vulgata. It's from A to S.


Take care.

Mr. Nobody:

Yes, what you found is another example of the list of the original Hebrew names of the Jews who wrote the Bible so that the reader would think that they are God. Every Latin Vulgate Bible, which is the authoritative Canonical version for Catholic study, has this detailed list of Jewish “gods” and “lords.” The English is simply watered down garbage which usually overwrites all the specific names into one common “Lord.” Therein lies the confusion.

Below is our collection of scans of this Old Testament breaker from a 1685 Latin Vulgate. Enjoy:

Latin Vulgate Nominum Interpretatio (names interpreted) Index

Here again is an example of why this is important. If you were to read Genesis 2:8 in English, you would assume the Lord God is the God of Heaven:

Elias is the 'lord god' of Genesis

Genesis 2:8 from the 1582-1610 Original Douai-Rheims, page 26

But if you read the Latin Vulgate Version, it says “Dominus Deus” which means “the Lord God who is coming” (at the end of the world):

Elias is Deus Dominus in the Latin Vulgate

So when you investigate who exactly “Dominus Deus” is in the Nominum Interpretatio in the Latin Vulgate index pages, you will find that the “Lord God” of the English version is actually this Jewish scribe named Elias:

Elias is Deus Dominus

Obviously this Jewish elder is not the God of Heaven, he is just one of the top Jewish Rabbis who wants you to think that he is God. The doctrine of the Anti-Christ is men being worshipped as gods, so there it is, and this is how it was done.

When you read the New Testament and wonder why the Jewish Jesus cries out “Eli, Eli, why have you forsaken me?” This is because that Jewish Imposter Jesus is crying out to the spirit of this particular Jew Elias, who is his spiritual father, begging to know why he hung him out to dry during his impostor crucifixion. These Satanic Jews are all on the same page in this deception and it's time for non-Masonic Catholic priests to figure this out and stand up to this for the salvation of souls, which is actually their job. The Lord is not God. The Lord is Satan. Game, set, match.

Thanks for sending that in, D--.

Subject: Third Secret AT Present

Video title @ youtube:

“Think it's a Fairytale? The Vatican and Masons Know it's Not!!!”



Mr. Nobody:

Well, it's over for now, so relax and have a beer. The Illuminati had their chance and blew it. In 2009, the process was stopped. On August 24, 2011, the Washington D.C. earthquake at the end of the seventy weeks of Daniel was the conclusion. Our Lady's Third Secret essentially saved the world by defeating the 3000 year old prophecy of the Jewish Prophet Daniel.

The Vatican still stands, the Messiah has not yet been cut off for His people (that is Deum Jesum Christum for us), and the battle for souls goes on. The world has not yet universally bowed down to the Lord (Satan) and more and more people are waking up to the fact that Moses was coordinating for future generations this clever Jewish Masonic lie that would deceive all at the end of the world and cause the complete eclipse of the Catholic Religion.

Moses receives the Ten Commandments from Satan

For more “highlights” from the Jewish Babylonian Talmud, see the Fatima Movement Files: Shocking Statements from Jews.

“Don't ask me how I know this but the lack of doom latley is caused by a wildcard, someone who the Illuminati did not expect. This person apparently came out of nowhere, he is a nothing a nobody, yet much hangs in the balance because of him, lol that's God for ya.

“He is a nothing, a nobody, yet much hangs in the balance because of him...I made it as clear as i could. He basically told the Illuminati to go f**k itself, basically to their faces, and they did not kill him, rather they like him because he is REAL and not a zombie. Clear now?” - GLP Masonic Post

But now because of the internet, these rare texts are available at the click of a button and there's no excuse anymore to live in the dark. This godlikeproductions.com forum thread has over 2 million reads and some 40,000 replies (that's because many Freemasons find it important).

“Something big is coming, but as i said it has been delayed.

God made a offer to the Illuminati, and they couldn't refuse and now everything hangs in the balance.”

“The offer is to leave or if they continue stay here we will see the truth (movies recorded) of them planning 9/11, financial collapses, wars, assassinations,... Their future would be death if they stay.”

So spread the link to this site. What is stated above is the purpose of www.fatimamovement.com.

Subject: Happy Freedom Day!

HI! Mr. Nobody!

Happy Freedom Day!!! Thanks for helping us to be FREE of Satan!


Mr. Nobody:

Hey, no problem. I have to say though that after the government decided I had “threatening government views” and took custody of my kids away for simply explaining that we're Catholic, we don't pray to the burning bush “god” of Muslims and Protestants, I have a different viewpoint on this supposed “freedom of religion” that their Illuminati documents speak of. I see little freedom for Catholics. What is stunning is that the court system sees no problem with my children being in the company of strange men who have sex with goats, and this is a problem for me. Until people wake up to the Jewish origins of “The Law” and what “The Law” actually is, there isn't much hope for this or any country.

If you're a Catholic parent, you should be aware of this. If you are dragged into court, social workers will jump on you for “being different” if you are not pro-Lord (Satan) and they will use your Catholic Identity against you (this is Jewish Communism- everyone must think the same, believe in the same Lord, or there will be Hell to pay). They will say your kids will be “different” and use tactics like these to justify taking them away. But if you go to the Vatican II Mass and worship “the Lord” like a compliant heretic, they'll leave you alone.

Don't ever forget that the Novus Ordo Seclorum on your dollar bills means what it says. The Masonic Novus Ordo Seclorum or godless New World Order is exactly the same Satanic Lord religion as the Novus Ordo Vatican II Masonic “religion” coming out of Rome. We won a major battle on August 24, 2011, but the war still goes on. The Freemasons are rebuilding their damaged Washington Monument, the largest Egyptian obelisk in the world, and it's due to reopen for Americans to marvel at sometime in 2014.

Washington Monument repairs after the Third Secret Earthquake of 2011

Washington Monument repairs after the Third Secret Earthquake of 2011 2Freemason George Washington and his god Baphomet

“It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am.” – George Washington

Subject: Breaking News - Francis to remove all Masonic Cardinals?

Mr. Nobody, is there any truth to this news? What would Francis 1 intend to gain by this action?

-R--- -------

Mr. Nobody:

Thanks for sending that in. The rumor is that Illuminati Anti-Pope is about to “broom” all “Cardinals” in the Curia, essentially firing them. If he were a Catholic, this would be great news for the Sedevacantist Movement to take back the Church. Unfortunately he is not Catholic, so this is most likely just another publicity stunt.

Masonic Catholic Church hierarchy

Remember, a Freemason is bound by their oath to Lucifer to withhold Catholic intention in the Sacraments. Even if Francis were to order the restoration of the name of God The Father, The Holy Ghost (who was, is and ever shall be) or Spiritum Sanctum in Latin, back into the official Sacramental form, Francis' Holy Orders, all Rites of initiation and succession are still invalid.

Benedict and Francis Masonic handshake

Jewish Freemason Anti-Pope Benedict XVI caught in a Masonic handshake with his successor, Anti-Pope Francis.

It's impossible to tell what these Masonic perverts who currently occupy the power structure of the Church are really up to now. From the Illuminati's standpoint, one must understand how extremely frustrating it is for the Jewish-Freemasonry to get so close to deceiving all Catholics into Lord worship in 2013, and then have it all fall apart. It's anybody's guess as to what they're up to next. In the meantime, enjoy this discovery from the Jewish Babylonian Talmud (The “holiest” of the Jewish books), which 100% proves that the Freemason Moses was in collaboration with Satan when he “received” the Ten Commandments.

Moses receives the Ten Commandments from Satan

For more “highlights” from the Jewish Babylonian Talmud, see the Fatima Movement Files: Shocking Statements from Jews.

Subject: Photo query - RATZINGER

Fatima Movement Files: Rome the Whore

Regarding the picture of Pope Emeritus Ratzinger...
Below is the link to the original picture. You really discredit yourselves when you do not research the origins of documents properly... I am still reading all that you have said and will pay close attention at our future Latin Mass.
Thank you and God Bless Mrs M-----.


Mr. Nobody:

Duly noted. You are correct, the picture in question was cropped from a photo of Ratzinger and his brother. Below on the right is the original photograph of the Ratzinger brothers apparently celebrating the “Lord's Mass” on their ordination day which was cropped to make it appear he is giving a Nazi salute. Unfortunately there is a lot of information to sift through when you're exposing the Illuminati and sometimes the evidence is altered, tampered with, or deleted from history to cover up their crimes against God. If you find an error like this, please notify us. We're doing our best to expose the eclipse of the Catholic Church by Jewish Freemasons.

Benedict Nazi SaluteGeorge Ratzinger and Benedict

We decided to replace the picture in question site-wide with this photograph of Anti-Pope Benedict XVI shaking hands with Adolf Hitler as a Hitler Youth. This will be left up until we see evidence to the contrary.

Adolf Hitler with Nazi Youth

Ratzinger's devotion at the age of ten is in stark contrast to the three children at Fatima, real Catholic Saints who never would have obeyed a Jewish Freemason like Adolf Hitler. In fact, Sister Lúcia kept the contents of the Third Secret a secret, even at the threat of being burned in oil by the anti-Catholic, Masonic Mayor Artur de Oliveira Santos of Ourém in which the town of Fatima was located, during the time of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima to three young shepherd children in 1917.

Ratzinger Nazi Youth3 Children of Fatima

Above left: Joseph Ratzinger (age of 10) pictured in his Nazi Youth uniform. Above right: St. Lúcia (age of 10) pictured with her cousins St. Francisco (age 9) and St. Jacinta (age 7).

Freemason Mayor Artur Santos

From Wikipedia: Artur de Oliveira Santos (pictured above) was the mayor of Ourém, in which the town of Fatima was located, during the time of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima to three young shepherd children in 1917.


Although he had little formal education, he was made the editor the local gazette, Ouriense, in which he displayed his anti-monarchical and anti-religious opinions. He was elected in his 20's to the Masonic Lodge of Leiria,[1] and then founded a separate Lodge at Vila Nova de Ourém, his native village. Shortly after that he was made mayor or administrator of the county. He possessed the corollary titles of President of the Town Hall and Judge Substitute of Comarca, and was, at the time of the apparitions, the most influential man in his region[2]

Role in the Fatima Apparitions

Santos was known for his hostility towards organized religion in general and Catholicism in particular. He was especially hostile with regards to the apparitions, and repeatedly sent law enforcement officials to seek to impede public access to the site. He went so far as to kidnap the three seers and place them in jail, in order to prevent them from proclaiming another apparition. Years later, Lúcia would recall how they had been jailed,[3] and that Santos threatened the children with being boiled in oil unless they revealed to him the secret which the children had reported receiving from the Lady.[4]

In his later years, he professed to be a Christian, but denied going to Mass or Confession. He sent a letter to a newspaper stating his side of the story on the issue of having arrested the children. Although stripped of political offices in his later years, he would talk of the relative fame he once possessed, and would take pride in his assertion that he was known all over the world, “and in Russia, too.”[5]

Thanks for sending that in.

Subject: Canons on the Sacrament of Baptism

Hi Mr. Nobody,

CANON IV - If any one saith, that the baptism which is even given by heretics in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, with the intention of doing what the Church doth, is not true baptism; let him be anathema.

Seem like they kept “Holy Ghost” and switch out “Our Lady” to “Father.” Do you have the time frame when they took Our Lady out?



Mr. Nobody:

It' so hard to tell because there really aren't any surviving sources available to us that predate the 1400's or so. Getting into the Vatican Archives is not an option, so all that is left is deductive reasoning from available evidence.

The Truth was in the Catholic Mass before the Masonic edits. The Original Mass is somewhat like a play or a documentary movie, which is supposed to be re-enacted every day by Catholic Priests in front of an Altar. When scenes are edited, when the scripts change and when the sets are destroyed, the facts of the circumstances of God's Crucifixion and Resurrection is changed. In other words, whenever there is a change from the Original Mass, we can assume someone is meddling with the Truth.

“Take away the Mass, destroy the Church.” - Jewish Freemason Martin Luther

From what I can find, the “Lord's Prayer” made its way into the Catholic Mass during the reign of Gregory (590-604 A.D.). From the Catholic Encyclopedia, we find evidence of a “scripture-loving, ecclesiastical, son of a certain nobility 'Pope Gregory'” making dramatic changes to the Mass towards the end of the Sixth Century. Making changes of course violates the Papal Oath and breaks Tradition. The Catholic Encyclopedia reveals that apparent Freemason “Pope” Gregory is responsible for placing “the Jewish Lord's Prayer” into its present place in the Roman Mass. This following was extracted from Volume IX, unavailable anywhere on the internet at the moment.

“I vow to change nothing of the received Tradition, and nothing thereof I have found before me guarded by my God-pleasing predecessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any innovation therein” - The Papal Coronation Oath

Lord's Prayer

We also see the “god of Moses” following Muslim “holy book”, the Koran, criticizing us for worshipping what it calls “Mary” as God. This is from the same era, the 7th-8th Century. “Allah”, the “god” of Muslims, is in fact “the Lord of Moses”, which is Satan for those playing catch-up. This is the Muslim version of “the Lord” attempting to replace the Divinity of Christ and Our Lady, adding to the theological confusion of that time period:

Koran - 'Mary' is God

“The teaching and the beliefs of Catholicism and Mohammedanism are different and contrary. Their concept of, and their approach to God, diverge and conflict. Catholics indeed accept as dogmatic truth the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation and the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Moslems vehemently and vociferously deny the Blessed Trinity [2], the Incarnation [3], the Crucifixion of our Divine Lord and the Divinity of Christ [4]. The Mohammedans have such a carnal notion of heaven that St. Alphonsus did not hesitate to declare “The Mohammedan Paradise, is only fit for beasts; for filthy sensual pleasure is all the believer has to expect there.” - St. Alphonsus de Liguori, History of Heresies, Vol. 1., ch. vii., art. 1.

To answer your question, I would assume it was around the early Seventh Century or so that the switch between Our Lady and the Jewish Lord or “Our Father” (Pater noster) was first made, and it wasn't until the 1200's that the lie became universally accepted which prompted Our Lady's visitations to Saints Dominic and Simon Stock around that time to correct these Satanic errors, specifically the error of saying 150 Pater nosters on the Rosary. From the Fatima Movement Files: Rosary Altered:

1208: Our Lady gives St. Dominic the prescription for defeating Hell. At this point in time, many were incorrectly praying 150 Pater Nosters (Our Fathers) on their Rosary beads. To correct this heretical error, Our Lady specified 150 prayers to Her, offered the Scapular and said, “One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, I will save the world.” This is what we know as the Sabbatine Privilege.

1251: Our Lady appears to St. Simon Stock holding the Scapular in her hand saying, “This is for you and yours a privilege; the one who dies in it will be saved.” In its original context, the meaning of this promise was that Carmelite religious who persevered in their vocation would be saved. Beginning in the 16th century, the Carmelites began giving the Brown Scapular to lay people who wanted to be affiliated with the Order, and it became increasingly popular as a sacramental. It is likely that Our Lady was giving this Scapular as a counter-mark for someone who is unknowingly not baptized correctly. It should not go unnoticed that the Catholic Sacrament of baptism is a mark or seal upon the soul, but since it was reversed in the mid-20th century, and not too many Catholics know about it, perhaps the Brown Scapular is Our Lady's remedy for this mark of the beast imposed by the counter-church in these last days.

This methodically slow process of corrupting the Church Liturgy has been going on since the beginning. The Lord-worshipping Jews were not pleased that Christ came to destroy their empire over the world and have been plotting ever since to subvert God's Church by altering the Catholic Liturgy into Jewish Liturgy. Even in the reign of Freemason Pius X, we see how he violated the Papal Coronation Oath and inserted his own changes. The following is found in the Catholic Encyclopedia entry for “MASS”:

Freemason Pius X and his changes

The Masonic goal of their little “Alta Vendita” operation is to slowly make changes to the Catholic Religion over a long period of time in such a way that at the end, we end up getting stuck with a Masonic religion that looks somewhat Catholic, but is not. This process is the mystery of the Apocalypse, or Eclipse of the Catholic Religion. The Masonic strategy is similar to a boat being sabotaged with holes by Satanic agents over a long period of time so that at some point, the boat fails to float and inevitably sinks, taking all Catholics with it down to Hell with the Freemasons. This Lord deception, most-likely installed in the Gregorian time period is why Masonic Vatican II parishes are so involved with Gregorian Chant today. If you study the Liturgy of their chanting, they are actually singing to Jewish elders of the Old-Testament. I hope this answers your question.

Subject: St. Stanislaus Kostka, 1255 N Noble St, Chicago IL Mark of the Sign Ark Covenant

Saw this today....seems Occult-looking to me. It sits on an Ark of Covenant. Is this Catholic or occult? Do you know?

“The Church of St. Stanislaus Kostka, one of Chicago's famed Polish Cathedrals, is home to the largest monstrance in the world, a 9-foot-wide (2.7 m) Iconic Monstrance of Our Lady of the Sign. It is part of the planned Sanctuary of The Divine Mercy, which is being constructed adjacent to the church.[3] The Monstrance is to be installed in the sanctuary's adoration chapel, to be the focus of 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration. The clergy will conduct no liturgies or vocal prayers in the chapel, either by individuals or groups, as the space is meant for private meditation and contemplation.” - By Joyce Duriga

-D-- ----- -------

Mr. Nobody:

This is from one of the websites covering this strange event (click to go to their coverage):

“Mary,” said Fr. Anthony, “is the link between the old and new testaments. She is not frozen in the pages of sacred scripture. I think the whole Sanctuary of The Divine Mercy that she's asked us to build here is another sign that she is present among us, doing the same thing today as she did 2,000 years ago and as she's done through the whole of Church history. She's very much alive.” - Divine Mercy News

To answer your question, this is 100% Jewish Occultism.

This can get complicated so I'll try to explain it in four parts:

1. What is this Ark (the chest the Jews would carry around) and what is inside?

2. What is the difference between the Jewish Lord's 10 Commandments (Mosaic Law) vs. Christ's (God's) 6 Commandments of the Catholic Church?

3. Explanation of Dual-Covenant Theology: The Jews' “Covenant with the Lord” of the Old Testament vs. the Protestant's “New Covenant with the Jewish Jesus of the New Testament and the Lord.” BOTH are not Catholic and BOTH Covenants are heretical. “Dual-Covenant Theology” is simply “good cop/bad cop” theological chaos.

4. The difference between the Jewish Mary of the Jewish Masonic Bible and Our Lady (who is God the Mother) of Catholic Dogma and Tradition.

1. What is this Ark (the chest the Jews would carry around) and what's inside of it?

“The Ark” is a box the Jews made out of setim wood to hold Satan's 10 commandment tablets that Jews would parade around as they pretended to be authentic high priests of the God of Heaven, just like the infiltrating Vatican II Jewish Masonic “Priests” do today in the Vatican. The “10 laws of the Lord” are what the Jewish Freemason Moses “received” when was communicating with a fire on a mountaintop. The secret of it all is that Moses was communicating with Satan, not God, but only those initiated into these secrets are supposed to know that.

Moses and Aaronrabbis on parade

For Catholics, this box is of absolutely no significance other than to understand that this is what the Jewish Freemasons base the entire heretical exoteric religions on (exoteric means for the unwise goyim outsiders- Protestants, Muslims and goyim Jews all follow this Old Testament false god, a fire).

The Catholic Church condemns anyone who follows these “laws” given to Moses, the Ten Commandments, sometimes called Mosaic Law, because they are not from the God of Heaven:

Catholic Dogma: The Council of Florence, 1441:

“It firmly believes, professes and teaches that the legal prescriptions of the old Testament or the Mosaic law, which are divided into ceremonies, holy sacrifices and sacraments, because they were instituted to signify something in the future, although they were adequate for the divine cult of that age, once our lord Jesus Christ who was signified by them had come, came to an end. Whoever, after the passion, places his hope in the legal prescriptions and submits himself to them as necessary for salvation and as if faith in Christ without them could not save, sins mortally (goes to Hell).”

For more info about “the Law”, read the Fatima Movement Editorial: The Rule of Law & its Masonic Origins

2. What is the difference between the Jewish Lord's 10 Commandments (Mosaic Law) vs. God Jesus Christ's 6 Commandments of the Catholic Church?

The Satanic Law of the Jews is not for Catholics to follow. This is because the First Commandment of Mosaic Law is:

“Thou shalt love the Lord your god.”

Since the Lord is not the God of Heaven and the God of real Catholics, this invalidates the Ten Commandments for anyone seeking to get to Heaven. This Ten Commandment system is known as the “OLD COVENANT”, an agreement between Satan and the Jews for control of the world. Catholics, when targeted for knowing this should say “Our Lord, not The Lord” as the 1635 Douai-Rheims tells us on page 385:

Catholics must not say 'the lord' from the 1635 Douay Rheims

The Catholic Church used to have its own Set of Commandments called the Six Commandments of the Catholic Church. These “went away” in the 20th Century for the most part as they were gradually replaced by the Ten Commandments of the Luciferian Lodge initiate Moses. These Six Commandments are the basis of Our Covenant with Deum Nostrum Jesum Christum (Christ, the God of Heaven).

Below is an relevant scene from the 1980 movie “The Blues Brothers” in which an embattled nun laments the fact that she raised Jake and Elwood to believe in the Lord's Ten Commandments as she is requesting that they help raise $5000 to pay the taxes on her crumbling Catholic orphanage. The Jewish producers of this film are in on the joke; they know what the Ten Commandments really are and have a fun time playing on the ignorance of this Vatican II Nun and the movie audience. If this were reality, her crumbling orphanage would be her own fault for believing in the Lord (Satan) and his Ten Commandments, and the reason her Catholic world is crumbling around her is because she fell for and taught this Lord heresy.

Around the 1900's, the Six Commandments of the Catholic Church were still around, but Masonic writers were placing them side by side with Moses' Ten Commandments in major texts like this Manual of the Holy Catholic Church and the Catholic Encyclopedia. Below are some scans from the 1903 “Manual of the Holy Catholic Church” which lists these Six Commandments of the Church. This is a two volume set which can be found today on eBay for $100-300:

Manual of the Holy Catholic Church 1Manual of the Holy Catholic Church 2

*This important text is available in its entirety on fatimamovement.com: 1906 Manual of the Holy Catholic Church

The Six Commandments of the Catholic Church as they were printed in 1903 are as follows. It is of note that this text uses the word “Pastor” instead of the Catholic word “Priest." It also mentions Lent which is another heretical error:


To Hear Mass on Sundays and Holy days, and to rest from servile work.


To fast during the time of Lent, on Ember days and Vigils, and to abstain from flesh on Fridays and other days.


To confess our sins, at least once a year, to our own pastor.


To receive the Holy Communion, at least once a year, and that at Easter.


To pay Tithes to our Pastors.


Not to solemnize marriage at certain times, nor to marry within the forbidden degrees of kindred.

3. Dual-Covenant Theology: The Jews' “Covenant with the Lord” of the Old Testament vs. the Protestant's “New Covenant with the Jewish Jesus of the New Testament and the Lord.” BOTH are not Catholic and BOTH Covenants are heretical. “Dual-Covenant Theology” is simply “good cop/bad cop” confusion. You know the ending.

In the Bible, which was written by Jewish Freemasons, the Jewish Jesus comes to establish something known as the “NEW COVENANT.” In brief, the Jewish Jesus says that no one can get to the Lord (the Our Father/Satan) without going through him. This Satanic Jesus/Lord combo is the basis of the New Testament Masonic religion, of Protestantism, designed by Freemasonry, which ties itself into the Jewish Lord and the Old Testament.

This Christ/Jesus switch in theology books is the basis of the Masonic DaVinci Code explained in this chapter. I personally taped the occultic Jewish Vatican II Cardinal Bernardin explaining this in 1991 in Chicago (below left). Bernardin is playing on the confusing Jewish Jesus of the NEW COVENANT who gives two commandments, upon which their whole Masonic Lord religion rests-

I. Love “the Lord your god.”

II. Love your neighbor.

Basically what the Jewish Jesus is trying to do is to compete with the Jews' monopoly in Hell and establish his own separate kingdom with his “NEW COVENANT”, which is not valid and not Catholic. It is Protestant, based in Masonry. We call this man the heretical Jesus or the heretical messiah of the Protestants. This is the same heretial Jesus of the Bible that the Shriners/Freemasons follow as proven below (below right- disregard the interviewer), and this is why many uneducated Protestants and Vatican II “Catholics” are so confused. They simply don't know there is a heretical Jesus:

4. The difference between the Jewish Mary of the Jewish Masonic Bible and Our Lady (who is God the Mother) of Catholic Dogma and Tradition.

So why is this NEW COVENANT Jesus deception important to understand? Because the Jewish Mary is the mother of this Jewish Masonic DaVinci Code Jesus. The Jewish Mary of the Jewish Bible and Our Lady are not the same. Just as the Jewish Masonic Jesus attempts to replace God Jesus Christ, the story of the Jewish Mary (handmaid of “the Lord”) attempts to replace Our Lady who is God the Mother. The goal of these confusing Bible passages is to deny the Divinity of both Our Lady and Christ, and to replace the Divinity of the Trinity (Our Lady, Our Lord and The Holy Ghost) with that of their god, Satan (the Lord of the Ten Commandments).

So when you see this statue of the Jewish Mary, the mother of the Jewish Jesus of the heretical and Biblical NEW COVENANT on top of the Jewish Ark which contains the Jews' OLD COVENANT law, it is a clever attempt by a desperate Masonic Archdiocese of Chicago to deflect criticism that they are false Catholics. In short, they are hiding behind Marian statues to trick Sunday Catholics into beliving they are not what we know they are.

St. Stanislaus Kostka 1St. Stanislaus Kostka 2St. Stanislaus Kostka 2

It is incredible to see them do this however. Thanks alot for taking those pictures and sending them in. Who would have ever thought five years ago that the Third Secret of Fatima would be released, Bendict XVI would step down, the final Masonic Anti-Pope Petrus Romanus would be thwarted, and that the original Catholic Altars in Chicago would be replaced with Marian statues? These are strange times, but the Rosary 150 seems to be causing Freemasonry to backpedal on their Alta Vendita, just as Our Lady at Fatima said it would.

This is still Judaism though, and keep in mind that at the end of the day, these Masonic “Priests” are still marking human beings with invalid baptisms. So be careful. But there are signs that we are making a dent in the Beast. Just keep saying the Rosary 150 every day.

Down the street (about 1 mile away) in Chicago at St. John Cantius, they installed a marble replica of the La Pieta, a 16th Century iconic scupture by Michelangelo. Who would have thought this would happen a few years ago. But I still must warn my readers that without valid Sacraments, these “Priests” are still sending people to Hell.

Even if “Revered” Frank C. Phillips were to change his ways and start using the name of the Holy Ghost in the Baptism Rite, it would still be invalid because the Catholic Intention to administer the Sacrament would be absent. Intention is a requirement and unfortunately there is no substitute. Remember, the Sacrament of Catholic Baptism requires the Proper Form, Matter and intention to take effect in a human being. So Phillips may fix the form, but his Sacraments still won't work because he is still a Freemason, still working for Lucifer. But given that, it still is interesting to see the pendulum start to swing our way. Thousands of Fatima Movement flyers were distributed in that area of Chicago and it's good to see that in some way we are forcing a change in the Church.

Rev. Frank C. Phillips of St. John Cantius (pictured below all the way to the right) and “Archbishop” George of Chicago (pictured below dead center) are still Knights of Malta Luciferian Freemasons, so do not be deceived by their installations of the La Pieta statues, seen in the videos above.

Morals and Dogma page 321 - Lucifer

Knights of Malta logo with Masonic symbols

St John Cantius Chicago Freemasonry

Phillips and George are still agents of the New World Order Lord Religion and the Fatima Movement has the internal documents to prove it. More information is in the Fatima Movement Files Chapter: St. John Cantius:

St John Cantius Novus Ordo

Below is some additional information about the Freemason Moses and his attempt to establish the Satanic Lord religion. More information is scattered throughout this website but mainly found in this chapter of the Fatima Movement Files: The Lord is Satan, Our Lady is God.

“This gives us a due to the identity and state of The Father, “whom no man hath seen at any time,” but who is revealed in “The Light of the World,” the Son, who is the highest Initiate of the Sun Period. As the unseen fire is revealed in the flame, so also the fullness of the Father dwelt in the Son, and they are one as fire is one with the flame in which it manifests. This is the root of all true Sun or Fire worship. All look beyond the physical symbol and adore “Our Father Who art in Heaven.” - Freemasonry and Catholicism by Max Heindel, page 8.

“When Moses smote the rock, he did not create the spring of water; he revealed it to the people, because occult science had made it known to himself by means of the divining rod. It is in like manner with all miracles of Magic; a law exists, which is ignored by the vulgar and made use of by the initiate. Occult laws are often opposed diametrically to common ideas. For example, the crowd believes in the sympathy of things which are alike and in the hostility of things contrary, but it is the opposite which is the true law.” - The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic, PART I: page 29

Moses receives Satan's Ten Commandments

“The Holy Kabalah, or tradition of the children of Seth, was carried from Chaldaea by Abraham, taught to the Egyptian priesthood by Joseph, recovered and purified by Moses, concealed under symbols in the Bible, revealed by the Saviour to Saint John, and contained, entire, under hieratic figures analogous to those of all antiquity, in the Apocalypse of that Apostle.” - Masonic Morals and Dogma 1916 page 97

“It is certain that the word which the Hebrews are not now permitted to pronounce was in common use by Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Jacob, Laban, Rebecca, and even among tribes foreign to the Hebrews, before the time of Moses; and that it recurs a hundred times in the lyrical effusions of David and other Hebrew poets.
We know that for many centuries the Hebrews have been forbidden to pronounce the Sacred Name; that wherever it occurs, they have for ages read the word Adonai instead…”
- Masonic Morals and Dogma 1916 page 204

“These superstitious notions in regard to the efficacy of the Word, and the prohibition against pronouncing it, could, being errors, have formed no part of the pure primitive religion, or of the esoteric doctrine taught by Moses, and the full knowledge of which was confined to the Initiates; unless the whole was but an ingenious invention for the concealment of some other Name or truth, the interpretation and meaning whereof was made known only to the select few. If so, the common notions in regard to the Word grew up in the minds of the people, like other errors and fables among all the ancient nations, out of original truths and symbols and allegories misunderstood. So it has always been that allegories, intended as vehicles of truth, to be understood by the sages, have become or bred errors, by being literally accepted.” - Masonic Morals and Dogma 1916 page 205

“As MOLOCH or MALEK he was but an omnipotent monarch, a tremendous and irresponsible Will; as ADONAI, only an arbitrary LORD and Master; as AL Shadai, potent and a DESTROYER.
To communicate true and correct ideas in respect of the Deity was one chief object of the mysteries. In them, Khurum the King, and Khurum the Master, obtained their knowledge of him and his attributes; and in them that knowledge was taught to Moses an Pythagoras.
Wherefore nothing forbids you to consider the whole legend of this Degree, like that of the Master’s, an allegory, representing the perpetuation of the knowledge of the True God in the sanctuaries of initiation. By the subterranean vaults you may understand the places of initiation, which in the ancient ceremonies were generally under ground. The Temple of Solomon presented a symbolic image of the Universe; and resembled, in its arrangements and furniture all the temples of the ancient nations that practiced the mysteries.” - Masonic Morals and Dogma 1916 page 208

Subject: Thomas Aquinas

Hi Mr. Nobody,
Thanks. check out this web site http://archive.org and I think this is the answer. I'm looking for St. Thomas Aquinas-Summa Theologica regarding the Trinity.

“On the contrary, Our Lord says, “From God I proceeded” (Jn. 8:42).

“I answer that, Divine Scripture uses, in relation to God, names which signify procession. This
procession has been differently understood. Some have understood it in the sense of an effect,
proceeding from its cause; so Arius took it, saying that the Son proceeds from the Father as His
primary creature, and that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son as the creature of
both.” Sounds like “Holy Ghost” and the “Father” are as one......”

So far, not even one “holy spirit” is mentioned in his book. Make me wonder if people actually read or don't want to read the truth. Doing the Rosary in the original forms really help me see things clearly. Thank you Our Lady and God Jesus Christ.


Mr. Nobody:

I don't have my 1947 copy handy, but I'll assume the quote is there. The purpose of Thomas Aquinas was to fortify the removal of Our Lady from the Trinity in the 1200's. By that time period most theologians erroneously agreed that the Trinity was comprised of two fathers and the Son, God Jesus Christ. They were also praying 150 Our Fathers (the Lord's Prayer) on their Rosaries instead of 150 prayers to Our Lady, which is why Our Lady appeared to St. Dominic- to correct this error.

Aquinas does seem to preserve the name of God the Father in the Baptism Rite (The Holy Ghost) because that was pre-planned to fall later on toward the conclusion of the takeover of the Church. You can't take the Catholic Church down all at once- it had to be a slow process over 2,000 years so as to go unnoticed so at the end of the Alta Vendita process, it would be a “mystery” to even the smartest theologians as to how it was done (the Apocalypse mystery). Remember, control of the is the world on the line and Masonry conducts its business at the whimsy of the damned spirits who coordinate this activity.

Aquinas' Summa Theologica is a mixed bag- it was idolized at Trent, and he was actually Canonized a “Saint” by John XXII in 1323, the same Anti-Pope who “lost” the Sabbatine Privilege Bull and actually was responsible for the insertion of the heretical name “Jesus” into the Rosary prayer.

Masonic birds of a feather flock together. Maneuverings by the heretic Anti-Pope John XXII, the Jewish-Masonic Pius V and the placement of Aquinas' Summa Theologica next to the Bible at the Masonic Council of Trent all indicate and effort to hammer down the Lord/Our Lady switch in that time period of Church corruption between 1200-1600.

From Wikipedia:

“Thomas's theology had begun its rise to prestige. Two centuries later, in 1567, Pope Pius V proclaimed St. Thomas Aquinas a Doctor of the Church and ranked his feast with those of the four great Latin fathers: Ambrose, Augustine of Hippo, Jerome, and Gregory. However, in the same period the Council of Trent still turned to Duns Scotus before Thomas as a source of arguments in defence of the Church. Even though Duns Scotus was more consulted at the Council of Trent, Thomas had the honor of having his Summa theologiae placed on the altar alongside the Bible and the Decretals.[57][61]

“In his encyclical of 4 August 1879, Pope Leo XIII stated that Thomas's theology was a definitive exposition of Catholic doctrine. Thus, he directed the clergy to take the teachings of Thomas as the basis of their theological positions. Leo XIII also decreed that all Catholic seminaries and universities must teach Thomas's doctrines, and where Thomas did not speak on a topic, the teachers were “urged to teach conclusions that were reconcilable with his thinking.” In 1880, Saint Thomas Aquinas was declared patron of all Catholic educational establishments.


“When the devil's advocate at his canonization process objected that there were no miracles, one of the cardinals answered, “Tot miraculis, quot articulis”—”there are as many miracles (in his life) as articles (in his Summa),” viz., thousands.[61] Fifty years after the death of Thomas, on 18 July 1323, Pope John XXII, seated in Avignon, pronounced Thomas a saint.[63]”

When Anti-Pope and Jewish Freemason Pius V places your work alongside the Masonic Bible at the Masonic Council of Trent in an effort to fortify the Lord deception in the Catholic Liturgy, you can begin to see what Aquinas was trying to do. It is possible of course that his work was edited like so many other texts, and it is noteworthy that Thomas Aquinas apparently recanted much of what he wrote on his deathbed, but who really knows what was going on. One thing that is known about Aquinas is known antipopes were promoting his work and declaring him a “Church Doctor” back in those days, the same trick the modern antipopes use- referencing heretical sources and “Canonizing” heretics as their “basis” to rewrite the Catholic Religion.

Be careful with the Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica. Those volumes are as deceptive as the Masonic Bible it relies on for Aquinas' “arguments.” Whenever you see a reference to the Bible by a theologian, it's a sign that Masonry is involved. Now that the takeover of the Church is complete (as of 2013), you can see from even the lastest “revision” of the Mass that their heretical Liturgy references some Bible passage in almost every rubric of the “New Mass.” Don't forget how the Luciferian Freemasons consider their Bibles “lodge furniture” and worship it's words. The “god” of the Bible is the fire of Hell, the burning bush that deceives mankind 100% at the end of regular time, and there's a lot of men (living and dead) trying to make you believe in it.

Don't forget also that the Masonic Knights of Malta recently celebrated the 900th anniversary of the order's recognition by the Holy See on Feb. 9, 2013. If you want to get to the Truth of how the Trinity was changed, you have to accept the fact that the Catholic Church was controlled (at the top) by Freemasons even 900 years ago, Freemasons who spent their time “recognizing”, “Canonizing” and making Church “Doctors” out of their fellow Masonic brethren to set the historical precedent for later Liturgical changes. That's a fact.

The Bible is Masonic

Subject: 50% of SSPX is Rome bound...

...behind Bishop Fellay.

Do you think there is hope, say with your input, to salvage the vocations of those priests who have remained faithful to the Mass/Church?


Mr. Nobody:

The problem with the Society of “St.” Pius X (1903-1914) is that most of their members are not aware that they are holding onto theological errors that started in the 1200's, which were then locked down at the Council of Trent when the “Lord's Prayer” was “etched in stone” into the Liturgy of the Mass. Pius X was not a Catholic Saint, he was a Masonic one. If Pius X were a real Saint, he would have fixed this. But as usual, he deflected criticism elsewhere and did nothing. Until these Lord errors are reformed, there is no hope.

Our Lady specifically ordered reform, which means to get rid of the broken Trent Liturgy and fix it. But priests are scared to do this because they might find themselves ostracized from the hand that feeds them, so they remain silent and go with the crowd and do what their well-placed Masonic superiors order them to do. They simply don't have the courage. It's no fun being broke and homeless I guess.

In the Third Secret of Fatima, God orders that a new cathedral be built in Fatima. This is because the current ones are crawling with Masonic pests who make a nice living out of making excuses for their fallible “Lord” theology with a smile, purposely leading their flocks into Hell. It's a big business.

Our Lady knows what She is talking about, but to their discredit, SSPX priests disagree with Her. The SSPX crowd holds onto what they consider more credible sources for their new traditions, the “decrees” of Pius V and Pius X. Unfortunately, Pius V and Pius X weren't Catholics; they were Jews who had different ideas, ideas that unfortunately stuck long ago. Until this is corrected, there is no hope. Real Traditional Catholics need to start seeing this Trent vs. Vatican II war for what it is- just a controlled set of theological arguments, a good cop vs. bad cop show that hides behind whatever arguments may distract their flocks into Satanic Lord worship.

Until this is Jewish Lord error in the Catholic Liturgy is even addressed, it's going to continue to be the business of the Alta Vendita as usual, and that is to deceive into a state of damnation, as many Traditionalists as possible. Freemason Saint and Anti-Pope Pius X actually alludes to the enemy being high up in the Catholic Church hierarchy even in 1907. From his Encyclical Pascendi:

“3. Though they express astonishment themselves, no one can justly be surprised that We number such men among the enemies of the Church, if, leaving out of consideration the internal disposition of soul, of which God alone is the judge, he is acquainted with their tenets, their manner of speech, their conduct. Nor indeed will he err in accounting them the most pernicious of all the adversaries of the Church. For as We have said, they put their designs for her ruin into operation not from without but from within; hence, the danger is present almost in the very veins and heart of the Church, whose injury is the more certain, the more intimate is their knowledge of her. Moreover they lay the axe not to the branches and shoots, but to the very root, that is, to the faith and its deepest fires. And having struck at this root of immortality, they proceed to disseminate poison through the whole tree, so that there is no part of Catholic truth from which they hold their hand, none that they do not strive to corrupt.” - Pius X, Pascendi, 1907.

St Malachi, Baphomet, Pius X, the Jewish Jesus

From left to right: Freemason “Saint” Malachi, the “god” of Freemasonry, Baphomet, Pius X, the Jewish Jesus.

Two faced controlled opposition at the Council of Trent

Left to right: Jewish Freemason Anti-Pope Pius V of the Tridentine Council, a graphic highlighting the controlled SSPX vs. Vatican II argument (both sides are for the Jewish Lord), Jewish Freemason Anti-Pope Paul VI of the Novus Ordo Council.

Vatican II Council

Above: All but a few priests stood in the way of ecumenical Lord (Satan) worship at the Vatican II Council in the 1960's as they destroyed what little remained of the Catholic Religion in what is known as the “New Order Council” (1959-1969).

Subject: Mozart's Masses were before 1784


post 1784, he becomes a freemason


D-- ----- -------

Mr. Nobody:

Mozart became a Freemason in 1784, according to what we can tell. But selling your soul is a private act, and most people that do this actually never become Freemasons. It seems the ones who can afford the $5000 entry fee and want to “seek further light”, which means, “learn how to deceive more souls into Hell” actually join the Lodge.

One of the things that threw me off in my quest to unmask this Masonic pest a few years ago is that I underestimated just how many people are involved with this. Freemasonry claims a membership of only 5-10 million these days, but I've seen other sources claim that up to 1/3 of America is involved with this Satanic Secret Society business. The numbers don't add up if you attribute the complete population of Satanists to Freemasonry. The truth is, they are everyday people who got caught in a mortal sin and sometimes, you may find yourself sleeping next to one, never knowing it. Believe me, and I speak from experience, they don't have to be official Freemasons to be slaves to the Devil.

Just look at the number of women who have had abortions or the number of soldiers who killed for Masonic government leaders. It's a beast and Freemasonry (the Illuminati) coordinates Satanic policy from the top. Mozart was looking for more, probably eternal fame, and decided to officially join Freemasonry in 1784. But that does not mean his soul was damned a year or two prior.

Many people show videos about this subject to their friends and family and run into a strange resistance, a type of irrational denial of what they are seeing right in front of them, such as the prayers to Lucifer in the Masonic Vatican's 2013 Easter “Mass.” I have to warn everyone as a veteran in this war against Freemasonry that a lot of Vatican II supporters need to support Vatican II because they are ordered to by demonic forces they may call “angels.” It's not a pleasant thought, but this is reality and unfortunately, salvation truly is for the very few, not the many.

“It is the Dead that govern. The Living only obey.” 33* Freemason Albert Pike, Morals & Dogma, page 315 (click for link to the full-text)

“He did not see that the continuity of an oligarchy need not be physical, nor did he pause to reflect that hereditary aristocracies have always been short-lived, whereas adoptive organizations such as the Catholic Church have sometimes lasted for hundreds or thousands of years. The essence of oligarchical rule is not father-to-son inheritance, but the persistence of a certain world-view and a certain way of life, imposed by the dead upon the living.” - George Orwell's 1984, page 122

“The ignorant, and those half-wise in reality, but over-wise in their own conceit, may assail our symbols with sarcasms; but they are nevertheless ingenious veils that cover the Truth…” Morals & Dogma, page 331

“The veil of secrecy was impenetrable, sealed by oaths and penalties the most tremendous and appalling.” Morals & Dogma, page 359


Read your website, intriguing it is. I believe we would have great conversations should the opportunity present itself.


Mr. Nobody:

Thanks for your interest. Are you looking to remove that?

Well I added some more interesting stuff to the site in the “Origins of the Fatima Movement” page. Around the time of the 2009 stopping of the New World Order the producers of A&E's “The Beast” showed up at my Grandmother's house to shoot some scenes for their pilot episode. Patrick Swayze was there and died soon after, leading to the cancelling of the show. Below is some new info I posted from those strange days:

Mr Nobody's father and grandfather

In another strange “Illuminati” occurence, around the year 2008 while I was going through my “wake up process” in real life, cross-referencing the Fatima Prophecies with the Illuminati takeover, the producers of A&E's “The Beast” with Patrick Swayze showed up at my Grandmother's doorstep and offered her $6000 to use her house to shoot scenes for the pilot (1st episode). Below are some side by side comparisons. The location of the (now semi-famous) Fatima Shrine in my grandmother's backyard is in the exact location where the kids are playing on the jungle gym in the show (below). I tried to put together some more strange coincidences in the photos below. Before the A&E people took over the house for a week, the little shrine was in front of the garage right where Patrick Swayze is looking at through the window. In the picture of me playing in the leaves on the left, you can see part of the garage (it's now destroyed). Some of my readers were asking about this statue, and for some reason, this scene is just kind of weird in light of all that's happened. There's a bird bath above the slide on the right, by Swayze's chin, and the Fatima Shrine was right behind the kid sitting on the swing in the show.

Mr Nobody's grandmother's garage in 'The Beast'

They used my Grandmother's kitchen and back porch for another scene. In real life, the producers installed some cheap oak cabinets and let her keep them. The photos on the left and right are from my own collection which show the kitchen before and after cabinets were installed. They even used her old kettle on the stove (below). She is about 100-101 years old in these photographs. At one point during my intensive research into the Illuminati, I asked God for a sign that I wasn't wasting time or climbing up the tree for nothing. I got my answer the next day: my Grandmother died exactly 5 years to the minute after my Dad did in 2004. This was one of the signals that encouraged me to keep pushing hard on exposing Freemasonry, despite eventually losing everything for this endeavor to “save the Church.”

Mr Nobody's grandmother's kitchen in 'The Beast'

Below is a scene from Episode 1 of “The Beast” showing Patrick Swayze pulling up to the front of my Grandmother's house. The photo on the right is what the house looked like when it was new. My Grandfather built it with some hired help during the Great Depression. I rented the basement for almost a year before I was kicked out by my “family” who soon after had it knocked it down.

Mr Nobody's grandmother's house in 'The Beast'

Between losing my house to foreclosure and then losing my apartment in my deceased Grandmother's house, I was kind of on the run with nowhere to go, building the Fatima Movement site, etc. I think this “overdrive” state what the Mr. Nobody Movie from 2009 was getting at. It was becoming very apparent that I had some pissed off Masonic enemies and simply being allowed to live like a normal human being was not going to be easy.

Mr Nobody's House

Above right: my real house being sold off. After realizing I had married someone who was blowing her assignment for the Illuminati and fighting her and her people in court with their Masonic attorney/judge combo, I simply couldn't keep what had been my home for over 30 years and it went into foreclosure. Losing the only two homes I had known in less than a year was one of the things I was dealing with around 2009-2010 when this site was being developed.

Subject: Baby boomers are killing themselves at an alarming rate, raising question: Why?

Hi Mr. Nobody,

We know why.... That's what happened when you forget who God is.


Mr. Nobody:

I think you're on to it, but the truth is, their sad, cursed state can be traced back to their parents' generation who forgot the name of God the Father, The Holy Ghost during their Catholic Baptisms. They are the ones who were busy not saying the Rosary during World War II and they are the ones who ended up paying the most for the boomer generation they created. As they rot in their nursing homes, it becomes an interesting phenomenon to study how the boomers sarificed nothing either for their parents or their kids, while their parents and their children both come out on the losing side. The Church wasn't worth saving to them, they bought into the lies, and now they're lives are “unactualized.”

Make way! Boomers are retiring! Make way! Boomers need their Viagra! Get out of the way! Boomers need this, boomers want that. Ugh. It's like a mob of 50 million large babies who depend on prescription drugs, therapy and Oprah's advice to make it through life. What a pile of b.s. we inherited.

If you really want to see the dark side of the cursed boomer generation (although not every one of them received the mark of the beast), just raise the possibility that the moon landing was faked by Freemasonry. For certain reasons, they will jump up and defend this nonsense as or more vehemently as a Muslim would defend Mohammed. The faked “moon landing” in 1969 combined with the psychological effect of the 1969 Novus Ordo Mass, where their “priests” all turned their backs to God, is really a beast-like psychological type of effect the Devil was looking for in these people who have been “programmed” for the terrible day of the Lord.

In some ways, it's as if these baby-boomers were raised to think they were entitled gods. Since they believe a Masonic man made it to the moon, they are somehow justified in their narcissistic attitudes of their “me” generation. It's really incredible. They really are the cursed generation at the end of the world mentioned in the Masonic Bible, but in reality, they didn't start this fire- it's been compounding for centuries.

Now they have an entire medical industry that drugs and diagnoses children who rebel against this Jewish-Masonic machine that worships a fire. Children weren't born to be slaves to this Jewish-Masonic machine and their rebellion is logical, but their parents- living in their “pro-Israel, investor-class Jesus reality”, eventually beat them into submission. It's sad. Boomers are so full of themselves- it seems next to impossible to reform them as Our Lady at Fatima demands. And it isn't helping that the Gen X'ers are learning these bad parenting tricks from their boomer parents. What a mess. Perhaps so many boomers are killing themselves off because they're slowly waking up and realizing what most will find out in the next life- that they've been had.

Exodus 34:7, “Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting (punishing) the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.”

Thanks for sending that in, D--


I'm truly curious about few things:

1) please explain why the angel under Our Lady of Guadalupe isn't a faithful good angel?
2) have any of the saints in the last 500 years prayed the Rosary with the 150 uninterrupted Aves (without the Pater Nosters and Glorias interjected after every 10 Aves)?
3) do any of the papal encyclicals, bulls, pronouncements, etc. write the Trinity which includes Our Lady? Wouldn't I be able to see Our Lady in the Trinity somewhere in the Latin texts of early Church Fathers, Popes, Bishops, Saints, etc.?
4) why shouldn't the prayer you wrote about during the most recent Easter Mass at the Vatican be translated this way?:

May the Morning Star which never sets
find this flame still burning:
Christ, that Morning Star,
who came back from the dead,
and shed his peaceful light on all mankind,
your Son, who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

Flammas eius lucifer matutinus inveniat:
ille, inquam, lucifer, qui nescit occasum,
Christus Filius tuus qui,
regressus ab inferis,
humano generi serenus illuxit,
et vivit et regnat in saecula saeculorum.

Thank you for your time. Please do not share my e-mail address. If you will only answer my inquiry by sharing/posting my e-mail address than please do not answer me. Thank you again.

Mr. Nobody:

“1) please explain why the angel under Our Lady of Guadalupe isn't a faithful good angel?”

Standing on top of another implies a type of supremacy or importance. The people of Guadalupe understood its meaning because they had been enslaved by this Masonic deception. The “moon” that the angel of light is holding is a reference to the moon god of the three Masonry-based Abrahamic religions, and this “moon god” is in fact “the lord”, which we now can prove is Satan. The point of this miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is that She is basically standing on Satan, and the people understood this and rebelled, some 8 or 9 million joining the Catholic Faith as a result.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Michelangelo references this same moon god in his famous painting below. The Jews' goal is to have you working and kissing their ass in both this life and the next. It's kind of an inside joke amongst Jewish-Freemasons who control the economy, your job and your outcome. Catholics' adherence to their lies is the source of much humor.

WWIII Ass god

“2) have any of the saints in the last 500 years prayed the Rosary with the 150 uninterrupted Aves (without the Pater Nosters and Glorias interjected after every 10 Aves)?”

It's hard to tell. Freemasonry controls history, so it's difficult to find these things. They control the books, the seminaries, the Priesthood, the theological knowledge...I'm sure I'm not the first person in the last 500 years to have figured it out.

Fatima Movement Files: How the Rosary was altered

You see, if “the Lord” is your god, there's a fear built in to your belief system (You shall fear the lord your god). But when you say the Rosary everyday, that fear goes away and with a lot of study, and with the aid of the Holy Ghost, you can see through the scriptures and understand them for what they are. There's nothing to fear but fear itself. Franklin D. Roosevelt, a 33* Freemason said that.

“3) do any of the papal encyclicals, bulls, pronouncements, etc. write the Trinity which includes Our Lady? Wouldn't I be able to see Our Lady in the Trinity somewhere in the Latin texts of early Church Fathers, Popes, Bishops, Saints, etc.?”

What you're looking for is a bull that was “lost” by John XXII regarding the Sabbatine Privilege, which allowed salvation independent from what was known as “the Church.” The Catholic Church was heavily infiltrated by Freemasonry even then and this Privilege basically said that if you wore the Scapular and said the Rosary every day, you could achieve salvation outside of the (corrupted) Church of the Dark Ages. With invalid Sacraments, Masonic agitators (both internal and external), corruptions to the Rosary prayers (150 Our Fathers said on the Rosary instead of 150 Ave Notre Dames), this was an attractive solution for many. But the bull was “lost” of course during the reign of John XXII, who by the way is responsible for the name “Jesus” being added to the Rosary Prayer around 1321.

“1. The problem of the lost original Papal Bull.

Many documents of Pope John XXII have been lost, so that the loss of this document does not militate against its authenticity. But official transcripts of the Bull allow us to trace it to an authenticated copy made in 1421.25 Similar copies of the original Bull were approved by Popes Clement VII, St. Pius V, Gregory XIII, and others as well.

“4) why shouldn't the prayer you wrote about during the most recent Easter Mass at the Vatican be translated this way?:

May the Morning Star which never sets
find this flame still burning:
Christ, that Morning Star,
who came back from the dead,
and shed his peaceful light on all mankind,
your Son, who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

Flammas eius lucifer matutinus inveniat:
ille, inquam, lucifer, qui nescit occasum,
Christus Filius tuus qui,
regressus ab inferis,
humano generi serenus illuxit,
et vivit et regnat in saecula saeculorum.”

I didn't write it, the Freemasons that run the Vatican did. You can interpret it anyway you'd like, and that is usually what Vatican II Novus Ordo Apologetics try to do, but the reality is that you're defending an administration that is Masonic and you're not doing yourself any favors. The Novus Ordo “priest” clearly says Lucifer twice, and validates what Malachi Martin said about Lucifer being entroned in the Vatican. These are Freemasons, they worship Lucifer, and it's kind of obvious now what has happened. This is the Apocalypse.

“Lucifer” invoked during Easter at the Vatican. There is no denying the Illuminati takeover of the Vatican now. You must leave now (and take your children with you).

If the Our Lady's Message of Fatima had as many “Apologetics” as the Luciferian based Novus Ordo Religion, the world would be a much more tolerable place. But “denial” is more than a river in Egypt, and for many it's just easier to look the other way and make excuses for this (for now, at least)...

Subject: Refuting the fatima movement

Hello! Mr. Nobody!

Has Anybody.. who could refute your information.... done so?

Has St. John Cantius ever stood up to you for what you are saying about them? Or the Opus Dei Group?

(( I hear that there is major in-fighting with in the organizations and donors are retreating)

Has Somebody written you an email to tell you that you are a crazy man and need to be pulled from the Internet so that you don't infect people's minds?
Everybody I know (those whom I have sent to your site) are very quite/silent about your information that you have shared with the world. They won't engage in a conversation and mums the word.

I don't think that I would have given your website an after thought if it wasn't for your scanned documents and the Baptism that I did for My family. To this day..My eyes are opened and I still! Feel that Baptism in the name of the Holy Ghost! It did something (in a good way) to me.

Hey!! I am so glad to hear that on page 264 of the Baptism rite in the Catholic 1907 Encyclopedia that
“Moralists (there will always be the purists) raise the question of the validity of a baptism in whose administration something else has been added to the prescribed form, as “and in the name of the BVM or Our LaDy” They replied that such a baptism would be invalid, if the minister intended to attribute the same efficacy to the added name as to the names of the Three Divine Persons. IF HOWEVER, IT IS DONE THROUGH A MISTAKEN PIETY ONLY IT WOULD NOT INTERFERE WITH THE VALIDITY. (S.ALPH,N111)
My piety is not mistaken for Our Lady/NotreDame.((( In the original Trinity they must be saying Holy Ghost twice. Father (1)Holy Ghost/Giver of Life, Son Jesus Christ and 2) Holy Ghost/Giver of Life who is the same as the Father.)))
HOWEVER. She IS to be part of the Trinity because of the common sense issue of the life/creation issue. Spiritum Sanctum is the THE GIVER OF LIFE. Her Womb is Blessed with the Fruit of Deum Nostrum Jesum Christum. Her Son.

This is a POWERFUL baptism and Holy Life-Giving Prayer of Our Lady's. This prayer always gives me the goose bumps.

Hail, Notre Dame, Queen of Heaven, of the Most Holy Rosary. Full of Grace! Spiritum Sanctum the Giver of Life is with Thee! Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women and Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb. Deum Nostrum Jesum Christum.
Notre Dame, Mother of God, Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

I have been saying this to shutdown the abortion industry/keep One Woman and One Man married families together/For lots of children and blest wombs and fertile dads. so they can share their fruit (children) with the world for Christ.

The ways of this world is certainly death/suicide for humanity if they don't get the LIFE issue right.

Akichta Washtay Winyan (Good Solider Woman) for Christ

Mr. Nobody:

Some people try to refute the information, but it's difficult to argue with historical texts and words from the Jewish Freemasons themselves. I have been getting more intelligent questions lately and I'm slowly getting to them, but to answer your question, I haven't been getting as much resistance lately. The Freemasons on Godlikeproductions.com keep pumping out the nobody threads. I think there's a few thousand forum threads about “the nobody” now. It is interesting, but they like to impersonate me or my words. It's actually getting ridiculous at this point:

GLP Forum thread: You cannot debunk the nobody

No, the St. John Cantius group and Opus Dei would rather hide in their basements where they do God knows what to each other. I really don't want to know to be honest. As far as donors withholding, it's kind of futile. The Vatican owns 1/3 of the gold ever mined in the world (below left), since the mining of gold started. Withholding $100 from them isn't going to do much. Sorry about the annoying edited video, YouTube is pulling many raw original sources down lately.

Silence is important, a requirement for those initiated into the occult (hence the word occult, which means “hidden”). The last thing Freemasons want to do after swearing an oath to the Devil with a sword held up to their naked breast (video above right) is to draw attention to the Truth on this website. I think most find it best to stay quiet because they know the terrible fate of the Freemasons that spoke too much to me.

The effect you felt in the Baptism is what is supposed to happen. The reality is, every Sunday, Catholics are also supposed to receive this valid Sacramental effect in the form of the Eucharist, which keeps them coming back. The absence of this Sacramental effect is what causes the flock to scatter, then getting absorbed by various Protestant denominations. This is how the Church has been turned on itself from within. Regarding the BMV, stick with the name Notre Dame (Our Lady), otherwise you get tangled up in the Masonic spiderweb known as the Bible.

Catholics must not say 'the lord' from the 1635 Douay Rheims

Regarding the abortion industry, they've been taking a propaganda hit lately in the news, so your prayers are working. Stories of women (or teenage girls) flushing their children down the toilet, indictments of abortion doctors in the news, etc., I think people are waking up to the fact that just because this abortion practice is sanctioned (allowed) by the Jewish Legal System, which has absolutely nothing to do with God's Law (Dogma), it's still wrong.

I'm still trying to figure out how the “Priests” at St. John Cantius justify their Mozart fettish during their Novus Ordo Masses when they should know that Mozart was a Luciferian Freemason. Until more people wake up to the deception that is going on, there's really nothing we can do. Just keep spreading the information.

Mozart and Masonry Cover

Paul Nettl

“In order to understand the true nature of Mozart, we must not dwell too much on his demoniac side, as some musicologists like Heuss and Abert have done, but we should concentrate on the classical aspects of his nature. Only then can we see the importance of Freemasonry for him, and we will recognize the same Masonic idea in the Requiem and the Magic Flute. It is acceptance of death but not capitulation. Death does not frighten him.” - p. 60

“The secret of Masonry is the Jew. Freemasonry has undertaken to rob the German people of their Germanic pride, and to turn them, unawares, into an instrument for bringing about the glorious future of the Jewish people.” - p. 85

Above left: “(1:09) Lies on the lips of the priests...(3:09) We formed the new religion, no sins as long as there's permission (from Jewish Government Law); above right: “(1:35) 1784 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart becomes a Freemason.”

Subject: READER CLAIMS NO EVIDENCE FOR THE Trinitarian Theophany

I want to tell you that the evidence for your theory of the trinity is just lacking in detail. How are we as a people understand such a mystery. We are just not that smart of nerdy. Also, if the baptism formula you prescribed is correct, how come I did not see the formula anywhere else on the Internet. After I scrolled your website, I noticed the formula slightly different from what I hear today. I looked it up on the Internet and found NOTHING. Except for this one article, where the prescribed formula corresponds to your formula except the fact it said father son and the holy spirit. Is it true that you changed the wording of the traditional baptism formula. No record in the history of man does it show your version of the baptismal formula.

From (Q----),
A faithful roman catholic.

Mr. Nobody:

I realize that priests who follow what comes out of Rome are not that smart, so I decided to use a lot of pictures and videos to explain why the New Order “Liturgy” has them chanting: “Let us proclaim the mystery of faith...”

The logic is simple: At the end of the world, all Catholics are taken into a state of damnation by a mysterious manipulation of books and the opening of seven seals, among other things. This is no mystery anymore because we have them on tape, we have their books, and we now know the specifics of what went down in the 1960's, something the Mother of God came to Fatima to warn us about.

The Vatican is run by Freemasonry and they are chanting to Lucifer without any reservation. They then tell you “the Lord” is God in their Liturgy (the words you say at a Vatican II Mass). If you want to believe in them and “the Lord”, that is your choice. But this website is geared for people who don't want to believe in what Luciferian priests are telling them, people who know something is wrong and are looking for the Truth in this era of lies. It turns out that the rumored installation of Lucifer in the 1960's is actually true, and they don't even care to hide this anymore. Modern “Catholics” are just brainwashed by this deception and don't have enough knowledge to come out of this end-times “Church.”

Look, when you have a limited knowledge of something, it's inner-workings will always be a mystery to you. But when you have a thorough knowledge of something, there is no mystery. For example, if you don't know what McDonald's hamburgers are made out of, the contents of their “meat” will be a mystery to you. But if you know what McDonald's hamburgers are made of, you will probably avoid eating them.

I've been hassled a lot and called “nerdy”, “crazy”, and whatever else for reading old books, manuals, studying theories, etc. in the last several years as I sought to defeat the New World Order. In fact, your “nerdy” label kind of reminds me of what I was frequently called by the person I was married to and brings back irritating memories. Look, there is no substitute for authentic knowledge and when you learn how to learn, you can teach yourself almost anything without “going to college” and taking on massive amounts of debt. You just have to know where to find knowledge and old information.

I'll give you an example: I was once hired by an old lady in the neighborhood to fix her boiler system in her older house. She had hired some hacks who charged her a lot of money to install a new boiler, and when the system started leaking and her heat wouldn't go above 50 degrees, these people were nowhere to be found. Even though she had three adult sons (who were American Republican military types), none of them understood these older systems and as a result, their poor mother was shivering in the late fall of a typical Chicago winter.

Since I'm the “nerdy” type, as you would say, I was able to diagnose the problem and come up with the solution. Yes, I did study old boiler manuals and had a couple of friends who taught me the gaps, and as a result of knowing where to find this “old information”, I was able to rework her boiler system with old-fashioned black steel pipe so that it pumped out enough heat to keep her happy and didn't leak. I borrowed some very old pipe threading tools from a friend, and by studying the inner workings of how a boiler system operates, I was able to rip out the shoddy pipe-work installed by these hacks, rearrange the pump system, and when I was done, everything worked as it was supposed to.

Boiler 1Boiler 2Boiler 3Boiler 4

Before (left 2 images); After (right 2 images); click to enlarge.

Now to most men, ripping out boiler pipes and electrical wiring seems mysterious and intimidating. As you can see above, there was confusing wiring, leaking pipes, multiple circulating pumps, corroded pipe connectors, and as you can see in the left two photos below, the whole thing was a mess. But with what you call “nerdy” knowledge, it's not that big a deal to rip out this hack installation and return the house to a normal, reliable temperature (something you don't want to mess with in cold Chicago winters because of pipe freezes and the problems that go with it). You just have to know what you are doing.

By studying the “old ways” and without any formal education, I was able to understand the problems and come up with a solution without anyone “holding my hand.” After studying what many call “icky” old books, I was able to rework the system the old-fashioned way- with black steel pipes that I hand-threaded, instead of using modern, loud and leak-prone copper pipes, one Bell & Gossett pump with three zone valves instead of three foreign pumps controlled by an unreliable, electronically-controlled zone system, and I installed some heavy-duty cast iron baseboards in rooms that had low-volume, cheap copper baseboards that didn't hold much hot water, hence the amount of btu's being transferred to that room were low, causing the cold-temperatures the lady was complaining about.

When you study something that is a mystery to most people, a thorough study practice many would cast off as a “nerdy” undertaking, I've found that almost anything is possible, and this is true of the “mystery” of the Novus Ordo Religion, which by the way, is positively no mystery to it's engineers, the Freemasons. When you “learn how to learn”, whether it be the mysteries of Catholicism, stopping the New World Order, how to install boilers, how to make 1920's style double-hung windows out of raw Mahoghany stock, raising garages, building staircases, or 3d character/special effects and animation work, the approach of independently studying your area of study to the point where there is no mystery left in your craft is the key to getting to that top level of knowledge. Knowledge is what makes the difference between a worker-bee and his management, and thorough study or what you call being “nerdy” is required to make that leap.

I'll give you another example. One time, I needed to lift up my 2 1/2 car garage so that I could fit my high-top van into it for insurance reasons. I didn't have the money for a new garage so I studied how to do this myself. A few friends knowledgeable in construction thought I was nuts and were questioning why I was studying old engineering books, but I remembered an engineer relative who had done something like this when I was a kid and between these two sources of knowledge (the old books and the engineer), I was able to jack up 30 year old Sears garage by about 22 inches with a $30 bottle jack, and insert some 19 1/4” stud walls, bolt everything together, and had an 8 foot garage door put on. These construction “experts” were scratching their heads, but this is because of their lack of knowledge stops at a certain point, that point being where an engineer's knowledge starts.

Garage 1Garage 2Garage 3Garage 4

I also used to study old carpentry techniques that are not in use anymore just to revive some old methods of what I thought were better construction techniques. Today, most people buy cheap vinyl windows to replace their old and rotten wooden ones and then regret it soon afterwards. I didn't want this, so I hit the books, drew up some plans, bought some tools, and eventually won an award from an achitectural firm for recreating the historic windows found on 1900's era homes in Chicago. If you go to the bookstore, you're not likely to find any books that can teach you these things, so you kind of have to teach yourself. Below are some photos of these “nerdy” undertakings. These are fully functional, solid mahoghany double hung windows that slide up and down with hidden 6-10 pound weights, “hung” on chains that go up and down on pulleys. Both the top and bottom sashes go up and down:

Windows 1Windows 2Windows 3Windows 4

These learning principles of intense independent study can even be applied to playing pool (if you're from Chicago and you can't play pool, there's usually something very wrong with you). I was on a pool team and was a decent shot, but could never break through to that next level like pool players on television. The difference between your average bar player and the players on television is that the latter know exactly where the ball is going. Most bar players just strive to get the ball in the pocket, relying on chance instead of knowledge as to where the cue ball will end up, which largely determines if their next shot is going to be easy or impossible.

If you want to run a table, you obviously need the knowledge of exactly where the cue ball is going to land when the dust settles. In order to know this, the experts study the physics of the game, they watch slow-motion videos on the effects of “English”, and they have a commanding knowledge which takes the “mystery” out of the game. I used to get laughed at by other players on my team for studying these things but after a year or so of studying these things, I managed to become one of the most dangerous players on the North Side of Chicago. I was beating Vegas champions, State champions, many of the top players especially in playoff situations on the road because I studied the “nerdy” stuff others wouldn't (and I was silently saying the Rosary during my matches which would cause the demons in my opponent to cause him to lose his cool to the point sometimes that they would kick the table, throw cue balls at the wall, etc.). Once again, knowledge is the difference maker. You should watch “The Color of Money” sometime...I used to go to this pool hall a few times a week (below left). It's a fun movie if you need a break from this New World Order stuff...

The reason I'm harping on your criticism of knowledge as “nerdy” is because this cursed new order way of life, which often times manifests itself in men who cannot do things older generations almost instinctively knew how to do, is one of the characteristics of the mark of the beast. In Orwell's “1984”, a lady is suffering in her dilapidated home with broken windows and no heat, reminiscing about how her husband used to fix such things. In this novel about the New World Order, it seems most men are working some desk job for the government and there's no men left to take care of these “nerdy” things, things which required knowledge.

“’Oh, comrade,’ she began in a dreary, whining sort of voice, ’I thought I heard you come in. Do you think you could come across and have a look at our kitchen sink? It’s got blocked up and-’

It was Mrs Parsons, the wife of a neighbour on the same floor. (’Mrs’ was a word somewhat discountenanced by the Party — you were supposed to call everyone ’comrade’ — but with some women one used it instinctively.) She was a woman of about thirty, but looking much older. One had the impression that there was dust in the creases of her face. Winston followed her down the passage.

These amateur repair jobs were an almost daily irritation. Victory Mansions were old flats, built in 1930 or thereabouts, and were falling to pieces. The plaster flaked constantly from ceilings and walls, the pipes burst in every hard frost, the roof leaked whenever there was snow, the heating system was usually running at half steam when it was not closed down altogether from motives of economy. Repairs, except what you could do for yourself, had to be sanctioned by remote committees which were liable to hold up even the mending of a window-pane for two years.

’Of course it’s only because Tom isn’t home,’ said Mrs Parsons vaguely.” - “1984” by George Orwell, page 11.

This type of attitude towards knowledge that you have, and I've seen it so often times exhibited by cursed Vatican II types, is very irritating to people like us. If I were you, I wouldn't harbor such an attitude towards the Truth because if this New World Order is going to ever happen, you're going to find yourself humiliated for following the Vatican's Ecclesial Lord-centric religion of the Novus Ordo Council, which is simply Satan worship. This is why it is written that when that day comes, you're really not going to find any dignity in this dumbed-down modernist state you are in.

'If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face--for ever.' . . . . O'Brien went on: 'And remember that it is for ever. The face will always be there to be stamped upon. The heretic, the enemy of society, will always be there, so that he can be defeated and humiliated over again.' - “1984” by George Orwell.

“And he shall be in disgrace with all men, because he understood not the fear of the Lord.” - Ecclesiasticus 23:31

The Fatima Movement Files: The Lord is Satan; Our Lady is God.

Yes, it is true I changed the form of the Trinity back to be consistent with the Trinitarian Theophany shown to St. Lúcia in her convent in Tuy, Spain in 1929. St. Lúcia's warnings about blashpheming God The Holy Ghost, combined with my in-depth knowledge of the Illuminati takeover of the Vatican over 1900 years which is backed up all over this website with authentic books that you can find in your local library or seminary (if you're lucky). The more you study what the Illuminati are trying to get you to believe in, the more you want to do the opposite.

Regarding the Baptism Rite, I believe the Latin form is the best way because it builds into its language the concept of the one “Who Is”, right into the name with the dative declension, something that requires many words to convey in English (was, is and ever shall be). Proper intention can resolve this, but it's best to use the Latin names of the Trinity when administering the Rite. I try to make this easy to understand for my readers, but I also understand your frustration because it requires a Priest's knowledge, which is something few people have the time or willingness to learn.

This site is really geared towards the religious who already understand certain concepts from years of study, although from corrupted texts. I used to say that this is a “Graduate” Level site, something that the Sedevacantist should read after going through less difficult material like the Dimond Brothers put out. I'm sorry if it's too hard for you, I really don't know what to tell you.

Since most Vatican II Roman “Catholics” actually believe that Jews talk to the God of Heaven, they are shocked when videos are shown of something they don't have an understanding of. Take for example this video below on the left of their “Pope” performing an ineffective exorcism. Why is their leader, anti-Pope Francis doing this? Why isn't he successful? Why is this man still complaining that he is possessed? Because the Vatican leadership is run by Luciferian Freemasons, and their Rites and Rituals are designed to take men like this to Hell, where they will serve the leaders they venerated for an eternity.

5/30/2013: Man “Pope” Prayed Over Still 'Possessed'. (THIS PROVES THE VATICAN'S EXORCISM RITE DOES NOT WORK - Fatima Movement):

“A 43-year-old Mexican father of two, who claims to be possessed by demons — and whom Pope Francis prayed over earlier this month in what some witnesses likened to a public exorcism — insists that he still has demons inside him.

Identified only as Angel V., the man told Spanish-language newspaper El Mundo that he had undergone some 30 exorcisms by 10 exorcists, including the renowned Roman exorcist Rev. Gabriel Amorth, who all tried unsuccessfully to free him from his affliction. The interview was reported in the Italian daily La Stampa.

“I still have the demons inside me, they have not gone away,” the man said, noting that he felt much better after the Pope prayed over him. El Mundo reported that the man is able to walk. He was in a wheelchair when he met Pope Francis on May 19 at the conclusion of Mass on Pentecost Sunday.”

I really don't know what else you want from a website, but I'll tell you this. If you're looking for the Truth on the internet, good luck with that. What distinguishes this Fatima Movement website from all of the other websites is that we have the scans of real, expensive and often-times hard to find Catholic texts, texts that can still be found at your local seminary library or on eBay if you need to verify them. This is where the knowledge of the Revolution in the Vatican can be found and I suggest that you take advantage of this. It will save you some time on your search, if you are interested in the Truth.

If you like the comfort of large groups and don't have the strength to speak Truth to power, then keep doing what you're doing. But one day, if you make that choice and find that the Door to Heaven is closed in your face, you will then understand what this “nerdy stuff” was all about and regret your actions. The tragedy of your situation is that you will probably not come out of the usurped Vatican “trinity” in time to save your soul, and this will be your choice, something you will be reminded of at each minute of each hour of each endless day in Hell.

The information on this website was extremely difficult to find. In fact, nobody was supposed to be able to figure out what was causing the New World Order but then again, that's why the Illuminati call me the “nobody.” I'm not in the business of begging people to convert to Catholicism because the entire world is run by Jewish-Freemasonry, I just put out the information for those who want it. If you want it, it's here. If you don't, go to the other sites and join the Masonic “Party.”

“Don't ask me how I know this but the lack of doom latley is caused by a wildcard, someone who the Illuminati did not expect. This person apparently came out of nowhere, he is a nothing a nobody, yet much hangs in the balance because of him, lol that's God for ya.
He is a nothing, a nobody, yet much hangs in the balance because of him...I made it as clear as i could. He basically told the Illuminati to go f**k itself, basically to their faces, and they did not kill him, rather they like him because he is REAL and not a zombie. Clear now?” - The Illuminati Offer thread on godlikeproductions.com with over 2 million responses, explaining the mysterious stop of the NWO in 2009.”

Subject: Catholic Encyclopedia Entries For Baptism uses Holy Ghost and Trinity uses Holy Spirit

Hi Mr. Nobody,
I extracted and attached two JPGs from the Catholic Encyclopedia from (1906-1914) to compare (click images below to enlarge). Why is Holy Ghost in Baptism and not in the Trinity? Like I mentioned before, it happened in the Denzinger Dogma (1947) also. Is this part of their plan to confuse everyone?

Catholic Encyclopedia BaptismCatholic Encyclopedia Trinity


Mr. Nobody:

Nice find. Yes, that's exactly what is going on here. The text of the original Catholic Encyclopedia which was written over a decade or so by a small army of different writers was in a way, at the mercy of the writer of that particular entry. With oversight by the Knights of Columbus, and it doesn't take much digging to understand their objective, it's interesting how they try to make synonymous the name of God The Holy Ghost with the name of the Devil the “holy spirit.”

The goal of slowly introducing the “spirit” and the “Holy Spirit” as a replacement name for the name of God the Father, The Holy Ghost, is what you have discovered. This was about 40 years before the Vatican quietly replaced the name in the Sacramental Rites.

THE ORIGINAL CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA 1907-1914 'Special Knights of Columbus Edition'


Vol. I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII | XIII | XIV | XV

This rare hard-to-find original set is available online but may have modified important entries from the original printed version, so to preserve history, here are the originals. The creation of this set was supervised by the Knights of Columbus, a questionable outfit at best. One significant feature is the absence of any entry for “Holy Spirit” which is the name used in the anathematizing Novus Ordo Masonic Baptism. Right-click on the link, then “save as” to download to your hard drive. Volume IX is missing from this set due to “questionable content.” It simply is not available on the internet. To remedy this, the Fatima Movement has made available the other version of this set, the “Standard Edition”, which itself has these missing entries from this Knights of Columbus in Volumes VIII, IX and X (the two sets do not start and end on the same subjects in every volume, so some topics may be pushed to an adjacent volume). The Fatima Movement offers both for this reason.

An interesting thing about this Original Catholic Encylclopedia is that it seems to try to preserve the name of the Holy Ghost in this way: when you look up the entry for “Holy Ghost”, you find an entry. If you look up “Holy Spirit”, the Encyclopedia directs you back to the “Holy Ghost” entry for information. This is found in Volume 7 of this set. Even today, Masonic revisionists have a problem when trying to delete the Divine Name of God The Holy Ghost because of this:

Holy Ghost in Catholic Encyclopedia

I don't have a copy of the 1967 or 2002 “New Catholic Encyclopedia”, but from what I can find on the internet, these newer realeases are forced to contain the original text and entries with four additional volumes as an “addendum.” If you want a homework assignment, maybe you could investigate how other revisions have attempted to delete the name of God the Father, the Holy Ghost.

But thanks for sending that in for everyone. Different writers of religious texts with different motivations definitely do try to make their mark on changing our history. For those who don't know, the importance of this deletion of the Name of God The Holy Ghost ties in to the mark of the beast which causes the baptismal candidate to receive the character of the Devil for this simple reason: when someone baptizes a child with the name of what Albert Pike describes as “the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes” on that child's forehead, what results is an unprotected and potentially possessed human being. This is exactly why Sister Lúcia was warning us about.

The most thorough research available in the world about the “Mark” or “Character” of the Beast can be found in the Fatima Movement Files: The Secret of the Preisthood/The Second Name that closes Heaven's Door.

St. Lucia of Fatima

“It is with a certain trepidation because if you despise and reject this ultimate means, we will not have any more forgiveness from Heaven, because we will have committed a sin which the Gospel calls the sin against the Holy Ghost. This sin consists of openly rejecting, with full knowledge and consent, the salvation which He offers.”

- Sister Lúcia Santos, 1957

“But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, shall never have forgiveness, but shall be guilty of an everlasting sin.” - Mark 3:29 1899 D.R.

Morals & Dogma Cover

Worldwide Head of Luciferian Freemasonry, Albert Pike (1916):

“This agent, partially revealed by the blind guesses of the disciples of Mesmer, is precisely what the Adepts of the middle ages called the elementary matter of the great work. The Gnostics held that it composed the igneous body of the Holy Spirit; and it was adored in the secret rites of the Sabbat or the Temple, under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes.”

Freemasonic Manual: Morals and Dogma page 734

Freemason Albert Pike, leader of the organization in the 1800's

While I'm covering this topic, I wanted to address what many are describing as anti-pope Francis' exorcism of a demon in a handicapped man in his audience. I've received many emails about this video of this strange occurence which can be seen in the video below on the left. The Vatican is denying that an exorcism was performed (below right), and I wanted to explain why this Vatican statement is accurate (Fatima Movement explanation below):

The pilgrim from Mexico in the wheelchair is a sick man who is possessed by four demons, as the Vatican's Exorcist accurately explains in my opinion. This handicapped man is just another tragic example of what St. Lúcia was warning us about, the consequences of blaspheming the name of God, The Holy Ghost.

The Vatican's official response to this paranormal show by Francis in the video (above right) is accurate. Anti-pope Francis did not perform an exorcism. If Francis had actually performed a Catholic exorcism, he would have concluded his “performance” by initiating this victim of the mark of the beast into the Catholic Religion by “sealing the deal” with the Catholic Sacrament of Baptism, which requires the name of God The Holy Ghost, a Sacrament absolutely required for salvation.

The proper administration of Christ's Sacrament (or Seal) of Baptism would have permanently expelled the apparent four demons and fortified the poor man with God The Holy Ghost. But unfortunately for this poor man, Francis who is just another Freemason, purposely left him still anathematized (or outside of the Church) and only intended to put on a show for Catholics who still think he is head is the real Catholic Church. It seems Francis was attempting to recreate the same public display the impostor Jesus used, a trick utilized by the adept for the purpose of impressing the meek into following him.

I personally think Francis was trying to put on a show for the cameras and the crowd but he failed. Imagine if Francis was actually able to expel the possessing spirits who are most likely involved in this man's condition and the handicapped man got up and walked away. Imagine what a hero Francis would be and how many would follow his heresiess, with a Masonic media ready to put their full force into making him a “hero.” I think he was trying to do this but failed.

Illuminati anti-pope Francis of course knows what he is doing and decides to show off his Masonic abilities for the cameras. What you see Francis do is what the Jewish Jesus of the Bible was criticized for in Matthew 12:22-12:27, and that is doing a fake exorcism which leaves the soul damned, even if a “miracle” takes place (the spirits leave the body momentarily):

Matthew 12:22 “Then one was brought to Him who was demon-possessed, blind and mute; and He healed him, so that the blind and the mute man both saw and spoke. 23 And all the multitudes were amazed and said, “Could this be the Son of David?” 24 Now when the Pharisees heard it they said, “This fellow does not cast out demons except by Beelzebub, the ruler of the demons.”

25 But (the Jewish) Jesus knew their thoughts, and said, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand? 27 And if I cast out demons by Beelzebub, by whom do your sons cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges.”

So the next time you see a show about the paranormal, possessing spirits, even about anathematized children of the grave who were tragically abused in this life and the next, you will know what is causing it. These poor souls were marked by the beast (the Masonic baptism) and did not make it into Heaven. Some of these people will go to Hell, others will roam the Earth in Purgatory or “Limbo” until Judgment Day.

This is a serious situation and the consequences are real as you can see in the “Children of the Grave” show (above right). Whoever allowed these children to be marked by a fake priest whether it be their parents, their Godparents, a naive priest following orders from above, or a combination of the above, will have a lot to answer for. This forgetting of the name of God The Holy Ghost is something the Jewish Bible calls the “sins of the father.” Although the Traditional Church has taught that anathematized children go to a place where there is no fire, like the poor children have in the video above, the consequences for the adults are not so forgiving. So the next time some theologian tries to eliminate, delete, or pass off as synonymous the Name of God The Holy Ghost with “the spirit”, don't believe him.

UPDATE 5/30/2013: Man Pope Prayed Over Still 'Possessed'. (THIS PROVES THE VATICAN'S EXORCISM RITE DOES NOT WORK - Fatima Movement):

“A 43-year-old Mexican father of two, who claims to be possessed by demons — and whom Pope Francis prayed over earlier this month in what some witnesses likened to a public exorcism — insists that he still has demons inside him.

Identified only as Angel V., the man told Spanish-language newspaper El Mundo that he had undergone some 30 exorcisms by 10 exorcists, including the renowned Roman exorcist Rev. Gabriel Amorth, who all tried unsuccessfully to free him from his affliction. The interview was reported in the Italian daily La Stampa.

“I still have the demons inside me, they have not gone away,” the man said, noting that he felt much better after the Pope prayed over him. El Mundo reported that the man is able to walk. He was in a wheelchair when he met Pope Francis on May 19 at the conclusion of Mass on Pentecost Sunday.”

The following quotes are from a 1947 copy of Summa Theologica. It is unknown how much his work was tampered with, but what survived parallels these warnings. Good luck and thanks for sending that in. Nice work.

Thomas Aquinas

SUMMA THEOLOGICA By St. Thomas Aquinas

Summa Theologica, 1947 Benziger Brothers, Volume I, Question 13, Fourth Article:

Argument: If all names applied to God are synonymous, we cannot properly say good God, or the like, and yet it is written, O most mighty, great and powerful, the Lord of hosts is Thy name (Jer. xxxii. 18).

“I argue that, These names spoken of God are not synonymous…these names signify the divine substance, although in an imperfect manner, it is also clear from what has been said that they have diverse meanings…Therefore, although the names applied to God signify one thing, still because they signify that under many and different aspects, they are not synonymous.”

St. Thomas Aquinas (1262): “Wisdom may fill the hearts of the faithful, and put to silence the dread folly of heretics, fittingly referred to as the gates of Hell.” (Intro. To Catena Aurea.)

Mark of the Beast

13th Century Doctor of the Catholic Church St. Thomas Aquinas explains his understanding of the difference between Christ's Sacrament of baptism and John's baptism which is as effective to your salvation as taking a bath: nothing. You are just as “saved” as if you used the name Mickey Mouse. This is the deception that is the “Mark of the Beast” in the Apocalypse, a spiritual mark on the forehead caused by the counter-church in the Apocalypse, an absent Sacrament which by its very nature, causes that soul to be anathematized from Heaven. Click on the image on the left to open up a new browser window with this 1947 translation of St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica. It is about 14 pages of scans. This is to save bandwith on our end.

Summa Theologica, 1947 Benziger Brothers, Volume II, Question 38, Sixth Article:

Argument: Whether Those Who Had Been Baptized with John's Baptism Had to be Baptized with the Baptism of Christ?

Augustine says (Super Joan., Tract v): Those who were baptized with John's baptism (Holy Spirit) needed to be baptized with the baptism of our Lord (Holy Ghost)...John's baptism neither conferred grace nor imprinted a character, but was merely in water, as he says himself (Matth. iii. 11). Wherefore the faith or hope which the person baptized had in Christ could not supply this defect.

Do not accept a Vatican II Satanic Sacrament. When in doubt, do it yourself.

Summa Theologica Seven Seals

Explanation of the effects of the Seven Seals: Grace & Character: an indelible mark imprinted on the soul. Source: Summa Theologica, 1947 Benziger Brothers,

Volume II, Question 63, Fourth Article: Argument: Whether The Sacramental Character is the Character of Christ?

Obj 3. Further, a man is marked with a character that he may be distinguishable from others. But the saints are distinguishable from others by charity, which, as Augustine says (De Trin. xv), alone separates the children of the Kingdom from the children of perdition: wherefore also the children of perdition are said to have the character of the beast (Apoc. xiii. 16, 17).

Reply Obj. 3. A character distinguishes one from another, in relation to some particular end, to which he, who receives the character, is ordained: as has been stated concerning the military character (A.1) by which a soldier of the king is distinguished from the enemy's soldier in relation to the battle. In like manner the character of the faithful is that by which the faithful of Christ are distinguished from the servants of the devil, either in relation to eternal life, or in relation to the worship of the Church that now is. Of these the former is the result of charity and grace, as the objection runs; while the latter results from the sacramental character. Wherefore the character of the beast may be understood by opposition, to mean either the obstinate malice for which some are assigned to eternal punishment, or the profession of an unlawful form of worship.

Subject: The location where the real gospel took place

Dear Sir,

You say that the Bible is from the cult of the Jews and not the true Scriptures of Jesus Christ. What is the location where the real gospel took place? Did the gospel story of Jesus Christ take place in Rome and not in Israel? Is the true gospel a European story and not in the Middle East? There is a book about Scotland as the real Holy Land @ http://www.sacredconnections.co.uk/holyland/holylandbk.htm is there any truth to this?

Thank you.


Mr. Nobody:

The Roman Catholic Church originated in Rome. Anything that points to the Jewish-Masonic land of Israel is simply Jewish-Masonic revisionist history. Yes, the bible, written by Gnostic Freemasonry, tries to get us to believe that Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Israel are somehow important to the God of Heaven. Unfortunately this is not the case. Those lands are central to the “Lord” and his plan, which happens to corelate with Freemasonry's objective of getting us all to believe in this false God, which is the central theme of their objective of causing the entire world to sin by worshipping Satan. This is also the geographical area of the impostor Jesus of the DaVinci Code covered in this section: Fatima Movement Files: the heretical Jesus, the one Freemasonry rallies behind and supports.

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry may be some sort of “Holy Land” to the Jewish-Freemasons, but this has nothing to do with Catholicism. It is another effect of historical chaos created by Freemasonry to alter the reality of what really happened. The Acts of the Apostles is a documentation of early Freemasons, attempting to subvert the Roman Catholic Religion. This is why Pope St. Peter, the early Cardinals, Priests, the Sacrifice of the Mass, and the correct form of the Sacraments are never revealed in the Bible (though Acts XIX in older Latin Vulgates reveal the necessity of the name Spiritum Sanctum or The Holy Ghost who was, is and ever shall be). Freemasonry puts out a magazine called “Scottish Rite” which used to be called “The New Age”. Below are some covers from this magazine.

Scottish Rite Freemason Magazine

It's hard not to notice that the Jan. 2007 cover (above left) features a Judges gavel, a Masonic mug and Albert Pike's Morals & Dogma. This is the book that explains that Lucifer is the Light, “doubt it not” on page 321:

Morals and Dogma page 321

You can find it on this site here: The Fatima Movement Files: Morals and Dogma. Other covers reveal G.O.P. leader Trent Lott to be involved with this cult, Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame (you can see what this Jewish-Freemason really believes here, but it is explicit), and a special edition for their iconic Washington Monument which was shattered at the end of the countdown of the Third Secret of Fatima on August 23/24, 2011, stopping the end of the world.

The term “gospel” is a Protestant/Masonic term, so I would not use it as a Catholic unless you need to point out some biblical heresy.

The real story of Christ was originally re-enacted every day in Cathedrals by Catholic Priests in the Holy Sacrifice of the Catholic Mass, but the script (Mass Liturgy) has been tampered with so much by revisionist Masonic “priests” that it may never be recovered. The 12 (not 14) Stations of the Cross, the Rosary (which reinforces the Divinity of Christ by having the person repeat over and over: Mother of God), and the Crucifixion and Resurrection (Easter) are just about all we have left. There are some Churches still around like those in Serbia which have icons that reinforce the Divinity of Christ, but unfortunately many of those were deliberately destroyed in the 1990's in the Bosnian War.

But yes, Catholicism was originally based out of Rome with European roots, and that is because Rome ran the world in those days. Some believe the crucifixion of God may have actually occurred in the Roman Coliseum, but who really knows. It would be interesting to get ahold of the documents in the Vatican Archives, but good luck with that. Those are sealed and won't be available until we have a real Catholic Pope, with nothing to hide or cover up.

Thanks for the question.

Subject: SECOnD 150 Rosary?

Hi Mr. Nobody,
When I do the 150, I only do “A, Make the sign of the Cross and etc...” and skip to “C, 150 Rosary” I skip b,c,d and e, OK? or do I have to do everything from a-e.

Do you have to do the 2nd 150 Rosary right after the first or you can wait for few hours later. I usually do the first in the morning and do one in the afternoon and last one before sleep.

Also, to pray for what I want or need, do I have to do 2nd 150 Rosary or just one time is good enough.....


Mr. Nobody:

Do everything from A-E and thank God Jesus Christ for His sacrifice on the cross for us, thank God Our Lady for the Warning at Fatima, and thank God The Holy Ghost for the power in the Sacraments, and for helping us read in between the lines (interpreting scripture).

Think of your first Rosary 150 of the day as a replacement for going to Church, something that does not exist today because of the Masonic rewrites, etc. You wouldn't go to Chuch asking for favors, you go to Church to thank God for His sacrifice because He orders it: “Do this in remembrance of Me.”

Your second Rosary of the day can be used for requests, this is fine, but the first Rosary must be for God, exclusively.

For more information on your second Rosary of the day and what it can do, read the Fatima Movement Editorial: HOW TO TARGET SPECIFIC JEWISH-FREEMASONS WITH THE ROSARY 150

Thanks for the good question D--.