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Subject: First Saturday dEVOTION

I am 100 percent behind you all the way my friend! I thank Our Lady for finding your site; however, I'm surprised you've never mentioned the First Saturdays devotion. What are your views on this subject?

Thank you for your time.

- D----

Mr. Nobody:

Text of Second Part of Secret:

“To save them [poor sinners who are on the road to hell], God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end; but if people do not cease offending God, a worse war will break out during the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions against the Church and against the Holy Father.

“To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.”

Our Lady requested that the first Saturday of every month be set aside for reparations against humanity's crimes against God, but it is difficult to find any specifics regarding how to do this. Gruner's heretical Fatima group wants you to go to their confession, but the Sacrament of Confession is as damaged as the Baptism Rite (one of the Seven Sacraments that became invalid in the 1940's) and you can be that your sins will be used against you. Revealing them to Freemasonry benefits their intelligence network, so I do not recommend this.

If you want to help out, see what you can find from credible sources and I'll post it here for other Catholics. I just assume this means to say the Rosary 150 everyday and to work to fix these problems in the Church, something we do every day. - Thanks.

Subject: Computer Issues

Dear Mr. Nobody,

I’m glad to see the website up and running with everything functional! As it turns out, I had some related trouble with my own computer recently that I thought would be of interest to you. It all started a couple of months ago when I started visiting your website. This happened to coincide with some time off that I had when I was in between positions at a major university where I work. When I began my new job, I was immediately questioned by the cybersecurity department at my institution. Their firewalls were detecting immense levels of data traffic originating from my laptop. Because this institution does not joke around with its cyberlaws, I was called into the IT office where they asked me if I had been streaming videos or running banned network applications. When it was clear that this was not the case, they started searching my laptop to take a closer look.

Things really got heated when they opened some command windows to see this crazy data transfer going on in front of their very eyes! They searched all the installed software on my computer and found nothing suspicious, then glossed over a list of processes that were active and found an unnamed entity running in the background, completely hidden from view. All along they were questioning me about what types of things I had been doing on my computer before starting this job, and in the back of my mind I knew that this was the time when I had first started visiting the Fatima website. Now it seemed that there was something on my computer, hidden so I would have no idea that it existed, and all the while it seemed to be basically sending a video across the web of my daily activities!

These cyber guards are very good at their job, and they were frustrated beyond belief because they could not diagnose what the cause of this problem was. They said it was unlike anything they had ever seen. After putting my laptop through a series of scans, they were able to pick up some detected threats, nothing which caught their eyes as noteworthy, yet mysteriously the data traffic that was so pronounced for about a week straight was suddenly gone. The level of subsequent activity barely even registered in their logs! After going through this experience, it really seems as though the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati will go to any means to track the people it is trying to subject to its rule, and clearly with all that has happened, the Fatima Movement is high on the monitoring list as the biggest roadblock to a New World Order. I now access the Fatima website through means other than my personal computer just to be safe.

The email issues that you have had are striking as well. It wasn’t all that long ago that talk was out about how many of the big internet giants like Google, AOL (which, of course, has the Illuminati symbol as its logo), and Yahoo were turning over people’s private information. The same people who are pushing for the New World Order are also controlling the online landscape, so it is not surprising that we must face these challenges along the way. But at the end of the day, while they may have all the financial resources and influence that the world and Satan can buy, their powers pale in comparison to those of Our Lady; and even though they may act self-assured, I think we can be sure who is going to win out.

Thanks for all the hard work!


Mr. Nobody:

Thanks for notifying me of that. With their ownership of television, radio and newspapers, book publishing houses and magazines, the internet is the last medium to find any fragment of truth, despite all of the crap out there in cyberspace. You won't get any disagreements from me that they are trying to control the internet. After doing this for almost three years now, it's been quite the challenge to get the word out.

I think when people see this digital hammer coming down for themselves, they realize for themselves how serious and real the information is on this site. I found out the hard way that there is limited freedom of religion and speech when it comes to this topic which is why so much effort is put into getting the information out. We do not promote violence on this site, only the Rosary, and you can see how dangerous it is to those trying to start World War III and the New World Order.

Nothing has really changed in terms of persecution against the Church. The Illuminati killed and replaced a Saintly Nun, Sister Lúcia, and one should deduce from this heinous act that they are capable of anything. After all, the Devil is their god and there's really nothing in their conscience that restrains them from doing anything, whether it be 9/11 or starting World War III. Good luck to you all and please say the Rosary 150 each and every day, just as Our Lady wanted. We'll see what happens.

A Catholic Nun gets frisked by the NSA

* Update to this email: So here's the latest information I have. The “Islamic Ghost Team” somehow broke into this website's server and stole information from our awstats.dat file which contains the ip addresses of visitors to this site. From this they can figure out who has been contaminated from the required concentration of the state religion and as a result, you're being monitored in case you spread Catholicism.

Al Queda

These Islamics aren't the 19-year-olds that are proficient in the monkey bars that you see in this common video of the “boogeymen” seen on your television sets, Islamics like these are a bit more recognizable, powerful and internally planted in the U.S. Government and have been for a long time. Of course it's possible that in the mountains of Afghanistan, Al-Queda operatives have somehow acquired computers, internet connections and the intelligence to penetrate the security system of Network Solutions, our hosting provider, but it's unlikely. Even a goyim would have a hard time making that work in his head.

Shriner Freemasons Buzz Aldrin, John Wayne, Gerald Ford

As for what is being done about this issue: Network Solutions' IT experts have been on the case and they reset some of our website files and the problem seems to be resolved. For a couple of weeks I've had to reload images of the Jewish Babylonian Talmud that reveal that the Jews actually created the Islamic “religion” and this is something the goyim Muslims are not supposed to know. So that's all I have for you at this point.

Yes, Freemasons run many corporations including AOL, Yahoo and Google. These companies let each other know their affiliation with logo designs that incorporate the all-seeing eye and the Masonic pyramid. This helps gets them start-up money from the Federal Reserve for their operations, in exchange for the souls of their workers. If someone actually believes that Google make billions of dollars from ad revenue generated by banner ads that cost one penny per click, or that Yahoo! has generated billions of dollars by giving away free email accounts, then they're probably the anathematized types who believe that the voice of the Bohemian Grove Owl, Walter Cronkite, was telling them the truth during his moon landing reporting.

Yahoo Illuminati logo

Thanks for sending in that information, and good luck.

Below left: $9,000,000,000,000 goes 'missing' from the U.S. Federal Reserve balance sheets, lead auditor “doesn't have that information.” Below right: Illuminati members Kanye West and Jay-Z do have that information and explain where the extra cash goes in their song “Otis” (@ 2:20)...

“Can't you see we gettin' money up under you? Can't you see the private jets flying over you?” - Illuminati pop stars Kanye West & Jay-Z in “Otis”

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” - Freemason Henry Ford (Founder of the Ford Motor Co.)

Subject: Infant Jesus of Prague

Mr. Nobody, do you have any information regarding this following? I've read that this has an origin in Spain and have seen photos of the statues and such ... same pose as Baphomet.... but how did this all get escalated and out of hand? Also what about the “saints” that are attributed to this veneration?

Thanks....take care and God bless you for everything you've done and continue to do for the true Catholic faith. I hope you're going to be able to enjoy your 4th of July.

-R--- A-----

Mr. Nobody:

The Masonic Jesus of Prague

This is the work of the Jesuits and this is why they are so dangerous. You will notice that the infant Jesus of Prague bears the Jesuit logo, the IHS, on his little robe in the image above. This Masonic Order of Jesuits that has been pushing their way into the Catholic Priesthood is no different from the Protestant leadership which operates outside the Catholic Church, catching on their fishing lines the souls anathematized who have left as fishers of men.

The Masonic Jesuit leadership

This is why Napoleon understood them for what they actually are and Adolf Hitler actually praised and modeled his regime after their sophisticated subversive Order.

“I have learnt most of all from the Jesuit Order. So far, there has been nothing more imposing on earth than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. A good part of that organization I have transported direct to my own party. The Catholic Church must be held up as an example. I will tell you a secret. I am founding an order. In Himmler (who would become head of the Nazi party) I see our Ignatius de Loyola (Jesuit founder).” – Adolph Hitler

“The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

“The Jesuits…are a secret society – a sort of Masonic order – with superadded features of revolting odiousness, and a thousand times more dangerous.” – Samuel Morse

The Errors of Russia, portraying God as an infant

In brief, these are the “Errors of Russia” that Our Lady of Fatima was warning about, and now they have spread throughout the world just as She said they would.

There are psychological defects that arise when a man believes that God is a baby, which is really the objective behind the DaVinci Code switch from Christ to this Jewish baby Jesus of Prague. Freemasons benefit from promoting this heresy because it makes it advances their objective to trick the goyim into accepting “the Lord” as the God of Heaven since it will be illogical to most that a baby cannot possibly be God, as they are trained to argue.

Another effect is that it triggers extreme pride in men who are then easier to manipulate into war. When this heresy is placed into their heads, and since this Armageddon World War is their objective, this heresy must be universally accepted and promoted by the Masonic State. Since these men believe in their heads that they are older than Christ, and therefore in some way equal or even superior as a father is over a child, they are psychologically emboldened to think of themselves as god-like, a requirement for manipulating their psyche.

Why do Hitler and Napoleon admire the biggest “Catholic” promoter of this heresy, the false Saint Ignatius Loyola? Because Loyola understood how human beings operated and he was laying down a heretical foundation for future generations of Luciferian Freemasons like Hitler or George Washington to build on. Masonry's collective objective of installing a Godless New World Order benefits from the foundations laid down by their fellow heretical co-conspirators long ago, just as Masonic theologians benefit from the foundations laid down by their Jewish forefathers like Moses.

If you were to interview a typical soldier or police officer who actually volunteered (as opposed to someone who was drafted), you will find out that he believes several things that were planted in his head by Freemasonry. These designs are in place to make him want to enforce Jewish policy.

I. The cop/soldier must be baptized in the one who is coming, so that his entire being is initiated as an agent of the coming heretical messiah. This is why Masonic priests are all settled into place in formerly Catholic Churches, administering the Satanic Sacrament of Baptism (the Masonic Baptism).

II. The cop/soldier must be led to believe that Christ is not God. Heretical icons like the Infant Jesus of Prague help to accomplish this. This deception is required to elevate his pride because as military leaders know, the proud are blind and easier to manipulate.

III. The cop/soldier must believe that his government or king is divinely appointed. This is necessary so he logically concludes that his policing work for his Masonic government is somehow related to the will of the God of Heaven. This helps him to overcome his conscience and pull the trigger when commanded to do so. Since all of the information regarding the will of God has been completely subverted by Masonry, there is little to counteract his conscience that tells him not to kill. He must be given just enough information to come to what he thinks are “sensible conclusions.”

Freemasons get them young

Masonry is very sophisticated and they try to keep all of their ships sailing in the same direction for one purpose- to achieve a Godless New World Order. Because of their permanent ban from Heaven, they are just trying to improve their situation as permanent members of this world and that's why they work together to collectively achieve this objective. Many false saints like Ignatius Loyola, false prophets, false messiahs and false shepherds are involved.

Many Freemasons have seen Hell and they take their soul's dire situation very seriously. But sadly Catholics do not take their God (Christ) seriously, and in a nutshell, this is why our situation is so dire.

As far as the Fourth of July, it is not as exciting as it was when I was still asleep, but thanks anyway.

Subject: Synchronicity between www.fatimamovement.com and www.ourladyisgod.com

I noticed on fatimamovent.com it said the last update was July 29 and on ourladyisgod.com it said July 8. Is the ourladyisgod.com a mirror site of fatimamovement.com? I guess the Q&A is still updating.


D- N-

Mr. Nobody:

Our new www.fatimamovement.com site is a separate site completely with a separate set of files that are copies from this site, www.fatimamovement.com. I usually update www.fatimamovement.com first and then back up the files to the www.fatimamovement.com site when I can. So for the latest updates, come to this site first.

There are about 5 GB of files to upload, so give it some time. We also have limits on the amount of bandwidth available every month, so that causes some problems.

The www.ourladyisgod.com site is basically a backup for this site in case it goes down because of problems we are experiencing with hackers.

Also please take note of these addresses:



Right now, those additional two addresses all take you to the www.ourladyisgod.com web server, but in the future, those will become redundant mirror sites as well if the need arises. We do what we can to keep the information up for people.

If you like the original content that we bring you and want to help us out, please consider making a donation, we could really us it. This isn't easy work and we don't have the ability to print money like our adversaries do....Thanks.

Subject: More sources

Hi, buddy.

I've just sent you the DVD with the two editions of the vulgate bible, plus 5 books about the papal bulls. The five books are written in latin, from 1692.

Among the many documents on these books, I sent you two bulls you would like to see:

Bull Ea quae ex fidelium May the 12th 1479 by Sixtus IV. It's about the rosary without mysteries.

Bull Consueverunt Romani Pontifices Sep the 17th 1569 by Pius V. It's about the rosary with mysteries.

You will probably receive the dvd between Aug 16th to Aug 19th as I was told at the post office.

It's really an honor to help you. Take care.

May Our Lady protect us all.


Mr. Nobody:

Thanks, those sound very interesting, especially the Rosary Bull from 1479, before the Lord/Allah beads were added. I'll get those uploaded to the site for everyone as soon as possible.

Subject: Talmud AND BAPHOMET

I'm curious who the holy one is in the Talmud. Baphomet? These people are truly F’d up. Excellent reading, keep up the good work.

Mr. Nobody:

Thanks. The secret of Judaism is in what are called the “oral traditions”, but their Scriptures reveal that they are of their father, the devil in John 8:44. This includes the Jewish Jesus of the DaVinci Code as well. Martin Luther (a Jew himself) removed these verses from his Lutheran Bible translation, but the 1582 Douai Rheims retained them.

You are of your father the devil

The Jewish religion hides the facts behind hoards of books to keep out the lightweights. Page 384 of Volume II admits that these trivial laws and regulations are not based on common sense and the intent of thier design is to keep “the small nation of Jews intact.”

Babylonian Talmud nonsense

The best way to counter this is to sift through what the Talmud actually admits is garbage to shine the light of truth on what these books actually say.

Moses communicates with his god, a burning bush

What more can be said? This photo of their initiation ceremony was found in “The Hiram Key”:

The Hiram Key: Freemason initiation

Subject: Blood Libel Commanded (in the Jews' Scriptures)

A reading of this whole chapter shows that cannibalism is a commandment of the LORD to Jews in diaspora*, but to end when they are not.

Leviticus 26:29: “And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.”

* “A diaspora (from Greek διασπορά, “scattering, dispersion”) is a scattered population with a common origin in a smaller geographic area. The word can also refer to the movement of the population from its original homeland.” - Wikipedia

-D-- ----

Mr. Nobody:

Nice find, D--. It would be intersting to see what would happen if Vatican II “priests” quoted these verses in their Sunday Gospel readings during their “Lord's Supper” Mass. Once people accept the Bible as “the word of God”, they are forced into accepting all that comes with it (war, human sacrifice, Judaism), and this is why the original Church rejected this Satanic Jewish book.

* Fatima Movement Files: Dogma says Destroy the Bible

Subject: Byzantine Catholics, too?!

Dear Mr. Nobody,

The other day I was driving and came across Ss. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church in Beaver Meadows, PA. As I dove up I was impressed by its Eastern Catholic style with its onion domes on top which brought me back to my youth being raised a Byzantine Catholic. The priests still face away from the people, the altars never changed, and the ornate iconastance is still intact, drawing in many traditional Catholics.

For Catholics like my parents who knew something was wrong with the Church but wanted to stay with the Church, it seemed ideal. It had old fashioned flair, coffee and donuts between the two Sunday morning Divine Liturgies, CCD, trips, a youth basketball league, what more could you ask for? So as I drove up on the church I was shocked, well not really, to see the all seeing eye above the main entrance to this once beautiful church. My thoughts turned to anger, anger that I was duped, my parents misled and all the other parishioners were on board with us. Mad because they made it seem so good while pumping us full of lies. It's devil worship gift wrapped in a traditional Eastern Catholic guise. They got away with it for a long time, but we are all not that dumb! Thanks to you and the grace of Our Lady we have been awakened and we're not falling for that garbage anymore. They can have the buildings, we'll keep the Catholic Faith.

Forever grateful,


Ss Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church 1Ss Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church 2Ss Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church 3Ss Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church 4

Mr. Nobody:

Thanks for sending those in. The Illuminati takeover of all branches of the Catholic Religion is becoming so obvious now. Hopefully more people will start waking up.

The one thing I wanted to address is this constant linking of the names of Pope St. Peter and the Jewish apostle Paul as the name of this Church does. One of the clever heretical tactics employed by Freemasonry is to constantly link these two men together, and this is done for two purposes.

The first is to cause the people to forget that Pope St. Peter was actually The First Pope of the Catholic Church, which is why they delete his title and address him only a Saint. The Papacy and its infallible power had to be gradually undermined to give Masonic kingdoms and governments an opening to take back the world from Catholic Church control, just as they do now in the form of the United Nations (under Israel). So instead of paying a small amount to support the Church, we now work until May or June to pay taxes, then probably September to pay off interest on home loans to Jewish banking institutions that just print the money out of thin air anyway.

The second reason is to cause Bible believers to believe in the Masonic revisionist history of the “early church.” In order to undermine Catholicism, Freemasonry requires you to forget that the Catholic Church originated in Rome. Jewish Freemasons want their flocks to believe that the Church originated in Jerusalem under Rabbi Jesus and a bunch of Masonic brethren running around converting people under duress, but the Catholic Church did not start out that way.

Pope St. Peter

It should seem obvious to any Catholic that the Church originated in Rome under the Divine Authority given to St. Peter by Christ and not in Jerusalem, but sometimes it's worth a reminder.

The Masonic Council of Trent writers also promoted this dynamic duo of Peter and Paul which is a clue to their Masonic intentions. At the end of this original, signed copy of the Council of Trent from the 1500's, the Masonic Council borrows authority from this Peter and Paul combination as it promotes the heretical Latin name of God, Dei.

The Heretical Biblical Peter and Paul

Not to get off the subject of your email, but it is worth noting that this is why Our Lady appeared to St. Diego in Guadalupe, Mexico in 1531- to save people from the Masonic heresies of the leadership of the Church that were dragging so many souls down into Hell at that time.

But to sum up, if the Council of Trent was actually Catholic, the documents produced would have used the title “Pope St. Peter,” and so would the Byzantine “Catholic” Church you photographed. But that's why the Illuminati eye is so prominent on that Byzantine structure. It's not Catholic.

Subject: Urgent

Why re boosting and talking false of the diamond brothers

A------ O----

Mr. Nobody:

The Dimond Brothers of http://www.vaticancatholic.com or www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com are Jewish Freemasons. Their material promotes the Jewish Masonic “messiah” and leads their followers into believing that Moses was talking to the God of Heaven. He wasn't.

This site is recommended for those who have already studied their material and are looking for serious, in-depth knowledge. Our design is for those seeking advanced level knowledge to better understand why there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, whereas the Dimond Brothers are geared more towards crowds seeking only a high-school level understanding and a groupthink to cling on to. Instead of listening to them bark heretical orders, some people prefer to study the source material for themselves to better understand why theologians from both camps (Catholic/Masonic) say what they say in historical quotation marks.

Below is a screenshot of the Most Holy Family Monastery's YouTube channel from 2012. As you can plainly see, their YouTube channel graphic implies that the Jewish Jesus is coming at the end of the world (flashing a Satanic hand sign) to redeem those who blindly follow their false teachings. The Dimond Brothers also teach that the Freemason Moses was speaking to “God” in Saudi Arabia. This is dangerous Masonic nonsense which should be avoided at all costs. If the Dimond Brothers were actually Catholic, I'd have a lot more freetime.

Most Holy Family Monastery is Jewish

Subject: Forgottenbooks.org

Whats up Mr. Nobody

There is this website www.forgottenbooks.org and they have a lot of old books that they try to carefully preserve the authenticity of. So I just wanted to point that out to you and they are free to download. Maybe they have something that you are looking for and it might be easier for you instead of buying everything online. Check it out hopefully it actually helps you out.


-D---- S----

Mr. Nobody:

It looks like an interesting website. I have to say that one of the concerning things about this digital book movement is the potential to alter the original texts into what the publishers want you to know. There are companies out there that accept your original books, scan them in, and then destroy them. There's not much that can be done about this but if you own important historical texts, I suggest that you try to preserve them.

I'll give you an example - compare the content of our original Catholic Latin Vulgate with the modern digital Latin Vulgates like the one being promoted by www.latinvulgate.com. There's just no comparison. When information like the Nominum Interpretatio list from the Hebrew version or the Esdras Apocalypse disappears, they're gone forever, 1984 style, all to the benefit of the Illuminati. Given that, sites like www.forgottenbooks.org are still good to have around. Thanks for sending that in.

Subject: Interesting scans from a 1941 First Communion book for Catholic children


Some scans from my father’s first communion book, copyright 1941. Enjoy the illuminati symbolism.

1941 Catholic book with Illuminati symbols 11941 Catholic book with Illuminati symbols 21941 Catholic book with Illuminati symbols 31941 Catholic book with Illuminati symbols 41941 Catholic book with Illuminati symbols 8
1941 Catholic book with Illuminati symbols 51941 Catholic book with Illuminati symbols 61941 Catholic book with Illuminati symbols 71941 Catholic book with Illuminati symbols 9

- G---

Fatima Movement:

Thanks for sending that in. Diehard, Trent-based sedevacantists who still believe that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was suddenly infiltrated by Freemasons right before Vatican II should take a long hard look at this. The sad reality is that the Illuminati were in very strong position long before the New Order Council, centuries actually. When Freemason John XXIII activated the “mysterious force”, Freemasons who were in position in the Church and the media simply went to work and finished it off. St. Lúcia provided the only resistance to the Illuminati which is why they killed and replaced her.

As a consequence, the wicked baby-boomer generation that is currently running society into the ground was raised on this, which explains most of the discontent with the Gen-X and Gen-Y'ers.

Subject: No Catholic Latin Vulgate to be found

Hi, how is it going?

It seems there’s no Vulgate Bible on the net as you require.

But I found these:

A vulgata biblie with the apocryphal books (esdras 3 and 4, and the prayer of manasses).


It’s legible, but doesn’t have the “nominum interpretatio” and it is not on .pdf format.

There’s a picture for every pair of pages, as you see in this example.


A 1602 casiodoro de reina bible (the king james version for the Spanish protestants) with the “nominum interpretatio” in spanish (2 pages) and the apocryphal books.


Although this other casiodoro de reina version (from 1569) includes the apocryphal books and it’s more legible than the previous one, but it lacks the “nominum interpretatio”:


And it seems to have the approval from the Trent guys:


About the bible from 1484: You got it, I will download it and send it to you, let me figure it out how. Don’t worry about it, you’re busy enough with the webpage.

About the Sister Lucy date of death: I have a hunch that she was murderer on some day of this interval of time: From October the 8th 1958 to October the 25th 1958. It matches with the letter and the other stuff the Dimond Brothers received long ago. The other research you’ve heard before and it’s based on pictures and differences between two webpages. I think it’s a response from some religious order to justify their bad job about the preservation of the Catholic Faith.

I will start downloading the images. Probably it takes me three or four days. This 1484 vulgata is shorter than the other one I wrote about before (the other with the 109 nominum interpretatio pages). It’s completely downloaded just in case you need it. Please let me know.

Let’s fight those fire-worshippers with the Catholic Truth. In Guatemala they have spread like a disease, but it’s funny to see their reaction when you counter-attack them with their own bible.

May Our Lady protect you and your children.

- U----- H-------

Fatima Movement:

Thanks so much for doing that research. It's amazing that out of all the bibles out there, Jerome's complete Catholic Latin Vulgate is nowhere to be found. To take care of this problem, a 1685 Catholic Latin Vulgate was meticulously photographed and put on the Fatima Movement site. This is where the picture of the Masonic Trinity comes from that we use on the site. At the time of this writing, it seems to be the only complete Catholic Latin Vulgate available anywhere on the internet.

The markings seem to be from a French professor who had a good time investigating this text. It seems to originate in France and was probably around in the times of the French Revolution (1789), right after the Catholic Sacramental Rites in Latin were changed from Spiritum Sanctum to “spiritus sanctus” in 1777.

So to continue our tradition as the internet leader in Catholic knowledge, bringing to the world long-lost articles like the Third Secret of Fatima, the only available 1582 Douai Rheims, the Original Rosary, the Babylonian Talmud breakdown, and all the connections that entail, we are happy to announce the release of Jerome's Catholic Latin Vulgate. Thanks U----- for the research, thanks to C---- C----- for the digital camera, thanks to G--- K----- for financing a new computer to get this project done, and thanks to those who helped and wish to remain anonymous. Here it is:

The Latin Vulgate reveals the Masonic Trinity of its Jewish writers

Permanent link: i-1685CompleteLatinVulgate.php

The Fatima Movement has also added for our readers a copy of the Koran for those out there still trying to figure out why Muslims worship the same “god” as the Protestants, then want to go to World War III over it:

Click on this image to open the 3mb .pdf file in a new browser tab

with Explanatory Notes by Maulana Muhammed Ali

The Koran contains the writings of Jewish Freemason Mohamet and is the equivalent of the Bible for the Muslim Sect. It's “god” is the Lord that the Freemason Moses spoke to in a fire, but instead of calling it “the Lord”, the Quran calls this burning bush spirit “Allah.”This copy, highly venerated by Illuminatist Lord-woshipping Anti-Pope John Paul II, was edited by Zahid Aziz in 2010 from the original 1917 translation in order to update the language and clean up the notes. For example, instead of accosting non-believers in the Lord of Moses (Satan) with the terms 'thou', 'thee', 'thy', etc., this translation uses the more direct 'you' and 'your'. - page 6/923

“The Holy Quran is divided into 114 chapters, each of which is called a surah. The word surah means literally eminence of high degree, and also any step of a structure, and in the Book itself it is applied to a chapter of the Quran (2:23). The chapters of the Holy Quran are of varying length, the largest comprising fully one twelvth of the entire book - 286 verses -” - page 39/923

More interesting relgious texts can be found in the Fatima Movement Digital Library.

Subject: British Royal Family is Jewish?

“Circumcision for members of the royal family in England dates back to King George I, who introduced the custom. Queen Victoria traced the British royal family’s tree back to ancient Israel’s King David, and insisted that her sons be circumcised along the lines of Jewish tradition, which calls for foreskin to be snipped on the eighth day after birth.

Edward VII, the Duke of Windsor and Prince Charles all had their foreskins removed, the latter by Jacob Snowman GP, at Buckingham Palace in 1948. Charles’ brothers Andrew and Edward were also snipped.”

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Fatima Movement:

That can't possibly be. Rabbi Abe Finklestein of New York said that Jews don't work and I've seen the Queen of England working on television, and on top of that, Protestants say she is 'divinely appointed', which is code for some spirits giving the Royal Family their power and the Protestants are always on top of the meaning of these things (to give an example, right after 9/11 when the Jewish owner of the World Trade Center David Silverstein admitted to 'pulling' WTC 7, the Protestants obediently did what the Jews told them to and went to war against Iraq). Are you suggesting that the world is run by the Jews and that they start wars for the goyim to fight in? I don't know if people are ready for this...

Henry Kissinger: Military men are dumb stupid animals

“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” - Jewish Elder and Bohemian Grove attendee, Fmr. U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger quoted by Bob Woodward in The Final Days, 1976

The next thing you're going to tell me is that the owners of the private Federal Reserve, Obama, Benedict, Ahmadinej of Iran, the mayors of Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Paul VI, John XXIII, Pius V, the Jesus of the Old Testament, Moses, Abraham, and the attendees of Bohemian Grove who worship the Semitic deity Moloch are all Jewish too... Why haven't I seen any of this on television?

Does this suggest that the Jewish leaders at the top start these squabbles as a sort of game to get the goyim to kill each other off? Hmmmm..... it's too bad we can't ignore them and be friendly to each other like Bush and the Saudis.


Fatima Movement hacked by Islamic Ghost Team

On July 29, 2013, all of our websites have been hacked by some Masonic outfit called the Islamic Ghosts team. I haven't been able to respond to any emails because of the amount of time spent to remedy this. The Babylonian Talmud project has been taking a lot of time, but it's almost complete. Apparently the Islamic cult doesn't want their followers to know that their leadership comes from the top, and that is the Jewish Talmudic Rabbis. This knowledge of course presents certain problems for those trying to instigate a world war between the Mulsims and the Protestants.

New websites have been created to try to fight this internet suppression. The Fatima Movement files are now also available at the following addresses, so please bookmark these so you can find us in the future if this site goes down. Please bookmark these in your browser:


And of course the Rosary store is available at:


I've been notified by one of my readers that the IT Department at one of the largest American universities (which I prefer not to name) has discovered a very sophisticated tracking device that monitors your activities if you have viewed this website. It is unlike any monitoring program they have ever seen.

This is not our doing and the Fatima Movement team is working with one of the world's largest internet hosting companies to resolve these issues. Until then, even our new email address doesn't work and overall, the situation is quite challenging, so please be patient. If you can get on, please save this research to your computer by going to file>save as>.mhtml or .mht file to save a particular page as a single file on your computer.

Here are some quick answers to some of your questions:

- Yes, the “Our Father” prayer is a prayer to the Lord, which is Satan. Catholics should refrain from saying this prayer. If you can't help yourself, say the Fatima Prayer immediately afterwards asking Christ for forgiveness from the fires of Hell. The simple logic is that if the Lord (Satan) is your god, when you die you will be sent to Hell for being a Satanist. This is the Illuminati objective: to trick as many souls as possible through the wide gate which leads the vain to destruction.

Moses and his god, a fire

- No, do not say Amen. The reasons why can be found in the Shocking Statements by Jews in the Talmud section we're working on.

- Yes, I am aware of the website that lists the death of Sister Lúcia in 1947, not 1958/1959. I'll address this at some point in the near future.

- The evidence of Pius XII eliminating The Holy Ghost from the Sacramental Rite of the Catholic Religion is coming. It is difficult to sift through, but it seems this happened around 1944-1948.

- Thanks to D-- for sending the link of Michelangelo's sculpture of Moses (who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament) with horns, and thanks for the verse that explains this. This can only be found in the Catholic translation of the Jewish Bible, the Douay Rheims.

Moses sculpture with horns by Michelangelo

Exodus 34:35 (exclusive to the Douay Rheims Catholic Version): “And they saw that the face of Moses when he came out was horned, but he covered his face again, if at any time he spoke to them.”

- Yes, my petition for divorce from the person played by actress Clare Stone in the Mr. Nobody movie is over. All I can legally say about this is the next time someone says to me “I'm not the person you think I am”, I'll take their words a bit more seriously.

Thanks for the letters of encouragement and support, and thanks for the prayers. It looks like we will need them. Here are some highlights from the Talmud project, the first of its kind. It is important when criticizing the Jewish religion and law that you stick to the facts exclusively. What better way to do this than to expose their “Holy” Scrolls for the world to see.

Babylonian Talmud Vol18-131: Israel is not to rent fields to Palestinians, etc. & the Middle East Situation.

Page 38 of Volume XVIII of the Babylonian Talmud

Page 38 of Volume XVIII of the Babylonian Talmud gives insight into the stubborn refusal to grant the heretical Palestinians their statehood in the Middle East, as well as restrictions against Syria. Israel regards these “heathen” Palestinians as less than human because they are stupid enough to worship “Allah”, which is the Islamic name for “the Lord” of the Old-Testament, the god-deception that Jewish Moses and is court of 70 Sanhedrin invented. Essentially since they and their children deny the Divinity of Christ, the “heathen” Syrians and Palestinians will be under the control of the Jewish Lordship in Hell. This situation can only be solved by converting Palestinians and Syrians to Catholicism, but this is highly unlikely.

Victims of Jewish crimes against humanityVictims of Jewish crimes against humanity

“One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” - Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994

the Islamic religion is also based in the heretical fire lord of Moses

Although the Koran is not the focus of this Fatima Movement File, it is worth showing that the Islamic religion is also based in the heretical fire lord of Moses. As you can see on page 235 of this Koran, the same Jewish tricksters are at play: David, Solomon and of course Moses and his burning bush Lord. In Islam, “the Lord” of the Old-Testament is called Allah.

Palestinian Freemasonry

Jewish Freemasonry is popular in Palestine as well. Just as the Masonic Protestant Pastors and the Priests of Vatican II aim to take souls into their dominion in Hell, so do leaders in Palestine. The Masonic cult of Lucifer is world-wide, no exceptions.

Babylonian Talmud Vol19-137: The Hebrew “religion” of fire creates Islam in 622, tricks billions of souls away from Catholicism, straight into Hell.

Page 33 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud

Page 33 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud reveals how the Jewish Hebrew religion gave birth to Islam, when Freemason Mahomet of Mecca spawned a variation of the Jewish fire worship religion for the Arabs in 622.

Hebrews 11:29: “For our god is a consuming fire”

Babylonian Talmud Vol19-138: Just as the early Protestants, Pro-war Arabs continue to promote the heretical agenda of Moses and Abraham. Where Satanic Islam dominated, Satanic Jewish communities flourished.

Pages 34-35 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud

Pages 34-35 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud continue on about the Jewish origins of Islam and how Islam was beneficial to Jewish communities. Just as the anti-Catholic Protestant sects set up their own heretical Lord-based spiritual infrastructure 400 years prior, the anti-Catholic Islamic sects continued this model under the direction of Freemason Mohamet. The creation of these two non-Catholic super-religions would in time, grow in numbers to such an extent that they could be set up against each other in the Apocalyptic Gog vs. Magog Armageddon War which excites the loins of so many Protestants and Muslims today. Both factions of this Satanic Jewish Talmudic deception have no idea that they are being set up to both damn themselves and kill each other off for the benefit of the Jews in a World War III scenario. And this is exactly why 33* Freemason Albert Pike was able to predict the final three world wars of the world in 1871, or so he thought (until the Fatima Movement put a stop to this with the Original Rosary in 2009):

“1871: An American General named, Albert Pike, who had been enticed into the, “Illuminati,” by Giuseppe Mazzini, completes his military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world, culminating into moving this great conspiracy into its final stage. These details are as follows:

The First World War is to be fought for the purpose of destroying the Tsar in Russia, as promised by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815. The Tsar is to be replaced with communism which is to be used to attack religions, predominantly Christianity. The differences between the British and German empires are to be used to foment this war.

The Second World War is to be used to foment the controversy between fascism and political Zionism with the oppression of Jews in Germany a lynchpin in bringing hatred against the German people. This is designed to destroy fascism (which the Rothschild family created) and increase the power of political Zionism. This war is also designed to increase the power of communism to the level that it equaled that of united Christendom.

The Third World War is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purposes of playing the Islamic world and the political Zionists off against one another. Whilst this is going on, the remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion.” - Synagogue of Satan, pages 54-55

It is worth noting that the red, cone-shaped hat that Masonic Shriners like to wear is called a “Fez.” Originating from 7th century Arabia and under the leadership of Mohammed, thousands of Catholics were slaughtered in the City of Fez, Morocco. After the slaughter the Mohammedans took their hats and dipped them into the blood of the Catholics who themselves were around this time being subverted into Lord worship by Masonic agents like St. Augustine. The Satanic, Lord-worshipping Islamists wore the Fezzes throughout the land to glorify their victory over the Church. This is why Masonic American presidents and idols who appear to be middle-American Christians were photographed with Islamic head dressings. They are all Luciferian Freemasons and when they are called on it, they are trained to revert back to the “god” of the Bible, a book that was written by Moses and their Satanic Jewish Lodge forefathers.

Luciferian Shriner Freemasons

Luciferian Shriners “having a little fun”and showing off their Islamic head-dressings- from left to right: J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972), First Director of the FBI; John Wayne (1907-1979), born Marion Mitchell Morrison, epitomized American “masculinity”; Mel Blanc (1908-1989) Animator, voice actor for Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Tom & Jerry, etc.; Gerald Ford (1913-2006), 38th President of the United States; Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (1930-) American Astronaut, Shriner Freemason & “moon lander.”


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