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Subject: Freemasons Hand Out Awards for the Goyim

Hi Fatima movement. I would like to tell you of an experience I had yesterday if you don't mind and then I have some questions. Yesterday I was at work (I work for a bank in the credit card unit) and we were having a meeting where awards were given out for employees who were singled out for something that they did to help the company. Different managers and employees were asked to present these awards and then say the things others were saying about them. Well the theme of the comments were about committment and loyalty to the company, how educated and how smart they were and how they represented the company and how hard they worked and how they made work their life. And it was all true all these people deserved awards based on their performance I guess even though I was thinking huh why were these people so special (which probably wasn't very nice of me ) but I was sitting there wishing that someone would say those things about me but honestly I'm like the complete opposite of these people. Like I work hard at my job but Im not committed like these people. I mean I work and then I come home that's it. Like if I come in and get laid off or fired I don't think it would affect me at all I would just find another job but I was sitting there fantasizing about what they would say about me because it looked like it would feel great to get recognized by these people in front of all these people and have these things said about me. Well then the meeting was over and then I took my lunch like I usually do in the washroom stall saying the Rosary because there is no other private place to say it in my office (go figure) and while I was saying it I kept thinking wow if only I could get an award and how much I would do to get recognized by others and then all of a sudden I was feeling so anxious and nervous and I actually started to shake a little and then I was getting worried like what was going on but I still persevered in saying the Rosary but while I was saying it was like my mind or something inside me decided to say Our Lady conquorer of Satan or Our Lady defeater of Satan save me and then it felt like my face and fingers and shoulders were spastic and it felt like I was being flung around but physically I wasn't moving I was still sitting there on the toilet ( haha sorry to be so detailed) and then I felt such a release like something heavy was taken off my shoulders and then tears came out of my eyes and I felt exhausted but fantastic as the same time and then I came to the conclusion that I don't give a sweet tweet about what others think or say about me because this life is only about God Jesus Christ and Our Lady nothing more nothing less. And I just wanted to say how powerful this Rosary really is. It is the answer to everything. I know Sister Lucy said that there is no problem that cannot be solved by saying the Rosary but now I know really what she is talking about. And I am so thankful to you for this knowledge of the Rosary because faith is knowledge. And I know it's stated somewhere that the Rosary is like a last chance or Our Lady is our last resort but haha if this is our last resort I wonder what I first resort was because this last resort is absolutely beautiful and wonderful. Wow God Jesus Christ and God the Holy Ghost truly truly loves us to give us this wonderful Lady. Haha sorry about the long story but I just wanted to tell you in case people are doubting the Rosary.

I do have a question about the Brown Scapular. There's no way it could have been corrupted like the Rosary right? Like I mean if you're wearing one that means it the Brown Scapular right? I'm just asking because I was enrolled in the Brown Scapular with the Latin words Spiritus Sancti but I can still wear it right? I'm been comparing wearing it to wearing a seat belt in a car,or a life jacket in a boat or a helmut on a bike even though I know it's much more than that but I mean if you're wearing it you're wearing it. I just was wondering.

Also I read that email on the site about the Islamic take over and I was going over the list of countries mentioned and I was just wondering how it corrresponds with the Catholic prophecies of a Catholic Monarch which I think is going to be set up in France and I believe it was Father Gruner who said that Poland is a country that will no be taken by the anti-christ. Are these prophecies even true? I have read that the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady is supposed to reign and then a period of peace and then the anti-christ and then God Jesus Christ breaths on him and destroys him that's basically all I know and I was just wondering where are we sitting at that in that time line if in fact that is right time line.

But anyways thank you so much as always. I love you like you wouldn't believe and sorry for the dragged out email. Good night.

Fatimamovement Response: I'm going to break the answer down into sections so that others can benefit from your experience.

“I would like to tell you of an experience I had yesterday if you don't mind and then I have some questions. Yesterday I was at work (I work for a bank in the credit card unit) and we were having a meeting where awards were given out for employees who were singled out for something that they did to help the company. Different managers and employees were asked to present these awards and then say the things others were saying about them.”

In general, regarding banks, all Catholics should understand how Luciferian Freemasonry uses finance as a weapon against you. The Zeitgeist Movie about the Federal Reserve is good at explaining the banking cartel and we recommend all to study this:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dmPchuXIXQ

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBZne09Gf5A&feature=related

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjUrib_Gh0Y&feature=related

Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BVNN1wqw3k&feature=related

Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPPFgHF9VR4&feature=related Our warning about the “microchip” in this segment. The mark of the beast is a spiritual mark, not a physical one. This is a spiritual war and this particular tangent by the creators of Zeitgeist is disinformation.

“Well the theme of the comments were about committment and loyalty to the company, how educated and how smart they were and how they represented the company and how hard they worked and how they made work their life. And it was all true all these people deserved awards based on their performance I guess even though I was thinking huh why were these people so special (which probably wasn't very nice of me ) but I was sitting there wishing that someone would say those things about me but honestly I'm like the complete opposite of these people.”

One of the ways Freemasonry has built such a loyal army of meek, spiritually marked slaves, which the Jews call their “goyim” is by actually rewarding service to them. Yes, they are great workers for the Freemasons, these bank workers are ”working for the Masonic machine” and getting acclaim for it, that's all you're witnessing- This is also why military veterans are given parades and medals that are pentagrams! If these men only knew what they did on a spiritual level, they would commit suicide! In fact, there are more suicide deaths from the war in Afghanistan for the Americans than there are casualties on the battefield! But denial is not just a river in Egypt. These men are in for quite the surprise in the next life and it is just easier for them to believe without questioning what they are told, hidden under the mask of Masonic patriotism (brotherhood, liberty, etc.)

Your question brings to mind a tactic admitted by Skull & Bones U.S. Dept. of Education agent Charlotte Iserbyt who would go into small towns and impose their cirriculum to semi-suspecting local small town school officials. This daughter of the Skull and Bones mafia actually admits and explains how their operatives actually promote their resistance, giving them “important positions” in order to make resistors to their Masonic philosophies feel important, a tactic to quiet their resistance. Then, their agenda has the green light to subvert the education of that community's children. It's a skillful art, to be able to subvert and create this New Order, but much credit to you for seeing through it. That is one of the gifts of the Holy Ghost, the ability to see on a spiritual plane, what is being destroyed. Watch this documentary of a Reagan era official explain this, then you will better understand why your company is giving out awards to the meek. Most people cannot resist shiny things (medals) and will do anything for them, even willingly hand over their soul.


“I work hard at my job but Im not committed like these people. I mean I work and then I come home that's it. Like if I come in and get laid off or fired I don't think it would affect me at all I would just find another job but I was sitting there fantasizing about what they would say about me because it looked like it would feel great to get recognized by these people in front of all these people and have these things said about me. Well then the meeting was over and then I took my lunch like I usually do in the washroom stall saying the Rosary because there is no other private place to say it in my office (go figure) and while I was saying it I kept thinking wow if only I could get an award and how much I would do to get recognized by others and then all of a sudden I was feeling so anxious and nervous and I actually started to shake a little and then I was getting worried like what was going on but I still persevered in saying the Rosary but while I was saying it was like my mind or something inside me decided to say Our Lady conquorer of Satan or Our Lady defeater of Satan save me and then it felt like my face and fingers and shoulders were spastic and it felt like I was being flung around but physically I wasn't moving I was still sitting there on the toilet ( haha sorry to be so detailed) and then I felt such a release like something heavy was taken off my shoulders and then tears came out of my eyes and I felt exhausted but fantastic as the same time and then I came to the conclusion that I don't give a sweet tweet about what others think or say about me because this life is only about God Jesus Christ and Our Lady nothing more nothing less.”

This is a sign of the times, Masonry is so powerful that you have to serve them at some level, simply to financially survive in this world. Groupthink and popular opinion is how they have managed to get almost the entire world to forego Heaven for Hell and it is very hard to resist their order at this point in time. It doesn't make it any easier when Vatican II New Order “Catholics in name only” fail to stand up and keep the traditions intact, let alone the names of the Trinity. Catholic men should take a cue from Muslims and not let their daughters/wives be slaves to the Jews, and then serve them in Hell, but sadly, there are few real men left to do this. If you study this from a long-term population standpoint, getting Catholic women to stop praying the Rosary, slipping in the Holy Spirit to anathematize them, then giving them currency and shiny things to get them to forget what should be important to them, having children and making damn sure their children get into Heaven, Freemasons have achieved quite the victory and your co-workers are examples of that. This is a huge problem. Watch this video as a filmaker explains how the women's “liberation” movement was funded and designed to to this very thing, admitted by Nelson Rockefeller. It's disgusting. They want to keep mothers away from their children, have more workers to tax, and to destroy Catholic families with the “gifts of life” which they design. What if Sister Lúcia said, you know, forget the Rosary, I'm going to go work for the economy? Unfortunately, almost 100 years later, we all have to or we go hungry. But we don't have to stop praying.


As far as the spritual exorcism you experienced, this is what you should have felt in a conditional baptism if it were done correctly. Sometimes the devils will flee, I've seen this 6-7 times, purposely to deceive you into believing that you are not under their puppet strings anymore. BUT THEN THEY COME BACK. There is a jolt-like effect, where they all leave at once, and this leaves you believing that they are gone. The spiritual technicality of the original Catholic baptism Rite is to 1) allow you to enter Heaven, making you a soldier of the church (as opposed to a soldier of Freemasonry) and 2) to impart a grace and wisdom to see through lies, interpret scripture for what it actually is, and 3) to prevent and give you a shield of armor against possessing spirits. It's very concerning to us that this happened and is a clear symptom of an invalid baptism. Please have it done and keep wearing the Mother of God's Scapular in the meantime. This is what the Masonic scriptures call “casting out demons by beelzebub” which was a Jewish trick to make people think they were exorcised, but in the next life they find out that they were condemned because they were baptized incorrectly. This is also why the Vatican II post-1944 rite, given to the patron “saint” of freemasonry, John, was given to him by Jews in the night. Jews are sons of the devil and have a direct line of communication to these evil spirits- their knowledge is first-hand and real, and it gives the enemy a tremendous advantage. It requires work and many Rosaries to enter Heaven and remembering the three names of the Trinity. It sounds like the person that baptized you did not have a serious intention to do what the Church of Christ is supposed to do.

“And I just wanted to say how powerful this Rosary really is. It is the answer to everything. I know Sister Lucy said that there is no problem that cannot be solved by saying the Rosary but now I know really what she is talking about. And I am so thankful to you for this knowledge of the Rosary because faith is knowledge. And I know it's stated somewhere that the Rosary is like a last chance or Our Lady is our last resort but haha if this is our last resort I wonder what I first resort was because this last resort is absolutely beautiful and wonderful. Wow God Jesus Christ and God the Holy Ghost truly truly loves us to give us this wonderful Lady. Haha sorry about the long story but I just wanted to tell you in case people are doubting the Rosary.”

That's totally true. Our Lady said in the 1200's, “One Day I will save the world with the Rosary and the Scapular” and who knows, maybe we're actually doing it now because what was supposed to happen in the near future, WWIII, has been delayed, the occult is admitting they were stopped, nobody knows what's going to happen next, it's almost as if this sudden last minute original Rosary compaign is actually having a real effect on things, by putting off the Apocalypse. The trick is, keeping it going and not getting divided and conquered by the Masonic gifts of life, shiny medals, currency and their culture. And if the advent of the New World Order has been delayed by our prayers, and it seems that is has, it is up to us to keep the information alive for future generations, which is not easy to do. That's another thing to think about.

1208: Our Lady gives St. Dominic the prescription for defeating Hell. At this point in time, many were incorrectly praying 150 Pater Nosters (Our Fathers) on their Rosary beads. To correct this heretical error, Our Lady specified 150 prayers to Her, offered the Scapular and said, “One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, I will save the world.” This is what we know as the Sabbatine Privilege.

“I do have a question about the Brown Scapular. There's no way it could have been corrupted like the Rosary right? Like I mean if you're wearing one that means it the Brown Scapular right? I'm just asking because I was enrolled in the Brown Scapular with the Latin words Spiritus Sancti but I can still wear it right? I've been comparing wearing it to wearing a seat belt in a car, or a life jacket in a boat or a helmet on a bike even though I know it's much more than that but I mean if you're wearing it you're wearing it. I just was wondering.”

The words that should have been used are “Spirtum Sanctum” because it translates into the Holy Ghost who was, is and ever shall be. It was changed into Spiritus Sanctus in 1777 at the Congregation of Rites, when Rosicrucian false Catholic Priests outvoted the good ones and solidified the coming spirit of Lucifer's godless new order. Spiritus Sancti is just non-descript heresy, it really is another hallowed name because it doesn't carry the proper dative declension. Acts XIX in the Latin Vulgate explains why this seemingly simple language technicality is so critical. This is covered on the baptism page on the website. Very few priests even know this information today. I would recommend a scapular that does not have a picture of a baby with Our Lady. If you can find one that is only Our Lady, that would be best. The scapular is a powerful Sacramental, though not a Sacrament itself. It was designed for our times when the Sacrament of Baptism has been so entirely corrupted, to save the devout from these things that are difficult to learn and understand.

“Also I read that email on the site about the Islamic take over and I was going over the list of countries mentioned and I was just wondering how it corrresponds with the Catholic prophecies of a Catholic Monarch which I think is going to be set up in France and I believe it was Father Gruner who said that Poland is a country that will no be taken by the anti-christ. Are these prophecies even true? I have read that the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady is supposed to reign and then a period of peace and then the anti-christ and then God Jesus Christ breaths on him and destroys him that's basically all I know and I was just wondering where are we sitting at that in that time line if in fact that is right time line.”

The “one coming like a son of man” in the Apocalypse is actually “one coming like a pope and his bishops.” The Catholic Encyclopeda actually verifies that the term, “son of man” is a term for the pope and the bishops, because they have the power to forgive sins on earth (the scan will be on the site soon). Only now, since the popes are actually 100% anti-popes, the coming monarch is going to be a false Catholic pope, leading the world into heresy (the gates of hell). This is why Gruner says these things.

Poland used to be very Catholic, like Portugal, but has been subverted by Freemason John Paul II. Imagine you are a Freemason and your obligation is to get the most Catholic country on earth to be heretical. How would you do it? Give them a Polish heretical pope, once again, the same tactic that the bankers use, to get Poles to let their guard down. It was a stunning success, and it even deceived me years ago, and I am actually Polish. It's so difficult to explain to older Polish ladies that their beloved pope was a heretic but unfortunately, that was the reality.

The reason why Gruner says these things about Poland resisting anti-christ is because Poles have a better grasp on reality, for several reasons. In WWII, Occultic Germany invaded, destroyed the country, then the Occultic Americans defeated the Occultic Germans and Poles thought they were saved. Then, Freemason Truman HANDS OVER POLAND to Freemasonic Josef Stalin, for another 40 years. Most Americans think they are the best thing next to sliced bread, but in reality, Catholic Poland was sold out from one set of Luciferian masters to another, by Luciferian controlled America. It's shocking, actually. But most Americans learn in their Skull and Bones Education that Nazis are bad, Jews are good, and America is the best because it prevented Nazis from winning the war. They simply cannot handle the truth that they are just another brainwashed nation on this earth and really nothing special at all. The U.S. had a Catholic president once, but Kennedy was shot in front of a Masonic Temple in Dallas. I could go on and on, but here is the real reason why Gruner says this about Poland:

Until this year, and unlike in English, where there are two names (God the Holy Ghost and the satanic Holy Spirit) and an intention to consider for Sacramental Validation, in the Polish language, there DID NOT EXIST two names. Only one: Duch Święty. Google translator listed Duch Święty as a translation for Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit until only recently. Because of the 2011 liturgical translation changes, AGAIN, now Google translator has TWO. They translate Holy Spirit into ducha Świętego. The same dative declensions still apply, but Poles better not fall for this like the English speakers fell for the Holy Ghost to Holy Spirit change in 1944! Actually, thanks for bringing up Poland because we were unaware that the translation change for their baptism rite is now IN PROGRESS. Expect them to overwrite all Polish missals if they haven't already.

But the reason why the Polish people are not marked as much as the Americans is because their rite wasn't changed back in 1944. What this means is that if the proper intention was used, the Sacrament worked. And you can see this because Polish people are and have always been at odds with the Jews who crucified God, whereas Americans are raised to believe that these evil people are somehow “chosen ones.” Also, Polish people are foreign to the concept of “Jesus is coming.” From their viewpoint, Americans dancing around with the Jews, waiting for the Jewish Messiah and killing for them simply look stupid as hell. And theologically, they are. But the Jews smile at them and give them awards. But someday they will pay with their souls for crossing the line in the sand and dancing with anti-christ.

“But anyways thank you so much as always. I love you like you wouldn't believe and sorry for the dragged out email. Good night.”

Thanks, we love you too- you'll be in our prayers.


Dear Fatima Movement,

Many things are happening and have happened in the last few days, with the double hydrogen bombing of the underground bases in Colorado and Virginia (the intended target was that the evil elite black ops agents were to place the bombs in a nuclear reactor down there, but the good men of valor moved the bombs just away in time, which exploded far away from the reactors, which caused the earthquakes). There was a message sent a few days ago sent by the goverment to all truckers/large riggers not to drive their trucks for the next two days, for the government agents said “something big was going to happen.” The truckers were also paid to stop their trucks.

There is a great deception in the works. Lucifer will introduce his solution of UFO's and peaceful one world religion Islam, promoted as the greatest science of heaven that will explain all things. When in fact, ISLAM IS A MASONIC DECEPTION, mixing lies with truths. Only God Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin could stop and uncover this deception, the deceptions will be too great for most people. There will be many aparitions, but which one will be true is the question. There is a great deception on the way, and it has come to the point that we cannot trust anything except to hold on to our Rosaries and Scapulars.

Br. O-----

Fatimamovement Response:

There will be many false angels of light, occultists and Freemasons who actually are called Lightworkers, holding their hands out to save those from what is coming. This is why Sister Lúcia warned, “Either you are for the Blessed Virgin (the Mother of God) or you are for the devil. There is NO other possibility.” Please keep praying the Rosary, 150 Ave's IN A ROW, EVERY DAY as Our Lady orders us to do. It's more than time for real Catholics to step up and lead and let these meek lord worshippers enter the wide gates of hell and reap what they have sown by allowing this to happen to God's Church.

It's hard to tell if these earthquakes are natural or man-made. A 5.8 Earthquake is not terribly significant, not like the recent 9.1 in Japan, and we find it odd that it was felt all the way in Canada and Chicago. That is really strange. Also that day was a quake in Colorado, 12 hours or so earlier. It is obvious that Freemasonry is staging Judgment Day, which is why their scriptures say, “Only their Father knows the day and hour.” When you understand who their father actually is, Lucifer (the Lord), it makes complete sense that he is orchestrating these events via occultic conversations with the dead in Masonic Lodges across the world. Here is undercover video of how this happens:


Dear Fatima Movement,

In the near future(whenever you have the free time), I think the tie is ripe to put up a page regarding coming Muslim invasion of Rome, which will be facilitated by the Fetullah Ghulen Turkish Muslim brotherhood, led by the corrupt descendants of Muhammad in Turkey of the Ghulen family(all of Islam, with the exception of Iran's Islamic brotherhood, is run by the Ghulens), will send North Africans and Turks to invade Italy and the Vatican, and the elite's agents will provoke the Muslim immigrants and first generation Muslims to start revolution all over Western Europe.

The Ghulens practice Naqshbandi Sufism, which is sect of islam based on idolatry of Muhammad and kabbalistic rituals(possibly of Donmeh jewish origin, whcih originated from Shebtai Tzvi's Satanic Kabbalism, which was integrated into Ottoman islam upon Tzvi's forced coversion in the 1600's) that runs the Islamic world besides the Satanic Iranian freemasonic Shiite empire. The leader of Naqshbandi islam is freemason grandsheikh Nazim al haqqani, who has publically said in his Sohbat/Muslims wisdom talk downloads from his www.sufilive.com, along with confirmation from Satanic freemason Leo Zagami, that there are a group of Cardinals who have secretly converted to Naqshbandi Sufi Islam and are possibly waiting to assist in the invasion if the Vatican. Leo Zagami had mentioned something interesting:

Regarding Napoleon – & having been reminded by your recounted episode regarding the Pope’s chair & its pro-Islamic inscription [”Indeed, Napoleon's General Berthier arrested the pope in the Vatican, overturned St. Peter's chair, and found written in Arabic:
“There is one god Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.”


Fetullah Ghulen had left his own country Turkey to live in Maryland with CIA protection after his life was threatened by the jesuits or P2 lodge elites, which means Poppy Bush will send Ghulen's Turkish Muslim brotherhood advanced America military weaponry and technology that will be used to invade Rome.

Most western europeans are either athesit or non religious, so they have no god to fight or live for, and they will vanish, for they stand on the sidelines. Even if they choose the false path of Islam in order to save their lives, since they are white Europeans, they will be beheaded anyway, or will be discriminated and abused.

Most of the Russian army and the cities consist of Muslims, because of the surrounding Russian Islamic countries that have masses of immigrants, and the Muslim families populate very quickly, while the white race are having less to no children, and are living the selfish satanic single life. regardless, God Jesus Christ will give small numbers of european Christians the Grace to defeat and drive out the large numbers of Muslims. The most reliable of the Europeans will be the Irish, French, Serbs, Polish, Hungarians, and Ukrainians, for they are historically known die for race, religion, and country. The Russians will drive the Turkish out of the occupied hellenic territory known as Turkey, but Russia will not stop the Turks from invading Rome, for it is the responsibility of the resistance from France and the UK to drive the Muslims out of Rome.

America, being a protestant and Satanic/masonic country will not support Europe in saving the Vatican, but the White House will acknowledge and support the Imam Mahdi that will take over the Vatican, for a short time, and then God Jesus Christ will give a few europeans the Grace and Power to drive out the Muslims from Rome.

Remember that the Ghulen family of Turkey, descendants of Muhammad, run ALL of the islamic world, and they will have set up invasions of Italy and Muslim revolutions in Europe. Ghulen's spokesperson, the religious Islamic “leader” Harun Yahya is also a freemason that takes part in sordid Satanic sexual orgies where any penetration, except vaginal, is permitted, according to Satanist/freemason leo zagami. This is the leadership of Islam.

may the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you! +

Br. O-----

Mr. Nobody:

Thanks again for keeping watch. Islam was founded by the Freemasonic Initiate, Mohamet, and is synonymous with 32nd degree Shriner Freemasons. This is why the Shriners parade around in Fez's, red cone shaped hats. The Fez is named after the town of Fez, Morocco, where 50,000 Catholics were slaughtered many centuries ago by these Masonic Mohammedians and as their legend goes, the blood of Catholics ran so deep in the streets, the Muslims dipped their hats in it, turning them red. Video: SHRINER FREEMASON ADMITS LUCIFER IS GOD, Heretical Interviewer goes along for the ride.

Shriner Fez hat

Now that the Vatican is 100% Masonic, and fighting any resistance HARD, by imprisoning Sedevacantist Priests who resist Benedict, we agree and expect them to set off the Masonic Mohammedians against the Masonic Protestant Vatican in the final Gog vs. Magog Protestant Revelation deception of Armageddon. Somewhere in the middle of this mayhem, Protestants will find that the Muslims who were promised 72 virgins, were promised them by “the lord of Abraham,” and they will be their Protestant daughters, and the Protestants will reap what they have sown. This is exactly why Freemason John Paul II said, “May St. John the Baptist Protect Islam.” And THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE WARN OUR READERS ABOUT THE NECESSITY OF CHRIST'S BAPTISM USING THE NAME OF GOD, THE HOLY GHOST. If you are “marked” with “St.” John's baptism in the holy spirit, the patron saint of Freemasonry by the way, you will end up in Hell fighting the Masonic lord worshipping occultic Muslims for the promised land: Hell on Earth. So the people will get what they want, they've been warned.

Subject: Colorado Earthquakes

Dear Fatima Editor,

Many news in the last 48 hours. We didn’t feel the Colorado earthquakes, as we live on the top of a hard rock mountain, Green Mountain. But I know two other people that live within 5 miles of me that felt the earthquakes, and they were pretty scared about it….. Unfortunately it seems the scientists are right, the tectonic plates keep moving, the Earth is shifting. If things get pretty ugly, you should come to Colorado, which is higher ground, Denver is one mile above sea level, our home is your home, we offer you our house if ever needed.

You’re so right on your comments today in your main page about the D.C. obelisk’ damage. The ties between the Illuminati and Ancient Egypt are very evident. That’s why ancient Egyptian occult symbology is everywhere. The Illuminati are the royal servers of Satan. The alchemic design of Washington DC (pentagrams’ designs with the White House, Capitol House, the Pentagon, etc) is proof of this. You can also find obelisks in The Vatican, Cairo-Egypt, France, Washington DC. It represents the phallic, male energy. The Washington Obelisk was built to be 6660 inches in visible height. 6660 inches is 55 feet. 555+20% = 666 (it’s total height). Washington DC is the Illuminati Capital. For those of us who have opened our eyes to the deception, it’s so obvious to see the resemblance between Washington’s statue and Baphomet. The Masons worship Baphomet, black mass, pentagrams, sacrified children…Creepy, right?

George Washington - Baphomet

Is this all a coincidence? Not at all. We have been ruled by the same satanic royal elite. The Illuminati and our current leaders follow a satanic agenda, guided by Satan and the evil forces of the universe. The Illuminati’s goals:

1. Create a financial depression

2. Shortage of food and water

3. Rise of oil and energy prices

4. Depopulate planet by at least 6 billion. Through WWIII? Through Famine? New virus? or the three combined?

5. The plan is to create massive global instability and fear in the countdown to 2012 (staged event?).

But while appearing to be the saviors of the planet…all while working for the agenda of Lucifer. It’s the New Secular Order.

The Illuminati was established by self-proclaimed Satanists, the Rothschilds. Who runs our world today? The Zionist banking families, mainly the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Who financed Hitler and the World wars? The Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Why would so called Jews finance the Holocaust? Well, for one, they are not Jews, they are Luciferian. And because without the Holocaust, there would be no state of Israel today! Further confirming these facts is one of the most interesting secrets about Israel. The Rothschilds own 80% of the land of Israel!!! Those who financed the Holocaust and the World Wars are the ones who own 80% of Israel? Who are these families working for? Satan!! Who is behind most of the suffering of the world? Satan!!!

Israel’s flag (blue hexagram, Solomon’s seal)Red Hexagram (world revolutionary movement)

Jewish insignia 1Jewish insignia 2Jewish insignia 3

Even the flag of Israel flies the hexagram symbol from the Rothschilds’ family’s red shield. The hexagram has:

· 6 points

· 6 sides

· 6 triangles

666 = Satan


Look at this “Catholic” Novus Ordus Church, the Cathedral of St. John the divine. http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/prophetic-pillars-on-st-john-the-divine-cathedral/

This church is not only totally Masonic, but in its pillars you can see depictions of the prophecies., the destruction of NYC including the Twin Towers.


Have you heard of the “Illuminati Game Cards”? Look at some samples of what the Illuminati think, do and plan…. They even depicted 9/11 six years before it happened, the cards were manufactured in 1995 or so. The deception with the Vatican, people waiting for the Messiah, the templars, corporate welfate, Fukushima, the Gulf oil spill, the Japan earthquake, EVERYTHING is in the cards!!!!! And people still don’t believe in the deception…..

Illuminati cards 01

Illuminati cards 02

Illuminati cards 03

Illuminati cards 04

Illuminati cards 05

Illuminati cards 06

Illuminati cards 07

Illuminati cards 08

Thank you as always,

I------ - Colorado

Fatimamovement Response:

Thanks again for another stellar contribution. It's getting to the point where one has to be insane NOT to be Traditional Catholic. Once people wake up, there's no turning back, and no desire to either. Nice Work.

Subject: Christian-Like?

@asbird97 First of all calling someone an idiot for stressing an opinion is not very christian like.I work in a catholic school and I hear the lies that are told to those children.Things that aren't even talked about in the bible.And I am a christian. You say you love God, but where is the love for Jesus!How do you know your saved?through your works?Or how about you use your prayer beads like the muslims to be saved?There is a movement to murge catholics and muslims.Wake up people!

Mr. Nobody:

You teach at a 'Novus Ordo' School and you're mocking the Rosary? Are you insane? You're damn right you're an idiot. I'll pray for those children under your 'guidance.' Christ is God, but that's not in your lord worshipping bible. But that's in the Rosary!

Don't you see the merging of Caths and Muslims already happened? The Novus Ordo Vatican AND Islam both deny Christ is God and both believe in the fire god of Freemason Jews Moses and Abraham. Unreal. You're just a useful idiot.

This just goes to show you the complete breakdown in “Catholic” schools as these Protestants who are in charge of teaching your children the fundamentals of Catholicism have completely dropped the ball. Catholic parents need to step up and do this themselves, as well as the conditional baptism.

Subject: Jews and Google

Hey look if you google search Jew... this comes up!!!

Google is being brain washed!!! it's a conspiracy!!!



You know what this means? The truth is being covered up because even google search results are rigged!!!

ta ta,
E-------- & T----

Mr. Nobody:

The reality is, unless you're Traditional Catholic, you are Jewish or in a false religion founded by Freemasonry. Ta ta...

subject: Rome Destruction Countdown Ticker

What happened to the Rome destruction countdown ticker? It's now a blank box, what happened? Does this mean Rome has been destroyed?

Mr. Nobody:

The site is overloaded. We'll see what happens.

You know, for those people whose faith are already weak and/or lacking will take your message as yet another dooms day craze, and will further drive them into atheism. Especially now in these times of uncertainty, humans need something to believe in and if they are deceived over and over again, a weak human mind will become numb to it all and when one of these prophecies finally happen, it will be too late then. Sad indeed.......

subject: GLP Interview


We at GLPVC's TheRawFeed located at godlikeproductions.com did a live telecast discussion on your rome will be destroyed on aug 17th 230am eastern time zone.

We would like you to be a guest on our show, to explain the results of this prophecy.

Please contact us in regards to our invitation:

Exe Producer Phennommennonn@aol.com

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glp radio show

Official GLPVC Press Kit

Greetings fatimamovement@yahoo.com

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Exe Producer - TheRawFeed godlikeproductions.com

just wanna add that we spent 6 hours the other night goingthru your site and we were impressed with the tons of info/vids. lotta work/effort.

Mr. Nobody:

It's better to remain anonymous.

We're not sure if this is the Third Secret of Fatima, but we have proven the Illuminati have pulled off such a massive deception that they have changed the name of God into Satan. The group that released this Third Secret, one of them, is flashing a hand sign (the hidden hand).

As far as the countdown, it was set to expire at the beginning of Aug. 17, 69 weeks after April 20, 2010. I'd give it another 24 hours before ruling it out. Once again, we simply don't know the motivations of the group that released it, but we understand why the “city on seven hills” (Rome) will be destroyed when it happens.

As far as Elinin, Honda, Mayan stuff, no idea about all that.

I'll give you some advice- if you performed the conditional Sacrament of Baptism this way, you'd understand why the Illuminati want it gone. Then, you'll understand what all the fighting is over- the old Rites, even in 2011, even though they just look like words on a computer screen, STILL WORK.

thx dude....appreciate your efforts and work ;)

Subject: Franciscan capuchinhos

Dear Editor of Fatima Movement,

I haven’t written to you in a while, I missed giving you some feedback. Let me tell you that since I discovered your site, I’ve had your webpage as my home page, that’s how much you have impacted my life!! I’ve had a lot brewing inside my head about all this, let me share it with you to hear your feedback:

1. I’ve had a lot going on, plus also I was so disappointed at myself for believing the “supposed” June 30, 2011, 7th apparition of Our Lady predicted by these capucchins…. I felt like a fool, they shouldn’t be playing with people’s emotions like that. Seeing Our Lady is a privilege that most of us will never have in our lifetime, it’s having the blessing to see the Mother of God with our eyes in this physical plane, so announcing something that serious to deceive people, is like the boy who cried wolf, wolf,…giving us a false alarm. Then if they ever tell something that is true, most of us won’t believe them again. They’re going to get what’s coming to them, they seem a little arrogant. I don’t know why you left that countdown on your site, it’s all based on this supposedly “true” Third Secret released by these Portuguese capucchins, that it was supposedly released on April 2010. If the “real” apparition was on May 13, 2011 as many are saying now about the sun miracle witnessed in Fatima, which means that the 3rd letter had to be revealed around March 10, 2010, and would also mean that Rome should have been destroyed around July 2, 2011… and that didn’t happen either. So I’m not buying the Aug. 17, 2011 at this point. They’re trying to deceive the sedevancanist Catholic movement, in my opinion. They say you’re the masons, but I think based on their actions that they’re the masons. You on the other hand have created the most comprehensive online book of the true Dogma of the Catholic faith, and are the only person in the planet that has explained the abomination of desolation (*) that we’re living. (* more questions on the abomination of desolation below)

a. I sincerely don’t think that anything will happen on August 17th in terms of Rome being destroyed by Our Lady. I saw the videos you sent us about the earthquakes predicted for that day based on the planetary alignment, and that I do believe. I have several scientific websites that I regularly check, not related to Catholicism or religion at all, and I have read that every time there is a planetary alignment, there is at least one major earthquake. Check it out: www.sott.net


2. I’ve had this question in my mind for months about the 70 weeks of Daniel. I agree with you that the God of the Old Testament is Satan, the burning bush, The Lord, and that we have to be very skeptical when reading the pagan Bible. Most likely Daniel got his “inside scoop” about this revelation through spirits, like Salomon was a magician too, like the Kabbalists have done through centuries, consulting the dead….this has been forbidden by God for a reason. So why are you listening to what that Jewish prophet Daniel said in the first place???? Why would Our Lady of Fatima include in the Third Secret a mention of the 70 weeks of Daniel, if Daniel was Jewish and most likely a Luciferian too?? So what you’re saying is that the “evil side” also says the truth sometimes, or that just because Our Lady supposedly mentioned Daniel in the 3rd secret now we have to believe in Daniel? These spirits can tell you just a little bit of truth so it sounds real, but then tell you some lies to deceive people,….so how do we tell the difference between something that’s said in the Bible? How do we know these 70 weeks of Daniel are to be taken literally? I also read somewhere that in the Hebrew version of this 70 weeks of Daniel, it really says in Hebrew “70 sevens’, and people interpreted it that seven meant seven days, so therefore, 70 weeks. But that it could mean 70 7-days, 70 7-weeks, 70 7-months, 70 7- years? We don’t know what he meant!.

3. I did wanted to congratulate you on the explanatory visual display of the 150-beads rosary, we had done ours with just the 150 beads, but now we’ll add the extra A-D beads… THANK YOU FOR EXPLAINING THIS BETTER!!! AWESOME GRAPHICS.

4. Thank you for including the small section on Our Lady of Guadalupe vs. the satanic Aztecs that did human sacrifice, that was awesome!!! I had read that before on books about Guadalupe, but the visual display of how they took out the hearts has to be super eye-opening, for those who didn’t know. Please keep putting visual explanations, they help A LOT!!!

5. Also, congratulations on your decision to built the Cathedral requested by Our Lady….but why in the US and not Portugal? Is there something you know that we don’t know? Is Portugal going to be destroyed too? She asked for the Cathedral to be built in Fatima, like she requested before in Guadalupe and Lourdes…. Why do it in the US, isn’t that going against Her wishes again? Why go through all the trouble of getting permits, donations, etc, twice?

6. I am also having differences with my husband in regards to the abomination of desolation that you explain. I believe we’re on our own, he believes the Church is still the Church, even if it has bad sheep in it. He has a lot of priests friends, some even in the Vatican, and every time he touches this point and asks them to explain why the Church has accepted Vatican II and their changes from a Holy Sacrifice to a “Happy Meal”, the misleading information that “Rabbi Pope” Benedict XVI gives, etc, he gets different reactions:

i. Some label him as heretic

ii. Others insult him and cut him off

iii. Others don’t even answer

iv. Others say that even though they don’t agree 100% with the Vatican, that we all must follow Rome at all times, that the Pope is also human and makes mistakes as a man, that the Mass is sacred and there is the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, that we must go to Mass and continue following Rome, that the fact that there are a couple of bad apples doesn’t mean that the whole Church is corrupted.

I keep telling him not to listen to these Novus Ordus priests, that they’re part of the problem, and my answer to him on the 4th argument, is that first, the Pope is not just any ordinary man that can make a mistake and pay for it and that’s it. He’s the Pope, he’s leading millions of people into hell, a billion of souls more or less, he’s the head of the Church, it’s not just any human. I understand that argument if you’re trying to defend a pedophile priest, that falls victim to Satan’s temptations, but now I truly believe that this “Pope” is Luciferian, that they worship Satan in their satanic rituals, Babylonic Church, like a wolf dressed as sheep. Second, this Pope is part of the biggest conspiracy in the world. The Illuminati have infiltrated government, medicine, education, the military, the entertainment industry, everything…. But the worst infiltration is the one that’s been going within the Catholic church, as this one is dealing with people’s souls, our final destiny for eternity!!!! So if the Illuminati conspiracy is enslaving us at the physical level, imagine what it’s doing to us at the spiritual level!! You don’t become part of the Illuminati by mistake, you are not part of the biggest conspiracy by being naïve and falling into their trap, you do that consciously. This “Rabbi Pope” has given that argument when pressed as to why he was a Nazi when he was young …. But now that he’s “Pope” and very old, is he still so young and naïve to be part of the evil side? I don’t think so, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

So these priests friends of my husband are not tricking me, but they have confused my husband enormously. How can I explain to my husband that this is not the real Church, that it’s a Novus Ordus Church? He agrees with me like 90%, that the Opus Dei took the images out, changes done by VII, but he is having a very hard time accepting that we’re living the abomination of desolation, that God left us on our own, that there are no real Masses anymore, that we’ve been living a lie all our lives (he was born in 1964, I was born in 1975) and that we’ve never received the real sacraments. I tell him how can we tell the difference between butter and make-believe “I can’t believe it’s not butter”? You have to try both to see the difference; if you’ve never tasted the real butter before, you’ll think the imitation one is butter. But since before we were both born, the changes were already in place, we’ve never had the privilege of being part of the real thing. I tell him we’ve never had the chance to compare the pre and post-Vatican II Mass. He tells me that the Church might have this “cancer”, but it’s still the Church. I’m telling him it’s not the Church anymore, it’s like a clone taking it’s place, it looks like the Church, but it doesn’t sound or act like the Church. I don’t have more arguments to give him. Do you?

You have to understand, my husband is so Catholic, we were best friends and he was going to the seminary when I told him my feelings towards him (he felt the same for me, so he left that path and we got married and have children), he has several religious family members in Portugal (an aunt that is Mother Superior in a convent, a great-grandfather that was a bishop in Portugal), he even brought me back to the Church, he wanted to be a deacon…. He has been so depressed since we learned all this, he’s lost his joy for life, Catholicism was his life, he even created a YouTube channel, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/user/spanishwrangler where he has been defending the Catholic faith for years…. Now he stopped maintaining his YouTube channel, he doesn’t want to endorse the wrong thing. This new information has been an atomic bomb for his soul, he stopped going to Mass but he has complained at me for bursting his spiritual bubble by telling him about the conspiracy….. he still has this last linger of hope that there is some truth to the Church that he adored so much. I keep telling him that the truth shall set you free, Jesus Christ died for the truth.

7. THE ROSARY. Where I have seen the difference between the real and the fake religion is praying the rosary like you taught us. Praying the 150-beads rosary laves me with a “super concentrated” feeling, compared to the 5 decades rosary that left me feeling “super diluted”, I can’t explain it with words. It’s like one is real natural orange juice super concentrated, the other one is a fake orangeade super diluted with only 1% real juice….. that’s how it feels to me. In one you’re totally focused on Our Lady, 150 times! On the other rosary, you keep switching back and forth to scenes from the Bible, … then the “luminous” mysteries implemented by JPII (coincidence that it matches the Illuminati name, the Illuminated as they call themselves? I don’t’ think so!) keep talking about John’s baptism, etc… NONE OF THE 20 MYSTERIES never really focuses on Our Lady!! Not even the joyful mysteries talk about the divinity of Our Lady!!!! If we believe in the Immaculate Conception, that she was conceived without sin (not like many people are confused and think it refers to when she conceived Jesus Christ without sin), she was born with no original sin, then she was above all of us humans born with the original sin. But the “Church” keeps depicting her with the same halo as the other saints, like if she were another saint in heaven.

a. 1st joyful mystery: The Annunciation. They talk about the humility of the Blessed Virgin when the Angel Gabriel greeted her with these words “Hail, full of grace”. But they could have been referring to any saint.

b. 2nd joyful mystery: The Visitation. (The Jewish) Mary’s charity in visiting her cousin Elizabeth and remaining with her for three months before the birth of John the Baptist…same issue, they refer to her as Mary, as any pregnant woman visiting her cousin.

c. 3rd joyful mystery: The Nativity. The poverty, so lovingly accepted by “Mary” when she placed the (Jewish) Infant Jesus, in a manger in the stable of Bethlehem. They keep referring to her as Mary, as a good poor woman….

d. 4th joyful mystery: The Presentation. Mary’s obedience to the law of God in presenting the Child Jesus in the Temple…. when Mary took Jesus to the “heretic” Jewish temple? Why focus on her obedience to the Jewish The Lord’s instructions? Again, deceiving us.

e. 5th joyful mystery: Finding in the Temple. The deep sorrow with which Mary sought the Child Jesus for three days, and the joy with which she found Him in the midst of the Teachers in the Temple. Again, they keep demoting her from Our Lady to just plain Mary, and they keep putting these heretic Pharisees as if they were good.

f. 5th glorious mystery: The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The glorious crowning of Mary as the Queen of Heaven by her Divine Son, to the great joy of all the saints. Again, she’s not just any virgin named Mary that was blessed by God, they totally demoted her to a human level.

8. PADRE PIO OF PITRELCINA. My husband tells me that why did Padre Pio defend the Catholic Church so much until he died in 1968, even after the pagan changes had already started years before the time of his death? I have no argument to give him, just that Sister Lucy was murdered in 1958 prior to the changes, because if she had been alive when Vatican II started making changes, she would have protested. But Padre Pio never protested, and that leaves me wondering why? Padre Pio with all his spiritual gifts, was he Catholic for real, or was he also a Masonic deceiver?? Why did the Illuminati took over Padre Pio’s tomb and body? Check it out where the Novus Ordus Church put his body!

http://www.arcspace.com/architects/piano/padre_pio/padre_pio.html this church is totally Masonic, also shaped like an eye, the Illuminati eye.

http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2010/04/padres-pios-new-resting-place.html his new tomb gives me the creeps, all that glitter, jewels, total opposite of a true Catholic.

The Illuminati took over Lady Di’s body and tomb (Princess Diana), following satanic rituals and satanic symbology to take her soul to hell. http://www.greatdreams.com/princess.htm

Diana wanted to be buried in local church, but she ended up being buried in an island, inside a lake shaped like an eye (the Illuminati all-seeing eye), surrounded by trees, with 4 black swans (representing the 4 directions, 4 seasons, sealing something for all eternity in the cultic/druid mythologies, black the color of death).

I see a similarity between what they did to Diana’s tomb and Padre Pio’s tomb….do you agree? What does that mean from the sedevacantist point of view? Do the Illuminati want Padre Pio’s body for a reason? What did they do to the real sister Lucy’s body?? Why do they want the bodies, is it related to satanic rituals, the blood, imitating the blood of Christ?

Have you heard of Buffalo Bill? He’s buried in Golden, CO, and he was a 33rd degree Freemason, and on his death anniversary this year, they did a Masonic re-enactment of his burial, all the masons from Colorado came to recreate Cody’s Masonic funeral. Isn’t that creepy? There has to be a spiritual reason why they want the bodies of freemasons (Buffalo Bill) and Catholic saints (Sister Lucy, Padre Pio). Any insights on this???


Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback. You don’t have to answer me right now, when you have the time, please, no rush, I know you’re extremely busy, but I respect you enormously and your feedback is truly apprciated.

God bless you for your wonderful website.



Mr. Nobody:

Hi I------,

Thanks again for your kind words- they far outweigh the negative comments we get 1000 fold. I'll get back to you with a more detailed response soon, but I wanted to respond to your question of why it is so hard to get through to people. It's pride. When someone holds the line that this version of what they think is the Catholic Church is the truth, and it turns out to be a lie, it is very difficult for someone who is controlled by pride to admit to their error. The tragedy is that these priests are now stuck- imagine being one of them. Imagine finding out that all the baptisms they have performed have been invalid. This information could easily drive deceived, non-masonic Vatican II priests to suicide. If you were a priest and found out that you had committed such an error, had promoted such a reversal of truth, had deceived so many albeit unintentionally, that's difficult to take. It's simply easier for them to cast you off the island and keep promoting the error. But now you get a taste of God's Judgment, how easy and how hard it is to stomach.

There was the strangest youtube video from a medium on youtube, supposedly of the late VII “Cardinal” of Paris, Jean-Marie Lustiger. It was so off the wall, and we don't recommend the faint of heart to watch these things, but in this 9 minute “transmission,” he was utterly shocked that the god he believed in, loved with all his heart, got millions of others to do the same, this god wasn't there when he “crossed over.” The door to heaven was closed on him and the once proud but deceived ecumenical “Cardinal” was condemned to Hell. It was an utterly shocking youtube video, strange as it is, but it seems true. Why would a medium (her name was Destini) put out a transmission from such an unknown Vatican leader? Obviously, we can't base our faith on these things, but they are interesting when they come out. And this one with such a powerful Vatican II official being sent to hell was incredibly provocative.

The shame is it was taken down, and all that is left is part II where Lustiger is apparently in Hell, laughing and claiming he was deceived. It's worth looking for, just to see the utter shock of a deceived Cardinal lamenting the fact that he had unintentionally dragged millions into Hell.

The reality is, when you are supposed to be a shepherd of souls, you should make that your priority, and not worry about being popular and bringing in the donations. Judgment Day is going to be very, very interesting. Nobody, including ourselves, are without fault. The question is, are you too proud to correct your error and fight for the truth? The real men and women will stand up for what is right. The meek will get a New World, apparently brought in by a red cow (heifer) and will pay the price for “going with the crowd” into the wide gates of Hell. More later...

Just remember that Mary is not Our Lady.

subject: cohones

I'll write to you Wednesday. In the meantime, keep accepting those donations from your following. You definitely have cojones, my friend. Not much of a grasp on reality, but you do have cojones.

K------ W---

Mr. Nobody:

Hey thanks, you're the best.


Thank you for that in-depth explanation. Another question, sorry for the many questions but I'm just trying to make sense of all these new found knowledge. So, is the main reason why the Jews are so hated is because they worship Satan? I can't seem to fully accept that reasoning though, somehow I feel as though God would not have removed them away from Egypt if God hates them? In fact, I thought they were the chosen ones? Or maybe the chosen ones are the few who knew the real Jesus Christ? Are these the 12 Jewish tribes that I've read about? It just doesn't make sense. And here's another question...if you say that Catholics are not correctly baptized, then does this mean that our forefathers, deceased relatives went straight to hell at no fault of their own because they didn't know? Don't you think that thats unfair? I just can't believe that a loving, forgiving God will allow all his children to be deceived.

Mr. Nobody:

No problem.

So, is the main reason why the Jews are so hated is because they worship Satan?

Yes, and this hatred is a cover for Freemasons, who appear as Protestants, but are just as deadly to your soul.

I can't seem to fully accept that reasoning though, somehow I feel as though God would not have removed them away from Egypt if God hates them?

Beware the scribes. Triangulation is a tactic of theirs: just because one side in a battle is bad does not mean the other side is good. For example, study the Masonic Democrats vs. the Masonic G.O.P. Most can't handle that they are working together at the will of bankers to create chaos, then a new order. Then, study the answer given to us by Freemasonry, Ron Paul. Remember, this is the devil guiding this destruction, there are many traps. “Order out of Chaos” is their motto and Masonry is quite good at it.

In fact, I thought they were the chosen ones? Or maybe the chosen ones are the few who knew the real Jesus Christ?

“Chosen ones” is usually found in the Protestant bible, in the Catholic bible it says “the elect.” It is important to understand who is doing the “choosing.”

Are these the 12 Jewish tribes that I've read about? It just doesn't make sense.

Yes, it's a ball of confusion. But it will make sense one day. Paul VI wore the ephod of the 12 Jewish tribes and he proclaimed victory on their behalf. In our documentary, “Cardinal” Bernardin also makes the same victory speech in 1992 at the largest Catholic Cathedral in the midwest. They know what they are talking about and rightly tell you, “You worship what you do not understand, while we worship what we understand.” This is in our video. We are trying to explain what they are worshipping so you will understand and not blindly follow them into messianic expectation. As Sister Lúcia said, “Either you are for the Blessed Virgin or you are for the devil. There is no other possibility.” Those words are too important to ignore.

..if you say that Catholics are not correctly baptized, then does this mean that our forefathers, deceased relatives went straight to hell at no fault of their own because they didn't know?

From studying the words of Our Lady, various saints, etc. we can deduce that they are in purgatory until Judgment Day. What this last generation chooses to do seems to have an impact on their fate. For example, the bible says whoever falls for this end-times messiah deception will be gathered up into the fire, along with their tree at the devil's final harvest (which we assume to be their forefathers who are in purgatory). By this logic, it seems possible to save many souls in purgatory who allowed this Novus Ordo Sect to thrive by NOT entering the priesthood to prevent it. That's why we desperately urge Catholics not to fall for this “coming Lord Jesus of David and the morning star (Lucifer).” To elaborate, let's say in the 1950's, a Catholic father went along with the changes because his Masonic priest told him “times were changing” and “it will be alright.” Then, his 4 children are not baptized correctly. By the time the 1970's roll around, his grandchildren are also not baptized correctly, and don't have even the knowledge of the Holy Ghost. Let's say ultimately he ends up with 20 grandchildren, most have been picked off by the devil, and the few that remain are spiritually conditioned to clear the way for the Jewish Messiah that is coming. Yes, it appears that the grandfather is in purgatory as he has essentially produced a tree of 24 descendants who are Jews by simply allowing his descendants to be initiated as Freemasons or Jews, marked with the beast, unknowingly killing the Catholic Church.

If one of his descendants were to keep the faith alive, perhaps that would have an impact on the grandfather if he is in purgatory until Judgment Day. “By your fruits ye shall be judged.” Ultimately, someone is responsible for allowing the Church to literally “go to hell.” Many will pay the price. We hope that our work can reverse the trend, somehow, some way.

Don't you think that thats unfair? I just can't believe that a loving, forgiving God will allow all his children to be deceived.

C------ O------

At the end of the day, all that is necessary to attain salvation is to remember the name of God, which is, Jesus Christ. Mankind did this to itself, forgetting the Name of God, three times actually. Look how much attention people pay to athletes, their statistics, or how much people know about the life of some celebrity or what they did last summer or whatever. While they are so distracted by pop culture garbage, they forgot to pass down the Name of God. This is so easy, yet so difficult. God has simply been forgotten by the world, which finds itself more interested in the most trivial satanic garbage imaginable. Yes, this is rough, but there needs to be some test to determine who goes to Heaven/Hell/Purgatory and as a test, remembering a name is not that difficult a test- yet it is because of all the Masonic deceivers out there. And make no mistake, there are millions out there who are Masonic Initiates. Their own bible puts the number at around 8 million. We believe it's 6-10 million working to promote the heretical lord of the bible as God. They are the horsemen, we are trying to be the resistance.

subject: self-baptizing

Praise Almighty God for your website! I have a question on the conditional baptism. I don't know how to put this except that your site has confirmed everything that I have been studying. Thank you for your courage. I do not know if I was baptized in 1953 correctly. If not then it is imperative that it be done in accordance with the true Faith. However, I do not know anyone who would be willing to conditionally baptize me. My family and friends do not espouse to my views. Can I conditionally baptize myself? If not do you know of any person who would be willing to do so in the Chicago area? Thank you. M----

Mr. Nobody:

We honestly don't know the answer to that question. You are not the first to ask if it can be done yourself, but the last person prayed the Rosary and finally found someone. Another individual just did it himself. I personally have run across something on this topic a long time ago, related to the Catholic missionaries in the U.S. in the 1600's, and I'm trying to backtrack for you to find out. We strongly recommend that you get a brown scapular which is a Sacramental, and pray the 150 original Rosary at least every day. Our Lady said one day She would save the world via the Rosary and Scapular, and we suspect She was giving this option for the devout who aren't able to have access to the these books, the internet or this level of theological history.

I seriously can't find anything that says it is required to have someone baptize you, and I'd hate to tell you to do it yourself, but if I were you, I'd try it, with the conditional statement beforehand, wear the scapular, pray the Rosary in the original form, and if someone comes along willing to redo it, take them up on it, conditionally again (in case the one you did worked- this is very important because you can only receive the Holy Ghost via baptism once) and hope for the best. I'm going to be scanning the Catholic Encyclopedia for you tonight (about 30 pages) and maybe there's some sort of precedent in there...

These are weird times. The goal of the Sacrament of Baptism is to receive the Holy Ghost. That's it. The Holy Ghost initiates into Christ's Church, imposes grace, intelligence, understanding of the scriptures, and you will know if it worked. One of the 15 promises of those who pray the Rosary is that you will not die without the Sacraments of the Church, so give it a try. Please write back what happened. Also, remember that sometimes the devils will flee (I've seen it happen) in an effort to make you think the grace from the Holy Ghost was imposed, when in reality it was the temporary absence of the demons. 5-6 times I have seen this, but the person doesn't want to be baptized. Then the possessive demons come back, subtlely, and the person goes back to being posessed. But understanding that, follow the rules to the strictest degree you can, try to do everything right, take it very seriously, and maybe it will work.

So once again, there's nothing specifically saying you can't do it yourself, we just don't know for sure. The Catholic Encyclopedia's Entry from 1907 on Baptism has now been posted on the Sacramental Warfare Chapter.

subject: strange email exchanges with the supreme queen aliyah

I need more information regarding the 'Fatima Movement.' I am very well aware of Fatima and Our Lady of Fatima, and in regards to the Prophecies, and the Famed '3rd Secret.'
Can you please confirm that the Church is supposed to go to the Muslims, this month??! That is part of the Prophecies, because 'Rome loses the Faith.'
I need to personally contact someone within this 'Fatima Movement,' as I have inside information regarding the Church, and It being given to the Muslims.

Who am I?

I am Part of the '3rd Secret of Fatima' Itself. I assure you, you want to connect with me. Thank you.
Most Sincerely,
Supreme Queen Aliyah

Mr. Nobody:


No problem. What would you like to know?

The reality is, the we're at a point in time where the Church rewrote the Mass in the 1960's and Christ is not God anymore, they are waiting for the Jewish Messiah, the Lord (Allah) is their deity now, and those who aren't paying attention are in trouble.

Send what you've got, we'll post it for everyone to see.



Dear Friend,
I found your email FASCINATING! Yes, I have Information for you... Look at my highlighted portion below...
I believe I am the Person you are all searching for...
I am a Mystic, and my Name is 'Aliyah.' Sounds very close to 'Allah,' doesn't it?! I was given the Name 'Aliyah,' in my Mystical Work recently, though at the time, I didn't know the implications of this. I used to be Roman Catholic. I once belonged to a Mission of a Man who claims that he is to be the Last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He's not going to be any such thing, any longer. I know the Man who is going to be the Last Pope, AND HE IS MUSLIM! The Mission I used to belong to, the Man who WAS going to become Pope, had a Mission regarding the Royal House of David also, with Named Queens, to help give Birth to a 'Holy Lineage of Peoples,' Tribes of Peoples. I am one of those Queens, yet I rose up to become their HIGHEST QUEEN (The 'Supreme Queen!') I am as the 'Blessed Virgin Mary!' I hold the Authority of the '13th Tribe of Peoples' upon the Earth. This is above and beyond the Biblical Twelve Tribes. Are you sitting down for this one?! I AM ALSO PRESENTLY PREGNANT! YES! I have NOT PHYSICALLY been with a man, and now I am nearly Three Months Pregnant! The World doesn't know about my pregnancy yet. This 'Miraculous Conception' belongs to the Islamic Faith, as indeed I am now a Muslim--recently-converted, for my Spiritual Work to continue forward.
Yes, I am aware of the '3rd Secret of Fatima.' I AM THE 3RD SECRET!!! Furthermore, I also wear the Holy Medal of 'Our Lady of the Roses,' from New York City, whose Mission just happens to be all about the 'Truth' surrounding the 3rd Secret.

You are right--Jesus 'Christ' ISN'T God! But there is more of a Story behind this than you know. There is a nearly 2,000-year 'Conspiracy' surrounding the Ministry of 'Jesus,' and who the REAL 'Jesus' was, who was murdered upon the Cross at Calvary.

Here is the thing. In about 2 weeks, I am going to be in the News, the Main Stream Media for the very first time, regarding a different Matter, that I will soon speak about, before the World. This 'Fatima' Story is also going to be leaked, just exactly as I am telling it to you. It ties in to the other Matter I will speak about, for they are both connected. When this 'Fatima' Story hits the News, it's going to be HUGE!!! So it is good that I am telling you this NOW, so you are prepared and ready, for when it goes before the World. I have much to say. THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE SHOCKED AND PROBABLY NUMBED with the Truth. They may not believe it, but I assure you, IT IS ALL TRUE!!
I don't know how much of a following your 'Fatima Movement' has, but one of your People might want to come out and speak with me personally, for an interview, perhaps?! I am physically located in Ohio, the U.S.A. I have the answers that you are searching for. My Mission is larger than what you can possibly imagine! I will not divulge any more through emails, as I must protect the knowledge that I have. I WILL speak to an interviewer, though.

Also be aware that I am involved with the Greatest Battle of Darkness upon the Earth and in the Universe! You do not understand the fullness of what I am saying, but it is true! There is now another Angel who has recently 'fallen,' that now works with 'Lucifer' in doing the Work of Darkness upon the Earth. The Dark Powers indeed know who I am--'Aliyah.' I am the one who is going to go into Ultimate Battle with them, for Power and Authority over all of Humanity and the Entire Earth. I am here to Save Humanity and the Earth, from certain destruction by the Hand of the Dark One(s) of the Universe. He will not destroy any longer! I am also here to 'foil' their Apocalyptic Plans of Destruction. Please understand that I hold a Divine Power and Authority Greater than any Darkness can ever hold. I cannot elaborate further through email.
Again, I would be willing to physically meet with someone, in person, and speak with them, concerning this Matter. Don't pass this opportunity up. I am THE SECRET that must now come forward...
I hope to hear from you very soon...
Sending you the Blessings of Love, Peace, and Harmony of 'Aliyah al-Kimiyah,'

Most Sincerely,
The Supreme Queen Aliyah

Mr. Nobody:

”You are right--Jesus 'Christ' ISN'T God! But there is more of a Story behind this than you know. There is a nearly 2,000-year 'Conspiracy' surrounding the Ministry of 'Jesus,' and who the REAL 'Jesus' was, who was murdered upon the Cross at Calvary.”

I'm sorry, you apparently misunderstood. We are traditional Catholic, Sedevacantist, and the original Catholic Faith is that Jesus Christ IS God. Our job is to show that the Jewish Jesus, the son of David of the bible, is just a high-level Masonic initiate, one to be avoided. We explain how the two Jesus' were purposely confused by forces of anti-Christ, who work for Lucifer via Freemasonry and aim to deceive the world into the false belief that Christ is not God. This is why the Mother of God appears to contradict this lie, ordering the Rosary to be prayed as a last chance.

You see, Allah is a talking fire. Mohamet was a Masonic initiate as well, stealing millions of souls from Heaven to gain for himself a higher seat in Hell. The Protestant Jesus (not Jesus Christ) is also very high up there in the number of souls he has “delivered” to Lucifer. Our purpose is to show this distinction between the two. This is the daVinci code, if you will. Armageddon will simply be a large war between these two condemned groups.

Now that the world has accepted the 'ministry of the Masonic Jesus' and has forgotten the original Catholic key: Jesus Christ is God, we can now expect Judgment Day to fall upon the world.

We recommend you keep your knowledge quiet and not tell anyone, and don't go on the news. Because when you do, our work will be there to expose the Luciferian Lightworkers for who they are and you will cost your David many souls.

In these times of anti-Christ, man has put himself in the position of God. The punishment from Heaven is imminent.


Thank you for your email. Let me explain my Position to you...
I hold a 'Higher Knowledge,' a 'Heavenly Gnosis,' that no one on the Earth has. NO ONE! I am the only one. And because of this, I hold many Secrets and Mysteries within that I can never reveal to anyone. I am here on Mission. I am 'Aliyah,' and my Soul is of 'Creator.' I have come to understand my True Identity, and now, I go forward with my Mission. One of the reasons I am here, is to do Final Battle with the Forces of Darkness and Evil. I am of Supreme Authority from Heaven. Supreme, means there is nothing Higher.

What I was saying about 'Jesus Christ,' is that 'Jesus Christ' WASN'T the one murdered upon the Cross. It was Another. See, there is a Dark and Evil scheme in the Universe to kill anyone from the Supreme Heights of Heaven. The 'God' of the Bible is 'Jehovah-Yahweh.' This 'God' is DARK, DARK, DARK! So, which means that the Catholics Worship a God who demands Blood Sacrifice from it's People. This is Evil! 'Jehovah-Yahweh' only wants Worship from his People upon the Earth, but doesn't want them to learn and understand who they are and what their destiny is, as a People, as Humanity. It is our Birthright to eventually rise to the Heavens, and inherit Worlds and a Godly Position, so we can become Creators, like our Creator Heavenly Parents are.

I come here to bring Love, Peace, and Harmony to the Earth, NOT more fighting and bloodshed! That has GOT TO END!!! The Earth and all Peoples don't have to see their Planet Destroyed, by Evil Forces! NO! I WILL PUT A STOP TO THAT!!! And, I HAVE THE POWER AND AUTHORITY WITHIN ME TO DO IT!!! I am indeed who I say I am. I am a Queen. I do have the Soul of Creator. I am a Supreme Power. And I do hold the Keys to the Religion that will soon cover the entire World! That is Islam, but Islam itself will bloom forth as the Rose, and will also become Transformed, because I am a Woman of Heart and Love, and the World WILL know Love! There IS a Papal Succession, and I am a part of that! I am Paired with Another, a Man, as HE will become the LAST POPE OF ALL TIME! It is in his Blood and of his Destiny. It is also a FAMILY MATTER. And yes, I AM PREGNANT, but not physically by a man!! This 'Conceptual Miracle' belongs entirely to the Islamic Faith, and soon, They are going to know about it! It is Their Miracle and Their Victory!

And no, I can assure you, that I will NOT keep silent! The Truth must be revealed to the World, and the World will know it! You speak about Anti-Christ--what do you really 'know' about Anti-Christ?! That they are evil and bad?! Maybe, it's the other way around! Anti-Christ is good, and Christ is bad! I DON'T BELIEVE IN CHRIST! I ONCE DID, but then I came to realize that everything of 'Christ' that is given to the World is twisted and fear-oriented. I have 'caught' 'Christ' telling lies through Catholic Seers and Mystics, etc. I guess you could call me the Anti-Christ! I do NOT acknowledge 'Christ' as God, nor my God whatsoever! Lucifer isn't my God, either! I am 'Aliyah,' which is connected to 'Allah!' I am Islamic, through and through! And I do go forward with my Mission!

It appears that you and I are on the opposite sides of the fence. I do wish you well in your Spiritual Endeavors, but I can assure you, that all of you will eventually have to deal with me, because I'm not going anywhere, and I WILL become known in the World!

Peace and Blessings...
The Supreme Queen Aliyah

Mr. Nobody:

We completely understand your position. We teach the Force of Christ, you are anti-Christ. The game is simple. Everyone has a side to choose and you claim to be one of the players in the game. You will do well for yourself because so many have been misled by millions of occultic Freemasons and fairly fall into your hands. If Catholics were as Militant as the occult, the world wouldn't be so condemned. But the reality is, with the gifts of life- shiny things, currency, sex, alcohol, metropolitan athelic event distractions - which are all Freemasonic corporate creations - have managed to convince the world that the next life is unimportant and that “everything will be okay.” “Nobody goes to Hell,” they are told. But you and I know that is a complete lie. So you will do your thing, we will do ours, and everybody will get what they want. It's only fair.

Yes, I understand your Position and what you will go forth and do. I am only here to bring Love, Peace, and Harmony, to all Peoples and all Nations. The 'Christian' Faith has been even further-infiltrated by Darkness and Evil. I know the Names of, the Entities in the Universe that are Dark and more Evil than you can possibly imagine! I will Battle them and take them down! This is part of my Work! Why would we want Evil running rampant in the World and the Universe? It does no one no good, at all! I am only here to spread Love, because it's only LOVE that shall SAVE THE WORLD!! Regardless of divisions between Peoples, it shall be LOVE that shall bind all Peoples together, as One Humanity, One Earth, One Love. I'm not here to have more bloodshed, if I can possibly avoid it! We need to simply love each other, love our neighbors, and be good 'human' beings! If we can possibly do THAT, then the entire Earth shall have Peace!
Islam WILL become the One-World Religion. I will make sure of it! Because only Islam will offer any kind of Refuge and Safe-Haven from the Darkness and Evil, once the Battle really gets underway. There WILL be a Battle, I already know this. It's just a matter of HOW it will be fought. There are many ways to fight and win a War, and they can be bloodless. If you wish to call me Anti-Christ, then so be it. You can call me the Leader of the AntiChrist, and it doesn't bother me any. I DO NOT support anything 'Christ' nor 'Christian.' If you knew the entire Truth behind 'Christ,' you would feel the same way as I do, but you don't have that Knowledge, that 'Gnosis.' Soon, everyone will have the Knowledge!

When I rise up and reach the Public Eye, all Muslims will Support me, this I already know! This will begin the Worldwide spreading of Islam. Remember, I possess a Special and Hidden Knowledge that NO ONE knows of. It is a Gift of Love that I bring, and I will bring it to the Islamic Faith. From there, it will spread! I only want to help SAVE THE WORLD AND ALL PEOPLES! You have NO IDEA of the War that's coming! You have NO IDEA of the Evil and Darkness in the Universe! 'Christ' doesn't teach you ANY OF THAT, because he comes from that realm of 'Darkness,' and from the 'Dark Lords.' He won't tell you that, because he deceives. The World will soon find this out, when Christianity is eradicated from the entire Earth! This will be a Great Act of Love, to save the Peoples from the Lies and Deceptions of Christianity, and from a 'God' who is always wanting to destroy peoples and the earth, because of wrath and fury and fear and hatred. Why would a 'God' want to destroy people and the earth? Why would a 'loving God' want to do any of these things?! The fact is, that the Biblical God ISN'T loving! He's very wrathful and is quick to bring destruction at the drop of a dime! Yet, this 'God' forces people to stay in living ignorance of who and what they really are, and their beautiful destiny in the Heavens. No longer! No more! I will put a complete STOP to 'Jehovah-Yahweh!' Didn't you know that 'Woman' is the GREATEST FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE?! It's true!!! I have more Power and Authority than your Biblical God will ever, ever have!!! I dare him to come stand before me and take me in Battle! He will lose!!! Every single time!!!

The Supreme Queen Aliyah

Mr. Nobody:

We don't follow the biblical god of the Masonic initiate, Moses. Christ is God for us Catholics. Who did Christ kill? The last we checked, Christ was killed by those who follow Moses. He started the Church and now, 2,000 years later, those bible followers subverted and took over God's Church, and now we are back to paganism. Christ gave us Seven Sacraments, but as of 1944, those who follow Moses have destroyed those Seven Seals. What on earth are you talking about?

Yes indeed, what am I talking about?! Very few to no one, knows what I am talking about. It is a 'Gnosis' that not even the Catholic Church has! Not even in their Vatican Library, could hold such a Gem of Knowledge.

I am a 'Beloved' to the One, Supreme Father Creator God of the Universe! He is one, of two 'Master Architects!' I have the Soul of the 'Beloved.' I am Her and She is me. I am a 'Heavenly Mother' from the Heavens, a 'Sophia.'

'Jesus Christ' vs. 'Yeshua.' What 'God' would murder His Son upon a Cross? What 'loving' God would do such a terrible thing?! There is NO REASON to kill a Man, a Son, upon a Cross, for a 'God' to show 'Love' for His People! 'Love' isn't synonymous with 'Death!' We don't kill to show our love. We love, to show our love!

See, even the Basics of Christianity have been blurred in peoples minds of what is right and good, when it's not. Christians have been so conditioned to 'Worship' Jesus Christ on the Cross, to Worship his suffering, to see him bloodied, tortured, murdered. It wasn't 'Jesus Christ' who died on the Cross! The Dark God 'Jehovah-Yahweh' murdered Emmanuel/Yeshua, upon the Cross! Yeshua came from the Supreme Heights, just like I do! One of my own was murdered, while a Dark Son then took his place upon the Earth, lying and deceiving Humanity, saying it was 'he' who died on the Cross, 'for man's sins,' when really, it wasn't! Can you say a 2,000 year old deception?!

There is much, much, that the World doesn't know of! Why? Because the 'Christian God' has made very sure, over all of these years and centuries, to keep humankind in the dark, in dark submission and worship, never telling humanity who they really are!!

Tell you what...

Why don't you go up to your 'Christian God' and ask him to remove the Mask from his face! Tell him you want to see him for who and what he 'really' is!!! I'm sure he wouldn't be too happy with that request...

Still curious for more information that I have?! You'll hear about it soon-enough...

The Supreme Queen Aliyah

Mr. Nobody:

This supposed “Father” that you speak of is Satan- “the Lord” or “the hallowed name” or “the Lord's prayer” are NOT supposed to be in the Catholic religion. You are getting upset for no reason, except your lack of understanding.

Christ is God, the Holy Ghost is His Father, Notre Dame is His Mother. We agree with you about the silly, masked, jealous, war-starting deity of the bible that just about all Christians worship today. Did you even look at the site?

No, this 'Father' ISN'T Satan! You do not understand how the Universe was created, nor of the Heirarchical Heavens that exist there. This 'Father' is the Supreme Creator of All, including Humankind! No, I'm not getting upset, I'm just stating facts. Christ ISN'T GOD! People may call him their 'God,' but they don't understand who he REALLY IS!! His Father is 'Jehovah-Yahweh,' that same 'God' that demands a Blood-Sacrifice/Atonement! There shouldn't be a need for shedding blood!!! Does 'Christ' teach people upon the Earth about how People can advance upon the Path of Attainment, and how they can be as Creators in the Heavens, too?! NO! Does 'Christ' teach people about Love, the Love between Man and Woman, and how this Power is the Greatest Power in the Universe?! The Beautiful and Creative Power of Man and Woman joined together, even intimately?! NO! Instead, you have a 'God' who likes to condemn people, and tries to steel away their Humanity. They teach about how Humanity is low and undeserving of any good and happiness. They teach about how Humanity should always try to be atoning for their endless sins, and that Humanity is permanently flawed and needs constant chastisement, etc. They rule by fear and intimidation. They rule by making themselves unlike Humanity, so Humanity can never reach their 'God,' and will forever remain groveling in the dirt, like dogs. They don't seek Humanity's Liberation, they only seek Humanity's eternal enslavement to them.

You know what needs to happen?! You see how all of these Countries around the World are having uprisings of every kind? People around the World need to know about their 'God,' and once they fully-understand, they need to demand that a New God be their True and Loving God, who will love Humanity and care for them, and not make Humanity slaves to Blood-sacrifices and Atonements, lie to Humanity, and keeps Humanity from understanding who and what they truly are! They need to give the 'current God' a big boot in the behind, tell him to get lost, and demand that a True and Loving God be their God, instead! Humanity deserves that! It's going to happen!

The Supreme Queen Aliyah

Mr. Nobody:

All that is required to get into Heaven is the knowledge and acceptance that Christ is God and the Sacrament of Baptism. If you don't want Him, let your ego create your own God since you can't handle the fact that God is more important than you are. That's why pride is a mortal sin. You think you're smarter than you actually are.

Jesus' father is Jehovah-Yahweh. Jehovah-Yahweh is Satan. Jesus CHRIST is God. There is a stunning deception, TWO CRUCIFIXIONS, for you to unravel. Start reading and praying the Rosary- you'll get it sooner than most because of your high intelligence.

Christ isn't my God. It's not about ego, it's about Truth. I already have the Soul of Creator. You still don't understand my point. There is no pride on my part, only Truth. You also don't understand that 'Christ' has no power over me! I am free! Even Hell cannot touch me! That's right! Hell itself has no power over me! And the Power and Authority that I have IS ABOVE THAT OF CHRISTS!!! Do you understand?! Christ cannot begin to compete with the Divine Power and Authority that I have now been given upon the Earth! I come from a Place that Christ cannot enter! Yes, I have a Rosary that I used to pray, when I was Catholic. Why would I pray to a God who is lower than me?! When I am Higher than him?! I know my Place and Position. I know who and what I am! I AM FREE!

The Supreme Queen Aliyah

Mr. Nobody:

Of course we understand. You sold your soul, you now have some basic mystical insights from your deal, and your job now is to promote the heresy (the gates of hell) that Christ is not God. And for your efforts, you are promised god-like status in Hell, where you will be one of the tormentors in Hell, being served by those you deceived. You sound young, and you were probably anathematized with the heretical Holy Spirit to begin with. Therefore, you never were Catholic. You must receive the Holy GHOST (Spiritum Sanctum) to be Catholic. If you knew what you were missing, or realized you are marked with the beast, you could have avoided your desire to be above God. Your parents will have much to suffer for their lapse of judgment, for creating you, and for contributing to the elimination of the Catholic Church off the face of the earth. We do understand, make no mistake.

Da Vinci Code

subject: Help Finding a Church

Hello, I just came across your site and am overwhelmed, saddened, and distraught at learning that we, Catholics, have been mislead and deceived. I belong to St. Mary Immaculate in Plainfield, Illinois. Is this church a heretical Novus Ordo Mass? Please help. Thank you, D---

Mr. Nobody:

Hi D-------, I'm glad you found our site. I did look up their website and right away, the answer is yes. I attached a screenshot of their homepage, which was more concerned with Israel than Christ (God). Catholics are not supposed to promote the religion of those that crucified and spit on God, to say the least. It's completely Novus Ordo. We truly are at a point in time where Rome, because of Vatican II, is simply not Catholic and 42 years after the Revolution in the Church, barely any truth exists. It would be extremely educational for you to see the difference of what the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is supposed to be like, or at least what it was like before the destruction of all the altars and building of new “churches.” There is one church, they're not perfect, in fact their bishop (Kozik) operates financial outside of the Archdiocese of Chicago (which runs Plainfield, btw) that is left in the Chicagoland area and that is called Our Lady of Frechoa. They are on the west side of Chicago, not the best neighborhood, but not the worst, but it's not bad on a Sunday morning when the riffraff is still sleeping from their Saturday night. Anyway, it's at 10AM Sundays at 502 N. Central Avenue in Chicago. From where you're at, get on 290 going towards downtown, exit at Central (I believe after the Harlem exit) and go North for about a mile. It's an extremely interesting experience, like a step back in time to when the tradition of the Mass was more preserved. It's the only not fully heretical Catholic Church left in Chicagoland. There are many traditional nuns there and it would be wise to take your family to check out what things are supposed to be like. It's actually kind of cool. In fact, it's so opposite from the Novus Ordo Mass that you'll better appreciate and learn how different the two forms are.

Here's a link to their site and order. But I must warn you that they are not perfect, none of them are these days and that's why Our Lady of Fatima says the Rosary is the last option. Think of it as a Catholic educational experience.



Nonetheless, pray the Rosary in the correct form, do the conditional baptism, even wear a scapular, and be confident. Good luck-

Thank you for this information.

Will you also give me some backround as to who your group is and how this stared? I have tried to warn my family but they fear false teachings and fasle prophes and are scared.

Mr. Nobody:

We're an anonymous Catholic group that is simply fed up with the New Order lies. Let your family know that willful ignorance is a sin and that Catholics are required to know their faith. This used to be the case, but since most dropped the ball, their punishment is to be forced into following a horrible lie. In other words, since families stopped sending their sons and daughters to become priests, nuns and monks to “keep watch” over what was God's Church, they were outvoted by those in the occult who were simply more motivated to take the Vatican, and this already occurred in the 1960's. Many good priests were kicked out or left, and the consequences for the world are grim. The good ones are actually screened from entering today. The Vatican wants saps to advance the lie, and we are the resistance. We just put the information out there so that Traditional Catholics are armed with the required knowledge to overcome the beast. Ask your family what they think Christ would say to them if they stood by and watched this all go down instead of doing something about it, and ask them what side of the line in the sand they actually think it's wise to be on. Obviously it's easier to stand with a large group and be popular, but then again, when one is judged, they stand alone, the group is not there.

It doesn't matter much who we are, we're just exposing the truth. We just have certain information which your family can check out for themselves and make their own decision. That's why we include scans of the old Catholic texts and encourage you to download, print them out, and research in a library for yourself. You can find these items on eBay or some Novus Ordo Vatican II Sect College Libraries, in the archives. They do exist. I attached our flyer which you can print out if you want (double-sided), which sums up the situation clearly and leaves everyone a simple choice. Higher resolution copies are on the website's homepage. It's not our intention to be so vague, but it provides a certain advantage for us to remain anonymous. I hope you understand the situation. If more people knew about this, more people would be armed with the truth to be saved from this apostasy, but it's very difficult to get the word out. Good luck to you!

I have a couple of questions based on what you have told me about St. Mary's, my parish. Does this mean I should NEVER attend mass there? Also, what about religious education for our children, so they can receive the sacrament of the Eucharist, Holy Communion? What about attending confession? The church that you mentioned in Chicago is just too far, and I don't travel into those bad neighborhoods anymore to avoid trouble.

This is very overwhelming for me right now, so I have many questions.

Mr. Nobody:

Well, this is not an easy time. Send your questions, I'll try to answer them.

Does this mean I should NEVER attend mass there?

Yes, you should NEVER attend 'mass' there, not even for funerals, weddings, anything. It's going to be difficult to explain to your Novus Ordo family and friends, but that is how it is. Check out a traditional Catholic Mass on youtube, I think there are some black and white videos or you can see what it was like in books, etc. The Our Lady of Frechoa would be good for you to see, but I completely understand about the neighborhood. I suggested taking your family to at least see the pre-1962 Catholic Mass because when people actually see something with their own eyes, they simply understand how devastating the New Mass is. You're going to receive a lot of problems for doing this, but that's how it is in the year 2011.

Also, what about religious education for our children, so they can receive the sacrament of the Eucharist, Holy Communion?

The Eucharist in the New Order Mass is not valid, the lines said in the consecration are invalid, the mass is completely backwards and has been rewritten- btw. they do a handshake at what should be the most solemn part, and they symbolically turn their backs to God, if that particular parish somehow prevented their altar from being removed in the late 1960's. This was a serious event, the Apocalypse, and Catholics were actually having heart attacks over what these Masonic priests did. Don't take it lightly- if you have living grandparents, or know people who were older than children in the early to mid-sixties, you will definitely jar their memories with this information. Nobody at the time understood exactly why these things were happening, and few even care to remember today. As far as religious education for your children, forget it at an Archdiocese run school. You're on your own. Give them the Rosary, remove the lord beads or if you can't bring yourself to do that, say the Fatima prayer on the lord beads. Make sure they understand that Christ is still God, not some buddy Jesus who died for their sins ahead of time so they could do whatever they want in life, start Armageddon wars, etc., and conditionally baptise them. Make sure they know the names of the Trinity, the 12 stations of the cross, and that's about all you can do. The Novus Ordo “Holy Communion” is unholy, to say the least. I will be releasing footage of a Novus Ordo Mass where they offer two species of what they call communion, one to freemasons, the other to Novus Ordo Sect Vatican II types, at the largest Cathedral in Illinois. It's one of the things on the list of things to do...

What about attending confession?

Confession is the same thing, unless the priest absolves uses the name Holy Ghost, it is as invalid as their anathematizing Baptism. Some Sedevacantist groups like vaticancatholic.com point out that Confession can be made to a Eastern Rite Catholic Priest, if they were ordained before Vatican II and use the name of God, the Holy Ghost to absolve, but realistically, this is next to impossible to find. Seriously, make things easy on yourself and pray the Rosary in the old form, 150 Ave's in a row. This is very powerful. The rules of the name Holy Ghost AND the proper intention to do what the Catholic Church does, or in this case, is supposed to do, apply to all the Seven Sacraments. This is why, in the last days, the Sacraments turn into “seven vials of wrath” when the name of God is replaced with the Holy Spirit. The reason why we are in the “abomination of desolation” spoken of by Daniel in the OT is because the Mass and the Sacraments have been destroyed and simply do not exist. The only weapons left are the Conditional Baptism Rite, the Original Rosary, and the Scapular. I know this is alarming and takes time to absorb all this information, but if you want the power to stand and protect your children on this “terrible day of 'the lord'”, you must as a Catholic parent, know what you are doing.

Subject: what to believe?


It's me again, being such a pest. So now that I'm totally confused and my entire belief system is now completely turned upside down and I'm no longer sure what and who to believe, but somehow I think you might be more believable than the rest (who knows) and you seem to know so much from your endless research, my question is...have you heard of these people and if so, what do you think of these guys: Steve Quayle and Alex Jones. I used to watch/listen to Glenn Beck but now I saw on your site that he is also a freemason, so now what!?!?! Who should I follow and/or read and believe? Help! Even my husband now thinks I'm crazy :(

C------ O------

Mr. Nobody:

No problem at all. It's like an onion with many, many layers. It's funny you bring up Alex Jones and the New World Order crowd. I had studied Alex Jones since 2006 or so. The NWO, or Novus Ordo rang a bell because of dealings with Bernardin in Chicago in the 1980's-90's. We were trying to put the Tridentine Latin Mass on television in Chicagoland back in the mid 90's, had the entire production set up, air-time secured, but out of nowhere we were shut down by Bernardin because of the “Novus Ordo.” We've got the letter from the Masonic Vatican II that shows that he didn't want the old Mass on television because it would create confusion and he's obligated to promote the Novus Ordo, blah blah blah. We may publish that letter at some point.

Please understand that the Novus Ordo Council and Alex Jones' New World Order are the same thing- a one world gov't/religion under the rejection of Christ as God, benefitting Lucifer. So when Alex Jones came on the scene, the motivation was there to publish our knowledge of the New Order and how it goes straight to the Vatican, something Jones never touches for some reason. Alex Jones always seems to come up short even though the connection is obvious. It was frustrating, so we decided to launch our own type of infowars.com, which explains the deception further into this peeled onion, if that makes sense, how it was done, and what people can do about it to avoid it. The entire Message of Fatima was a big help. Regarding Jones, what doesn't make sense is how, at 23, he is connected so well to insiders with all of these gov't documents, how he is able to secure such high-profile guests, etc. It turns out, he is a Jesuit, married to a Jew, and Jesuitism is taught under the mask of Freemasonry. He even quotes from the Lord of the bible from time to time. You might also notice that it's impossible to leave comments on his website if you are not connected. This is the general tactic of Masonry- create two sides that kill each other (like the Dems and GOP), like two snakes biting each other's tails, then provide the solution (like Masonic Ron Paul) to give the people an Masonically approved solution to the problem. It's called Masonic chaos, triangulation, it's a mess. Exposing it is a thankless job, but nobody on the web seems to want to tackle it, and we were capable, so we're doing it. Another point to Alex Jones that should be mentioned is that MHFM or vaticancatholic.com ADVERTISED on Alex Jones a few years ago. It appears that even they, who promote the bible and the lord, even though they provide many excellent insights into Vatican II, are also Masonic. Nonetheless, we are glad to do this. The Apocalyptic deception is very, very thick and there are many, many false shepherds. Our goal is to arm Catholics with the simple knowledge of their faith, how to baptise, show the documents which you can verify yourself (just as Alex Jones does with the government), and allow people to draw their own conclusions. In the middle of this process, we stumbled on the release of the Third Secret of Fatima which, we ourselves, don't know if it is real or not. But it is a separate entity of information that is separate from the three keys and the Trinitarian Theophany. So that's all we know at this point, we'll have to see what happens next week. Thanks for your interest, the Fatima Movement.

subject: how to say the 150 rosary

hey could you explain the rosary to me in detail on how to pray it surely i dont just repeat the our lady prayer 150 times every day there has got to be more to in than that that she asked of us ?
i have tryed to find a section on your site about how to pray to rosary but cant find anything about it apart from the section “how to rosary was subverted”

Mr. Nobody:

Here's what you asked for. Good luck.

Fatimamovement Rosary Instructions

subject: Author Hunt Henion wants a chapter for his new book. fatima movement submission and e-mail exchanges follow. Enjoy.

From: Hunt Henion <forum@shiftawareness.com>
To: fatimamovement@yahoo.com
Sent: Thu, July 21, 2011 4:57:15 PM
Subject: setting the record straight

To Whom It May Concern:
I just discovered your web site and would very much like to get your opinion about the book of Revelation and/or the current state of the world for a new anthology we're putting together on the Apocalypse. (You can see the cover here. )
Our last anthology, 2012, Creating Your Own Shift was a best seller on Amazon, and I feel this one will do even better -- bringing attention to your valuable information and good work.
The first section will start off with a cleaned up version of my explanation of The Apocalypse. Then, I'd like to get your take on what the old stories or the new shift is all about. I take the position that the end of the world Revelation discusses actually happened in 72 AD when Jerusalem fell. However, I've also seen that some believe that it won't take place until sometime before 2240 (also referenced here). Perhaps might weigh in on that, or just discuss, as you do on your site, whatever you feel is the most important aspects of the misinformation circulating around about the Apocalypse. You could probably just piece together excerpts from your site, combining them into a thesis, which we'll publish as a chapter in the new anthology. If you can slant it in some way that empowers the reader and leaves them with a sense of inspiration that would be best.

1000-2000 concise words would be perfect. Be sure to end with a short bio with your web site, so we can give you adequate credit. You will also retain your rights to republish anything you send us.
Hunt Henion

Hunt Henion Author 2012: Creating Your Own Shift Read Now - http://bit.ly/h0Tn93 Twitter - @hunthenion

On 7/21/2011 11:46 PM, Fatima Movement wrote:

Hi there,

That sounds interesting. The only stipulation we would require is anonymity. The only credit we would ask for is a credit to the movement's website and our email address; we're not concerned with publishing rights or any contracts. It would be nice, if the project is fruitful, to buy us some advertising or produce some sort of announcement or press release that we can post as an advertisement on our site to let our readers know about the book in advance. We're currently in the process of frying some big fish, and this would help promote the movement. The motivation for our work is to grow the Sedevacantist movement and to teach the Novus Ordo clergy what Catholicism actually is: the polar opposite of the new order religion of the book of the Apocalypse. We're not interested in any credit. If this sounds good to you, we're in. You're book will benefit and our movement will benefit and hopefully grow. We'll get started on our end...

Thanks for your interest,

The Fatima Movement

From: Hunt Henion <forum@shiftawareness.com>
To: Fatima Movement <fatimamovement@yahoo.com>
Sent: Fri, July 22, 2011 12:39:17 PM
Subject: Re: setting the record straight

I don't want to make your job too difficult, but we just got guidance on the material we need to collect. You can point out problem areas (with the Catholic Church or whatever) as long as you provide the reader a way to rise above the problem. Here is specifically what I was just told: “You should find people who exemplify the search for Oneness in different traditions, and yes, you can find such people in what you would consider conservative religions. These should also be represented in your book. Ask all of them how they reach/connect with God in their life, then you should find a common thread.”

So... please slant your material is a constructive way that promotes unity, love and positive, cooperative action.



On 7/22/2011 3:16 AM, Hunt Henion wrote:

That all sounds fine. A small donation and the running of and ad and a press release with mention of your involvement in our anthology is a great idea.
I appreciate your desire to remain anonymous. However, if you have any accredited writers (priests or DDs) on your staff, listing them as the author of whatever you send in would give your chapter that much more credibility, which would be in both of our best interests.

With that said, I'll look forward to seeing what material you believe is the most important to get out.


On 7/22/2011 1:32 PM, Fatima Movement wrote:

Sure, we'll try to make the Apocalypse seem as positive as possible. We'll make it sound fantastic that the brotherhood of man has collectively turned their backs to God, who created the world, was crucified by it, and now has left itself with next to no options. We will try to slant the positiveness of the Babylonian rejection of God and make Kissinger's economic collapse and Armageddon War sound lovely. They must be kidding.

Proverbs 14:12- “Sometimes a way seems right to a man, but the end of it leads to death.”

It's easy to rise above this problem though, and instructions will be included: simply remember that Christ is God and privately administer the conditional baptism in the name of the Holy Ghost.

We're working on it...let me guess, another Masonic publisher? How surprising.

From: Hunt Henion <forum@shiftawareness.com>
To: Fatima Movement <fatimamovement@yahoo.com>
Sent: Fri, July 22, 2011 3:44:52 PM
Subject: Re: setting the record straight

A Masonic Publisher? Here are the other books we've published. And I'll send you a complimentary eBook of any one you like. I started just publishing my own stuff, but the last anthology on the Shift was a best seller for a while. the anthology to which I'd like you to contribute is a sequel for that.

As I say in “The Big Fake-out” (which incidentally traces the hijacking of the Christian Church by the Roman Catholics), “The final battle won't be between good and evil, as we've been led to believe, but with our belief in Good and Evil.”

I'm with you on how the elite has screwed things up. And it's fine if you want to pin that down even more. But the book is supposed to be inspirational, not threatening -- Roman Catholic style. My job is to find what everyone has in common and stress harmony and cooperation. Sure, there will be those in power who can't go alone with that. But as you say, one way or another that will “lead to death.” So... after the shift, we should have a world that is pretty much in agreement and cooperating with each other -- regardless of their beliefs. I'm supposed to prime that pump by showing what the different religious factions have in common - how good people in every religion worship the same God and care about each other in the same “Christian” way -- even if they're, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist or whatever.

I think you guys have a lot to offer, if you can just turn your message from threatening to empowering. The old threats do have the comfort of structure, but the world is outgrowing that. Look at the churches. They're empty! No one is buying that eternal damnation stuff anymore. Sure, Hell is real, but not for friggin ever -- com'mon! You know Christ's message of eternal love. If you apply that in an infinitely creative universe of which we're all a part, I'm sure you'll see a way to package your message in a way that stresses our brotherhood and hope.


How does this work for you? It's hard to explain 2,000 years of Luciferian subversion in 2,000 words, but it's a start.

God is generous, all-loving, all knowing, and is the complete antithesis of jealousy, egotism, and pride. As humanity’s example of perfection, He let his adversaries actually crucify Him in the worst imaginable fashion, just to come back to life three days later in the pre-announced miraculous event, The Resurrection. God could have easily organized an army of saints to prevent His execution, He could have demanded a war be started to save Him from this most bloody death, but He, being very much above the concerns of this world, gave the message that it is actually the next life that is important, teaching humanity by His example not to fear not those who can kill, only fear those who are motivated to keep you out of Heaven. After such a horrific death, which left no doubt in the minds of eye-witnesses that a brutal death had without a doubt occurred, God miraculously returned to life and explained His Passion. He gave St. Peter the Three Keys to Heaven, the Three Names of the Trinity, and with them the instructions to preserve them.

A Church was established to protect these Keys to unlock the doors of Heaven from God’s enemies: the Lord’s brotherhood, the Illuminati, who are bound to a pact to steal them. After creating the world, offering Himself as a Sacrifice to the World obsessed with sacrificing everything from their animals, children, and even themselves. God gave humanity the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which did not require any pain or barbarism among its participants. “Do this in memory of me.” God absorbed the pain for the benefit of humanity. Would humanity preserve this Ceremony, or eventually find it unimportant? Would humanity send enough of its own into the priesthood to keep the traditions instituted by God for their own benefit? Or would worldly concerns, nice, shiny objects, pride-filled war parades, and the concept of a one-world-man-made religion based on mankind’s rejection of Christ’s Divinity replace His Sacrifice?

“My burden is light and my yoke is sweet.” In fact, God gave humanity two more options, The Rosary devoted to His Mother, who the world knows as “Notre Dame” or “Our Lady,” and His Father, the Holy Ghost, which humanity can receive protective powers from in what are known as the Seven Sacraments or Seven Seals. Did God’s Church preserve those names?

On October 13, 1884, Leo XIII had a remarkable vision. When the aged Pontiff had finished celebrating Mass in his private Vatican Chapel, attended by a few Cardinals and members of the Vatican staff, he suddenly stopped at the foot of the altar. He stood there for about 10 minutes, as if in a trance, his face ashen white. When asked what had happened, he explained that, as he was about to leave the foot of the altar, he suddenly heard voices - two voices, one kind and gentle, the other guttural and harsh. They seemed to come from near the tabernacle. As he listened, he heard the following conversation:

The guttural voice, the voice of Lucifer in his pride, boasted to Christ: “I can destroy your Church.”
The gentle voice of God: “You can? Then go ahead and do so.”
Lucifer: “To do so, I need more time and more power.”
God: “How much time? How much power?
Lucifer: “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those
who will give themselves over to my service.”
God: “You have the time, you will have the power.
Do with them what you will.”

In God’s perfect wisdom, God is willing to let humanity have whatever they want. If they want Him as God, they will be with him for an eternity. If they want a different deity, they are more than free to have that as well. Judgment is up to the individual, but with freedom comes responsibility.

You see, God allows the freedom for His Creation, humanity, to have whatever they want. Freedom to choose whatever it wants in the Garden of Eden: a beautiful, self-sustaining world, beautiful women, children, delicious food that regenerates by itself at no cost, trees to build shelter out of, animals to eat: a perfect world. God in his perfect generosity gives humanity all of this and if they want Him as God, they will have paradise for eternity as well. What more could humanity ask for?

God-like status. Some people simply want to be god-like, to rise above others in this world, to rule them, start wars, and make this world into hell. Many people have sold their souls to Lucifer in exchange for power in this world to the detriment of others. The Freemasonic Lodge is the organized religion that makes this a reality. But beware, once you join, you can never leave. So don’t even try.

“The initiated are certain to attain the company of the Gods.” – Albert Pike (Head of Worldwide Freemasonry), Morals & Dogma, 1917, page 373.

Catholic Dogma teaches humanity that outside of the One True Church of Christ, there is no salvation, and there is a very good reason for this. There is only one God, the Trinity, and one true Religion. If all religions led to Heaven, there would be no point in preserving anything; no reason for the saints to sacrifice for the benefit of others, no reason for the Church’s opponents to spend their entire lives subverting Dogma.

The Catholic Church is mystical, has powers from the Holy Ghost, an initiation rite (baptism), ceremonies (the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass), and before the Vatican II Council, had 1 billion members who were willing to give their lives for their leader, the Pope. The Church of God’s adversary, the Religion of Freemasonry also is mystical, has power from Lucifer, an initiation rite, secret ceremonies and rituals, and its members are in complete control of the secular world: the financial machine, all states, all governments, and all media. These two are natural enemies in this world, the Church vs. the State. It is of no coincidence that every non-Catholic religion and every government in the United Nations has Freemasonic origin.

Some of the most powerful people in the history of the world were initiated into the Masonic Cult: Moses, Abraham, Mohamet, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Albert Pike, Vladimir Lenin, George Washington, John Kerry, George Bush 41 and 43, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Harry Truman, John XXIII (1958-1963), Neil Armstrong, David Letterman, Jay Leno, even Ron Paul. Current U.S. President Obama, Gadafi of Libya, Sarkozy of France, Tony Blair of Great Britain, Karzai of Afghanistan, false Traditional Catholic Pat Buchanan of MSNBC, Franklin Roosevelt, David Sarnoff, the president of R.C.A. Television, from which all Big Three Networks originate, even Walt Disney (the 666 can be found in the script of the Walt Disney logo). Even pseudo-religious orders such as the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar, the Knights of Columbus, the Jesuits (founded by Freemason Ignatius Loyola), and Opus Dei (the work of the gods) are Masonic.

Freemasonry has one goal: the complete elimination of Traditional Catholicism off the face of the earth. Deleting from consciousness the Three Keys of Peter, the elimination of the initiation rite of Catholics, and the destruction of the Catholic Mass are of the most importance to this brotherhood. The secret goal of the Masonic brotherhood is and has always been to pull off such a profound deception that in the Apocalypse (the eclipsing of God’s Church), what appears to be the Catholic Church would actually become an initiation machine for Freemasonry. Opening the Seven Seals, the Sacraments which must use the name of the Holy Ghost, have now been replaced with the name of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of God’s Rosary has been altered, and Divinity of Christ is now denied.

It is no coincidence that Apocalypse 1:1 separates God and Jesus Christ into two. This is the destruction of the Key to Heaven, benefiting Lucifer and his plan for the New World Order. And once the world loses those Three Keys for Good, they are gone forever. And this is why the Kingdom of the Lord will have no end: The darkness when the Three Days of Darkness will be the absence Truth. This monstrous mission undertaken by every occultic group since the Church began some 2,000 years ago was completed at what is known as the Vatican II Council, or in Latin, the Novus Ordos Council from the years 1959-1969. Novus Ordo translates into the New Order in English; does that sound familiar?

“In a hundred years time…bishops and priests will think they are marching behind the banner of the keys of Peter, when in fact they will be following our flag…The reforms will have to be brought about in the name of obedience.” – Masonic Blueprint: Alta Vendita, 1818.

“The Church finds herself in an hour of unrest, of self-critique, one might say, even of auto-destruction! It is like an internal, acute, and complicated revolution, for which no one was prepared after the Council.” Paul VI, Dec. 7 1968

The last 42 years since the Revolution are a period of peace, given by God, to see who among humanity cares enough about His Sacrifice to keep even one name of the Trinity. It is a test to see who wishes to even consider the Message of Fatima and pray the Rosary every day as the Mother of God orders. This is God’s way of filtering out of those who care to remember the initiation rite into the Catholic Church: a baptism using the name of the Holy Ghost, not the Masonic Holy Spirit, the spirit of what is coming: a huge consequence. Freemasons aggressive protect their initiation rites, secret ceremonies and rituals, but most Catholics cannot protect theirs. But once again, God allows humanity the freedom to have what it wants.

So, the day is coming when the meek shall inherit the Earth in the eternal kingdom of the Lord, the Promised Land. You see, God gave humanity free-will to choose whatever it wants, and we happen to be at the point in time, roughly 2000 years after the Keys were given to St. Peter, that the world did not find those Keys worth preserving and finds itself about to receive the fruits of their labor. What replaced Truth was fire-worship, the Lord of the Vatican II New Order Mass. The Secular New World Order, or what is sometimes referred to as “the global shift,” is right around the corner and it is not coincidental that this occurs one lifetime after Vatican II, the Novus Ordo (New Order) Council, the Illuminati’s takeover and liturgical destruction of the Catholic Faith- The Altars, the Mass, the Seven Sacraments, and the implementation of Jewish Messianic Expectation (Eschatology), and it is no coincidence that the Vatican has already named the next anti-pope, St. Peter, in will be the conclusion of the Lord’s plan to kill from the knowledge of humankind, that Christ was and is God, and is not coming back for another Crucifixion. The Church has come full circle in 2,000 years as the Catholic Faith has been altered into complete paganism.

“The punishment from Heaven is Imminent,” states the original Sister Lúcia of the Fatima, Portugal. The chair of St. Peter (the papacy) has denied God three times, and a cock is about to crow. The Lord is coming like a thief in the night. Will you bow to the messiah of those who Crucified God? Do you even care to know God’s name?

Subject: Re: It's time to start the counter-revolution. Don't let Freemasonry win the Church!

I shall do what I can. There are two Novus Ordo Churches near my present location and I should be able to sneak up to them and nail the stuff on the door. In the meantime I'll be praying for the movement's success! God bless, G---'


Click on the two documents below, print and make copies, staple them together and then distribute them at your local Vatican II New Order Counter Church. Hand them out to priests, teachers, students, seminarians, deacons, parishoners, everyone you can. Hand them out during the Vatican II Mass and wake people up!!! You may even want to Frame Sister Lúcia's Trinitarian Theophany and discreetly hang them in classrooms, church foyers, etc. These two fatimamovement.com images are formatted for 8.5”x11” sheets of paper. The file sizes are 6mb and 3.8mb because they are high resolution images intended for larger prints. Click to open in a new browser window, then print from that...THE CLOCK IS TICKING AND THIS MAY PROVE BENEFICIAL ON JUDGMENT DAY when most of the world will be condemned to their heresy of fire worship and for letting this lie advance as far as it did.


Fatimamovement Rosary Flier FrontFatima Rosary Flier Back

Subject: Comment from agnostic protestant

Dear Sirs,

I've just had a quick look (it was enough!) at your website. I'm not a Catholic (more protestant perhaps agnostic) but I'm ashamed that you, who claim to be Christians (rather too loudly) can find it in your heart to spread such hatred against another denomination.

Think of the consequences of your words and actions on those perhaps not able or willing to argue back.

Do not spread untruths about the end of the world, or the Vatican. Try not to criticize openly. Pray, quietly, to the God who made you, and help those who are hungry, poor and/or disillusioned, not by words, but by actions.

A. E------

Subject: palamarian and old heretical sects

see this is the problem. You never answered my questions regarding the palamarian and old catholic heretical sects that you have on your website, mixed with sedevecantism. My second question being, do you really believe the virgin mary is part of the trinity and a co-redemptrix? If so, that is heresy. And lastly, you have seemed to almagamized God the Father with Holy Ghost, which is also heresy. You seem to misconstrue the Holy Trinity away from what it really is, the three in one. We even echo the Trinity in our own makeup, making us in God's image. And thirdly, i have been following vaticancatholic.com forover a year now and have never found where they promote “newer names” for God. If they have, then post where thay said that please, but in my research, I have never seen this. Ever. Lastly, it is very bold to say that you will “stop cussing if I don't promote heresy.” I have promoted no heresy, you have, by cursing while trying to promote the sacraments and the rosary. It came off cheap and smacked of iniquity. I don't mind a person or two (like the brothers) to be short, or even blunt with those out promoting heresy, but you take it too far by sounding hypocritical and unintelligent with your foul mouth.

Mr. Nobody:

Pardon us, we will do a better job of supplying you with information about the nature of Vatican II in the future so that you don't have to expend your own energy and frustrations toward fighting the beast. Thank you for your critique, your comments are noted. Fatimamovement.com and Vaticancatholic.com are examples of the efforts of those fighting the New World Order and the Novus Ordo Revolution in the Vatican at no expense to you, so that you don't have to study, aquire and pay for books, manage hosting complex websites, manage advertising on a small budget, all to spread the true meaning of what has happened to save your precious soul from Hell. We want you to be comfortable and soak up the information that is very difficult to bring to you. If you would also like a beverage or perhaps we could order you a pizza so that you can remain a spectator in this war against God's Church by Masonic agents of Lucifer, let us know where to you would like it delivered. Your passive critical involvement is such a wonderful help to our efforts, so thank you for kindly sharing with us with your thoughts.

1. Regarding the Palamarian and Old Catholic Heretical Sects in the Thuc Lineage chart, we are working on that, but we decided to focus on the Third Secret of Fatima and current events. Yes, you are correct about the Thuc Line also being heretical. We do have information and documentation about the Masonic encircling of the Thuc Line that we will soon release. Unfortunately, much of our time is spent promoting the Message of Fatima, and the Thuc Line is just about extinct anyway, so we decided it would be prudent to show that this does exist and we left it at that. We do not have the capability of analyzing every valid or invalid bishop who is carrying this line and what their positions are, but we do have information on several of them. However, since nobody is serving us beverages or delivering pizza to us, our time is limited.

2. We believe that Our Lady is part of the Trinity, not Jehovah (the Lord). The idea of a homosexual Trinity is quite repulsive and is contrary to the Sister Lúcia's Vision at Tuy, Spain in 1929. When you study the motives of Masonic Pastors and Cardinals who promote the Lord of the Old Testament as their god, then study the Latin Vulgate which exposes what the title “the Lord” actually is, then find its association with 666 in the OT, then study the Fatima Message, it's actually surprising that someone doesn't come to this conclusion. The Lord is Satan, the very one who deceives all nations in the Apocalypse. This is exactly where the world is at today.

3. VaticanCatholic.com has done a lot of research on the Novus Ordo Revolution against God and got the ball rolling by exposing battles that most Catholics don't even know exitsted, but they are not perfect. You should do your own research and come to your own conclusions. This is why we recommend going through their material as an introductory course, then graduating to Fatimamovement.com where the advanced sedevacantist theology and Fatima are explained. Most people simply cannot grasp the concepts on this site because the Masonic lie is so big. They have 10 million soldiers at the top levels of Churches and Governments, we do not. So it takes baby steps to digest what has happened. After dealing with this war for a couple of decades now, we're used to understanding that what is portrayed in reality is contrary to what the Truth is. Perhaps you can design a Twelve Step program for our newbies and share it with them. Document your own awakening so others can benefit from your wisdom.

4. Regarding our foul mouth, we are soldiers and we are in a war. While you passively watch, we take the hits every day and are tired of it. Maybe you could get off the sofa and do something about God's Church being overrun by Luciferian Freemasonry, but then again, it's not your fault, so why bother, right?

Good luck to you.

subject: satanic masonic masses in portugal

Dear friends,

I came across your site and am most impressed. I have further information to give you about satamic masses preformed in -----, Portugal.

Please give me an email contact of -----, so that I can contact personaly since I live in -----. I do not wish to go to the -------- ------- without knowing who I have to talk to.

Thank you

May God and Our Lady of Fatima bless you

--- F-----

Mr. Nobody:

We have no affiliation with the -------- ------- and couldn't begin to tell you who or who not to speak to. There's something strange about them, perhaps pride in their supposed knowledge. They have attacked our site as Masonic and haven't responded to our requests, and that's unfortunately all the information there is. There was a point several months ago when there was a warning about our url on the the top of thier homepage. Remember that with the heresy being so widespread, it is not unlikely that this order which inherited the Third Secret of Fatima actually understands what Our Lady's warnings are actually about: the Masonic Trinity being worshipped in the Vatican. Even more interesting is that the Trinitarian Theophany revealed to Sister Lúcia is the basis of our work.

If you can shed light on what's happening in Portugal, please pass it along and we'll publish it.

We'll also soon cover the pagan masses being held at Fatima soon and include your information. If you conduct interviews or take photos, please send them along as well. Fatima is most definitely under attack, and we absolutely understand there are satanic masses everywhere.

Whenever the truth is preserved somewhere, you can expect Jesuit Freemasonry to visit with their smiles and subvert it with their heretical theology. It's a difficult thing to fight, but that's why they call it the beast. As the song goes, “he said kill it before it grows.” Our goal is to keep the truth alive and not be killed before that happens.

When someone lets the lies pass, that individual becomes guilty of these crimes against God that Sister Lúcia warned about.

Catholics are bound (required) to learn and know their Faith. A sin against faith (often caused by willful ignorance) is the gravest of all sins according to St. Thomas Aquinas.

St. Augustine, Cited by St. Thomas, characterizes sin against faith in these words: Hoc est peccatum quo tenentur cuncta peccata. “This is the sin which comprehends all other sins.”

St. Thomas says: “The gravity of sin is determined by the interval which it places between man and God; now sin against faith, divides man from God as far as possible, since it deprives him of the true knowledge of God; it therefore follows that sin against faith is the greatest of all sins.”

Good Luck

Subject: trouble understanding the difference between our lord and the lord

I am a bit confused. If you say words matter, like “the lord” should be “our lord” and other similar examples, then why when answering a question, do you ruin and cheapen the answer with a cuss-word like “bullshit” in a sentence promoting the rosary and the sacraments, as if it supports like an okay word for a “traditionalist” to just casually throw around while trying to “save souls.” I am a traditionalist, and some of the things you have said were quite interesting, like about the rosary's word infiltration and such other things, but when you use language like that, it turns those trying to turn away from the world, off and away. Just saying. Another thing, you present the information on the Thuc-lineage, but you also have the palamarian “church” and the “old catholic” line, which stems into the anglican sect heresy. Are you supporters of these apostates? Also, the stance that you should destroy the word of God is unacceptable, I support the early Popes, but times then were different as well, as you should know. There is zealousness and over-zealousness, and that my friends, is and over-zealous statement, to never read the word of God, because there is parallels between the Old Testament and New Testament that support the coming of Christ back to Isaiah. Your biblical stances are heretical I must say, and quite bold, I would fix that. Also, do you believe Our Lady to be a co-redeemer? As well as part of the Trinity? that is heresy as well. Also, God the Father being the same as the Holy Ghost? What?!

With some of your info, it's like you are so close to the truth, but then over-shoot it. Granted, there will be many “jesus's” in the last days, and many “churches” to lead the flock away, we are in a state of apostasy, but your views are leading them farther away or over-shooting them past the point. Last, your support of Fatima 2011 and the pictures of people holding statues of the heretic wotojla is wrong as well. You are a thoroughly confusing bunch.

P.S. the brothers being “kosher”? bahaha not a chance.

Mr. Nobody:

[In response to someone who begged him (Saint Pius X) to “go soft” on the Modernists, He retorted]: ”Kindness is for fools! They want them to be treated with oil, soap, and caresses but they ought to be beaten with fists! In a duel you don't count or measure the blows, you strike as you can! War is not made with charity, it is a struggle a duel. If Our Lord were not terrible he would not have given an example in this too.”

We're trying to demonstrate that God (Jesus Christ) became Our Lord in the middle ages, then became the subordinate of “The Lord” of the old testament, which is the heresy that is actually the foundation of the Apocalypse. We'll take out the cusswords if you promise not to promote heresy, which is the gates of hell. This is an advanced sedevacantist website, so if you're new to the concept of the names of God not being handed down over the last 2 millenium, you might want to go to http://www.vaticancatholic.com first, then study our material. The truth is quite shocking. If you're confused, it's best to pray the Rosary so that you are forgiven for the sins you don't know you are committing.

Regarding Anti-Pope JPII, you are correct- we will post something on that by tomorrow. If this miracle was real and not a bluebeam stunt, then it seems Our Lady was interrupting or taking attention away from his Fatima day, which is quite interesting from the sedevacantist side.

subject: homepage and the countdown

Dear Editor of Fatimamovement:

Thank you for keeping everybody in the loop, I personally have your website as my homepage, and I’ve been keeping track of the countdown for weeks, I check your page several times a day!! This information has revolutionized my life, our lives, my husband and I are constantly talking about your website and the coming events. People think my husband and I are crazy, but deep inside my heart I know Our Lady is right. I see that you’re constantly updating the page, thanks for explaining better the origin of the original letter through the capuchins, I noticed you just updated the website in the last couple of hours….. There’s a small typo on your main page, it says the destruction of Rome is on 8/17/2001 instead of 2011 (see snapshot of page below)…..just in case nobody else has brought it up to your attention.

I wish I could financially afford a trip to Fatima but I can’t….. are you attending the event?? I hope we can see real footage of the event in 2 days!! I know you’re going to surprise us with evidence through your website… We are very nervous about what’s coming, my husband and I. We followed your advice and did the conditional baptism rites for us and the kids, and also created our own 150-beads rosaries for each member of the family. The rest is in God’s hands.

Your website is amazing, thorough, the most advanced sedevacantist website I’ve seen, you really know how to peel all the layers of the onion and expose the truth. It does require a certain amount of intellect to keep up with you, this is coming from me that I’m an economist, but I’m so grateful to have met you and found your website. You remind me a lot of my husband, you share certain qualities, he is also a devout Catholic and will tell you the truth right in your face, no political correctness, no bs, just the plain truth, as it’s your soul what is at stake. I see some comments people saying you’re sarcastic, ironic, etc, but I know exactly where you’re coming from, I like that in a person, you see the big picture and don’t have time to be “polite”. Please don’t change your ways, you have the truth on your side. Again, thank you for educating us, regardless of the events that will follow, you are a true Marian warrior and Our Lady’s messenger, and the information you’re sharing is invaluable for the salvation of souls….

I wish one day we can meet you in person…somehow…somewhere… If in the near future you ever need anything, any help, anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are eternally grateful for opening our eyes to the real truth of the Vatican II, etc.

God bless you, and good luck.

I------ G----- and family

subject: COMMENT FROM POST ON Godlikeproductions.com (Original Link):


To this thread, I will add this rock solid truth.

When I was a kid I had to go to catholic school. We had an old priest who disagreed with vatican 2. They told him to stop showing the news reels from Fatima. But he kept them locked in a secret closet in the basement of the Parochial school.

We watched them. They were wore out, and the film broke at least once every three minutes, but what was on them was so serious that the 7th and 8th graders sat silently in paralyzed awe hoping to God that last break in the film reel would not sentence it to death as “elmer” patiently repaired the break and got the film rolling again.

You have not heard the truth about Fatima. Not on Art Bell, not from the Vatican, you have not heard it.

Our fate was sealed in 1962 when a flame burned off the coast of Portugal, out in the open air, as prophecied in the film. The appearance of this flame, which has been all but buried except in minds like mine, signaled the end of God's help on this earth - the season in which failures to obey god became so extreme that Satan was unbound to wreak havoc for the final judgment tests.

The Catholic Church failed to consecrate the hearts and souls of Russia, and as a result Russia (under the control of a satanic sect of Jews) was used as a base by Satan from which to corrupt morals and destroy the world's morality.

Screwin your “girlfriend”/”boyfriend”? You are the demon of the last days. The punishment is for you. How about destroying men in divorce court with lies about abuse? How about the guys pushing drugs on the street? think that's doing any good?

Though it is true that the luciferian sect running Washington and the banks right now are worse, when you hate your Arab neighbors (who in reality did nothing to us), walk around thinking you are so much better than that homeless dude, falsely accuse people for wrongs against you, lie, cheat, and do anything but obviously steal, you are playing the role of the lesser demon in the last days and hell will be yours.

It's over. It ended in 1962. The Catholic church, under satanic control quickly devolved into a den of child molesters and pervs, while the rest of the population went right down the old shitteree with Lady ga ga.

Think we can fix it? I don't. The third secret of Fatima was so horrible - the genetic mutations, antidepressants blowing emotional centers for life, upcoming nuclear catastrophes, things like that were THE REAL MESSAGE, which by now unfortunately can't even be run by Elmer.

Subject: The deception is becoming grander: 3 more first contact messages saying anyday now.

Dear Fatima Movement,

This deception will be jaw dropping gradiose, a deception never experienced before by humanity, that everybody would stop what they were doing and would be seduced in awe at the “ET'S,” their “good will,” and the technology, and also their Global Settlement Fund of $100,00.00 for each man and woman in the world for 11 years, no more taxes and IRS, ect “goodies..” In the midst of this “party” few would remember the Church and it's sacraments. The Church would become the remnant of the remnant, while 3/4 are decieved with the marvels and the false new history of the origins of humanity.

Did you happen to read this? http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2011/06/queen-elizabeth-and-pope-ratzinger.html

By Fall, Pope Ratzinger will be arrested, with the rest of the NWOites, for their many crimes. This is the “nations against nations, kingdom against kingdoms” prophecy of the Bible, where the evils battle each other for control of earth. It will be interesting to see how this relates to St. Malachi's Pope prophecy.

Any day now Pandora's box will be on and jaw will be deceptively dropped.

We must not be of this world, and we must focuson the Sacraments only, more than ever, and block out the world.


Br. O------

Mr. Nobody:

It's getting interesting. Fr. Malachi Martin indicated all would be required to kneel down before this figure, acknowledging that he or she is your god, and then we will have antichrist. A $100,000 payoff? Well, the Jews can print all the money they want by pressing a button, but if you cancel out the amount owed to the central banks (on behalf of each member of the population) that $100,000 doesn't go very far at all. In fact, the meek will still be debt-slaves. In the U.S. for example, $14 Trillion Debt / 300,000,000 people = Judaism owns your soul. Thanks for the info. And what you are saying jives with this quote:

“ No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation. ” – David Spangler, U.N.

Praying to the ecumenical antichrist (the Lord-Satan) is already starting. Article Here.

subject: How Jehovah Slithered into the Trinity and Replaced Our Lady

by: “Bishop” Daniel

The concept of the Holy Trinity goes back to the First Council of Nicaea 325AD where the settlement of Christological issues regarding the parental relationships to Jesus Christ. Before this, there was no concept of Holy Trinity whatsoever, as it is not at all scriptural or even mentioned in the earlier Apostles Creed. This empowered the Arian philosophy which overwhelmingly constituted 98% of all Christians before the Council occurred. The Arian philosphy was as followed:

Jehovah is god, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are divine persons (Their slogan=”there was once when he was not” and “he was made out of nothing.)

The 2% of Christians that did not follow the Arian Heresies believed that Jesus Christ IS god, and the virgin mother and holy ghost were his deity parents. And that Jehovah was not god at all.

Now we all know that catholics are notoriouss for making concessions; such as the date of Christmas lying on the pagan equinox celebrations. Et al.. and this is where these concessions first took root:

The 2% of true christians needed to figure out a way to convince most Arians to unite with them. Thus, they formed the Nicene Creed (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) which confirmed that Jehovah was god, but also declared Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to be deity. It worked; a large majority of Arians accepted the new creed, the byzantine emperor jumped aboard and moved his armies with haste to slay the remaining Arians who disagreed (Ostrogoths, Vandals, Burgundians, were completely wiped out = no living descendants today)

Despite the concession that Jehovah was god, this result of the Nicene Creed was not even regarded by real Christians up to and beyond the 7th and 8th centuries; as noted by Mohammad:

And behold! Allah (Jehovah) will say: “O Jesus the son of Mary! Didst thou say unto men, 'Take me and my mother for two gods beside Allah'?”(he ignores the holy ghost) He will say: “Glory to Thee! Never could I say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing thou wouldst indeed have known it. Thou knowest what is in my heart, though I know not what in Thine. For Thou knowest in full all that is hidden. [Qur'an 5:116]

It wasn't until the 16th century at the Council of Trent that Our Lady, Mother of God was truly overthrown and utterly replaced by Jehovah in worship due to the addition of the 'Our Father' prayers to the rosary. This same council also declared the New Testament to be divinely inspired work (for 1000 years prior noone recognized it for more than jewish propaganda promoting Jehovah).

Mr. Nobody:

Thanks Dan, very interesting. Notice how the Quran uses the Jesuit names “Jesus” and “Mary” instead of the Catholic names, “Christ” and “Our Lady.” Very interesting stuff. The deeper people investigate the breakdown of the Trinity, the more the Miraculous Trinitarian Theophany of Sister Lúcia makes sense.

subject: looking for sedevacantist church

Hello Fatima Movement,

We are devout Catholics, and devotees of Our Lady of Fatima (we got married on May 13), and we are just learning about the whole deception of the Illuminati and the apostasy within the church. We live in G-----, Colorado 8----, United States of America. Would you be so kind to give us the name(s) of the closest church(es) that do only the pre-1962 rites???

Congratulations on the great work you do, your website is amazing. Thank you so much for opening our eyes!!



I------ G----- and family

Mr. Nobody:

Thanks for the kind words. One email from you like this cancels out the hundreds of hate letters we get, so thanks.
Unfortunately if April 21, 2010 is the official release of the final warning, this means we are in the “abomination of desolation,” a period in time where Catholicism ceases to exist. Our own investigation into the matter in the Chicagoland area proved that even the Pius V underground masses were subverted by Masonic priests. Our proof is that they administer the Sacraments INCORRECTLY in Latin and when pressed, they wanted to know who we were, our address, etc.

Remember, you are under no obligation to go to Mass, expecially today when the validity is so extremely doubtful. It's better to pray the Rosary each day in the original form (150 Ave's in a row).

I wish I could give a better answer, but Our Lady told Sister Lúcia that the Rosary was the last option for this reason. If you're looking to help, maybe focus your energy on spreading the three keys to Heaven- print out the document on the main page and circulate it to Traditional parishes so they are armed with this knowledge. Spread the www.ourladyisgod.com website address to everyone you know on facebook, email, etc. Hopefully, before Judgment Day, the people who know their faith will be able to stand. We'll have to wait and see. I wish I had better answers for you.

Good luck.

subject: confused

hey i visited this site but it's really confusing...can you briefly summarize what we should believe in, what we should do differently in our lives, etc. because i'm REALLY confused now and i'm only 16 years old..please help me, thank you!

Mr. Nobody:

First, understand that you have to be Catholic to enter the Gates of Heaven: Outside the Church there is no salvation. Then, study the material on this site and understand what went down in the 1960's: the destruction of the Catholic Faith by the anti-Popes, the Cardinals and the Bishops, who were Luciferian worshipping Freemasons.

Second, understand how they destroyed the Church, by changing the names of the Holy Trinity. The correct Catholic Trinity consists of 1. Jesus Christ: who is God, 2. Our Lady, the Mother of God, and 3. the Holy Ghost, the Father of God..

Third, understand that you must be properly baptized to be Catholic. It's one of those very important things that people overlook, taking for granted that some random priest has everything under control and that there's nothing for them to worry about. This is false! Many parents, if there was ANY doubt as to the validity of their child's baptism would REDO at home in the kitchen sink or whatever.

In order to make sure you are properly baptized and not “Marked with the name of the Beast,” study this material. Anyone- a friend, a family member, can administer the Conditional Catholic Baptism without a priest. This is the only Sacrament that can be done by someone that isn't ordained. And since there are next to zero valid priests around, (they have mostly all fallen to the New Order false religion), it's better if someone you can trust does this for you. All that is required of them is that they have the intention to do what the Catholic Church does (or should do, these days) which is understanding that Christ is God.

Pour water on the head while repeating this line:

“If you are baptized, I do not baptize you again. If you are not properly baptized, (pouring water now) I baptize thee in the name of the Mother, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

That's all it takes. Some people get a rush and that's how you know it worked. If you know for a fact that you have never been baptized (correctly or not), you should omit the conditional line and just pronounce (water must touch the forehead the entire time):

“I baptize thee in the name of the Mother, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

Fourth, pray the Rosary every day if possible and stay away from the New Order Mass (don't go to the modern Churches), not even for funerals or weddings. It is a grave sin because the liturgy is heretical, meaning, it benefits the Devil. If you can find the Traditional Mass - the pre-1962 Rite - you should go, but be careful. There are priests in the Chicagoland area that offer this but do the Sacraments invalidly. Some even offer them in Latin, which seems correct, but they use the name of the Holy Spirit (the Devil) in Latin. The correct name in Latin is Spiritum Sanctum (Holy Ghost) not Spiritus Sanctus (Holy Spirit). The reasons for all of this are in the Mark of the Beast Chapter on this site.

subject: mother of god appearance in africa one year after the third secret of fatima is released to the world

“What's This?! THE MOTHER OF GOD makes a dramatic appearance on the one year anniversary of the release of her Third Secret of Fatima. This happened on April 20, 2011 on the Ivory Coast in Africa, one year after the Third Secret of Fatima was released on April 20, 2010 (U.S. Time). Skip to 1:45 in the video.”

How do you know this is authentic? Project Blue Beam comes to mind to me. Also, what do you mean “one year after the 3rd secret was released? What are you referring to? There has not been another release of the secret.

Another question: You have captioned “ WHY DOES OUR LADY'S THIRD SECRET OF FÁTIMA ORDER JOHN PAUL II TO TRANSFER THE CHURCH'S AUTHORITY TO FÁTIMA?” and then the rest of the page has absolutely nothing to do with the title. What gives?

On one of your pages, you state that the 3 days darkness will occur in August. I was under the impression the 3 days will wipe out most of the population of the world. Then you state ww3 will occur. It just doesn't make any sense. After the 3 days, the world will be purged and then the era of peace.

Mr. Nobody:

Project Bluebeam

is apparently holographic technology. It's difficult to project light onto the sun and display an image of the Mother of God. This is why the Lord comes like a thief in the night - it's easier to project holograms (a fake miracle of their Jewish Jesus coming) when it's dark out. This is why out-door movies are shown at night, when it is dark out- so you can see their “light.” It is for reasons like this that we believe Our Lady shows up in the sun. It's impossible to fake.


We're working on a site design and consolidating info from other pages. We're not doing this for profit, so go easy. This is an advanced sedevacantist site, which implies that the reader already knows the arguments: that Vatican II is not Catholic. Thanks for bringing it up- we'll make it more obvious soon. There are other pages that need to be completed-

As far as the three days of darkness, the Jews are apparently waiting for the middle of the 70th week of Daniel for their excitement. WWIII, which it looks like Masonry is setting up now, will be the punishment. Those who are STILL waiting for the messiah will be searching in vain for a very long time. For Catholics, our Messiah has been here for 2000 years. The Jews deny Christ and will get their reward: Hell on Earth. The trick is not to let them take you with them via their Novus Ordo/Protestant/Muslim Messianic Expectation Theology.

Thanks for your interest.

subject: third secret of fatima


What made you tell that Third Secret of Fatima was released on April 21, 2010. This are your release dates . Can you confirm from where you got this dates. there is noting mentioned on Fatima site. You are spreading all false news which you have to give answers on your judgment day.

Mr. Nobody:

We shall see. If you're that confident, maybe you should go venerate the vial of blood of Anti-Pope John Paul II at the Vatican on, oh let's say, August 17?

subject: address

My husband and I are finding your site very informative. Is there any information you can send us in the mail?
Our mailing address is
Mr and Mrs ------- C.
------, KY -----
Thank you and God bless your work,
A------ C.

Mr. Nobody:

Thank you,
We don't have anything to mail, but we could use your help in spreading the link www.ourladyisgod.com
There is a flyer on the main page you can print and distribute- that would help greatly.
It is difficult for us to get advertising as this information is kind of a hot potato....
Post on facebook, email, blogs, etc. so as many people as possible can remember this in the back of their minds when things get rough.
This Rome event could or could not happen, but one thing is for sure, the Vatican is not of the Catholic Trinity. Whether or not August 17 happens, we will have to wait and see, but one thing is for sure, the liturgy has been purposely altered to provide a consequence.

Thanks again.

subject: nobody identity

This email is from a staff member at a specific Our Lady of Fatima Church. You can see how Vatican II plants are more interested in your identity than in correcting errors:

Why claim to speak the truth while hiding your identity?

(Terseness, non-sequiturs, and malapropisms are due to thumb typing. Oxymorons and redundancies are mine.)

Rick Hardy <RHardy@olfchurch.net>

Mr. Nobody:

Because the Truth speaks for itself.

Subject: MHFM heresies

Thanks for the site, what heresies did you find in the john paul II antichrist video?

Mr. Nobody:

You're welcome. Someone had to do something about this.

As far as the JPII video, haven't watched it in awhile, but if you read MHFM's E-exchanges and study their work, they promote the Masonic trinity quite often- Jesus is coming, “the Lord” is God, they mix the names of the Holy Ghost with the Holy Spirit (even though they correctly point out the baptism rite was changed but fail to explain why). There's something Kosher about them, and they won't even respond to the Third Secret that is out now, despite it matching the description in their video from a couple of years ago.

We use their material for introductory reasons, but try to remind people that the truth goes deeper than their explanation.

Thanks for your interest.

subject: rebuking protestants

I've read just about everything on the site and would like to practice rebuking some protestants but I'm still struggling to fully understand the masonic jesus; differences like 'the lord' and 'our lord' and 'holy spirit' with 'holy ghost'. can you simplify these with examples that a protestant could understand?

Mr. Nobody:

When Christ asks: “Who do you say that I am?”
If someone gives the biblical answer, “You are the son of a talking fire, the Lord (666),” they're going to find out what Freemasonry has done to them and they will have an eternity to think about their “Protest.”
If they give the traditional Catholic answer, “God”, they'll be glad they did.
Heresy is the gates of Hell- the Church Dogma teaches, and there's nothing Lucifer would like more than for the world to deny that Christ is God. This is the Secular or Godless New World Order in a nutshell- a removal of the knowledge, through deception, that Christ is not God anymore.
Show them a picture of a fire and ask them if they associate Heaven with this. It's utterly ridiculous once you think about it.

Another option is to show them the miraculous apparitions of the Mother of God and contrast that with the story of a talking fire in a book called the bible, a pagan book, written 3,000 years ago. But remember, there are some people you just won't be able to reach.

subject: matthew 16

can you explain this part on your site i am having difficulty. is the answer here correct or no lol

In Matthew 16 the Bible gives you the answer that leads you to Hell.

16:15. “Jesus” saith to them: But whom do you say that I am?
16:16. Simon Peter answered and said: Thou art “Christ, the Son of the living God.”
16:17. And Jesus answering said to him: Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jona: because flesh and
blood hath not revealed it to thee, but my “Father” who is in heaven.
16:18. And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the
gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
16:19. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt
bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, it
shall be loosed also in heaven.

Mr. Nobody:

There's a Masonic Master Mason King James Bible on the site, it has the same “translation” for this section. But Freemasonry is Luciferian. Also, the Dogmas and the Trinity both conflict with this biblical section. Christ is God, and the bible was created by enemies of the Church to create the heresy that leads to the end times. So here we are.
You'll notice that the Apocalypse also starts out this way: the first line actually. God gave to Jesus Christ... this is line one. In other words, the Apocalypse begins when God and Jesus Christ are separated into two “Persons.” Logically, to reverse the apocalypse, what the Judeo-Masonic Protestants call a “revelation”, you must break that modern belief.
This is why Our Lady of Fatima said the Rosary is the last option. If you say this prayer, which includes “Mother of God,” you'll understand why She is saying to do that. Does this make sense?
You are in no way obligated to go to a heretical, satanic, Vatican II Novus Ordo Mass. In fact, it is a grave sin. But do what you want- if the bible and the talking fire 666 god is for you, then Matthew 16 and the Vatican II religion is your answer.

subject: threat

TrollReborn: You will never defeat the Illuminati. We know where you live. We are coming for you.

subject: the day nor the hour

Our lord said “no one knows the day nor the hour,not the angels in heaven ,nor the Son, only the Father. There is no trinity. The Father,his active force and the Son. Jesus never claimed too be God, only his direct representation while on Earth because He was perfect and without sin.

Mr. Nobody:

Therein lies the problem with the bible. It is not Catholic Dogma. For more information on why you should destroy your bible, study this information: DOGMA SAYS DESTROY THE BIBLE.

Subject: how do you now this

how the F--K do you know all this? please explain. Really, explain.

Mr. Nobody:

The Sacraments help you see through a lot of B.S. created by Judeo-Freemasonry. The Rosary actually helps too.

subject: jesus was a jew

Excuse me, but I almost screamed when I saw your comment.
1. The reason there is the star of David inlaid on the main asile, is that Jesus was a jew, and all the images in the main asile symbolize his life.
2. There is NO menorah on the alter.
3. We're not anticipating the “Jewish Messiah” there. Were anticipating the 2nd coming of Christ.
4. There are no Monsigniors at St. John Cantius, and I assure you. There are no priests there sent from Hell. My uncle is proof.

Mr. Nobody:

Well, you'll be screaming even more when the Knights of Malta leadership of St. John Cantius in Chicago and their pet project, Sancta Missa lead you to Hell. The star of David inlaid on the main aisle is a nod to the Judeo-Masonic Jesus, the adversary of Christ. This is the Worshipful Master of Masonry. The “second coming” is the coming of the Jewish Messiah. The Catholic Messiah already arrived some time ago, so stop worrying. Yes, there are menorahs on the altars, and they are running Mozart Masses (Mozart was a Freemason). Your uncle, if he follows the Vatican II Rites handed to him by his Knights of Malta Masonic superiors, is in fact taking you to Hell. Study this:

The Da Vinci Code - two jesuses

And remember that Our Lady of Fatima said the Rosary was the last option for one reason: it is. Masonry runs the Church, even the false Traditional rebellion. They even advertise the Masonic Knights of Malta Order on their Website! Are you blind? Click on the image for more info about false traditionalist parishes that administer marks of the beast. Beware! Things are much worse than they seem. But then again, it isn't an Apocalypse because the mainstream Church is correct.

Freemasonry and St. John Cantius Chicago