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Subject: Prayer​

Hi Mr Nobody!

I found an appropriate image of the soon to be 'saint' wojtyla!

-J-- -------

Koran kissing John Paul II

Mr. Nobody:



Hi Mr. Nobody,

My brother told me about the comments section on the website, so I went to take a look at it. What started out as a convenient and helpful way to converse about the Fatima Movement has turned into a disgrace. When I read the comments, I do not hear God talking at all. People new to the website are going to see this and infer that the Movement itself is rotten.

The body of work that has been established on this website is a treasure for the world. It reflects the greatness of the real Trinity, and the power that can be attained through Our Lady's Rosary. This power comes with responsibility and self-control. We are blessed to be baptized properly and to have the Rosary as a means of changing our lives and the world for the better, yet that does not mean we are immune from demonic attacks. It's really quite the contrary. Because we pose the greatest threat to these demons and their New World Order, they will attack us more than everybody else. It is our job to overcome these attacks, not fall victim to them.

There seems to be one particular writer who is initiating the bad comments. But, everyone else who also writes ends up feeding the fire. It has become so exacerbated that the entire homepage has been consumed by garbage and trash talk. This cancer is taking over the website, and the main source of the problem is not the instigator, but the demons that everyone else allows to speak through their words. The section delegitimizes the website, and we only have ourselves to blame.

The right course of action at this point is to acknowledge our blunder like men, eliminate the entire comments blog, and take this as a lesson for the future to practice self-control. Taking the world back from Satan is serious business, not a joke, so let's treat it like such and make Our Lady proud!



Mr. Nobody:

I understand your point, we'll see what happens. If it gets too out of control, I'll take the comments down. But there is no other outlet for free speech anymore, especially on forums like godlikeproductions.com (banned), vaticancatholic.com (filtered), freerepublic.com (blocked), or even lunaticoutpost (threads smurfed/closed). 'Catholic' forums are notorious for stopping the spread of our material because they are completely monitored by Freemasonry to keep visitors 'in line' with Vatican II and the Jewish Lord.

If you mention this research on other sites or God forbid, actually post a link to this site, it will be quickly removed by a Masonic moderator. If you don't believe it, give it a try. If this keeps going the way it has been, eventually we will cease to exist in search engines, etc., and this is how new visitors find us. The comments help fight this and also take the strain off of me filtering emails and posting new material which is very time consuming, especially for the news page.

This is a cynical world and many people's comments reflect that. People are conditioned to be skeptical to religious arguments, especially Catholic ones, but I think our material successfully debunks all Masonic arguments and in the end, the truth will prevail.

Subject: IS Your WEBSite​​ A JOKE?

Is your website a joke or are you guys on some serious medication? How can you, for one, pit the Church against the Bible? ...and claim that the Virgin Mary is God, and the God of the Bible is Satan? This is either a joke or someone is truly spiritually sick.

May God convert you.

Daniel Brooks

Mr. Nobody:

No, this is not a joke. This website is backed up by facts and an inconvenient thing called reality. When the Illuminati admit that you stopped the doom, perhaps people will care about what you have to say. Until then, I suggest you pay attention.

The Bible has always been an adversary to the Catholic Church. In the middle ages, confounded and nutty Protestants would burn down Catholic Churches or paint the Church walls white and scribble Bible verses about their Jewish ass god all over the place. Not much has really changed.

The Biblical Ass God

And by the way, the Jewish Virgin Mary (handmaid of the Lord) is not God. Our Lady is God. You're confused- go read the Talmud and learn about the motivations of the Bible writers and remember, in the Apocalypse, all are deceived, no exceptions, and this means you too.

"They would deceive, if possible, the very elect..." - Matthew 24:24

Subject: Prayer​

Will you say a rosary for me once a week?  I have been saying many, but I know that I need others praying for me.  Especially do this if you stop hearing from me.  You might be my only extra prayer. You can spread my name around if you want, even on the site to help people in my situation. Maybe you can send out a mass mailer. Thank you so much for all that you do.

My name is Daniel Macyarella.

Mr. Nobody:

I'll work on it, but this is exactly why Our Lady in the Third Secret wants a new cathedral to be built. Having a physical Church that you can point to is more credible than a website when you're being gang-stalked and hanged as 'mentally unstable' for contradicting the Vatican's Masonic lies.

Subject: New World O​rder Watch Sites - B​eing Closed Down​

Any comments about this email?


This is Nancy from Rema Marketing.

I wanted to let you know that Rema Marketing will be closing down. All our special insider new world order awareness reports that we created for you to get access to and you simply didn't take the opportunity, everything will be gone in the next 24 hours..................................I am sorry it has come to this.....but we have been forced to..

.......Actually, the statement I have just made is not real for now and I am sorry to have shocked you in this way, but I need to get something over to you about how we are on borrowed time in terms of our internet presence and this is no joke.


Because Barack Obama (using the G7), is spearheading an incredibly aggressive drive to create an international monster body that will regulate the internet and all internet service providers. You don't see much publicity about it in the every day news but its about 2 years away and will dramatically change the internet landscape. We have seen a preview of these laws and they are terrible.

This means organizations like Rema Marketing will be singled out and our internet service providers will shut us down or they could face $10,000 fines for hosting websites like ours.

I know not all of you may care whether or not we are here today or gone tomorrow but those of you who actually value what we do and support us, can you imagine if you woke up one morning and I had to shock you for real with a statement similar to the above.

Everyone of our websites gone in a flash and you never hear from us again.

That's why we say don't wait. Download our reports and even if you are familiar with the subject matter get the reports for those you love who are living in ignorance.

More about these plans to create a one world government which would lead to the closure of Rema Marketing and other truth disclosure sites is fully detailed in World Empire – Final Destination.


If you are seeking for new insights, new innovative information and not afraid to be challenged or at least be receptive to new angles and perspectives, on the one world government agenda, then this report in partnership with Reverend Simon Downing will be a monumental addition to your library, and is one of the most incredible and controversial reports that we have ever producedThe 6 part report known as World Empire – Final Destination 666 completely turns everything on its head with compelling evidence about the true nature of the one world government agenda. Once one understands the very real nature of this 3000 years old demonic legacy, it’s like all of a sudden seeing the world around you in infrared.You soon see things which are simply not possible to view with the range of standard vision.


"World Empire - Final Destination" smashes through general perceptions about the meaning of Mystery Babylon and world government and goes where others dare to tread. Nothing is spared in its wake. Whether you are a Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim or New Ager you will experience uncomfortable moments when face to face with this report.Reverend Simon Downing has an educational background that spans Birmingham Bible Institute and Birmingham University, and with a Cambridge University diploma, we knew that the report would be something special.

The publication was reviewed earlier this year and this was the official comment that came back from our review team.

"This report has simply changed the metrics regarding the value of understanding the world we live in from a biblical perspective. It is frightening, challenging and potent. Clearly the author is on par with a new breed of rugged and uncompromising researchers who are giants in their field of study. We may not necessarily agree with every single conclusion of Pastor Downing but we have to say the report has challenged us to assess why we believe what we believe and has provided a level of revelation that is beyond anything you will find on the major Christian TV networks or in your local Christian bookstore. Simply astonishing"

Grab it now at
All the best.

Rema Marketing

- R---

Mr. Nobody:

It's not surprising. Sometimes it seems that what we're doing here is too litte, too late. I mean Freemasonry completed the takeover of the Church 50 years ago, and the Illuminati figured that nobody would be paying attention or remember by the year 2012. We'll wait and see what happens, but it is a nice day outside and there's no Jewish Jesus flying around in revenge with Evangelicals raptured above us saying 'Ha Ha'...yet.

Fighting this is a tremendous task as Freemason John F Kennedy said in his New World Order speech. It has been a big help to have their internet available to us and up until a couple of years ago, the History Channel type shows like Brad Meltzer's 'Decoded' woke up a lot of people too. But now those shows have been taken off the air for the most part and replaced by gay men going picking for junk, so back to sleep the world goes. I don't think the Illuminati will be as cocky next time and openly brag about what they're doing. I think if they win, it will be a much quieter buildup. They more than learned their lesson the last time. As far as the new laws, send them in. I've got enough to do making this website.


Subject: Coping with job loss

Hi Mr. Nobody,

What is the best way to get over the loss of a job? This is a highly-leveraged (in debt) Fortune 500 that lets people go the second there isn't a contract to work on. The unbillable salary comes from bank loans and if there isn't billable work coming in immediately, they let people go into what they call "Temporary status", meaning, they do not get a salary (they call it a 0 salary) until and unless some billable work comes. Basically, one is on call.

So technically, they have not fired you but they kind of have, since no one is helping you get more work. The whole time I was there, they kept declining project pursuits I would suggest, turning them into "No-go" decisions. So, naturally, after a while, there will be no billable work. Then, the contracts that I helped win were interesting, because they would not send work (hours) my way, since they had other people that could work on the contract and these people knew how to get those hours. Unless you were a mean person, and you tried to fight for those hours, or a Project Manager that could control the project and how the hours got divided, you would be left out in the cold, even though your resume and your work resulted in the company getting the contract in the first place. There was also another circumstance, whereby the person who hired me went to work for another company, so naturally, I had no one to go to bat for me, and of course, not being a Project Manager yet, things were all the more difficult.)

I say all this to show that technically I was taken advantage of (I feel) because of the lack of hours they gave me, their no-go decisions, etc. I knew this was not going to last and I was actually going to make the decision myself soon. So even though I was going to resign, they talked to me first about things and now I am in this 0 hours temporary situation. Basically, as soon as I have a new job, I need to tell them and effectively resign, unless the job is in another field.

So, I should not feel sad, but I do!! I feel like the people were uncaring, didn't really want me to succeed, and that the person who hired me wanted to use my resume to make himself look good for his new job, which is in line with the work I was doing, and for which he needed to show more experiecene, therefore using my resume to get those plum contracts in the field he was going into, which was different from the one he left.

What gets me is how no one told me that they had no real interest in building the discipline in the office, and just wanted to use me to obtain a few contracts to show that the boss had experience so he could jump ship (the company is going through financial difficulties, which did not help my cause).
Long story short (kind of), I would like to know what to do, what to pray, how to think about this since I know I should feel fine, but I can't get rid of the feeling of having been taken advantage of, and I am wondering how I can shed this feeling that I did something wrong, this guilt that I have that I am somehow failing at serving the Beast and how I can put my head back on straight. I will be praying more rosaries, more than ever before, but I think my thought process needs to change to realize that these masonic companies that only care about the profit motive and that have people working in management who only care about lying to their employees, is not worth my time from the get go and that I need to find a more humane line of work that helps me be closer to God and do work that He approves. Our Lady pray for us.

Thanks in advance, and keep on trucking for us all.


Mr. Nobody:

You've discovered the secret of the Masonic economy. Constant propaganda from conservative talk-show hosts about how the American economy actually works is nothing more than lies built on top of lies; technically it is con-Sumerian religious propanda or 'with the Jewish Sumerian' belief in money which the Jews print out of thin air (if they print it at all, only 3-4% of money actually exists on paper, the rest is digital). Freemason economists and pro-American economy talking heads on the radio and on business channels get paid millions of dollars a year to get force the belief system that the owners of large corporations do not go to a Masonic Lodge and get their piece of the $9 Trillion that goes missing each year as part of their deal with the Devil.

Politicians call the source of corporate finance 'off the balance sheet transfers' but in reality, your employer goes to the Masonic Temple and gets his cut of the annual $9 Trillion pile of cash from the money changers in his Masonic Temple, the same table the Masonic Jesus flipped over in anger, but for different reasons. The real reason a Korean convenient store owner is not a Billionaire like Sam Walton of Walmart, despite following the same playbook, is that he or she didn't sell their soul like Sam Walton did to become a kingpin. Nothing has really changed since those ancient times. So what keeps this secret intact? It's the memory of the threat of a blunt object to the chest of Masonic initiates that keeps the financial managers at your bank very quiet about where the funding for your job comes from, as well as many other things (@6:10 in the video below on the left).

S why do they do this? To keep you occupied with day-to-day bullshit: borrow, buy, work it off, buy some more, take out a loan, and on and on and on. Most people are so occupied with this hamster wheel lifestyle that they have no time to bother learning the Name of God and after a lifetime of 'being a good person' and 'working hard' for these Freemasons, the goyim workers find themselves in Hell for believing in the Lord of the Bible which was pumped in their heads via the six channels of Protestant Bible-thumping radio stations and the songs they listened to in their car during their commutes to slavery.

I'll give another example- the real estate bubble from the mid-2000's. What drove the boom? Was it a dramatic increase in Americans' salaries? No. It was secretive under-writers at banks who loaned out money to so many people that they ended up fighting with each other and drove prices sky high. But why did the Illuminati pump up the economy, only to crash it in 2008? To set the stage for World War III and to release the Vatican's gold to the world if people just bowed down to Freemasonry's heretical Jesus messiah (the antichrist). People were so consumed with paying off these bankers that they didn't even have time to think about the bigger picture. The Jewish strategy to win the world is actually quite ingenious, and would have worked well for the Jews on many levels because this is what consumes the goyims' lives: getting out of debt. So in a nutshell, this is how and why the Jews run the economy from top - down. And that girl working next to you with the eyeball tatoo? Yes, she is a Freemason and is in on their game too.

The Church Doctors refer to these people as 'wicked slaves of the devil'. Profit is not their motive. They can have all of the money they desire. Their motivation is to keep your attention focused on your job, buying and financing their products, and keeping you occupied with nonsense for your entire life so that they can win your soul in the end. You may have noticed many managers at the top don't really have to work too hard. Their purpose is to make sure that you do. But if you are identified as a problem or a thought criminal, that is, if they catch you speaking about conspiracy theories, they have the power to let you go or 'dry up the funding for your job' and cause you to suffer. So be careful. The process is similar to this scene from the movie 'They Live' (below), but instead of speaking into their watches, they communicate with the devil and his angels in their head.

So you're having problems with your job. Chances are the Freemasons who employ you know that you say the Rosary from their communications with the dead and because of your crimes against their state, you are now on their shit list. Not to worry, here is the remedy.

Go drop some serious cash on a dozen roses, and don't get the cheap ones at the grocery store. Find or build a Shrine to God Our Lady, go there, get on your knees and say the 150 Rosary twice. The first time out of daily obligation and the second to ask for a favor for yourself. Ask Our Lady to help you find work and to save the souls under the dominion of any Freemason that tries to thwart your job seeking efforts. This will keep them in fear and in line. You'll be fine. When you get your new job, consider making a donation from a portion of your new job and try to stop buying so much of their crap so you won't be as dependent on their economy in the future.

Our Lady's Promises of the Rosary:

# 11. You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary.

# 12. All those who propagate the holy Rosary shall be aided by me in their necessities.

Subject: "Civilization of Love"

Dear Mr. Nobody,

“...a NEW WORLD ORDER and civilization of love can be achieved...” - Jewish Freemason Vatican II Anti-Pope John Paul II

Would you please zero in on where this quote is from.. 

- Q

Mr. Nobody:

Sure. You can find the Masonic Antipope John Paul II saying this at the 0:37 mark in the video below on the left. The youtube url for this quote is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRX-KEXBvYY

This is the same Masonic Secular or Godless New World Order that George Bush 41 was confidently boasting about in the early 1990's (above right). Once you understand that this crafted Biblical 'Lord' god whom they rally around is technically Satan, it makes perfect sense why they call it the Secular or Godless New World Order. In Latin, it is known as the "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (that phrase below the pyramid on the back of your US 1 Dollar Bill) and Rome used the New Order name for their Vatican II Council, calling it the Novus Ordo Council.

The is the merging of the Church and State with the Biblical Satan as their god which is the concluding act of the Apocalypse. In Bush's son's term, we saw the same ceremonial union of Church and State under the dominion of Satan in the Rose Garden Ceremony involving JPII's successor Benedict XVI:

The Babylonian union between the Masonic Churches and the Masonic State, under “the Lord”, their god

"Papacy and Freemasonry, those are the two powers active throughout the world and each is seeking to dominate it.... Either Roman Catholicism will lift us up again to the level of Christian civilization or else Judeo-Masonry will drag us down the path of barbarism and decadent paganism... Popes have reiterated their appeal for defense and have clearly shown the place and the duty of Catholics -- all too frequently the place has been left deserted and the duty has been betrayed in a shameful manner. However, even if in our day we are witnessing the terrific confirmation of these truths, it is necessary to remember that they were proclaimed by several Popes."- Monsignor Jouin, from his Speech - Papacy and FreemasonryDecember 8, 1930)

But not to worry, we've been interrupting this process in question with the Original Rosary since 2009. The Vatican just admitted that the Jewish Jesus isn't coming anytime soon...

News from 4/25/2014: "Jesus Not Coming Back By The Looks Of It" Admits Vatican...

Subject: Bible and morals, meaning of Heliofant's "I, Pet Goat II"

Hi Mr. Nobody,

I have stumbled upon your site in searching for the truth and I'm really intrigued by your site and all the information you have put in. There are some things I would like to ask if you don't mind.

If you don't follow the bible then why do you quote scripture?
Is there another bible you follow?
What was the real Fatima appearance about?
Do you pray by only using the old rosary?
If the bible is false, then what should be our guidelines of living morally?
Does it mean it's alright to sin as long as I'm reciting the 150 bead rosary?
Did the Catholic church ever leave a guideline/laws for its people?
I have seen the animated film of heliophant, can you explain some of the figures in there?

Thank you...

-F------ M------ C------

Mr. Nobody:

Well I'm glad you found the site. It's getting harder to gain positioning in the search rankings and there's no money for advertising. For some reason, the Rockefellers' History Channel won't touch this information with a 10' pole...and the other "alternative media" outposts have put a block on us so...

"If you don't follow the bible then why do you quote scripture?"

Because the only thing most people know about religion comes from the Bible. There is much to learn about Catholicism and none of it comes from the Bible, but most "experts" are stuck in this book so I use scriptures sometimes to guide them out of it. It tends to upset Lord worshippers because they have been indoctrinated by Jewish Freemasonry into believing this is the word of "God", but it is not. If more people knew who wrote this book (the Jews who crucified God), they would understand its intent and stay away from it as Catholic Dogma warns them to.

Babylonian Talmud Teaching #080: Chastised for a lack of knowledge of the Bible, Mishna, etc.

Babylonian Talmud Teaching #154: No peace for those who read the Bible without studying the Talmud

"Is there another bible you follow?"

No, but in the future I plan to assemble a proper Catholic translation of the Jewish Bible in order to put this evil pagan book to rest forever. It will most likely be called the Fatima Catholic Translation of the Jewish-Masonic Scriptures and will simply use the exact name of the Jewish overlord in the text instead of an obscure name like "Lord Dominator" or "Lord God". This will eliminate all the confusion and the need to cross reference all the various "lord" entries with their meaning from the Nominum Interpretatio Index (the Bible Code).

For example, in Genesis 2:8, instead of hiding the real pagan name of the lord god as the 1582 Douai Rheims does, our Fatima Translation would simply include the name from the Bible Code, perhaps with a hyperlink to show this dead Jew's background and his motivations for wanting to be God. This way, when a novice reads the Bible, they will understand it as the pagan book that it is:

Genesis 2.8: "And Elias had planted a Paradise of pleasure from the beginning..." - Fatima Movement Translation

Genesis 2:8 from the 1582-1610 Original Douai-Rheims

Genesis 2:8 from the 1582-1610 Original Douai-Rheims, page 26

Elias is Deus Dominus in the Latin Vulgate

In the Latin Vulgate Nominum Interpretatio List, Elias is actually Deus Dominus of Genesis 2:8.

"What was the real Fatima appearance about?"

It was a warning to devout Catholics in Portugal about things that were happening in the Vatican that were over their heads. The simple remedies given by God Our Lady to the three children at Fatima eventually stopped World War I (Lúcia, Jacinta, Francisco), World War II (priests of Hiroshima), and World War III (the "nobody") before it could get started. They are Divine instructions for halting the one world communist government known as the godless New World Order, otherwise known as the spread of the errors of Russia. If you understand communism, Jewish Freemasons are the inner party and the rest of us are supposed to be in compliance to for our survival. Don't let nation-states confuse you, this is an international brotherhood of Satanists that is hell-bent on full control and only the elimination of the Catholic Religion is their goal.

"Do you pray by only using the old rosary?"

Yes, but it's a new one that I made. It's impossible to find an old one from before 1569.

"If the bible is false, then what should be our guidelines of living morally?"

Just to clarify, the bible means what it says, it's just that who is actually speaking is hidden from dumbed-down modern translations. Use common sense. Try not to give your energy to the New World Order. Have a large family, pass on the keys. Don't live to work for Freemasons. Say the Rosary 150 at least once a day. Work to rebuild the Church as a world power. Stop buying Masonic crap. Try to live off the grid, these types of things...

"Does it mean it's alright to sin as long as I'm reciting the 150 bead rosary?"

It depends how you define a sin. If you are baptized properly and recite the 150 Rosary everyday, you're probably going to find sin boring. If they are minor and you have the keys, that's really what matters. When you die, there are doors that you must know the Names of the Trinity to pass through. If you are perfect and consider the Lord of the Bible to be God, then you will fall into Hell with the heretical god you chose, a fire. Recovering this knowledge is what all the fuss is about on the nobody threads because the Illuminati make a living out of the ignorance of the sheep who work for their system.

"Did the Catholic church ever leave a guideline/laws for its people?"

"Do this in memory of Me" - is a statement attributed to God concerning the Daily Sacrifice of the Catholic Mass. The Rosary 150 replaces it in this period where not one real Catholic Church is to be found. If Priests had kept the Mass intact, everything else would fall into place. People wouldn't find themselves cursed, manipulated and retarded and the standard of living would rise dramatically. Watch Idiocracy and imagine going back 500 years instead of 500 years into the future.

"I have seen the animated film of heliophant, can you explain some of the figures in there?"

I'll take a crack at it...what's interesting to me is that the Director carries the same name as Archbishop Lefebvre who led some false opposition rebellions against the New World Order (Novus Ordo Council) in the '70's and 80's.

Above left: At 1:02, the video quotes Msgr. Lefebvre, in his frustration with the New World Order Council, saying "In Rome the subversion of the sacred doctrine is consumed as never in the history of the Church, the new mass is lutheran, the dialogue interreligious is masonic, the ecumenicalism is close to the communism, the Supreme Pontiff (Antipope Paul VI) is modernist." In the video above on the right, the name of the director of Heliofant's "I, Pet Goat II" is Louis Lefebvre...

More often than not in abstract art, direction comes from the same place as the Bible, which is the spiritual realm. Just as many pop stars admit that spirits take over their bodies when they're on stage, the same is true for many artists. For what it's worth, I don't believe the animators who worked on this or the director truly understand the meaning of what they were creating, I think they are just "going with the flow."

Another thing that is peculiar is that an animation like this would cost well over $1 million to produce. Freemasonry's Jesus character is animated with motion capture, just like a football videogame player, and these things aren't necessarily low-budget in 3D production. So the question I have is who funded this? And why? I'll just put the animation below and write my comments next to the times that these characters or events appear in the film.

"I, Pet Goat II" @0:05/7:28: The door and handle represent the gates of Hell. The lights are from a FEMA camp at night. After Judgment Day, if it had went ahead as planned at the end of 2012, the Constitution would have been suspended and the FEMA Camps would have activated to imprison the "dead in Christ," a event the Bible calls "the meek inheriting the Earth." Col. Oliver North was caught being involved with a plan called "Rex 84" during the Iran Contra hearings. Television footage of U.S. Congressman Jack Brooks (D-TX) getting shot down by Oliver North's lawyer and the Masonic Mafia in the audience at these hearings can be seen in this video at 0:56.

"I, Pet Goat II" @0:10/7:28: The goat in the prison box behind barbed wire is a damned soul who bowed down to the Masonic Jesus Messiah. If you bow down to the antichrist on Judgment Day, you are damned. If this anathematized goy, represented by a goat would have corrected his "goat of Mendes" baptism of the heretical Holy Spirit, he or she would have been better off. But the goy suffers like an idiot, and knows he made the wrong choice. The Mark of the Beast on the forehead, which is actually a baptism in the goat of Mendes according to Albert Pike, is rendered as a barcode on the goat's forehead in the animation. There will be no forgiveness from Heaven for those who failed to listen to the warnings of St. Lúcia about forgetting the Holy Ghost in the Catholic Rites.

“This agent, partially revealed by the blind guesses of the disciples of Mesmer, is precisely what the Adepts of the middle ages called the elementary matter of the great work. The Gnostics held that it composed the igneous body of the Holy Spirit; and it was adored in the secret rites of the Sabbat or the Temple, under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes.” - Freemason Manual: Morals and Dogma, page 734

"I, Pet Goat II" @0:20/7:28: The puppet controls are operated by the hands of the Devil, which in our ecomony is an elite organization of Jewish bankers. This association is represented with a Dollar $ign ring on the puppeteers left hand.

“The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen....At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties.” - New York City Mayor John F. Hylan, 1922

“The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes.” - Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, 1952

“Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"I, Pet Goat II" @0:25/7:28: The spirit of the Devil is transferred into the body of cokehead and Skull & Bonesman George H.W. Bush, waking him up to perform in front of the goyim.

"I, Pet Goat II" @0:31/7:28: The checkered floor is used by Freemasonry as a conduit between our realm and the spiritual realm, aiding the possession of their bodies by the spirits in Hell. The blazing star on Bush is the light of Lucifer.

“The Pentagram, which in Gnostic schools is called the Blazing Star, is the sign of intellectual omnipotence and autocracy. It is the Star of the Magi; it is the sign of the Word made flesh; and, according to the direction of its points, this absolute magical symbol represents order or confusion, the Divine Lamb of Ormuz and St. John, or the accursed goat of Mendes. It is initiation or profanation; it is Lucifer or Vesper, the star of morning or evening.” - The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic, PART II: page 35

"I, Pet Goat II" @0:37/7:28: The Jewish Star of David snowflake and the owl from Bohemian Grove logo on the class room wall are self-evident. The penis drawing and the hangman on the chalkboard are a reoccurring theme to Jewish Freemasonry's perverted secret rituals.

"I, Pet Goat II" @0:44/7:28: The Darwinian evolution diagram of the U.S. Government's public school cirriculum is seen next to the clock that is about to strike noon.

"I, Pet Goat II" @0:52/7:28: This lady is the teacher in the classroom that George Bush was reading "My pet goat" to on the day of the Sept. 11 "attacks". News video of the teacher having the children chant the words "kite, hit, steel, plane, must" in Bush's presence can be seen in this video link.

"I, Pet Goat II" @1:05/7:28: The meaning of Freemason George H.W. Bush's quick morph into Freemason Barrack Obama should be self-evident for those who understand that both the American Republican Party and the American Democratic Party were both founded by Freemasons. Bush's request for a $700 Billion Bailout Package was granted by the Masonic Federal Reserve, as was Obama's request for a $700 Billion Baliout Package soon afterwards.

"I, Pet Goat II" @1:14/7:28: Some analysts believe that the girl in the classroom holding the apple has something to do with the Sandy Hook staged shooting, but I disagree. To me it seems that the girl represents American youth waking up to the fact that these leaders are all Illuminati and by dropping the "apple of knowledge," this symbolizes the beginning stages of a rebellion or rejection of these leaders by a new internet-based information generation who is more in tune with reality and rejects these Freemasons and their tree of "knowledge."

"I, Pet Goat II" @1:39/7:28: The sweat from Obama's brow represents Freemasonry's nervousness about America's youth slowly waking up to this reality. Freemasonry's New World Order depends on full compliance and a lock-step following of the demands of these Masonic leaders. But now, because the period of peace between WWII and WWIII has been extended because of the 150 Rosary, it's going to take many years to return to the age of paranoia we experienced in the buildup to 2012 (2006-2009).

"I, Pet Goat II" @1:47/7:28: The ripped Masonic American flag symbolizes the dismanteling of the Masonic Government of America as a solution to the world's problems, and exposes it as the root cause.

"I, Pet Goat II" @1:55/7:28: The two exploding towers represent the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City on 9/11, which was engineered to trick Americans into wanting more "peace and security" laws to "protect" them. To a large extent, this strategy worked wonders for Freemasonry for a decade, but now...

"I, Pet Goat II" @2:07/7:28: The donkey head on the tip of the bow of the Illuminat's Jesus represents the ass that the Antichrist rides in on. The Jewish Babylonian Talmud mentions this several times.

Babylonian Talmud Teaching #115: Jews joke about the “messiah” who comes on an ass

"I, Pet Goat II" @2:18/7:28: The Bin Laden character is wearing a C.I.A. patch. Osama Bin Laden was an asset of American intelligence as the photos of Former American National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski with Bin Laden clearly demonstrate. Below right is a screeshot of Brzezinski appearing on his daughter Mika's MNSBC news show, advancing Masonic storytelling.

Bin Laden and Brzezinski

"I, Pet Goat II" @2:18/7:28: The oil pumping rigs in the background and the oil falling into the body of water seem to reference the massive and seemingly intentional BP oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, 42 miles off the coast of Louisiana. As you might remember, BP was attempting to repair a damaged pipe deep below the surface which was leaking oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico. While this crisis which ruined the lives of fishermen and those who lived around the Gulf was spreading, BP's CEO Tony Hayward went yachting.

The Washington Times: BP CEO goes yachting...

"I, Pet Goat II" @2:28/7:28: The meaning of the Jewish Star of Davd under New York's Statue of "Liberty" should be self-evident to anyone who knows the Masonic history of this American icon, dedicated to the American Government by the French in 1886. The founders of America were Satanic Jewish Freemasons and the entire government is and has always been rooted in Satanism. The lady holds up a torch representing the fire of Hell, which is the final destination of those coming to America for "the good life."

"I, Pet Goat II" @2:28/7:30: The Statue of Liberty's arm holding the torch breaks off. This represents the undoing of the American Government's destiny, the New World Order. The principles of Jacobinism which Jewish Freemason George Washington have been interrupted by the restoration of the Catholic Religion and the 150 Rosary.

"It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am." - Jewish Freemason George Washington

"I, Pet Goat II" @2:35/7:28: The all seeing eye of the Devil is present from the moment of conception (original sin) for the vast majority of souls. The Masonic Baptism that is usually administered by a "Church" only adds to that persons sentence of eternal servitude to the Illuminati. It is not easy for human beings to overcome this. Only a Catholic Baptism, which is God's protection from the Mark of the Beast and its effects can save a person from the Illuminati.

"I, Pet Goat II" @2:39/7:28: The Jewish Messiah makes his second appearance as the camera makes a point to highlight the ass which he rides in on.

"The king Sabur said to Samuel: You say that your Messiah will come upon an ass, let me send him the best horse of my stable. And he answered him: Do you then possess a horse of a hundred colors as the ass of the Messiah? (a joke to a joke)." - Pages 306-307 of Volume XVI of the Babylonian Talmud

"I, Pet Goat II" @2:42/7:28: The heart drawing on the sternum of the Illuminati's Jesus (the Jewish Messiah) obviously represents love. Mortal sinners who have made a deal with the Devil have much love for one another. They need to because they are stuck in their situation forever and have to make the best of it.

"I, Pet Goat II" @2:46/7:28: The Illuminati's all seeing eye on the Antichrist morphs into the Devil because they are the same thing.

"I, Pet Goat II" @2:53/7:28: This was my life in 2008/9 when I was trying to make sense of the coming Apocalypse. I was unknowingly and completely surrounded by people who were involved with Freemasonry and they were making my life a living Hell. If you could imagine studying all the material, books and videos on this website, then getting hassled for saying the Rosary 150 everyday while raising three kids and working odd jobs while the economy was tanking, well, that's where I was at. The Masonic initiates who were well entrenched in my family were constantly beating me down which is what the Devil on the television represents. What surprises me is that the Heliofant film even got my clothing right, some crappy clothes I used to wear.

Mr Nobody

"I, Pet Goat II" @3:00/7:28: The reflection of the tanking market ticker represents 2008 for me. If you were following the progression of the New World Order in 2008, you may picked up on Freemason Pat Robertson accurately predicting the decline of the markets in his annual predictions for the new year. What was fascinating to me as I was trying to study how the brotherhood operated the markets, was that Robertson actually predicted that oil would go up to $150/barrel and I think he said gold would go to $1,000. This information was given to Pat Robertson on a mountain by "the Lord" of the Bible on his annual winter retreat. So after figuring out the Masonic Trinity and that Our Lady was God, I sat back in astonishment as "the Lord's" predictions were fulfilled. Freemasonry controlled the markets and was tanking them purposely to provoke their Third World War, just as Hitler's Order had tanked Germany's economy before World War II, creating 5 million unemployed and angry Germans, looking for a fight.

"I, Pet Goat II" @3:02/7:28: Warplanes fly in, destroying some sort of temple, perhaps a representation of the War in Afghanistan.

"I, Pet Goat II" @3:11/7:28: A white bird or butterfly is burned into smoke on the Antichrist's index finger. The Holy Ghost is often portrayed as a white bird or dove.

"I, Pet Goat II" @3:15/7:28: A representation similar to Michelangelo's La Pieta, not of Our Lady and Christ, but of the Jewish Mary and the impostor Jewish Jesus, represented by the scarring of the child Zoroastrian King Jesus on the left eye @3:19/7:28.

"I, Pet Goat II" @3:25/7:28: With the tension of the advent of WWIII rising, the older boy in the underwear with the Skull & Bones tatto, representing "Big Brother," unleashes his possessed and manipulated goyim soldier who has been itching to kill the Lord-worshipping Islamic boogymen since the days of 9/11, when Freemasonry blamed the attacks on C.I.A. operative Osama Bin Laden.

"I, Pet Goat II" @3:33/7:28: The hammer and sicklle represent the average worker who in 2008/9 was getting drowned by the manipulations on Wall Street, rising gas prices, stagnant wages, and a rapidly declining U.S. Dollar. The Jewish Babylonian Talmud mentions the economic conditions of the world right before the coming of the Antichrist, on the page opposite to the description of him coming in on an ass, and the economic death of the regular worker is actually mentioned. Jews control the printing of currency via what is called "quantitative easing." When they digitially print money, everyone gets wet and rich. When they stop, lending and the general condition of the economy rapidly deteriorate.

"Samuel, however, said: The cited verse means the (Jewish) Messiah will not come until high prices will be for all articles of life." - Pages 306-307 of Volume XVI of the Babylonian Talmud

"I, Pet Goat II" @3:40/7:28: The Asian girl with the dragon jacket represents the release of the buildup of pressure on the North Korean front. If you've been saying the 150 Rosary against Kim Jong Un's spiritual interests, you understand why he's given up on war-mongering and now focuses on building themeparks with Masonic pyramids, while he executes members of his own family due to a newfound paranoia.


Washington Post: North Korea just built the creepiest water park you’ve ever seen

Fox News: Kim Jong-un reportedly executes blood relatives of once-powerful uncle as purge continues

U.K. Telegraph: Kim Jong-un's ex-lover 'executed by firing squad'

"I, Pet Goat II" @3:25/7:28: The Jewish Messiah (the Antichrist) is animated as if he is in a trance, using 3D motion capture.

"I, Pet Goat II" @4:00/7:28: In 2009, I was really entrenched in my research that eventually became the FatimaMovement.com website. At the time, I was getting gangstalked by Freemasons, monitored by undercover police who would sit outside my house, interrogated by "men in black," my job was taken from me, my kids were taken to a Freemason's house by someone I cannot mention, and yada yada yada. I decided to try to be the one who would break the New World Order. I asked Our Lady for whatever powers She would give me, and for the knowledge of a Saint. This was the beginning of my breaking point. In a strange way, my process of "waking up" is recorded in the movie "Mr. Nobody" from 2009. More details are haphazardly assembled on this page for now: the nobody conspiracy.

"I, Pet Goat II" @4:00/7:28: As the world begins the process of crumbling, awaiting their Antichrist, the indifferent Jewish Messiah, awaited by billions of Protestants and Vatican II "Catholics," continues his birthing process.

"I, Pet Goat II" @4:21/7:28: An Indian pagan god with the Illuminati Pyramid on her helmet does what she can to allure the Indian goyim into her spiritual dominion in Hell. This could possibly be a representation of King David's Jewish wife Sheba.

"I, Pet Goat II" @4:27/7:28: The fish entering the boat of the Jewish Messiah represent this impostor Jesus' ability to be a "fisher of men." In 2009, many men were jumping on the "Jesus is coming" bandwagon to save them from their economic or social problems, or from the hysteria being promoted on Freemasonry's news outlets. The fire burning at the Jewish Jesus' feet is a reference to Apocalypse

"...his eyes were as a flame of fire, And his feet like unto fine brass, as in a burning furnace." - Apocalypse 1:14-15

"I, Pet Goat II" @4:43/7:28: This person is known in certain circles as the woman of scars.

"I, Pet Goat II" @4:58/7:28: The Masonic "gods" of the Earth are taking their positions for the unveiling of the Jewish Messiah. The Masonic businessmen, politicians, lawyers and government officials all stand like soldiers, hoping for the best.

"I, Pet Goat II" @5:05/7:28: The Antichrist destroys the Masonic businessmen, politicians, lawyers and government officials because they are not members of the 144,000 Illuminati. Their usefulness to the process of deceiving the world into bowing down to the Antichrist has ended, and the Jewish Jesus exterminates them.

"I, Pet Goat II" @5:15/7:28: This was when I decided to challenge the Devil to a fight and went to work. This was the day, after reverse-engineering the destruction of the Rosary, that I started actually saying it. This forced Freemasonry to halt their econominc collapse. Things have been relatively stagnant since. This was in later 2009, a year that the Freemason Pat Robertson had heard from "the Lord" that oil was supposed to go to $300/barrel, gold to $2000/ounce, and all Hell was supposed to break loose. I had seen enough and decided to do something about it. I thought that if human beings could cause the end of the world, there must be a way to stop them. People like St. Lúcia and the Priests of Hiroshima were the ones I tried to emulate because they had achieved success in stopping the Illuminati before.

"I, Pet Goat II" @5:27/7:28: This could be the beginning of the ascension of the Jewish Jesus as a god over Jerusalem.

"I, Pet Goat II" @5:34/7:28: Another Freemason on a stage promoting the Lord's fire as God, the heresy that saves them but damns those who fall for it. If a fire is your god because an army of Freemasons and their Bibles told you so, and you have lost the Catholic Faith, you will spend an eternity with your god, a fire.

Our Lady is God. The Biblical Lord is Satan, a talking burning bush.

“For our God (the Lord of the Bible) is a consuming fire.” - Hebrews 12:29
"Because the Lord thy God (Satan) is a consuming fire, a jealous God." - Deuteronomy 4:24

"I, Pet Goat II" @5:56/7:28: The possessed son of Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12) is activated, his eyes open to reveal the flames as described in Apocalypse 1:14:

"...his eyes were as a flame of fire" - Apocalypse 1:14

"I, Pet Goat II" @6:05/7:28: In the background of the heretical Jesus of the Novus Ordo Religion that took over the Church, the Vatican in Rome is destroyed. Had nobody done nothing about this process, Rome woud have been destroyed at the end of the 69 week countdown which was started on April 20/21, 2010 (depending on time zone in the world). Our Lady's appearance in Africa one year after the release of the Third Secret of Fatima verified this document's timeline. I received a lot of criticism because "nothing happened," but that was the point. To make a long story short, I asked Our Lady for this document on April 20, 2010 because it was the only thing missing from my research. The Illuminati were forced to give it up and six months later, it was on this website and all over the conspiracy forums.


The Third Secret of Fatima

Freemason John XXIII was responsible for the New Order Council against Christ (antipope from 1958-1963)

”Don't bring that subject up with me, please.” - Anti-Pope John XXIII, 1960 - Time Magazine's 1962 “Man of the Year”


Released on April 21, 2010 for the people.

Translation into English (Original Document from 1944)

January 4, 1944:

Now I will reveal the third part of the secret;
This part is the apostasy in the Church! (1)
Our Lady showed us a vision of someone who I describe as the 'Pope', standing in front of a praising multitude.
But there was a difference with a real Pope, the evil
look, this one had eyes of evil. (2)
Then after a few moments we saw the same Pope entering
a church, but this church was like the church of hell, there is no way to describe the ugliness of this place, it seemed like a fortress made of gray cement, with broken angles and windows like eyes, there was a beak on top of the building. (3)
We then looked up at Our Lady who said to us:
you have seen the apostasy in the Church, this message can be opened by The Holy Father, but must be announced after Pius XII and before 1960. (4)
During the kingdom of John Paul II the cornerstone from Peter's tomb must be removed and transferred to Fatima.
Because the Dogma of faith is not preserved in Rome, her
authority will be removed and given to Portugal. (5)
The cathedral of Rome must be destroyed and a new one built in Fatima. (6)
If 69 weeks after this command is announced Rome continues its abomination, the city will be destroyed. (7)
Our Lady told us this is written, Daniel 9 24-25 and Mathew 21 42-44. (8)

Apocalypse 18:4:  “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Goe out from her my people: that you not be partakers of her sinnes, and receive not of her plagues. 18:5: Because her sinnes are come even to heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.”(1582 Douai-Rheims)

Third Secret of Fatima in PortugueseThird Secret of Fatima translated into EnglishThird Secret of Fatima translated into PolishThird Secret of Fatima translated into Spanish

"I, Pet Goat II" @6:31/7:28: As the Jewish Antichrist floats towards towards the sun, the pyramid of Freemasonry is destroyed. If you have been following along, you will recognize this as the day the New World Order died, when the world's largest Illuminati monument (the Washington Monument) was destroyed in an earthquake. This was at the end of the 70 weeks of Daniel which began on April 20, 2010. The Earthquake was on August 23/24, 2011, 70 weeks to the day after Our Lady's Third Secret Countdown began. Instead of Freemasonry's New World Order winning, we did.

Subject: Catholic Advice from years past

Hi Mr Nobody! 

The following is  a quite interesting quote from some Protestant 'Bible' site.

Catholic Advice (from Years Past)

I saw the following in a KY bulletin today & thought it was relevant. – SRB

Here is an excerpt from an address by the cardinals in the Roman Church to Pope Pius III [in 1503 AD], which is preserved in the National Library of Paris, folio NO. 1068, vol. 2, pp. 650-651:

“Of all the advice that we can offer your holiness we must open your eyes well and use all possible force in the matter, namely, to permit the reading of the gospel as little as possible in all the countries under your jurisdiction. Let the very part of the gospel suffice which is usually read in mass, and let no one be permitted to read more. So long as people will be content with the small amount, your interest will prosper; but as soon as the people want to read more, your interest will fail. The Bible is the book, which more than any other, has raised against us the tumults and tempests by which we have almost perished. In fact, if one compares the teaching of the Bible with what takes place in our church, he will soon find discord, and will realize that our teachings are often different from the Bible, and oftener still, contrary to it.”


Mr. Nobody:

That quote has been making its rounds around the internet. Pro-Bible Protestants try to use this quote to prove to their sheep that the Old Catholic Church is not Bible-based, but the folly of that argument is self-evident once one realizes that the "god" of the Bible is actually a fire. Protestantism and Islam are as ridiculous as they seem. Thanks for sending that in.

"For our God is a consuming fire." - Hebrews 12:29

Now if only we could get that ridiculous Protestant music off the radio...

Subject: 5 more Luminous Mysterious added by Antipope JPII

Do you think JPII added another set so as to negate the need for the 15 decade rosary, to make it "obsolete"?

 "A reminder of the 'old days' when 'praying the rosary' meant 15 decades.  15 decade rosaries were often part of the habit for nuns and monks and were worn at the waist."

"When Pope John Paul II issued his apostolic letter The Rosary of the Virgin Mary in October 2002 and introduced the new "Mysteries of Light," my immediate personal response was "Right on!"

For years I had frankly been puzzled by "the public ministry gap" that seemed to leave a big hole in the traditional sequence of the Rosary's mysteries, known as the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries. To be precise, I refer to the gap between the last Joyful Mystery (the finding of the 12-year-old Jesus in the Temple) and the first Sorrowful Mystery (Jesus' agony in the garden the night before his death). Jesus' whole public ministry—a large part of the Gospel story—was missing.

In his groundbreaking document on the Rosary, Pope John Paul II was careful to remind us, "The Rosary, though clearly Marian in character, is at heart a Christ-centered prayer."

As if to bolster the prayer's Christ-centeredness, the pope wisely focused more attention on the public life of Jesus. "To bring out fully the Christological depth of the Rosary," asserts the pope, "it would be suitable to...include the mysteries of Christ's public ministry between his Baptism and his Passion."

The five Mysteries of Light that the pope presents to the Church are: 1) Jesus' Baptism in the Jordan, 2) his self-manifestation at the wedding of Cana, 3) his proclamation of the Kingdom of God, with his call to conversion, 4) his Transfiguration and 5) his institution of the Eucharist.

The pope also points out, "The whole mystery of Christ is a mystery of light. He is the 'light of the world' (John 8:12)....This truth emerges in a special way during the years of his public life...."

This Catholic Update offers meditations on each of the five new "Mysteries of Light." "


Mr. Nobody:

These Jewish Freemasons like Antipope John Paul II will do whatever it takes to alter the form of the Rosary that works. I remember reading that JPII also changed the number of souls saved per Ave from 50 to 66, which is consistent with what we now know he was involved with. The decade system which was installed by Pius V in 1569 does not work and that gives the Illuminati a great advantage. The 150 straight-bead form is very powerful and shouldn't be tampered with.

Subjecto: Adquirir el verdadero Rosario

No acabo de entender como puedo comprar el verdadero rosario. Gracias


Mr. Nobody:

Lo siento, no tengo tiempo para la Rosario tienda (ay de mi), pero tu puedes proveer su dirección a su casa y dime dinero con paypal y Fatima Movement transportará uno Rosario Fatima 150 a su casa.

Muchos Gracias,

- Señor Nobody

Subject: Dr. William von Peters Douai Rheims retyped Bible

Is the The Original and True Rheims New Testament of Anno Domini 1582 by Dr. William von Peters,  published by LuLu a correct copy?  Is the Acts XIX interpreted correctly?  I've been thinking of buying it, but if it is not correct it would be a waste of money.


Mr. Nobody:

It's not the original. The original is here on our site. Dr. Peters from what I understand, painstakingly rewrote the original with the intent to make it easier to read by updating the Old English typeset. For example, in the Old English typeset the letter w was formed by typing two v's like this: vv. So basically he just retyped it using modern English letters, that's all. I wouldn't bother with it though. It's likely that other things were changed or dropped from it, but I haven't gone through it line by line, nor do I have any plans to.

If you want, take the pdf of our scans and have it printed at a Staples Office Store or at some other printing place. It will probably cost you $100 or so, but you'll know you have the complete original. It's not that hard to read once you get going.

Fatima Movement Files: 1582 Douai Rheims First Edition


Dear “Mr Nobody”,

Thank you kindly for your reply and helpful information which has helped me understand some fundamental errors in Catholic prayers.

All you said makes sense to me, although I am confused about the difference between Our Lady, Mother of God and Mary as Jewish Mother of the heretical Jesus. I always thought Our Lady’s name was Mary? (though it was more proper to pray to Her as “Our Lady”). I guess what i’m trying to understand is, does the name “Mary” have no connection to Our Lady Mother of God?

Also, could you explain for me the difference between Jesus Christ who is God and the heretical Jewish Jesus of the Bible (also referred to as “Lord Jesus” or the “Root and the offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”)? Is this a matter of different teachings/interpretations of the same Jesus, or were there actually two persons named Jesus...one who became known as the Jewish “Lord Jesus” and the other who was known as “Jesus Christ”?

It is clear now that as I was given an invalid baptism and prayed in the incorrect way, the vision of an Angel talking to me in my Dream though bright light in the sky was from Hell and a deception. And that Angel that came to me and announced itself as Jesus and “The Bright Morning Star” was Lucifer (Satan).

Thank you so much, as soon as I can afford it I will make a donation to your website to obtain a beautiful 150 bead Swarovski rosary. I know through devout devotion to the correct form of the Rosary, and praying to God in the correct way and intent, by removing crucifixes with “INRI” from my home and most especially by obtaining a Corrective baptism from someone using the correct form, matter and intent (and also wearing the brown Scapula as you suggested) that I can not only save my soul from Damnation, but live truly in Our Lady, in the name of the Son, God Jesus Christ, and in the name of the Holy Ghost and be lifted into Heaven after this life, or no lower than a period in Purgatory.

I look forward to you reply in due course. In the mean time, I will continue to read your website.

Thank you,

D---- A----.

Mr. Nobody:

"I always thought Our Lady’s name was Mary? (though it was more proper to pray to Her as “Our Lady”). I guess what i’m trying to understand is, does the name “Mary” have no connection to Our Lady Mother of God?"

Mary is the mother of the "gods" (plural) or Dei, as the subverted Latin Rosary prayer says, "mater Dei". These gods that she is the mother of are the gods of Hell. Think of her as the mother figure of the Talmudic Jewish cult Opus Dei.

Opus Dei, the work of the gods

Source: The New College LATIN & ENGLISH Dictionary, ISBN 0-87720-560-4, 1966

Our Lady is God and the Mother of God and the mother figure of the Catholic Church, which is the complete antithesis of Opus Dei and Jewish Freemasonry's "Churches". To the three children at Fatima, Our Lady identified Herself not as Mary, but in this way: "I Am The Lady of the Rosary". Major apparition sites are called Our Lady of Guadalupe, Fatima, etc. and not "Mary" of Guadalupe or Mary of Fatima for the same reason. It's quite the deception but just as Freemasonry has replaced God with the Jewish "INRI" actor Jesus, and God the Holy Ghost with the heretical "spirit", they also did their work on demoting Our Lady's title as God by employing "Mary" of the Bible, who was handmaid of "the Lord" (Satan).

"Also, could you explain for me the difference between Jesus Christ who is God and the heretical Jewish Jesus of the Bible (also referred to as “Lord Jesus” or the “Root and the offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”)? Is this a matter of different teachings/interpretations of the same Jesus, or were there actually two persons named Jesus...one who became known as the Jewish “Lord Jesus” and the other who was known as “Jesus Christ”?"

There are multiple Jesus, created by Jewish Freemasonry, to change the official facts (found in the now non-existent original Catholic Mass) of Deum Jesum Christum, for the purpose of demoting his title as God. The Haydock Bible indexes several of them and the Babylonian Talmud mentions two. You can find the evidence in the following links and scans (click on them to enlarge):

Babylonian Talmud Teaching #162: The Talmud mentions the two Jesuses

The 1883 Haydock Illuminati Douay Rheims Bible scan 0153

The 1883 Haydock Illuminati Douay Rheims Bible scan 0185

If you want to locate this Jesus multiplicity in the Latin Vulgate, you can find it in our Nominum Interpretatio scans at the following link:

Fatima Movement Files: 1685 Biblia Sacra Nominum Interpretatio Scans (the Bible Code)

I highlighted the pages where you can find some of the multiple Jesuses (one is actually called Josue, but his name was changed to Jesus by the Jewish Masonic Secret Society Member known as Moses - found here in the Haydock Douay Rheims)...this is why there is a "Book of Josue" in many Jewish Old Testaments. It is interesting that the Vulgate uses terms like Ignis Domini or "Lord of fire", and Dominus Vator, seems to translate into "the coming Lord of the Father" (-us: coming), as he is the coming son of Lucifer, who is "God the Father" of Luciferian Freemasonry:

”To the Mason, God is our Father in Heaven…He is our Father; and we are all brethren.”- Morals & Dogma, page 227

Morals and Dogma page 321

1685 Latin Vulgate scan 0968

1685 Latin Vulgate scan 0969

It seems like the demonic spirit you encountered was "Jesus of the morning star" pictured in the following scan seen below from the 1883 Haydock "Catholic" Bible. This is the Jewish antichrist, the alpha and the omega, the son of Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12), the one pictured standing over a Jewish menorah which represents the burning of the Seven Catholic Sacraments who arrives at the end of the world to save his fellow Freemasons. Much more information on that can be found in the Fatima Movement chapter about the fourth and final horseman that deceives mankind This is the Jesus the Protestant temples and the Vatican have millions of people waiting for. If you bow down to it, it becomes your god and causes you to be damned (for making the son of Lucifer your god).

Fatima Movement Files: Horseman #4/4 The Jewish Messiah, the Antichrist

The 1883 Haydock Illuminati Douay Rheims Bible scan 0300

I hope this helps to answer some of your questions. This Jesus multiplicity known as the DaVinci Code is the reason that Our Lady gave us the Fatima Prayer, to be said on the Satanic Lord beads of modern, heretical pentagram Rosaries.

The Fatima Prayer distinuishes between the Masonic Jesus and Christ

Fatima Movement Files: Christ vs. the Biblical Jesus Deception