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Subject: Fatima Movement Assault

Dear Sir,

As with everyone else that follows your site and prays the 150 rosary, I am sick of all the illuminati B.S. that I must encounter every day, and while our efforts in saying the rosary are doing good, how can we start shutting these animals down completely, so they don’t come back doing the same s--- that they have always done. Maybe a bit more unification in what we ask for when we recite our rosaries? Let’s get together, let’s bring the fight to them in a way that they have never dealt with and won’t be able to deal with. I’m just sick of it, sick of working for them, sick of giving all the money back to them for taxes, gas and overpriced food that is poisoned. Let’s all get together and pray for defeat of our opposition. I don’t think there could be a better time in history to do this. They came close to winning, but we can still hit the game winning bottom of the ninth with two outs grand slam. Hell trembles, and so do these clowns, when we use our weapon. If our intentions are for the same cause, we cannot and will not be defeated. Or we just sit back, deal with the crap and let them treat us like the scared little bitches they want us to be!



Mr. Nobody:

There are many things we can do. I'm only one person, and I think my run is just about over for now. I simply don't have the time, energy or finances to continue doing this, so if you and others want to get together and formally organize somehow, just let me know what you need me to post- links to forums, mailing lists, etc. and I'll comply and help with whatever I can. Here are some ideas if you're motivated to break free.

This is the wisdom of the Catholic Religion and the Rosary: We don't have to use arms and we don't break their laws directly, so we can't stand accused of anything except being “different”, which as of late, seems to be a criminal offense itself. Here is some guidance if you choose to shatter the New World Order Matrix:

If someone suspects you of being a Catholic thought criminal, it's best to just change the subject to politics or better yet, wear a little sticker that says “I Voted” so they think you actually believe in the Masonic State system, and don't suspect you of being with the underground Catholic Church. If they start to think that you believe in their American (or whatever flag they offer) religion, they will become less suspicious of you and leave you alone.

Voting for the Masonic State

George Orwell touches upon these types of intellectual disguises in his novel 1984, and these tactics are very effective today. Going to their rallies, hanging a flag on the front of your house, these types of activities provide a certain cover.

I personally like to drive big American-made cars and wear a cowboy hat to survive in this idiocracy. If that does not work, I start bragging about how Americans went to the moon and about “how awesome we are.” This kind of confusing speech has the effect of throwing off and confusing angry goyim Americans for a moment, and provides me with an opportunity to get away from these idiots and move on. Masons do this all the time in social situations to guide the thoughts of the group into trivial matters to provide cover for their activities, so we must do the opposite to wake people up from this massive deception.

Lady Gaga eats Rosary

If you contrast Our Lady's peaceful revolution against the Illuminati with the agitations of agent-provocateurs like Jewish-Freemasons Alex Jones or Glenn Beck, who are hell-bent on provoking a violent second american revolution to return to the Illuminati's Constitution, a religious document to the goyim, you will realize they can't touch us. And the Illuminati know it. They can interfere with our communications and prevent us from waking up others, just as Mossad or whatever Israeli intelligence operatives are attempting to do to the Fatima Movement website on the internet, but in the end the Truth will backfire on them I believe.

The Fatima Movement is a thought revolution based on the Catholic Religion and we operate to a tee via the instructions given to us in the Fatima Secrets, Three Secrets from Our Lady that stopped WWI, WWII, WWIII, destroyed the Illuminati's Washington Monument Egyptian obelisk, shut down the Luciferian Mass in Superbowl XLVII while we performed the equivalent of the Christ's Mass, and stopped the Mayan Masonic Apocalypse, the last Pope deception, etc. We do not need to pick up guns and boat up the Russian River Apocalypse Now style, and open fire on the world's leaders sacrificing children at Bohemian Grove. This type of nonsense will only land us in jail and shut us down. We operate by saving souls from these world leaders dominions in Hell using the power of the Original Rosary. This is how we roll.

I understand your frustration, but don't expect to overturn a subverted world overnight. It took many generations to create this society of fools, and it is going to take at least a couple of generations to wake people up. If you're willing, start a blog, print up materials and hand them out, start making and selling rosaries (some affilitates are opening a store next month on fatimarosary.org if you want to check that out), start presenting the material at Vatican II Churches, preferrably in the presence of the goyim so they can see, and basically do what is humanly possible to stop this and cause a reversal. I'm just one homeless human being, and I've reached 250,000 people with this knowledge via this website. If a hundred Catholics did what I did, the New World Order would fall apart so quickly and the Church could become ours again. Don't wait for someone else to hold your hand, you're going to have to do it yourself. That's just the world we live in today, and the price we pay for our forefathers' submission to the false theology of Freemasonry who have owned the Church and its teaching outlets for far longer than most people can handle. Think of mice and men and what you want to be.

I'll promote to the extent that I can on this site, and make famous anyone who dares to try to stop you. I suggest buying a spy camera for about $100, and document Freemasons who interfere with your activities. Send me the video and they will be made famous. Then, other goyim can see them for what they are and will realize what is quietly going on right in front of them.

Tax day is coming up in America, and keep this in mind because this is one way the Illuminati enslave us. There is no law requiring you to file an income tax form. They use the element of fear to both enslave us with their tax laws and their false god, “you should fear the lord your god” as they say, but the reality is, you can save yourself about 25-30% of your labor by not filing. IRS agents do not file, and neither should you. They may hassle you into court, but the reality is there is no law ordering you to file.

Must see: (left) Aaron Russo interviews IRS Tax Commissioner and author of IRS tax code. (Right) IRS Agents do not file tax returns.

Another practical thing you can do is to convert your home to a religious property, specifically a Shrine to Our Lady of Fatima. Hang a sign on your door that says The Church of Our Lady, build a Shrine to Our Lady in your backyard, and take advantage of the tax exemption set up for the Church. This will save you thousands of dollars each year and you can apply these savings to working for the promotion of the Message of Fatima.

Protestants have been living tax free for a long time which is why you see so many small Protestant chapels and “churches” all over America. It's time we do the same. The next time someone rhetorically asks what God did for him, teach this person how to save 40% of their labor by living as a lay-person of the Fatima Catholic Church. Over a lifetime, 40% adds up quickly. This 40% savings can be used to pay down mortgages very quickly, and I don't have to explain how much money interest-payments eat up over the lifespan of a 360 month loan amoritization. Combining the tax savings from not filing with the Jews and their IRS, the savings of property taxes and applying that money to get rid of interest payments, these tactics over time can free up 60% of your income, and give you control over the rest of your life so you can work for yourself, your family and the restoration of the Church, and not for the Jewish World State, their laws, and their goal of WWIII.

Another thing that needs to be done is to buy decommissioned Cathedrals from the Vatican and operate them as Fatima Churches. For example, the Archdiocese of London is liquidating three Churches right now in Canada for the cost of $1, and nobody wants them. I'm in no position to do this myself, I seriously have been so financially drained in court that I live in a semi-truck, but whoever out there is motivated, you can buy a decommissioned Catholic Cathedral and live in it, not pay property taxes, not pay income taxes, not pay interest, and free up most of your life's labor which goes to the Masonic State. With this newly found free-time, you can make and sell Original 150 Rosaries, house priests and nuns who are defecting from Benedict's Illuminati religion and do your part to help them fight back, and just live. You may have to work a small job for the utility bill and for your food, but this could be the beginning of the restoration of the Papal States that were taken by Mussolini in 1929. For those who are unaware, this was the last part of the world that was free from Masonic government control.

It isn't easy to fight Benedict and his internal Vatican Masonic mafia, and living as a monk or a nun doesn't make you rich, so try to help these people out if you can. If everyone did their part, the Truth can set us free even today, and the Rosary will spiritually bury our Illuminati opposition.

“If an acceptable proposal is received, the Diocese of London will transfer said property (ies) to the successful proposer for $1 (one dollar),” the ad reads.

Our Lady of the Rosary - Windsor

Our Lady of the Rosary - Windsor 2

I have the contact information if you want to make a move on these properties, as well as the architectural assessment of the building's condition and other details. The $15,000 report indicates the structure is remarkably sound, it overlooks a bay and the Detriot skyline from the Canada side, it has a modern house for the clergy with three or four bathrooms attached to the Cathedral, a huge basement, and modern electric with boiler heat. Annual expenses for the utilities are about $8,000, and it needs a new roof. I have a 100 or so page report on this property if anyone has questions.

So these are things that can be done to fight the Illuminati, free human beings from being their slaves, and do what's right. Remember, each of us must lead follow or get out of the way. And remember when your life is all said and done, and when you're looking back on it, there really won't be much dignity when you realize you have been imprisoned by these Masonic goofballs your entire life. The Archbishop of Paris found this out the hard way (video- below, left). One of his pilgrimages to the “Holy Land” of Lucifer in Israel is documented below on the right video:

The Crucifixion of God

God died on a cross at the hands of these Luciferian Jews to give us freedom and establish the Church, and it's unfortunate that so many cross the proverbial line in the sand and serve his killers with their lives. The Truth can set you free, if you want it to.

Subject: Original Rosary Creed Form

I was adding three beads from the first but if you are telling me that I should just do the 150 maybe I should change it. I will fast and pray about it first as I always do before making a decision, since you have the Rosary with the creed parts, 5 beads before the 150. Also the new one has three squares. I thought it represented the 3 Aves but maybe I misunderstood. You said I should just pray 150 and forget about the three?

Our Lady of La Salette - Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist

thanks again


Mr. Nobody:

I simply can't answer that question with any historical authority because there is no historical data to explain that part of the original Rosary's form. It's really anyone's guess and preference I think. What is clear is that Freemason Pius V changed the Rosary form when he added the 15 decade system in 1569, connecting them to the “Luminous Mysteries” of the Masonic scriptures to confuse subsequent generations of Catholics into Old-Testament Lord/Allah worship (the moon god), covered in this section: The Rosary Altered.

The 150 straight prayers is what gives the Rosary its power and this part must stay unchanged. That much is clear. But whatever prayers are said before or after is debatable, and I'm really not sure it matters, just as long as the chain of 150 Ave's is kept intact. The 150 Rosary with the correct prayers replaces the lost Sacrifice of the Mass, so it would be similar to saying additional prayers before or after the Catholic Mass, if it were to exist today. What is important is that the actual Divine Liturgy in the Mass itself is preserved; what happens before or after is of lesser importance it seems.

By the way, if anyone out there can find historical data on this question, please send it here because it's impossible to find the answer. Behind the scenes here, we decided it would be best to eliminate the two Allah beads from the creed part of our Rosary 150 to avoid confusion in the future after some calculated deliberation. But once again, there's no historical data to confirm or deny which variation is correct. Our restored form seems to work quite well at interrupting Illuminati ceremonies though. On Superbowl Sunday, it was the 150 prayer set at work, and a special request by your favorite nobody asking Our Lady to interrupt the Illuminati's ceremony in front of the world audience...and I used my own personal three square version.

It takes about 35 minutes for me to say the 13th Century Rosary, so I turned off the tv before Beyonce flashed her Illuminati sign and when I was done, the lights mysteriously came back on. When I turned the tv back on I heard Phil Simms saying “the lights are coming back on.” I had no idea what happened because I turned off the television, but then the forums were saying “the nobody” caused the power outage. It's as if the Superbowl had to wait until this Rosary/Daily Sacrifice was done. But that's the power of this Rosary over the Illuminati on display for the world to see, if the destruction of the Illuminati's Washington Monument at the end of the 70 weeks of Daniel in 2011 wasn't enough.

Rosary shuts down Superbowl XLVII

Subject: Original Catholic Baptism Rite


When we do the baptism with Our Lady, do we Say: I baptize you (and mention their names?) if you do is all the name or without last names? or just In the name of Our Lady.. in the name of the Son God ......

Thanks for you answer


Mr. Nobody:

No, you don't have to mention the name of the initiate unless you want to. Repeat the following with the intention to baptize Catholic:

“Ego baptizo en nomine Notre Dame, et Filium, et Spiritum Sanctum.”

You can use the qualifier if the candidate was baptized, but you are unsure if the Rite was done validly. You can say in English,

“If you were baptized Catholic, I do not baptise you again. If you were not baptized Catholic, (start to pour water on their forehead continuously now) “Ego baptizo en nomine Notre Dame, et Filium, et Spiritum Sanctum.”

Study this scene below on the left from the Godfather called “Baptism of Fire” and notice the anathematizing Baptism Rite in Latin. Notice the priest performs the rite heretically which causes the Corleone family to mysteriously lose its unity throughout the Trilogy, ending with the Michael Corleone character dying alone, unable to preserve the family as a separate entity from the government. The scene below on the right flashes back to a key scene showing the pro-government attitude of a younger Michael's character, as he considers his American country his family, while Sonny tries to knock some sense into him stating: “your country's not your blood. You remember that.”

This is typical of the New World Order curse which causes the Catholic family unity loses its priority in the minds of men like the cursed Michael Corleone, and a submission to the government and its Masonic leaders, i.e. George Washington, Barrack Obama, George Bush, takes priority in their lives, causing their families to mysteriously fall apart over the generations covered in this Trilogy. The Godfather Triliogy is worth watching because it shows how the mark of the beast takes out one powerful Catholic family, a sort of microcosm of the Apocalypse. It shouldn't go unnoticed that Francis Ford Coppola also made “Apocalypse Now” with Masonic Bishop Fulton Sheen's spiritual son, Martin Sheen. These Jewish Masons understand this chess-match so well that they can make films about it, and most never catch on.

These high-level, Academy Award winning Illuminati directors understand the curse of the Spiritu Sanctu and how it creates tin-soldiers for a one world government religion, even out of the Godfather's son, and they work in the characteristics of the mark of the beast into their characters which is what makes these movies so compelling. They're based on reality, and when the effect changes you, you will understand why. Good luck.

Subject: Trouble accessing the Fatima Movement.com website

Okay, let me reiterate that half the time it's working and then half the time it's coming up with an error page...i've got it stored on my computer so i can view it but sometimes when that happens. It's either my service provider or my connection. But either way, it's either someone blocking your site ip so i can't reach it but it's not on continually, or it's my service provider doing their thing. But I keep the faith, I righted my baptism right and now the kids are going to do it soon too. You've been a real thought provoker in a lot of sense, and i'm continuously searching for the truth. This much I can thank you for because if it wasn't for your site, I wouldn't be asking myself questions that didn't lead to any answers, but I pray and they seem to come to me. I believe I was meant to find this for myself and to work towards salvation at any price through Our Lady, God Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost who is was and ever shall be. Keep up the good work, and know that there are some of us out there who are in gratitude of your service, and God willing we have peace for once in this tumorous world.

-W------ O----

Mr. Nobody:

Thanks for that. Our traffic is up a bit, but still about 50% lower than the level it was at before the Israeli blogger assault on Jan. 19, 2013. Who knows what the Israeli propaganda team is up to, but one thing is for sure- it's going to take some time for the Jews to remove these “thought crimes” out of our consciousness so that they can get back on with the WWIII show between the Protestants and the Muslims, both sides never realizing they have fallen to a relious deception. It took 19 Centuries to build up the lie in a way that Catholics would actually enforce it, so it will take some time to educate and reverse the process.

“In a hundred years time… bishops and priests will think they are marching behind the banner of the keys of Peter, when in fact they will be following our flag… The reforms will have to be brought about in the name of obedience.” - Alta Vendita, 1818

Even though the site is being hit hard, things are looking good. 250,000 people are aware of this false Lord paradigm now. Whether they want to come to terms with the false Babylonian lord beast and reform their ways is their choice, but at least they have the spark of truth in the backs of their heads now. Most people won't admit they were duped by Jewish-Masonry until the tanks roll down their street as KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov explained, but the numbers of truth-seekers are on the rise, and that's a good sign. As far as the cursed resistance of Vatican II “horsemen”, they will have to learn what this world was about when they are forced to work for their Masonic gods for an eternity in Hell. Then they will understand, but not until then.

Fatima Movement billboard idea 1

“We were informed lately that the most reverend Father Ventura, formerly Superior of the Theatines, Bishops' Examiner, etc., after reading our “Doctrine”, declared that the Kabalah was in his opinion an invention of the devil and that the Star of Solomon was another diabolical device to persuade the world that Satan was the same as God. Observe what is taught seriously by those who are masters in Israel!” - The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic, PART II: page 87

It's great that the knowledge is getting out. This was damn near impossible to crack (the Illuminati are experts at what they do) and very expensive to compile into an understandable format. It's been awhile since there was a world war, and those who do not remember their history are doomed to repeat it. The Jewish-Freemasons are counting on the day that this happens, but for now, and since 2009, the events that need to happen that give the Devil the green-light to start WWIII are backfiring on him. The Apocalypse is miraculously being reversed.

The Third World War is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purposes of playing the Islamic world and the political Zionists off against one another. Whilst this is going on, the remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion.” - Albert Pike, Synagogue of Satan, page 54-55

This mass-waking up wasn't supposed to happen, so it's great that you and others are out there fighting for this cause. The Fatima Movement site maintains a 70% bookmark percentage (a relative indicator), but because we can't advertise in the Jewish-Masonic media, we depend on our readers promoting the site- so thank you for doing that.

I guess just do what you can, but say the 150 Rosary everyday because it strikes the Illuminati where it hurts them the most- stopping the building of the wall of Hell by releasing the souls of the damned. Good luck.

Subject: Rosary

Hi, I really liked the rosary listed on your webpage but it seems to be unavailable currently. Will you have any others made like that one? I wanted to get it but it was a little out of my price range.. but maybe if you have any others I could come up with the funds to buy it … please let me know if you still have any available or will in the near future. it is really unique. Also I don't have eBay account to use to I was hoping maybe I could purchase it some other way directly though your web page maybe?


Mr. Nobody: We're working on it. I'm currently being hassled in court by Masonic attorneys, so other Fatima Catholics are helping out by setting up a shop where you will be able to purchase Original 150 Rosaries. There will be less expensive models and the price on the 150 Ladder Rosary will be dropped due to much Masonic criticism. We give many away for free to Traditional Catholic Nuns and to those who are in need (Nuns only make $50/month or so), so any proceeds go to these type of counter-Masonic activities. Our endgame is to have this spread to every nation on Earth and to eventually accomplish the Consecration of Russia ourselves.

The following website will be launched by the beginning of March, so stay tuned. It will also include parts for converting Novus Ordo pentagram Rosaries and tutorials for making your own:


Subject: Rosary

Hi again

I just wanted to mention that this rosary is the right one. This morning around 2am I was praying the rosary (153) and I saw the head of the devil (beside my bed on the side table) telling me that this rosary was worthless , he told me that he was in my room but her (Our Lady) did not let him bother me.

I was not affraid and I kept praying but I need you to know.

I am wearing and praying the 153 beads, I made it with dividers because that was the form Our Lady of Carmen showed to me. I knew it was different, it was light brown with not Our fathers, it was a long rosary with dividers and all continued I never saw the separation from Our father.
I wanted to mention it because is very important that people wears one and pray one ( I have a rosary in my bathrooms so we can wear one when we shower too, everyday every minut it must be wore just as the scapular.

Keep up the good work and May Our Lady and Jesuschrist always bless you and protect you.

This is a picture of the one I made, it is not the same, but very similar to yours and with the same result.

Rosary 150


Mr. Nobody:

Thanks. Nice work on the Rosary. Some psalmists extended the Psalms to 153 chapters, which is probably why you are doing this. I usually say 152 or 153 in case I skipped over one. Btw, It looks like our site is systematically being taken off the internet by the “force of darkness”, so if anything happens, just go out on your own and make them on your own or do what you can. This email address will run indefinitely hopefully. Good luck and keep up the great work.

Reader Response:

YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT THE FORCE OF DARKNESS, I tried to get into your web several times this morniing and it took me a while. It kept freezing, disconecting or just not going into your web, but after I wrote your email and sent it I was able to link into the web.

Well I am not saying yours or mine are right, I wonder sometimes if She showed me the one with dividers so I could distinguish it as a Rosary, if she had showed me yours all togehter I may not had realized what she was showing me. Anyway both have the same goal. I will tell everyone about your site. I did mine for the reason I explained but you started this for me and I THANK YOU SO MUCH.



Mr. Nobody:

Thanks for that. The idea of the Rosary is to replace the lost Sacrifice of the Mass with a prayer set for us “simple people” that is 100% contrary to the Old-Testament Psalmists who are awaiting the “day of the Lord” when the terrible judge comes to judge his people, as St. Malachy said. The Jewish Psalmists and their useful idiot Protestants recite the 150 Psalms, so the 150 Rosary is the antidote. There were some rumblings about adding three Psalms to make it 153, so perhaps that's why your're doing that. Either way, 153 is fine as well, anything over 150 will do.

It's looking like this day might be just around the corner, judging from the way they are putting the hammer down on our site. We'll have to wait and see. So much for any idea of a freedom of religion.

Subject: re: Thank you for my epiphany.

Your site just got blacklisted from where i am in Arkansas, I wish it didn't but hopefully it's just my service provider. Pray all goes well.


Mr. Nobody: Thanks for the info. The number of visitors compared to only one week ago before the Israeli hit on this site is down by two-thirds. It's unreal. Stay safe out there and save whatever you can. Print these out just in case this site goes down because this info was hard enough to find, and it's unlikely it will ever be found again:

Fatima Movement Flier for the Last Vision of Fatima - click for print versionFatima Movement Flier for the Third Secret of Fatima - click for print version

Subject: News from Guatemala

Hi, how are you?

Let me show you a little postcard I got from my parish, in Guatemala. It’s pure Satanism in plain sight (for those aware of it), check the left hand of the old guy, Simeon. That’s another example of the devil infiltrated in the Catholic Church, because this postcard was printed by the Jewish Opus Dei, now that we’re near Candlemas or, as they say, The Presentation of Jesus. That’s a clue to avoid the whole celebrations of the baby Jesus, or his holidays. (Images 1 and 2).

Image 1

Image 2

By the way, I would like to ask you something related with the proper form in baptism. Considering that in Spanish, unlike English, we use the same phrase “Espíritu Santo” for both terms: Spiritum Sanctum (Holy Ghost) and Spiritus Sanctus (Holy Spirit). It seems there’s no difference, but, I barely recall some priests using this formula for blessing: “En El Nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del Espíritu” (In the Name of The Father, The Son and The Spirit). Maybe this formula is used nowadays in the Spanish-speaking countries for anathemazing the children, but I’m not sure about it, I don’t attend the lord’s supper, the impostor Mass.

Either way, the conditional baptism is a must, no matter the language. But here’s the question: How do you explain to the meek (as you say) in these days that Our Lady is part of The Most Holy Trinity, and why we should name Her in the formula for baptism? We only have the Tuy Apparition as a help, but try to show it to a average nominal catholic and you would get this answer: I see The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit as a dove, joined the three of them by Mary (as they say). Of course, the bible will be an obstacle and will work against us…. They’re so stuck with the “Mary stuff” that probably nobody would wonder why the parishes and the Church festivities are named after Our Lady, and the muslims, protestants, mormons, etc., and the bible speak about Mary, and figure out that Our Lady and Mary are completely opposites. Ironically, we only have the Koran, surah 5, 117 as a written testimony in our favor.

The whole Novus Ordo Staff (clergy men, the media) has a lot to do with this mess. It makes you angry to hear a priest on a Novus Ordo radio station, or on a Novus Ordo TV channel, acclaiming day and night that Mary is the lord’s slave, confusing the remaining catholics and undermining our catholic faith, specially because they attack Her on Her Feast Days with that propaganda.

And of course, we have the merging of Mary and Isis, as example the picture of Our Lady of The Victories, on modern days known as “Our Lady of The Rosary” thanks to Pius V. As you can see, the image doesn’t display a rosary at all, actually, is hard to find it, and the baby Jesus is on the scene. (Image 3)

The Jewish Mary

There’s no doubt that we only have the message of Fatima in order to restore Our Lady to the Most Holy Trinity. May Our Lady guide us in this journey by praying the Rosary 150.

May Our Lord and God Jesus Christ and Our Lady, The Immaculate Conception, Mother of God, The Blessed Virgin, Queen of Heaven protect us all.

Best regards from Guatemala.

U------ H-------

Mr. Nobody:

Hello, Guatemala. Nice pickup on the Simeon postcard. There is a lot of power in the old gods' name, “Dei.” I have a video of the Satanic Archbishop of Chicago explaining Simeon, but I have to dig it out of my archives.

power in the old god's name, the lord of judaism

Left: Closeup of the Jew Simeon flashing the hand sign of the gods. Center: Living Colour's “Cult of Personality” video snapshot which references the “old gods' name” or “dei”, the Latinized cover for paganism at 3:57. Right: Satanic ceremony of Aleister Crowley, flashing the pagan hand sign.

Yes, the Jewish Jesus should be avoided at all costs. This is the main way the Illuminati hide in plain sight.

The Secret Legacy of Jesus

It's important to know the difference between Christ and the heretical Masonic Jesus. This Protestant learned the hard way and 'came back' to tell his meek followers where they are destined to go:

”It is said that Jesus was the son of a carpenter, but the Greek word is tekton, and means builder; arche is the Greek name of primordial matter. It is also said that Jesus was a carpenter (tekton) himself. It is true, he was a tekton, builder or Mason, a Son of *God*, the Grand Archttekton. At the age of thirty-three (9), when he had taken the three-times-three degrees of Mystic Masonry, he descended to the center of the earth. So does every other tekton Mason or phree messen, (child of light,) as the Egyptians called such, descend through the nine arch-like strata of the earth. We shall find at the time of the first advent of Christ both Hiram Abiff, the son of Cain, and Solomon, the son of Seth, reborn to take from Him the next great Initiation into the Christian Mysteries.” - page 84, Chap. “The Path of Initiation,”- Freemasonry and Catholicism by Max Heindel

“The Master Jesus, Star Logos of the Ray under which modem civilization is developing, is the Lord of this epoch, and His Name is the Supreme Word of Power; for to each manifestation of the Christ are committed all things in heaven and earth, including those of His Brethren who have preceded Him in office. Another incarnation of the Christ-force will come in due evolutionary season, as all religions teach, but it has not come yet, and until it does the Master Jesus is the Master of Masters for the West and the Great Initiator of the white peoples.” - Esoteric Orders and Their Work, page 19

Regarding the proper form of Baptism in Spanish, it's unclear. I strongly suggest a return to the Latin Rite which eliminates all this doubt caused by the vernacular transition. Perform the Catholic Initiation Rite using the name SPIRITUM SANCTUM.

Anyone who has a problem with this can start with the Dogmatic Latin Vulgate which denounces John's Masonic Baptism and gives the basis of exorcism in Acts XIX. This passage links John's heretical baptism rite to the coming Lord Jesus, the anti-Christ, and quotes Paul as denouncing John's rite for this reason. Keep in mind the procedure is not complete in this passage because the proper matter and Catholic intention are required, but since most priests now rely on the Jews' bible as their authority, they cannot explain their position in light of this. Any priest calling himself Catholic who does not know this should be avoided at all costs:

Latin Exorcism Rite

1685 Latin Vulgate, Acts XIX contains the basis of exorcism

Latin is a very powerful language, which is why the Jewish intellectual elite still use it to this day.

Memoria Press: Classical Education of the (Illuminati) Founding Fathers of the U.S.A.
CNET: Facebook CEO (Jew) Mark Zuckerberg opts to study Latin instead of computer programming

It contains built in concepts that other languages do not, such as the concept of the dative declension which translates into English as “I AM”, meaning GOD. When this is removed, as in Espiritu Sanctu or other variations of the name, it takes the meaning out of it, thus relying on the Priest's intention to cover that void. Paul tries to explain this error in ACTS XIX to those he finds who were mistakenly baptized in John's Baptism. Remember, this is the biblical explanation. The Catholic Rites are found in Dogma, which was changed long ago, before the French Revolution in 1777, when the books of the Seven Seals were opened by Rosicrucian operatives posing as Catholic Cardinals.

As far as answering the question of how to explain that Our Lady, the Mother of God is in the Trinity more effectively, I really don't know. I made a website explaining everything and it seems to be working. Images have power. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe standing on the moon lord converted 9 million to the Catholic Faith. The Trinitarian Theophany from Tuy, Spain in 1929 and the slain St. Lúcia's quote proves this:

“I believe it was the mystery of the Holy Trinity that was revealed to me”

There's an relevant expression to keep in mind:

“For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't, no explanation is possible.”

Perhaps you can show them a picture of Freemason Moses kneeling before a fire, and try to reason with people that a fire is not the God of Heaven. It is the God of Hell. It's a tough job because we all grew up in this lie, and it's simply easier for people to believe this lie.

If you're trying to explain this to the end-times types, perhaps you can explain that at the end of the world, humanity is deceived into worshipping a false god, similar to the biblical time of Noah. Then, show them this verse where the Old-Testament pagan lord orders deception:

3 Kings 22:22: “And the Lord said: Thou shalt deceive him, and shalt prevail: go forth, and do so.”

I made an image from the Sistine Chapel's collection of Jewish artwork that you can download and print into 4x6 photographs and hand them out to help pick away at this nonsense:

Fatima Movement billboard idea 1

I don't know what else to recommend. We definitely have an uphill battle in this thought revolution. I would recommend infiltrating CCD teacher positions and teaching the Fatima concept to children. They understand better than most adults that Christ has a Divine Mother (Notre Dame) and a Divine Father (Spiritum Sanctum), and if this is backed up by Dogma and the Miracle at Fatima, they will be less likely to grow up as dumb, Illuminati subjects who eat up anything they are told. You might actually make the fight exciting and relevant for them.

One thing that helps us in this fight is to flood the internet with this knowledge where you can. The farther it spreads, the more it becomes accepted as the Truth. On our end, we're having trouble with these Israeli internet pirates who are wiping us out of existence. If you Googled “fatimamovement.com” on Jan. 20, 2013, you would get 14,000 results. One week after their Jan. 19, 2013 announcement of their internet offensive, a Google search for “fatimamovement.com” yields only 3,900 results. They are literally wiping us out after years of sustained growth. The reality is, we need to build our own Catholic internet army to get the word out. It's getting more difficult each day as we apparently reach the conclusion of this final battle, so the more you can do, the better.

Link: FreeRepublic.com has recently banned anyone from referencing the Fatima Movement.They list our research as anti-Semeitic. In other words, If you criticize the worship of the owl at Bohemian Grove (a semetic deity by the name of Molech), you present a problem to those in power and get called anti-Semetic.

Here are some sites that are promoting the Fatima Movement message. Please send traffic or help keep them grow, “Like” them or post messages on their boards. We have no contact with them as they are independent from us, but as we grow from nothing into a world force, it is important to promote sites that sail in the same direction:

APOSTASY - This is probably the most detailed sources you will find on the internet about Sister Lúcia and the Fatima Miracles

Defender of the Traditional Catholic Magisterium (promotes the correct 13th Century Ave Rosary prayer)

The Fatima Movement's attempt at tripping up the New World Order

The Fatima Movement decodes destruction of Church and Bible prophecy

St. Theresa's Youth Group: Why you should become a Sedevacantist Traditional Catholic

Fatimamovement.com Facebook page

Wikipedia is also citing this Fatima Movement as the possible holders of the real Third Secret of Fatima and cites our authority on the Vatican's Sister Lúcia switch around 1958:

Wikipedia: Three Secrets of Fatima

Wikipedia: Lúcia Santos

Wikipedia: Lúcia Santos redirect

Here are some 'Nobody' sites which can also be used to draw attention to the fact that Our Lady is God. When people see all of this nobody hype, it signals something is going on. If it's not apparent that the Illuminati deception of a Jewish moon god that speaks through burning bushes isn't enough to wake them up from this Apocalyptic deception, probably nothing will. But reenforce that if it's important to the Illuminati, it must be important to Catholics:

Angel Fire: Summary of the Nobody

32nd Deg. Illuminati Apollo of GLP and his 'Nobody' Explanation

Then there are forums like Godlikeproductions.com, AboveTopSecret.com, LOP and others. Below are some of the threads about this breaking of the Illuminati “Lord” deception and “the nobody” that did it. Freemasons control the arguments on these sites as site moderators, re-writing my story and saturating the information market with useless, time-wasting information, so it would help if you went on these forums and fought back.

Leave a link on your reply to http://www.ourladyisgod.com to direct the arguments back to the Fatima Movement. I'm banned from Masonic Godlikeproductions.com site for leaving links to the Fatima Movement, so it would help if others would monitor and help me fight the Israeli-blogger army, flooding the internet with disinformation. This helps steer other people looking for the Truth straight to the source, the Fatima Movement. The more people who are aware of this, the less shocking it will become, and more people will be converted. This is the best way to fight the Lord Beast and the suppression of the Trinitarian Theophany of 1929 which proves Our Lady is God. Good luck.

The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ..., 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932

The Developing Archetype - No Music Vids
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The NoBody and his viewers How Many Watchers are there ?
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The Big Picture - Illuminati Inside Info / War / Angels / Demons / The Nobody / ---BIG UPDATE THEORY PROVEN -- Updated V3 Important Info Added
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The Nobody in the Eyes of the American War Mongers

June 11th, 2013 -- Nobody's Day

The Nobody Army will prevail, fret not.


The Nobody, Obama's Caravan, and the Stag of Sacrifice

nobody uncensored
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I am what is classified on GLP as a 'nobody' :: Ask Me a Question

Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee

Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee is a LIE!!!!

Mr. Nobody (2009) - Does GLP understand yet?

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I am not the nobody.. but i am far greater and more real than anybody..

The nobody is a nobody
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Nobody T-Shirt

RT says: “Putin only second to THE NOBODY”
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Why the secret societies will not contact the nobody.
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Terence McKenna admits....THE NOBODY controls the entire universe!!!


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To all you wanna be Nobodys
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An open letter to the Nobody watchers and followers.
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The Nobody's Dog

Welcome To The New Age, my name is Nobody No. 333

Final proof. Nobody exists. Photos inside !!!!

The Nobody Equation

If nobody had nothing...

Paul is dead... or is he.... THE NOBODY!!!????

WHAT THE DEVIL? SCIENTISTS TAP POWER OF 'LUCIFER' 'Nobody believes humans are only intelligent life in this galaxy'

The Nobody honors MLK Day...

Ok, cut the crap, who is the nobody...
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Forget The Nobody... It's the Magickian You Should be Concerned About
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The Nobody, the whistle, rattle, drum, and man danceing on the sun

My Friends You Bow To Nobody
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I KNOW without a doubt who the nobody is

The nobody beats Mr. Putin on the world's most powerful list

My brother says the nobody has the soul of a stranger, a mind of a demon, and the spirit of God
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Questions for the nobody?
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The Nobodies stepfamily

Why the elite should not fear this nobody...
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Rise of the LAST Watcher...a Nephilim?...a Messiah Seed?....the nobody?

We found it!!! The “NOBODY'S” number!!!!
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To all the people claiming they are the nobody or a mythological person

GLP making it hard for The Nobody to post...
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Fuck The Nobody
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The Nobody is in Love with Cher
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Hi, I'm the Nobody! I'll be here all week! Enjoy and ask me a question!
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Something curious I noticed about the bible and it's possible relations to the whole silly “ Nobody “ story.
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The Nobody weighing in.

I Am The Nobody

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Nobody who likes to make fun of OLD woman who is covered with scars

Im just a nobody

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The “Nobody” Should Be Revealed!!!
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This is Nobody Here.


The Nobody's Life... Explained.
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Oh SNAP!!!! The NOBODY Is On The Move! Destination: DEEP WEB LEVEL's 7 & 8!!!! Goodbye NWO!!!
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Nobody Talks about why the U.S. Is now under God's Judgment!
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THIS is for YOU NOBODY my dear friend
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Prince Nicholas de Vere unveils the Nobody, Maitreya, the Anti-Christ, OMG

If you were “The Nobody.”.. What would you do? Are there any offers out there to the Nobody? Where does he go if he wanted to emerge?
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THE NOBODY Will post in this thread. Guaranteed. Before the end of 2012.
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What is the “nobody” supposed to be?

The nobody and his robo-wife
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Bout nobody.. Not the guy you're searching.. This guy actually exists.

Message from Mr. Nobody: please stop donating chicken broth. It's going to take a bit more than that to defeat TPTB

The Nobody is actually a descendant of Jesus Christ!
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Nobody and the WOS.
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More Nobody connections & a Police report

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What the Nobody figured out- everything in this life and the next

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The NOBODY phenomena. What do you think?
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At the Moment there are around 250 Nobodies in the World

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The nobody Show :The Start Of The Second American Revolution?

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The nobody person

Ok who the fuck is The Nobody?
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The Nobody is Charles Manson!!

BREAKING: Olaf is the NOBODY!!!
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Somebody please tell me about the nobody in a nutshell.

A hint for those thinking they are gods/nobodies/messi​ahs :)
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Will All You Anti-Nobodies Quit Claiming To Be THE Nobody

The Nobody doesn't celebrate Christmas

Merry Christmas, Nobody.
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The Nobody and Anonymous Cowards ruled 2012

Info on nobody

The story of the nobody
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I had a dream i was told by someone on the internet, “we know you're the nobody”

Did David Lilcock Ascend To The 5th Dimesion, Then Return To The 3rd Dimension As The Nobody?

nobody)END OF MAYAN CALENDER 23RD, “Skyfall,” the 23rd James Bond movie,

Keep posting about the “Nobody”
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The Society VS' The Nobody


Is the nobody the new Che Guevara...
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The importance of the nobody.

nobody disclosure act
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The Nobody threads have tapered off
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The Nobody taped his mouth shut so we would not have to hear anymore shit

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My brother has more information on the nobody
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So why you think the humble nobody arises such extreme feelings of love and hate..
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I just got back from church and priest told us that the NOBODY is the Antichrist
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The nobody's inheritance
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This video is dedicated to the “Nobody” folks on GLP

The Nobody BULLSHIT finally solved? Its David Wilcock trolling GLP!!!
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Tell me what the NOBODY looks like!

Why the Nobody is Reluctant to be Revealed
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Page 1, 2

This NOBODY BS HAS TO STOP...who is with me?
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This NOBODY BS HAS TO STOP...who is with me?
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The nobody has saved the Catholic church from the Freemasonic Capuchins

I am a Rosicrucian. I spend my days watching the Nobody through my crystal ball. Help me get a life.

I know who the nobody is and his relationship with the woman of scars
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So what are the jews gonna be doing without a messiah?? forget only fucking the nobody.. fuck everybody!!

nobody equation
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Mr. Nobody has a message for all you Masonic suckers...
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The Illuminati have come up with the WOS to confuse the nobody.
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Want to help the NOBODY? ....
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A List of Nobody's Relatives

The Truth Regarding “the Nobody” here on GLP.
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My brother has more information about the nobody... ask away
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Stop posting about the “nobody”
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The history of the battle of your soul for the last 2000 years. This is what 'the nobody' doesn't want you to know!

The Nobody turned the Chess game to a checker board..

Are the Nobody and the WOS
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The Nobody - The story the powers that be will not allow to be told
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Things they don't tell you about the nobody.
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The nobody army
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The Nobody Is...
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The Nobody and the Woman of stars
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Who is this 'Nobody'?
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The nobody is trapped
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The Nobodies Next Move....
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The Official Nobody/WOS Update Thread!!!
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OK I'm OBSESSED!!! This IS a conspiracy form. Can someone tell me... WHO or WHAT is the nobody?
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nobody and wos
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Clarifications on the Nobody Story
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The Nobody is Rising
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The Nobody was made a offer he couldn't refuse.
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Stop the nobody threads.. dude lost it..
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Is the nobody able to stop project blue beam?

So it's almost dec 21, what's next for the dark, light and the nobody?
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Where do people get there info about the nobody?
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The Nobody dude.
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We all wish we were the nobody
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What's the story behind “nobody”?
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Eye Know the Nobody.
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Research guide to the 'Nobody' and 'Women of scars'
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The Nobody outlasted even the “GLP Nobody Posts”
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What happens when the Nobody finally becomes somebody?
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Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!!!! NOBODY Is Writing Replies To Page 1 Threads! They're ALL On “Zero Views”!!!!

The Nobodies Agenda - no, not to be a porno star.
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Japanese secret text on the “nobody.”
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Who is the Nobody? “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”
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The Woman of Scars and the Nobody
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The Nobody” the “WOS” Thread with REAL insightful/productive​ sharing of thoughts/theories
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So, When's this Nobody Stuff Coming to an End?
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Song for NOBODY!!!:::))))
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Song for NOBODY!!!:::))))
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I have a question about this so called nobody....
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What exactly is the Nobody supposed to do?
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If you could say anything to “the nobody” what would it be?
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What is the nobodies agenda?
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Tech Support Neo Nobody

nobody's advice
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Wtf is Nobody thinking?
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Nobody Died in Aurora
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To the NOBODY: Look for her scars. That will be your confirmation...
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The NOBODY is Here - The Internet Messiah Has Arrived !!!
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REvolution, The Light Body, Nobodys Army, A Shift in Time, and The New World
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Dear “The Nobody”
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The Nobody~
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Who fears the”Nobody”?
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The end of the NOBODY. -NO-BODY-
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What would happen if the Nobody Joined the Illuminati/Free Masons?
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What characterisitics does THE NOBODY have? Need help finding him/her!
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The nobody defeated the illuminati
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Mr Nobody - Full Movie
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I am the woman of scars and I know who the NOBODY is... ask me a question
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The Nobody, what traits?
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Can the Woman in Scars Trust the Nobody?
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So how is the “nobody” going to do it?
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Where the real Nobody , please stand up!
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I love the nobody
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Seriously, who/what is The Nobody??? Can someone explain it to me?
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Illuminati is scared shitless right now because of the nobody
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How many here think they understand the nobody????
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Here is a clue to the identity of the NOBODY
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Location of “The Nobody”
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An Interesting Take on the Nobody from a PTB Perspective
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Here is a thought for the nobody people
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Can someone please explain this, “The Nobody”, crap to me. Cause I dont get it at all....
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Concerning the Nobody
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The Nobody And The End Of Days.
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Full scoop on the so-called “nobody”
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Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Who the hell is this nobody everyone is talking about?
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The “nobody” and the “woman of scars” Have Met +
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This is the NOBODY....and SHE”
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The Nobody
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Music dedicated to the nobody.
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

The Nobody Has Been Killed! Prepare For War!
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Enlighten me...So many threads about Anunnaki, Nobody and “He”, I have questions :)
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Please....ask me any questions you would like if it helps save your family and friends. Some I cannot answer.. (ELITE NOBODY)
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Subject: What the Devil? Scientists Tap Power of 'Lucifer'



'Nobody believes humans are only intelligent life in this galaxy'

Vatican Lucifer Telescope 1

Vatican Lucifer Telescope 2

Left: Technicians install LUCIFER device (Photo: University of Arizona)

R----- L---

Mr. Nobody:

Thanks for that. Yes, Masonic Vatican Jesuits have built a telescope named 'Lucifer' in Arizona, apparently to get an early warning for when worlds will collide. If this Judgment Day scenario of the bible is accurate, at the installation of the final king of the Apocalypse (Petrus Romanus, the last anti-Pope), there is a rapture of those who have been initiated Catholic correctly. This is why it is so important to override the heretical post-1944 holy spirit baptism of the patron 'Saint' of Freemasonry. Our instructions are here. If the biblical scenario plays out as prophesized, those who will be “left behind,” Kirk Cameron style, will be those who were marked by Masonic John's curse. This is what the Bible lays out, so keep that in mind.

There will be a need for the Illuminati to explain away, in the future, this apparent future rapture of the remnant of Catholics with alien invasion scenarios, and this is where Operation Bluebeam starts to make sense. George Orwell's novel 1984 also goes into depth on this subject as people are inexplicably “vaporized” when the Catholic Church disappears after a mysterious revolution in the 1960's, which was the Novus Ordo Revolution against God in the 1960's. This is stunning because the novel was written in the 1940's.

As Big Brother tries to keep the deception together with constant war between three constantly warring heretical super-societies named Eurasia, Oceania, Eastasia (Islam, Christianity & Judaism), never knowing why they are fighting with each other (they all believe in the false god of Abraham, a fire), the “brotherhood” maintains the deception in a never ending kingdom controlled by this belief in the heretical Lord, imprisioning humanity in the New World Order. It's an interesting book, to say the least.

These things are happening for a reason, and they are all known in advance by the Illuminati who are making them happen.

Subject: Thank you for my epiphany.

I recently felt something from God, I turned to my diocese and felt wrong for it. I started searching for the answers that have plagued my soul, something that I've always felt. I came across your site from my mother, we both now pray as you've instructed and I've gotten my girlfriend do the same. We both have seen a good light coming over us and I know now that I'm plagued by demons, instructing me to go in the wrong every step of the way. I pray for more enlightenment and I pray for everyone in my path to see right. I currently struggle with addiction, but after praying I feel more whole than I have ever been. I've converted rosaries into the correct form, added stars to our lady's icons and am in the process of making my own rosary out of precious ivory to give glory to the rosary, every step of the way I feel that I'm being deterred from accomplishing my task. I've had visions of things I can't understand and every step of the way I feel something trying to hold me back. I recently got drunk, I tried to pray but I felt something take a hold of me. All I was is goodness and everyone I've shown the 3rd Secret to, have been more inclined to do right by it too. I want to continue to minister these things to everyone I meet, but every step of the way I feel like I'm being held back. I hope in my correspondence to you, you can help me be enlightened. I have never led a good life, and I've turned to sin more than anything, but I want to change. I have faith and I want to see truth. I try as I might. I believe. Our Lady, God Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost guide me in reaching my goal to quit being plagued by these demons. I pray faithfully and unconditionally. I don't seek to gain grandeur from it, but only hoping that i can secure a place closest to God even if I have to pay for my sins that I've commited already. I don't know exactly what i'm trying to say, but I can tell you thank you for helping me see the light.

W------ O----

Mr. Nobody:

Don't worry so much about substance abuse. It's not what takes you to Hell. The heresy of denying the Divinity of Christ does which is why the occult initiates new members as Catholic heretics, who then go around the world promoting their 'Lord' as God. Then they give us an arbitrary set of rules to live under, rules coming from their bibles and Korans, known to most as the Ten Commandment/Sharia Law systems of governance. You're probably being plagued by demons because you're marked by the beast and the puppet strings are still attached from a post-1944 Masonic baptism when you were an infant, so just have your mother or girlfriend correct this with the Catholic Baptism and this should go away.

Metallica - Master of Puppets

Whatever you did is done, but don't dwell on it so much that it handicaps your ability to fight. I smoke 1-2 packs of cigarettes everyday and drink about five gallons of coffee every week if it makes you feel better. With all the hours working and reading and writing, it just keeps me going. You just have to decide what sins you can live with.

Just remember, with this knowledge of the Keys to Heaven's Doors you're in a much stronger spiritual position than someone who is sober but prances about the Earth, fishing for men with the heretical Illuminati theology of Christ being the son of a Jewish ass god that speaks through fire because the Jews' bible and their Koran says so.

This world is Hell. It is run by a system of men who sold their souls to the Devil, and they're not screwing around. People like George Bush and John Kerry did not mysteriously rise to power based on their intellect or talent. They are placed there because they sold their souls in their Skull & Bones ceremony.

These people who “run things” killed God for interfering with their system of human slavery, so your issues with this Jewish system are not unique. Just make sure you take advantage of what God sacrificed Himself for so that you don't end up becoming a sacrifice yourself, like the victims at Bohemian Grove or the marked human beings that get off on going to war for Jewish amusement.

The Crucifixion of God

If you're able to convert women to praying the Original Rosary, you're going to have a lot of issues with the Devil. It sounds like your mother is quite wise and intelligent. Remember, a tremendous amount of energy has been expended by the Illuminati to reward gentile women for their service to Freemasonry: career advancement, shiny things, debt forgiveness, packs of like-minded support groups (the Oprah problem), etc.

If you are capable of breaking this barrier, you are a major obstacle to the Illuminati deception. Women have a lot of power, influence and control the cards in most household situations nowadays, which is why Jewish advertising and the media machine is geared towards their subversion first. This is why the Devil went after Eve, not Adam, if you buy that tale. Many of my readers are women, and when they are woken up, the men naturally follow.

The best way to thank us for “seeing the light”, and please be careful with using that phrase, and be careful with placing stars as well, is to pay it forward and to help us get the information out. Our site has sustained heavy damage from unexpected search engine suppression in the last couple of days, and our viewership has literally been halved. The IP addresses of the number 1 and number 8 top viewers for this month of January, 2013 came from Israel, and we're being shut down in terms of web traffic because of the sensative nature of this content. At one point on the search engines, the Fatima Movement surpassed both the Vatican's website and Wikipedia for the top spot on several topics like the Third Secret of Fatima, which translates into the waking up of thousands more people shuffling through the plethora of websites out there, but as of the last few days, we're starting to get buried. For the sake of reference, we get about half the traffic of vaticancatholic.com, and this was all accomplished without the advantage of exposure on CNN, Infowars and Coast to Coast AM, important markets the Masonic Dimond Brothers benefit from.

Israeli bloggers fight the Fatima Movement

Newlink: Haaretz- Israel recruits 'army of bloggers' to combat anti-Zionist Web sites

But thanks for your email, it's nice to hear success stories. Once you are woken up, there's no turning back.

Subject: Question about the “kingdom” of heaven

Whats up Mr. Nobody:

1. I been pondering about the freemasons' kingdom of heaven, and I been wondering what actually is it, is it literally their heaven or did the Devil copy God Jesus Christ's Heaven and make that his own.

2. For the biblical Mary, is it her duty to copy Our Lady because if that's the case, then she is an impersonation Our Lady at Medjugorje because the visorinaries uses words such as holy spirit instead of Holy Ghost in their messages.

3. Do you know the year or the first Pope that began taking Our Lady out of the Trinity?

4. How come Saint Anthony of Padua and Our Lady of Mount Carmel are holding the Infant God Jesus Christ where they trying to relate to Catholics of that day?


M------ R------

Mr. Nobody:

1. The Freemasons' “Kingdom of Heaven” is their section of the promised land that they will inherit. For example, let's use Michael Jackson as an example. His Neverland Ranch will be his eternal home when the “dead in Christ” are raised from the grave (think Thriller). He essentially sold his soul for this, forever barring himself from Heaven, so this is what he gets. This is also why these mega-stars are so infatuated with preserving their looks, their bodies in crypts, etc.- because they want to look good on the day of the dead. Freemason Vladimir Lening is being preserved in a glass case and of course MJ had all that plastic surgery, which is why you see these efforts that appear strange to us. The kingdom will have no end, so they are just preparing for that time, as strange as it may sound.

Lenin's body preserved

Our Lady of Fatima warned about the 'errors of Russia' in 1917, the year of the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. This is why the Mother of God ordered the consecration of Russia by ALL of the world's Catholic Bishops, which they failed to do. Pictured above is the body of Communist leader and Jewish-Freemson Vladimir Lenin's body receiving its annual bath. Lenin has been dead since 1924. His friend and fellow Jew Josef Stalin ordered his corpse to be preserved until Judgment Day, when the meek will inherit the earth under the rule of their pagan gods, Freemason Vladimir Lenin being one of them. This Egyptian Freemason practice of mummification is alive and well, with a specific purpose, unknown to the uninitiated. The world is in for quite the wake-up call on the “day of the lord that comes like a thief in the night.” Sourced here.

The Zombie Apocalypse: Michael Jackson and his Jewish video producer John Landis had a good time making the video on the left, 1983's Thriller, about the things unknown to the meek. Luciferian Freemason Vincent Price throws his two cents in as well.

2. Yes, it is her job to impersonate Our Lady just as the Jewish Jesus impersonates Christ, the spirit impersonates the God the Holy Ghost, the Jew, Simon-bar-Jona impersonates St. Peter, the Jerusalem Church impersonates the origins of the Roman Catholic Church, the Jewish Messiah impersonates what people believe is the second coming of Christ (who is never coming back for another crucifixion), and on and on. Stick to the major and approved apparitions of Our Lady, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe from 1531 and Our Lady of Fatima from 1917.

3. There was a lot of effort in the days of the Arian Crisis to declare the Jewish Mary to be the Mother of God. This was around the days of Constantine, and this is really what undermined the Catholic Church's loss of power back then. Of course this was presented as some sort of victory for the Church to preserve itself against Masonic government forces, but that wisdom is as intelligent as believing that America is “God's Country.” It was just another internal Masonic concession as the Catholic Church gave up its power to an emperor. I've read that 97% of Catholic Bishops were heretics during this Arian Crisis, which Hitler raised from the dead, literally, some 1500 years later. Essentially, this got the ball rolling in the Illuminati's favor to revolutionize the Catholic Religion from within.

4. It's hard to know for sure. When they make Christ into a baby, this is a signal of Masonic subversion. This is why Our Lady returns the insult at Guadalupe by making the Devil, holding up his moon god (the biblical Lord), into a baby boy.

Here, since you like videos, these are relevant to the “signs” given to those who have understanding. Interesting lyrics if you can tolerate Euro-trash.

Subject: Vatican 2 and Lucifer

Hi Fatimamovement,

I just wanted to share some experiences with you. My mother and father are heavily involved members of the Vatican 2 church and they go to a parish called Holy Spirit and I am pretty sure that they made all us kids get baptized in the name of the Holy spirit. I however came to your site and prayed the 150 Rosary so much. I was praying it several times per day and then I got baptized in the name of the Mother, Son and Holy Ghost.

My other siblings, one of which became Mormon, does not seem to care about these matters. But one day I was driving around with my parents and they started talking about angels and arch angels like Gabriel and Michael but then my mom said that Lucifer was the best angel. I was stunned and I laughingly said, umm no, Lucifer is the Devil and then she said oh it's not for us to know who the Devil is just make sure you keep the Ten Commandments. I then proceeded to argue but she wouldn't have any of it so the subject was dropped.

Also I went to see the new film that came out- Les Miserable with my Mormon sister. In some of the major revolution scenes there is a giant eye ball visible every time. I knew that it was the all seeing eye of Lucifer and after words I casually asked my sister, hey did you notice the eye ball? She said of course. It's supposed to be God because God is all seeing and knowing. It's our heavenly Father watching us. I was astounded because it's so true that when you are marked with invalid baptism you think Lucifer is God. This situation is not good.

I try to bring up the subject but get shut down within 5 seconds. Also I should note in the film Russell Crowe's character is a police officer is all about the Lord and the law and there's one scene where he is singing in front of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and he is completely ignoring it and looking up at the sky singing and pleading to the Lord and then his character ends up committing suicide. It was interesting. I will try to find a youtube clip of it.

Also when I say the Rosary now I tend to say “Our Lady Mother of God, save us sinners now and at the hour of our death.” I say it that way because I don't take anything from the bible now especially the phrase fruit of thy womb because it confuses me into thinking that Our Lady gave birth to Christ (and Christ is God and not born), and because Our Lady is God, so she can save you. I find it useful to say that and it only takes all of 2 seconds, and you can say it more. I hope it's correct.

I think when I say it like that you really understand that Christ is God and that God came to Rome and not Jerusalem, well crucified in Rome. Maybe he went to the other places too, but this Jewish Jesus and Mary and everyone in that bible is truly evil. All I ask when I say the rosary is to understand and for a way to take back the Vatican and to unearth the original Mass that God gave to the Romans when He came back after he was crucified.

I want the original with all the names of God before anyone rewrote it. Maybe Benedict has it in his bedside drawer or under his pillow and then takes it out and just laughs his head off. I wouldn't be surprised. But I just wanted to thank for all that you do.

C---- C-----

Mr. Nobody:

Thanks for the email. The situation is quite dire. So many sheeple believe in things they don't understand and they're going to suffer for it. What sucks for us is how these marked goyim interfere in our efforts. But the reality is, millions of these Vatican II Novus Ordo followers rely on strangers to teach them what they should already know, and everyone gets what they want.

It's almost as if the Luciferian Freemasons are playing a type of game to see how far they can push the deception, just for the fun of it. Apparently, it is possible for them to mark the foreheads of Catholic babies with the name of the devil (the Holy Spirit) and they will comply, you can get them to accept the destruction of Catholic Church altars with not much of a fight, you can get them to deny that Christ is God (which the Mormon cult does proficiently), and you can get them to believe Lucifer is the good guy. You can get them to anticipate the Jewish Messiah, to fight and kill for Masonic governments, and you can manipulate their reality to such an extent that they laugh at the very thought of the existence of a problem.

You know, after fighting this for a few years, you kind of grow tired of Novus Ordo sect Catholics' collective stupidity. Maybe it's best they go into the fire for awhile, where they will better appreciate the crimes against God they are committing. Perhaps your Rosary prayers will save them, then they will spend their eternity in embarrassment and will regret crossing the great divide when they had the chance and freedom to speak out.

You might find these two videos interesting: on the left is Bart Simpson replacing the sheet music at his local Vatican II “Church” with Iron Butterfly's “In-a-gadda-da-vida.” It's kind of the same thing with the Vatican II Satanic Liturgy and the people who blindly attend these Novus Ordo “Masses.” The Illuminati are laughing their asses off at modern Catholics' stupidity and nobody puts up a fight. The video on the right is of some Vatican II “Priest” who was sentenced to an eternity in Hell by Christ. There's clearly something wrong with this guy- maybe it's the 666 hand sign he keeps flashing, but the point is that he represents the modern, extremely ineffective Vatican II 'leader'. Sheeple follow these ass-worshipping lunatics to their own fiery demise.

I've had everything taken from morons like this, so I kind of understand your frustration. All I can advise from my experiences of absorbing the collective anger of a bunch of Satanic American idiots is to say the 150 Rosary at least once a day (and the way you're doing it sounds fine) and just try not to anger them. My father once gave me some advice on how to handle angry Mohammedians- think of them like dogs in a cage, and don't kick the cage. It only makes them angrier. Angry Vatican II Catholics and Protestants who also are worshipping Allah (the ass-god of Abraham) should be handled in the same manner. The truth means nothing to them. And pray that the government doesn't come for their guns if you're in the U.S. at this time. Because the Freemasons are desperately trying to kick something off (Order out of Chaos is their motto), and helping them accomplish the start of a Civil War will gain nothing. Good luck.

The Ass Movie from Idiocracy

The Third World War is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purposes of playing the Islamic world and the political Zionists off against one another. Whilst this is going on, the remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion.” - Albert Pike, Synagogue of Satan, page 54-55

Subject: Congrats!

Hey My Soldier, Congrats on making #1. How it happened who knew? but you deserve it!! I see now occasionally on GLP someone will put your site on, it's surprising that they leave it up. I have to get a few things fixed around the house but will try to get that box out and the decals done.

Love, T----

Mr. Nobody:

Thanks. Who knew the key to stopping the end of the world was to expose the Illuminati's trick of getting the Catholic World to worship their collective Old Testament Ass-god system. And to think the world was ready to go to war over this, yet again, only to be given a red cow by the Jews to destroy in their collective anger. What a world. I feel like that guy in Idiocracy sometimes, well, a lot of the time, having to explain that a Jewish ass god is something not beneficial to people's salvation...

Jewish Ass god

Exodus 33:23: “...and thou shalt see my back parts” - King James Version

What a tremendous deception this is, and it's kind of funny from the Illuminati's point of view looking back on it now. First, they get humanity to forget about defending Christ's Church, then they take it over, making themselves the object of worship in the Novus Ordo Mass.

Paralleling this, the Illuminati gets humanity to worship them as gods in their rock concerts, movies and television shows, subverting their followers with words that constantly reinforce this ass Lord pagan god system (forcing compliance with the “fear of the lord”), then they get people to actually give up their families for the privilege of working for their banksters and fiat currencies, then humanity gets to go to Hell where they are forced to kiss the Jews' asses for an eternity. What a dumb world.

Jewish ass kissing

You know, I really haven't been this happy since Suge Knight held Vanilla Ice by his ankles from a hotel balcony. I really can't stand fraternities and their sucker mc's. This is why I always drove big luxury cars instead of Mustang 5.0's. No human being - whether they sold their soul or not, should be able to get away with music like this:

Thanks for your kind emails and remember to keep praying the 150 Rosary. It will someday pay big dividends and actually expedites the world's process of waking up to the New World Order ass-god deception. The Original Rosary also causes a loosening of the spirit's grip on the cursed (the spirit never lingers). To make a long story short, it diverts the goyim into less destructive activities such as cyclical consumerism and debt-repayment, instead of engaging in war games. More people are possessed than is commonly known and the Rosary diverts the actions of these cursed sheeple into these less threatening activities, leaving us alone in a way to grow in strength.

Subject: Where to acquire an original 1582 Douai-Rheims

Dear friends,

I have been reading some of your documents on the internet, so i want to make one request. Do you have the 1582 1st edition of the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible or can you link up on where to get it?


from S------ M---

Mr. Nobody:

I have two Latin Vulgates and a facsimile of the 1582 English version. You can buy a facsimile of the original Douai-Rheims from this website for about $200.

Here is a summary from this recommended website that sells the 1582 version:


The Original Douay Rheims Bible

In early 2007, I decided to reprint the original 3 volume Douay Rheims Bible. I did this for 3 primary reasons.

#1. It is out of print. A bible of this historical significance should be in print and accessible to the general public.
#2. It is important for students of the bible and of Latin to be able to have access to such a work. The original Douay Rheims bible is the most literal translation of the Latin Vulgate ever produced. it is an excellent resource for students of the Vulgate.

#3. This may be a superficial reason, but think it is a really fine bible to read and appreciate. The format and typography are truly a work of art.

This is not the Challoner revision of the Douay Rheims bible. This is the bible that Bishop Challoner used as a base text for his translation. While most complete bibles come in at about 1000 to 1200 pages, this one is almost 2900 pages. It is filled with tons of notes, annotations, historical texts and tables, and a lot of other information. I have provided some page samples below so you can look at them and judge for yourself. At first, my intent was to only produce a printed edition but due to the cost of it to the consumer and the diversified needs of the consumer, I have made it available in 3 different formats. A printed version, a CD ROM version, and a download.

A few notes on this edition

The edition I am offering is a facsimile, not a re-typeset edition. Taking this into consideration, and also considering the period in which the original texts were printed (printing technology has changed drastically in the last 500 years!), there are a few isolated places where the text that is printed in a smaller font is very difficult to read. This applies to the notes and annotations. The biblical text is in a larger font and is much clearer. I had second thoughts about reprinting this edition because of these faults. Then I realized the fact that offering a slightly inferior edition is better than not having this bible available at all. I had this edition professionally scanned and converted it to an 8 ¼” by 10 ¾” page size. To my knowledge, this is the largest facsimile reprint of the original Douay Rheims Bible.

Why is this bible printed in 5 volumes?

Since the publisher I use has a page limit of 800 pages for their hardcover books, and each volume of the Old Testament has around 1000 pages, I had to split the original 2 volume Old Testament into 4. This made the cost go up since you have to buy more books get a complete set, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. One good thing, the divisions turned out to correspond with the 4 major divisions of the books of the Old Testament (the Pentateuch, the Historical Books, the Wisdom Books, and the Prophetical Books). It turned out that the New Testament has exactly 800 pages, so I was able to keep it a single volume.

Is there an inexpensive alternative to the printed edition?

Due to the cost of the printed edition, I produced a fully bookmarked .PDF available on CD-ROM or by Download that are a fraction of the cost (available by clicking here).

This person took the time to photocopy an original copy which costs around $5,000, if one can be found intact (individual pages sell on eBay for hundreds of dollars). He reprinted it into five hardcover volumes and sells them as a set for about $200. This is a relatively new and very important discovery the Catholic World. I must admit that after reading it twice (2900 pages), one can see why so many Catholics were tortured by the English Government for creating this translation. It contains the secret of Masonic John's invalid Jewish baptism from John 3, as well as the secret of the exorcism (the difference between the Holy Ghost and the invalid “Spirit” baptism in English from Acts XIX.

John Chapter 3 Original Douay Rheims
Acts XIX Original Douay Rheims

The ca. 1633-5 Douai-Rheims version is also important. This is the last Catholic English version before “Bishop” Challoner removed two of the three keys of the Catholic Trinity in his “revision.”

You can access the 1633 version from our Fatima Movement digital Catholic library by clicking on the Rare Book Scans link, along with many other important texts. You can go straight to the 1633 Douai-Rheims version by clicking this link. I strongly suggest saving it and printing it out, before it “disappears from history” again. In this edition, you will find that Catholics should not say “The Lord” on p. 385:

Douay Rheims - Catholics must not say 'the Lord'

Here is what the 1908 Catholic Encyclopedia says about Challoner's filtered “translation”, which is essentially the version all modern Catholic Seminaries teach from. This revision was done for a reason: Challoner was a Protestant.

Catholic Encyclopedia - Challoner

If you are a biblical Lord-promoting Catholic Priest or Bishop and are not operating from either the Latin Vulgate or the original Douai-Rheims, you are in extreme error and will one day find yourselves in Hell, tricked into Satan worship, just as your bible warned:

“And he shall be in disgrace with all men, because he understood not the fear of the Lord.” - Ecclesiasitcus 23:31

Coming to America preacher

Jewish Hollywood subversion at its worst: “If loving 'the Lord' is wrong, I don't want to be right.” - “Coming to America,” 1988

Here is a list of Catholics who were martyred in the worst way for working on these Douai-Rheims translations, which were treasonous to own or distribute in England until 1800, from the November 1880 edition of “Catholic World Magazine” (link for more info):


Cuthbert Maine, priest, born at Yarlston, near Barnstaple, Devonshire. Student of St. John’s College, Oxford, and after his conversion, of Douay College. Apprehended at Colveden, near Truro, tried at Launceston, and condemned for high treason ; hung, drawn, and quartered at Launceston, November 29, 1577.
John Nelson, priest, son of Sir N. Nelson, Knight, born at Shelton, near York. Student at Douay. Taken prisoner in London, condemned for denying the queen’s supremacy, and executed in the usual manner as a traitor at Tyburn, February 3, 1577-8.
Thomas Sherwood, scholar, born in London, educated at Douay. Apprehended, tried, and condemned in London for denying the queen’s supremacy ; executed at Tyburn, being cut down while yet alive, disemboweled, and quartered, on February 7, 1577-8.
Everard Hause, priest, born in Northamptonshire, educated at Cambridge, and ordained a clergyman of the Church of England. A convert, studied at Rheims, and ordained a Roman Catholic priest on March 25, 1581. He was apprehended while visiting prisoners in the Marshalsea Prison, and cast into Newgate amongst thieves, and loaded with irons. He was condemned for high treason, and sentenced to be hung, drawn, and quartered. He suffered at Tyburn on July 31, 1581.
Edmund Campion, priest, S.K., born in London, educated first at Christ-church Hospital ; student of St. John’s College, Oxford ; ordained deacon of the Church of England. A convert, studied at Douay, and admitted into the Society of Jesus at Rome in 1573. Coming to England in 1580, he labored in his vocation for thirteen months, and was taken at the house of Mr. Yates, of Lyford. He was brought to London, and, after being cruelly racked and tortured, was arraigned and condemned for high treason, but offered life and one hundred pounds a year if he would change his religion. He suffered in the usual manner, being hung, disemboweled, and quartered at Tyburn, December 1, 1581, aged forty-two.
Ralph Sherwine, priest, born at Nodesley, near Longford, Derbyshire. Student and fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. A convert in 1575, and studied at Douay until he was made priest in 1577. Returned to England, and was soon taken in London, in November, 1580. After being twice cruelly racked, and imprisoned for seven months, he was arraigned and condemned for high treason. Six months afterwards he was martyred by being hung, drawn, and quartered at Tyburn, on December 1, 1581.
Alexander Brian, priest, S.J., born in Dorsetshire, and studied at Hart Hall, Oxford. A convert, and afterwards a student of Douay in 1576 ; returned to England a priest in 1579, and apprehended in London 28th April, 1581. After cruel racking and torturing he was condemned and sentenced as a traitor to be hung, disemboweled, and quartered, which sentence was executed upon him at Tyburn, December 1, 1581.
John Paine, priest, born in Northamptonshire. Admitted into the English College at Douay in 1575, ordained priest in the following year, and sent upon the English mission. He was apprehended in 1581, and brought to the Tower of London, where he was cruelly racked. Tried at Chelmsford, in Essex, and condemned to suffer for high treason in the usual manner, but offered life if he would go to church. The sentence was carried out on April 2, 1582.
Thomas Forde, priest, born in Devonshire, graduated at Trinity College, Oxford ; took his M.A. degree in 1567, and admitted fellow of that college soon afterwards. A convert, and entered the seminary at Douay in 1571 ; ordained priest in 1573. He returned to England and labored some years upon the mission, and was taken, together with Father Campion, in the house of Mr. Yates, at Lyford, in Berkshire. Tried and sentenced to death in London, November 21, 1581 ; executed May 28, 1582.
John Short, priest, born in Cheshire ; educated at Brazenose College, Oxford. Coming to England from Rheims, he was arrested on July 14, 1580, condemned to die as a traitor, and was executed in the usual barbarous manner at Tyburn, May 28, 1582.
Robert Johnson, priest, born in Shropshire, educated at Douay, sent on the English mission ; arrested and sent from some other prison to the Tower in 1580, where he was three times cruelly racked. Sentenced in November, same year, to be hanged, drawn, and quartered, he was not executed till 28th May, 1582.
William Filbie, priest, native of Oxford ; arrested at the house of Mr. Yates with Father Campion and his companions ; committed to the Tower in July, and sentenced to death on November 20 following. For six months he remained in prison, cruelly pinioned with heavy iron manacles, and suffered the usual death of a traitor at Tyburn, 30th May, 1582, aged twenty-seven.
Luke Kirby, priest, born at Richmond, Yorkshire ; a Master of Arts. Returned to England after having been some time at the English College at Rome ; was arrested in 1580 and committed to the Tower, where he suffered the torture of the “scavenger’s daughter.” He was sentenced at the same time as Father Campion, but was not executed till May 28, 1582.
Lawrence Richardson, arrested whilst laboring as a missionary in his native country of Lancaster. Hung, drawn, and quartered at Tyburn, May 30, 1582.
James Fenn, priest, native of Somerset. Laboring on the mission in his native country, he was arrested and thrown into Rochester jail. Thence sent to London, he was thrown into the horrible dungeon of the Marshalsea for two years. He was released at Tyburn by being hanged, disemboweled, and quartered “in the usual manner,” February 12, 1584.
John Munden, or Mundyn, priest, native of Dorset, condemned at the same time and for the same cause as the four preceding, suffered death with “great joy and cheerfulness” at Tyburn, February 12, 1584.
John Nutter, priest, born at Burnby, Lancashire ; B.D. Oxford. Returning to the Catholic Church, he went to Rheims, where he was ordained and sent on the English mission. Apprehended immediately on his landing, he was thrown into the Marshalsea, whose horrors he suffered for a year. Condemned for being a Catholic, he and four other priests were executed at Tyburn, February 12, 1584.
William Carter, printer, was hanged, drawn, and quartered at Tyburn, January 11, 1584, for printing a treatise on Schism, against Catholics attending the Protestant services.
James Bell, priest, native of Warrington, Lancashire, ordained in the reign of Queen Mary, conformed to the new religion, but repented and returned. Apprehended for doing so, he was tried at Lancaster with three others for denying the queen’s supremacy, and suffered the usual traitor’s death with “great joy and constancy,” being then sixty years old, April 20, 1584.
Thomas Cottam, priest, native of Lancashire ; B.A. of Oxford. Apprehended in 1580, imprisoned and tortured, and finally hanged, drawn, and quartered at Tyburn, 30th May, 1582.
William Lacy, priest, born at Hanton, Yorkshire, ordained at Rome ; returning to England in 1580, labored in his native Yorkshire ; was apprehended, thrown into York Castle, and loaded with chains. He was tried at York “for persuading the queen’s subjects” to the Catholic religion, and was executed in the usual manner, August 22, 1582.
James Thompson, priest, hanged, drawn, and quartered at York, November 28, 1582. “He received his sentence of death with great joy.”
William Hart, priest, native of Wells, Somerset, a distinguished alumnus of Lincoln College, Oxford. Arrested for “assisting at Mass,” heavily ironed in York Castle, and hanged, drawn, and quartered there, 15th March, 1583.
Richard Thirkill, priest, native of Durham, executed in the usual manner at York, May 29, 1583.
John Slade, a native of Dorset, schoolmaster, hanged, drawn, and quartered at Winchester, October 30, 1583, “for denying the queen’s supremacy and maintaining the old religion.”
John Body, native of Wells, Somerset, apprehended at the same time as the foregoing, suffered the usual “death of a traitor” at Andover, Hampshire, November 2, 1583.
George Haydock, priest, son of Evan William Haydock, Esq., of Cottane Hall Lancashire. Offered his liberty if he would renounce the Pope. Refusing, he was sent to the Tower, where for two years he was confined in irons, deprived of all human comfort and assistance. Finally executed in the usual manner, February 12, 1584.
John Finch, born at Eccleston, Lancashire, and brought up a Protestant. Becoming a convert, he assisted the Catholic clergy in every possible way. He was arrested, thrown into a filthy dungeon, where he was subjected to fearful cruelties for years. Refusing finally to abandon his religion, he was executed as a traitor with Mr. Bell, April 20, 1584.
Richard White, native of Montgomery, schoolmaster, arrested for refusing to go to church, put in the stocks, treated with every indignity, cruelly tortured at Bewdley, and finally condemned for denying the queen’s supremacy. This noble lay martyr suffered on October 17, 1584, at Wrexham, in Denbighshire, where he was suspended for a few minutes, cut down alive, and then mangled and butchered in the most barbarous manner.
Thomas Aldfield, priest, native of Gloucester, first cruelly tortured for dispersing, with the help of Webley, a dyer, copies of Cardinal Allen’s modest answer to the English persecutors. He and Webley were executed as traitors at Tyburn, January 5, 1585. Both were offered life if they would renounce the Pope and acknowledge the queen’s spiritual supremacy.
Hugh Taylor, priest, born at Durham, hanged, drawn, and quartered at York, November 26, 1585.
Marmaduke Bowes, a married gentleman of Anerane Grange, Cleveland, was executed with the aforesaid Father Taylor for having harbored him in his house.
Thomas Crowther, priest, died in the Marshalsea after two years’ imprisonment.
Edward Poole, priest, sent from Rheims in 1580, cast into prison same year. Heard of no more.
Lawrence Vaux, canon regular, thrown into the Gate-house prison with N. Tichborne, Esq., in 1580, died there the same year.
Edward Straneham, whom Stow in his Annals calls Edward Barber, suffered the death of a traitor at Tyburn, January 21,1585, “for being a priest.”
Nicholas Woodfen, priest, executed with the preceding for the same crime—“being a priest.”
William Thompson, priest, executed on 20th April, 1585, for “remaining in England,” and Richard Lee, priest, was hanged, drawn, and quartered with him for the same offence.
Richard Sergeant, priest, and William Thompson, priest, were executed as traitors at Tyburn simply for being priests and remaining in the kingdom.
Robert Anderton, priest, born of an honorable family in Lancaster, and William Mardsen, same county, were executed in the Isle of Wight for “being priests,” April 25, 1585.
Francis Ingolby, priest, son of Sir William Ingolby, suffered at York, June 3, 1586.
John Finglow, priest, was executed for “being a priest,” at York, August 8, 1586.
John Sandyr, priest, executed at Gloucester, August 11, 1586.
John Lowe, previously a minister of the Established Church, converted, ordained a priest, and sent on the English mission, executed at Tyburn, October 8, 1586.
John Adams, priest, executed at Tyburn, October 8, 1586. Same day with the two preceding, and on the same charge, Richard Dibdale, native of Worcester.
Mrs. Margaret Clitheroe, gentlewoman, was pressed to death at York for harboring and relieving priests, March 26, 1586.
Robert Bickerdike, gentleman, was executed at York for refusing to go to the Protestant church, July, 1586.
Richard Langley, Esq., executed at York, December 1, 1586, for harboring and assisting priests.
Robert Pilchard, priest, born at Battle, Sussex, executed at Dorchester, December 1, 1586.
Edmund Sykes, priest, banished in 1581, was condemned for returning, and executed at York, March 23, 1587.
Stephen Rowsham, priest, executed at Gloucester, July, 1587.
John Hanibley, priest, born at Exeter, put to death at York, September 9, 1587. Offered his life and a good living if he would conform to the new religion. Same day, and for the same cause, George Douglas, priest, a Scotchman, suffered.
Alexander Crowe, priest, hanged, drawn, and quartered at York for priestly character and functions, November 30, 1586.
Nicholas Garlick, priest, native of Sheffield, tried, condemned, and executed at the same time and place as the preceding “for priestly character and function,” July 24, 1588.
Richard Simpson (some time a minister), priest, executed at Derby, July 24, 1588.
William Dean, priest, executed at Mile End, London, August 28, 1588.
Robert Leigh, priest, executed at Tyburn with five Catholic laymen and Mistress Margaret Wood, August 30, 1588.
William Way, a Cornish priest, executed at Kingstown-on-Thames, in Surrey, October 1, 1588.
Robert Wilcox, Edward Campion, and Christopher Burton, priests, were likewise executed.
Robert Widmerpool, of Widmerpool, Nottinghamshire, gentleman, tutor to the Earl of Northumberland, about the same time.
Ralph Crockett and Edward James, priests, at Chichester, October 1, 1588.
John Robinson, priest.
William Hartley, priest, executed October 5, 1588, in his mother’s presence, near Bankside.
John Weldon, priest, executed October 5, 1588.
Richard Williams, priest.
Robert Sutton, schoolmaster, executed at Clerkenwell.
Edward Burden and John Hewitt, priests, executed at York, October 5, 1588.
William Lamplough, layman, suffered at Gloucester in 1588.
Robert Dalby and John Amias, priests, March 16, 1598, suffered at York.
Richard Yaxley of Lincolnshire, and George Nichols of Oxford, priests, executed at Oxford, July 5, 1589.
Thomas Belson, of Brill, Bucks, gent., executed at Oxford, July 5, 1589.
Humphrey Pritchard, layman, a servant to Belson, executed at Oxford the same day.
William Spencer, priest, executed at York, September 24, 1589.
Robert Hardesty, layman, executed at York, September 24, 1589.
Christopher Bayles, priest, executed at Fleet Street, London, March 4, 1590.
Nicholas Horner, layman, executed at Smithfield, March 4, 1590.
Alexander Blake, layman, executed at Gray’s-Inn-Lane, March 4, 1590.
Miles Gerard and Francis Dickensen, priests, executed at Rochester, April 30, 1590.
Edward Johnes, priest, executed at Fleet Street, London, May 6, 1590.
Anthony Middleton, priest, executed at Clerkenwell, May 6, 1590.
Edmund Duke, priest, executed at Durham, May 27, 1590.
John Hogg, priest, executed at Durham, May 27, 1590.
Richard Holliday, priest, executed at Durham, May 27, 1590.
Richard Hill, priest, executed at Durham, May 27, 1590.
Robert Thorp, priest, hung, drawn, and quartered at York, May 31, 1591.
Mountford Scott and George Beesley, priests, executed at Fleet Street, London.
Robert Dickenson, priest, executed at Winchester, July 7, 1591.
Ralph Milner, layman, of Winchester, executed at Winchester, July 7, 1591.
William Pikes, layman, of Dorchester, suffered there for denying the queen’s supremacy.
Edmund Jennings, priest, executed at Gray’s-Inn-Fields, December 10, 1591.
Swithin Wells, gent., executed at Gray’s-Inn-Fields, December 10, 1591.
Eustachius White, priest, executed at Tyburn, December 10, 1591.
Polydore Plasden, priest, executed at Tyburn, December 10, 1591.
Bryan Lacey, layman, executed at Tyburn, December 10, 1591.
John Mason, layman, executed at Tyburn, December 10, 1591.
Sydney Hodgson, layman, executed at Tyburn, December 10, 1591.
William Paterson, priest, executed at Tyburn, January 22, 1592.
Thomas Pormorte, at St. Paul’s Churchyard, London, February 8, 1592.
Robert Ashton, gent., at Tyburn, June 23, 1592.
Edward Waterson, priest, at Newcastle, January 7, 1593.
James Bird, gent., at Winchester, Lady Day, 1593.
Anthony Page, priest, hung, drawn, and quartered at York, April 20, 1593.
Joseph Lampton, priest, at Newcastle, July 27, 1593.
William Davies, priest, at Beaumaris, July 21, 1593.
John Speed, layman, at Durham, February 4, 1594.
William Harington, priest, at Tyburn, February 18, 1594.
John Cornelius, priest, at Dorchester, July 4, 1594.
Thomas Bosgrave, gent., at Dorchester, July 4, 1594.
Terence Carey, layman, at Dorchester, July 4, 1594.
Patrick Salmon, at Dorchester, July 4, 1594.
John Bost, priest, suffered at Durham, July 19, 1594.
John Ingram, priest, suffered at Newcastle, July 25, 1594.
George Swalllowell, some time a minister, executed at Darlington in 1594.
Edward Osbaldeston, priest, executed at York in 1594.
Robert Southwell, priest, at Tyburn in 1595.
Alexander Rawlins, priest, at York in 1595.
Henry Walpole, priest, at York in 1595.
James Atkinson, layman, in 1595.
William Freeman, priest, at Warwick in 1595.
George Errington, gent., suffered at York in 1596.
William Knight, yeoman, at York in 1596.
William Gibson, yeoman, at York in 1596.
Henry Abbott, yeoman, at York in 1596.
William Andleby, priest, at York in 1597.
Thomas Warcopp, gent., at York in 1597.
Edward Fullthorpe, gent., at York in 1597.
John Britton, gent., at York in 1598.
Peter Snow, priest, at York in 1598.
Ralph Grimstone, gent., at York in 1598.
John Jones, priest, at St. Thomas’ Watering in 1598.
Christopher Robinson, priest, at Carlisle in 1598.
Richard Horner, priest, at York in 1598.
Matthias Harrison, priest, at York in 1599.
John Lyon, yeoman, at Oakham in 1599,
James Dowdall, merchant, at Exeter in 1599.

In the year 1600 the following priests were executed: Christopher Wharton at York ; Thomas Sprott at Lincoln ; Thomas Hunt at Lincoln ; Robert Nutter at Lancaster ; Edward Thwing at Lancaster ; Thomas Pallasor at Durham. And the following laymen: John Rigby at St. Thomas’ Watering ; John Norton at Durham ; John Talbot at Durham.
In the year 1601 the following priests were executed: John Pybush at St. Thomas’ Watering ; Mark Barkworth at Tyburn ; Roger Filcock at Tyburn ; Thurston Hunt at Lancaster ; Robert Middleton at Lancaster. And the following laity: Ann Line, gentlewoman, at Tyburn ; Nicholas Tichbourne at Tyburn ; Thomas Hacksott at Tyburn.
In 1602 four priests were executed, viz.: Tomas Harrison at York ; Thomas Tichbourne at Tyburn ; Robert Watkinson at Tyburn ; Francis Page at Tyburn. And the following laymen: Anthony Batty, gent., at York ; James Duckett, bookseller, at Tyburn.
In 1603 one priest, William Richards, was drawn, hung, dismembered, disemboweled, and quartered at Tyburn.

[To this catalogue should be added the fact that hundreds of lay men and women in the ranks of the gentry were beggared by being compelled to pay a fine of (British Pounds) 20 per lunar month for refusing to go to church, where, in the main, the so-called clergy were men of the most infamous lives.]

I suggest buying copies of these original Douai-Rheims and giving them to the duped clergy. If you're financially able to do so, maybe buy a set and give them to a Catholic Priest who is not a Freemason and point out his errors (if you can get him away from his pancake social). The truth of the Lord construct being Satan is really found in the Canonical Latin Vulgate, which is more important for Priests to know. But these early English versions are important resource for getting to this level of understanding. Thanks for the question.

Subject: Devil Tarot Card

Dear sir,

Google an image of the devil tarot card- it is the same hand gesture that Cardinal Bernardin guy is making in the pic on your site. Thought it was interesting and maybe something you might like to see.


Mr. Nobody:

Thanks, G--- for finding that. I always wondered what he was signaling. I thought it was some Star Trek thing, but what do I know. For those who don't know, this was the “Cardinal” of Chicago from 1983-1996. He was America's most powerful “Cardinal” during his kingdom, and was responsible for taking millions of Chicago Vatican II “Catholics” to Hell.

Bernardin and the Satanic handsign

Here are two videos I personally shot of this powerful occultic leader of the Chicagoland Archdiocese. That's actually my mic he's speaking into, btw- I'm glad I threw it away...The video on the left shows America's most powerful Novus Ordo “Cardinal” explaining that the Lord's Prayer (the Our Father) is synonymous with a popular Jewish prayer. The secret is out now: the Jews worship Lucifer, so it makes sense why he would say this.

I should also mention that in the rededication “Mass” at SMA Chicago, Bernardin refused to come if the parish didn't remove the statue of Our Lady of Fatima from the Cathedral in the video below on the right. That's the reason it was taken down and apparently put into their basement. Of course in times of the “cult of personality”, the parish agreed to remove this prominent statue of Our Lady of Fatima so that a popular occultic “Cardinal” would show up to the event. And that really sucks- but that's what we're up against.

I must admit that this “Cardinal” really dropped a couple of bombshells that I was able to pick up on. These were important clues to the breaking of the New World Order (Novus Ordo) and the pagan Jewish Lord deception. For those who want some background into how I broke the Illuminati, I was a video producer, trying to televise the more Traditional Latin Mass in Chicago, when Bernardin shut down my production in 1996. Below are some documents from my archives, one written to me from Bernardin, actually mentioning the Novus Ordo twice. By the way, I'm kind of glad this never came to fruition because I would have been unknowingly televising Bugnini's 1962 Masonic Vatican II Era Rite in Latin, so I guess it all worked out for the best. I wonder what the Devil is doing to Bernardin right now for failing to keep his oath of silence...

Darren Archdiocese Letter 1

Darren Archdiocese Letter 2

Additional Info: Click here for a .PDF file of MHFM's files on Bernardin: “Was the most powerful “Cardinal” in America after Vatican II a secret Satanist?

Subject: According to a new poll, most Americans are no longer Protestants

“According to a new poll, most Americans are no longer Protestants: “For the first time less than half of Americans – 48 percent – consider themselves to be Protestant. One third of Americans under 30 do not identify with a religion. Pew calls them “nones.”


It is not surprising that more and more people are losing any sense of morality. When Protestants reject the union of Church and State, which is only ever balanced and salvific when it is the Catholic Church, then it is simply asking for the union of Synagogue and State. In the same way that Semei cursed at King David, falsely accusing him of serving a false god (2 Kings 16:13), so Protestants falsely accuse Catholics of idolatry when we simply show due respect to the Saints and the Mother of God. It is as if the ever increasing number of Protestant sects testifies to the fact that the Lord has pulverized any unity out of them due to their constantly waging war against the Keepers of the Kingdom, true popes. Speaking of Himself, and by extension of His Mystical Body the Catholic Church only,

Jesus said: Matthew 21:42-44 - “Jesus saith to them: Have you never read in the Scriptures: The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner? By the Lord this has been done; and it is wonderful in our eyes. Therefore I say to you, that the kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and shall be given to a nation yielding the fruits thereof. And whosoever shall fall on this stone, shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it shall grind him to powder.”

Protestantism is mere spiritual powder and dust - no cohesion, structure or salvation. Protestantism is a pathetic abomination, a soup of heresies! Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation.”

-Br. O-----

Mr. Nobody:

It is the Jewish Jesus (more info) of the Bible that is saying those things, not Christ. The Freemasons are obligated to promote the Jewish Jesus agenda of subverting the Catholic Church, which is the essence of Protestantism. This Masonic “church” that started out of Jerusalem (not Rome) has spread to the four corners of the earth, promoting Satan (the lord) as God, and it's rewriting of Church history. Any Catholic knows the Church started in Rome under St. Peter, not in Jerusalem under a bunch of wandering Masonic “pastors” and “prysbetiers” trying to steal souls.

Video of a Luciferian 32nd Deg. Shriner Freemason and his “worshipful master”, the Jewish Jesus of the Masonic Bible

This is great news though. The Masonic Protestant movement is beginning to die. It's about time. So much credibility was invested in this “Jesus is coming” event that we stopped, and now, the credibillity of Masonic Pastors with their flocks of goyim are sustaining heavy damage. This was the purpose of our old Fatima Movement webpage banner that our veteran readers will remember:

Old Fatima Movement Website Banner

Now that that phase of our work is done, it is only a matter of time before more Protestants understand that they were tricked, and their donations were stolen to advance the coming of the heretical Jesus, the son of Lucifer:

Apocalypse Chapter 22:16: “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify to you these things concerning the churches. I am the root and offspring of David, the bright and morning star.”

Isaiah 14:12 (1996 King James Authorized Version, Masonic Master Reference Edition): How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

2 Peter Chapter 1 (1950 Douai-Confraternity New Catholic Version-Protestant Revision): 1:19: And we have the word of prophecy, surer still, to which you do well to attend, as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.

The “First Epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians” 5:2: ”For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord shal so come as a theefe in the night.”

Deeds of the Antichrist

Fresco of the Deeds of the Antichrist (c. 1501) in Orvieto Cathedral by Luca Signorelli, (c. 1445-1523) an Italian Renaissance painter who was a mentor to Michelangelo. The knowledge of a Luciferian Jesus was not so uncommon when Catholic theologians understood this “Da Vinci Code.” But today, with the triumph of the theology of the wrong Jesus running the feel-good ecumenical movement, and being worshipped in the Vatican II Novus Ordo Mass, this becomes next to impossible to overcome.

“Hence at the period of the greatest Christian fervour was the reign of ANTICHRIST known and predicted. But Antichrist will prepare and determine the Second Advent and final triumph of the Man-God. This again is a rigorous and kabalistical conclusion contained in the Gospel premises. Hence the Christian prophecy comprises a fourfold revelation: I. Fall of the old world and triumph of the Gospel under the First Advent; 2. Great apostasy and coming of Antichrist; 3. Fall of Antichrist and recurrence to Christian ideas; 4. Definitive triumph of the Gospel, or Second Advent, designated under the name of the Last Judgment. This fourfold prophecy contains, as will be seen, two affirmations and two negations, the idea of two ruins or universal deaths and of two resurrections; for to every conception which appears upon the social horizon an East and a West, a Zenith and a Nadir, may be ascribed without fear of error. Thus is the Philosophical Cross the key of prophecy, and all gates of science may be opened with the pantacle of Ezekiel, the centre of which is a star formed by the interlacement of two crosses.” - The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic, PART I: page 21

“The Pentagram, which in Gnostic schools is called the Blazing Star, is the sign of intellectual omnipotence and autocracy. It is the Star of the Magi; it is the sign of the Word made flesh; and, according to the direction of its points, this absolute magical symbol represents order or confusion, the Divine Lamb of Ormuz and St. John, or the accursed goat of Mendes. It is initiation or profanation; it is Lucifer or Vesper, the star of morning or evening.” - The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic, PART II: page 35

“The allegorical Star of the Magi is no other than the mysterious Pentagram; and those three kings, sons of Zoroaster, conducted by the Blazing Star to the cradle of the microcosmic God, are themselves a full demonstration of the kabalistic and magical beginnings of Christian doc-trine. One of these kings is white, another black and the third brown. The white king offers gold, symbol of light and life; the black king presents myrrh, image of death and of darkness; the brown king sacrifices incense, emblem of the conciliating doctrine of the two principles. They return thereafter into their own land by another road, to show that a new cultus is only a new path, conducting man to one religion, being that of the sacred triad and the radiant Pentagram, the sole eternal catholicism. St. John, in the Apocalypse, beholds this same star fall from heaven to earth. It is then called absinthe or wormwood, and all the waters of the sea become bitter – a striking image of the materialization of dogma, which produces fanaticism and the acridities of controversy. Then unto Christianity itself may be applied those words of Isaiah: “How has thou fallen from heaven, bright star, which wast so splendid in thy prime!” But the Pentagram, profaned by men, burns ever unclouded in the right hand of the Word of Truth, and the inspired voice guarantees to him that overcometh the possession of the Morning Star – a solemn promise of restitution held out to the Star of Lucifer.” - The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic, PART II: pages 36-7

As the Fatima Movement grows from a tiny, obscure website into a popular source of esoteric knowledge, more and more Protestants as well as Vatican II Novus Ordo sheeple will question their leaders and their “interpretations” of a book written by Freemasons long ago, and most importantly, their motivation. The longer we hold off the end of the world from Daniel Chapter 9 with the 150 Rosary, the more time we will have to grow in strength and numbers, and the greater chance we will have of taking the Chair of Peter in the long run.

The Masonic initiation is rooted in Judaism

“The secret of Masonry is the Jew. Freemasonry has undertaken to rob the German people of their Germanic pride, and to turn them, unawares, into an instrument for bringing about the glorious future of the Jewish people.” - Mozart & Freemasonry, p. 85 (FOUND IN THE FÁTIMA MOVEMENT RARE BOOK SCANS)

As more people learn that their pastors are actually Jews (the people who crucified GOD on a cross), and are secretly initiated as Freemasons, they will flee these false churches, adorned with burning crosses (symbolizing the burning of Christ).

The Lord is a burning fire

White Anglo-Saxon Protestants

It is a difficult thing for these false shepherds to eat crow and to explain to their “congregations” that this Jewish Jesus Messiah is not coming after all. Many will grow tired, get impatient and leave, and maybe others will try to figure out what happened. History will just group these men as irrelevant, kooky Harold Camping types. But history will always remember that the Fatima Movement and the Third Secret of Fatima stopped the abomination of desolation in 2011, and the 70 week countdown to the end of the world spoken of in Daniel 9 resulted in a loss for the Illuminati. That final week of Daniel and Rome's destruction has been put off for at least a generation or two, unless Benedict pulls a surprise maneuver with this Petrus Romanus final Anti-Pope deception.

The Apocalyptic Showdown

The timeline of the Mother of God's Authentic Third Secret of Fatima matches the timeline of the Lord's (the Devil's) prophecy from some 3,000 years ago in the Old Testament. It's time to take notice. Remember, “the Lord” comes like a thief in the night...don't fall for it.

Daniel 9:24: Seventy weeks (April 21, 2010 - August 24, 2011) are shortened upon thy people, and upon thy holy city (Rome), that transgression may be finished (the Judeo-Masonic takeover), and sin (heresy) may have an end, and iniquity may be abolished; and everlasting justice may be brought; and vision and prophecy may be fulfilled; and the saint of saints (the Judeo-Masonic Jesus) may be anointed.

Daniel 9:25: Know thou therefore, and take notice: that from the going forth of the word, to build up Jerusalem again, unto Christ the prince (David's Christ, the Jewish Messiah, Lucifer, the Prince of this world), there shall be seven weeks (June 30, 2011 - August 17, 2011), and sixty-two weeks (April 21, 2010 - June 29, 2011): and the street shall be built again, and the walls in straitness of times.

Daniel 9:26: And after sixty-two weeks (April 21, 2010 - June 30, 2011) Christ shall be slain: and the people that shall deny him (Deny that Our Lord is the Messiah, unlike Caiphus) shall not be his. And a people with their leader that shall come, shall destroy the city and the sanctuary: and the end thereof shall be waste, and after the end of the war the appointed desolation (no opportunity for salvation).

Daniel 9:27: And he shall confirm the covenant with many, in one week (the 70th week of Daniel, August 17, 2011 - August 24, 2011): and in the half of the week the victim and the sacrifice shall fall: and there shall be in the temple the abomination of desolation (no valid Sacraments - 1944, no Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - 1962, no valid priests - 1968): and the desolation shall continue even to the consummation, and TO THE END.

Left: The Mother of God appears in the sun on ONE YEAR AFTER WE START THE COUNTDOWN OF THE 70 WEEKS OF DANIEL. Right: Freemason Pat Robertson is beside himself as he tries to interpret the meaning of the cracked Washington Monument at the end of the 70 weeks of Daniel.

Let's face it: this is the information age, not the middle ages, and the subverting Masonic Vatican Councils can no longer hide what they have done, because we're not living in a village in some remote part of Europe, blindly trusting the bishops of the Council of Trent to keep us safe. We know the secret now, and as the godlikeproductions forum posters say regarding this refused offer between the Illuminati and The Holy Ghost, everyone's going to see who they are eventually:

“The offer is to leave or if they continue stay here we will see the truth (movies recorded) of them planning 9/11, financial collapses, wars, assassinations,... Their future would be death if they stay.”

And that's the purpose of the Fatima Movement, to connect these theological dots for all to see. And it appears to be working:

Putin Nobody RT

Pictured Left: Russian President Vladimir Putin (#2 on the list for 'philosophical reasons'). Pictured Right: The “enigmatic” Mr. Nobody & leader of the Fatima Movement. The original announcement has attracted some 2 million viewers, and has spawned hundreds of other forum threads, as people try to figure out what happened. VIDEO LINK

RT: “Enigmatic Mr. Nobody tops Vladimir Putin for world's most influential”: International political thinktank Eurasia Group has ranked Russian President Vladimir Putin second on its list of the world's most powerful people. The first position is held by 'Nobody,' reflecting the perception of a world without a clear leader. The list, published by Foreign Policy magazine, ranks individuals' ability to singlehandedly “bring about change that significantly affects the lives and fortunes of large numbers of people.”

Just keep praying the original Rosary, spread this knowledge the best you can, and thanks for that email. What we are doing is working. And now, the occult sings to us nobodies, so we just have to double-up back at them. - Mr. Nobody

Subject: It's about time.

Dear Sir

Congrats on being the most powerful man and by golly at least these devil worshiping clowns can admit it in their own stupid little way…does it also mean the Fatima movement is the most powerful organization in the world? Of course, we have Our Lady always eager to crush their heads.

Keep up the good work,


Mr. Nobody:

Thanks, G---. I don't know what to say right now and honestly, I just need a nap and I have to go to work soon like the rest of us. I'm going to post this on the site and put together some response later this week. The trick is to understand how the priests in Japan stopped WWII, how the three children at Fatima stopped WWI, and apply that to today to counter the same forces who are trying to cause WWIII. I'm going to put together a chapter on this eventually, but thanks for the email.

I wouldn't call the Fatima Movement powerful, I mean, as its leader, I'm still saving up for a third pair of pants, but the Illuminati cannot win the world until the Church is eclipsed. The daily sacrifice must cease, which is what our 150 Rosary said correctly every day stops. So in that regard, by stopping them, people are free to continue their meaningless lives, to pursue their economic pursuits, which is why RT and this think-tank are saying these things. It is some nice exposure for what we're trying to do though. I'll have more on this hopefully by the end of the week- take care.

Our Lady of La Salette - The Church will be in eclipse